Why Judeo-Christian Values are Essential to America and to be Forever Retained

Believing in Judeo-Christian values is not limiting to our self or other religions. It can be of course with those who impose doctrine rigidly or externally as many have and do. But this doesn’t mean we throw the Baby away with the bath water. Doctrine is essential for the reception of the Word in people, but it is meant to serve life, not life serve doctrine. Judeo Christian values need to be valued and remembered in our nation.

The highest part of the soul of any human is the way we think of God. When these become eroded and disregarded it becomes easy to forget and accept corruption, to not believe and, have no regard for heaven and the way there, and to devalue life and honor. Once one has accepted the Word in one’s heart it cannot be removed, there is a responsibility to honor it, otherwise we are in danger of profaning and giving way to lawlessness.

We in America have roots in this and have a responsibility to honor it. If a person is of another faith we can deeply respect and understand the good of it from our center. There is little value in relativizing religions, but great value in loving the particulars of faith. Word is the means of conjunction to heaven in a way that nothing else is, and this is done by engaging and embracing the particular truths of the Word. Spiritual knowledge is disseminated to earth through the Word. This includes parts of the Koran, and all of the Jewish Bible, meaning the parts that are written in correspondences. The heart of this connection is in the Christian new Testament because it is the culmination of the Bible and of all truth,; it gives knowledge of the church of the New Jerusalem in which we now live. It gives knowledge of the resurrection and the words of Jesus who redeemed all humanity. It gives a more direct connection of having a relationship with God, the divine human, for we know God through Jesus. The united States was born in celestial/spiritual light that has served to bring light to the whole world. The love and honor of the Word IS THE SOURCE OF THE LIGHT that the US began in. The constitution is the wisest document because it provides freedom in community and government as well as possible on this earth; it is tethered to ‘In God We Trust’. People like Obama and Hillary have no knowledge or resonance with this, and they will serve the destruction of America. Love and truth manifest uniquely in every nation according to the genius of the people, and we should embrace ours in our own way in our life. It is extremely important to distinguish these things. American exceptionalism is a good thing, it doesn’t mean we are better or are out to harm others; on the contrary it means we stay strong and serve others as we have at our best. My sense is you don’t trust what I have to say, and that it understandable for each person has to come to their decision from within. At least accept that I am not saying these things to ‘win’ an argument. It is because I passionately care about retaining and building the integrity of America for in truth it is a most treasured and beautiful thing in this world at least at its best. All passion for life comes from freedom which is a gift from God. The Judeo Christian values of America is how we wrote the constitution and tethered our self to God. If we fail to uphold these values we are going down fast into an awful way.

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