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It Is Very Important To Realize Trump Has a Exceptional Capacity to Envision, And, Has a Fantastic, Godly Vision for America’s Future that Extends from Deep Knowledge of Our Unique Heritage

You know what is really important to realize about Trump – that he sees the potential of America from the nitty-gritty parts all the way to the big picture; he sees a great vision for the future. He knows the foundation he has built already for American prosperity, and how well it worked; and he knows how high it can go – better than anyone. He is different in that his capacity for wealth, prosperity, sacrifice and love of Country is (just like his favorite word) HUGE. His capacity for this is so large because it’s built on real experience and spiritual intelligence. He sees a vision for America that is truly great, where people are strong, prosperous, Godly and caring. And for this he is unjustly prosecuted more than anyone in our history. His vision and ability to manifest good is carrying us forward to a great future. Part of that is fighting and defeating evil.

He understands very well that America came into being by the providence of God to bring light into the whole world and save it from descending into a lukewarm, socialist nightmare. God is doing it again. Swedenborg said, around 1770, that angels said; “there is not much hope for most of the world, but there is much hope of a new nation that bears ‘celestial/spiritual light’.

Here is something most people have probably not thought about. The second coming has already happened. It happened during the enlightenment period in 1757. The second coming essentially is the revealing of the internal sense of the Word, that is, of the Bible. This brought great light into the world. Looking at history one can see at that time a great explosion of science and spirituality sprung into the world. No longer did people give authority to the Catholic and protestant churches which had become external, and had been fighting and killing each other. But after this time people had the opportunity to look within, they could look to, and receive a direct relationship with Jesus freely if the desired. Freedom became a high value. It is no accident the American revolution came with this time. Great thinkers, scientist and denominations all came about at this time.

I say this to give the whole picture of what is at stake here, and how much we have to be thankful for. I don’t think Trump knows consciously of Americas part in the second coming, but intuitively he does. Here is an article in this blog that discusses the second coming in detail. “How and why the the second coming took place at the enlightenment period”.

Today I spoke to some young folks in high school about America and our heritage. They expressed without equivocation that they hate America. This is a function of the propaganda taught in our schools – a pandemic in its own right. Trump is doing something about this too. He has implemented measures to stop the teaching of ‘Critical Race Theory’ in our schools and institutions which is a great move to help improve our future. He works to have an accurate history of America told that reflects a love of country. This is something profoundly beneficial to our soul.

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  • Hi Steve,
    I am glad some thoughtful people support Trump. I am a lifelong Republican and my parents (did) and my siblings all now support Trump. I have broken away, though, because of his actions and lack of policy and cohesion. He perhaps belonged in a think tank instead of trying to administer the most complex country (perhaps) in the world. I have read or heard so much background information that makes me think he latched on to some of his current beliefs in order to get elected. He was not a Republican until recently. You don’t worry about how he seeks to punish those who disagree with him and even his behavior as a disrupter in the first Presidential debate. So far, we have not been in a war, but North Korea is stronger (and testing more) than ever, and the same with China and Iraq, so I think much of the problems are pushed down the road. I could go on all day about how things are not really getting fixed, or that what he takes away is replaced with something better. Even holding a Bible up in front of the church was his daughter’s last minute idea, and he held it upside down. I can see glimpses of sincerity in him but how he talks in public vs an interview with a learned person is not the same…..

    Even the improved economy was handed to him from Obama who had gotten it back on track the last year or two before he quit. An Biden helped a lot with that. I listened to Fox News a lot for two years when helping to care for my mother, but I found great omissions and even distortions there, some of which Trump picked up. There is just too much cult of personality around him and I hope you get a variety of news sources, even PBS which I like to see if you still feel he knows what he is doing and really cares.

    Keep on strumming,

  • I agree with Karen. My comments made earlier seem to have disappeared. The Donald lost the election. In a representative democracy, that should be the end of the story… Personally, I consider it inappropriate to pepper a Swedenborgian site with political… stuff.

    • I agree, Mr. Johnson. Especially when Swedenborg would have despised the lowlife conman Trump! If we love Steve, we will help him fix what is broken in him. I ask him to consider that while prosperous, free Taiwan, with its excellent universal healthcare and highly educated population has had only 7 deaths, Florida, with the same size population, has had over 20,000 covid deaths. Trump, according to the most respectable sources in medical research, is responsible for 95% of US covid deaths. Would Swedenborg have supported a pathological constant liar who ignored a pandemic for 2 months, when DAYS were super important? Would Swedenborg have supported a man who has killed 330,000 of Ameria’s elderly people? Of course not.

      I knew Steve when he was loving and kind, but now he’s literally supporting a Nazi. Do you, Mr. Johnson, have ANY idea how we can bring Steve back into the Christian fold?

  • Hello Jeff. I really don’t know what can be done. I personally had several lifelong friends , one also a fellow Vietnam veteran, who jettisoned our friendships because I once “said something bad about Mr. Trump”!? And of course, Mr. Trump belittles anyone who doesn’t agree with him…Having lost the election, he continues with attempts to trash the decision of America’s voters/citizens. Steve, being a Swedenborgian minister/writer, may continue to lose credibility with some if he doesn’t take politics out of his postings/writings, especially praise of the Orange Man.