Kanye West, Trump and Dragon Energy – “Wearing the MAGA Hat Makes Me Feel Like Superman” – Trump and Kanye Are On Their Heroes Journey!

I had a discussion with some folks here in Berkeley about Kanye and they  argued that Kanye is ‘mentally unhealthy’ and even ‘insane’. You see pundits on TV saying the same thing, and even more awful things about him such as, ‘Kanye is an enemy of his own race’. I think these are lowball tactics that are not accurate. Kanye has acknowledged before that he was and perhaps still is bi-polar, though in his meeting with Trump he also observed that people were incorrectly trying to pigeonhole him with this ‘diagnosis’. Kanye may also not have the same filters as most people. He no doubt has made lots of mistakes with this, but it is also part of his creative nature and an expression of courage, which his meeting with Trump is an example of.  The left used to say these quirks about him made him heroic but now claim they are signs of him being mentally unstable. Being bi-polar is only an aspect of a person, it’s not the definition of a man. I know people who are diagnosed with bi-polar and it can be a challenge to deal with, but it is certainly nothing to dismiss a person for. They also often have values and creative expressions of high value. The greater truth about Kanye is that he is a bold, strong, highly intelligent and creative man. I think he knows when something great is happening and he has the heart and sense to embrace it.

Dragon energy, the way Kenya used it, refers to a spiritual bad-ass, like Bruce Lee. His invoking of this term was a great moment for all cultures and their integration. PC culture called this ‘inappropriate cultural appropriation’, but this is a small view that would have people walking on eggshells. Cultural appropriation comes from liberal academics and is an extension of relativistic thinking that constricts the voice of the people. What Kanye did was a huge leap in empowering blacks and cultural integration – it opened a creative avenue and brilliant conception for creative thinking and embracing brotherhood with all cultures. Kanye is faulted like all of us but he has a brilliant shinning spirit that inspires. His spirit rejects group think, as do so many of us!

Black unemployment is at an all time low, so is latin unemployment, and every other category. It’s not ‘cool’ to ignore that, its cool to embrace and have appreciation and enthusiasm for such a great achievement in restoring American greatness, to give credit where it is due.

What Kanye said cost a lot for a man in his position. Martin L. King’s idea of non-violence has a similar spiritual quality to what Kanye called ‘Dragon energy’. Dragon Energy is listening to, expressing, and acting on one’s inner genius; standing up to group think with love & composure. Its power that comes from obedience to God; like a knight to his King, like a marine to his country, like an artist to the vision God has given her! Dragon energy is about being present and takes courage; the opposite of it is being avoidant, and giving in to fear, being irresponsible, cowardly. Non-violence is the union of compassion and strength, it strives to face the real issues it needs to, and appeals to the Godly conscience of others. This takes spirituality, self-awareness and skill. For years Democrats have claimed MLK as their own, but they do it in image only now, inwardly they do the opposite. The socialist bent is lukewarm and avoidant, which is spiritually foolish; in the end being avoidant takes far more energy then being present.

(Shot-gun notes on some of Kanye’s impromptu speech:  Welfare has hurt blacks. Prison rates went way up. Its bravery that makes life. The hat gives him power. He did not have a lot of male energy growing up. He loves everyone. He didn’t get to see his dad and play catch with him. Maga hat makes him feel like superman. He looks up to industry that gets things done. Trump gave him the heart to go into Addidas – the yeezy effect – the core of America. Addidas made him a billionaire. Bring jobs into America, worked on doing good for kids with Montessori, for mental health, Waldorf, meditation centers are good for kids health. watch out for trap door with the 13th amendment. Build a trap door next to the uni-bomber. Kanye had bipolar diagnosis, he has High IQ, he wasn’t bi-polar but he had sleep deprivation. Kanye can empower those he works with. His offers divine lovely words not dope. He brought a gift with him. If Trump don’t look good we don’t look good – we have to make our core good. Kanye spoke from the soul. We need to care about all people. Black programmed to be victims. We been sold a brand more than our own ownership of land and business. Blacks talk to much about racism which breeds hate – take responsibility for black on black killing. You think racism can control me? No. What should we do in Chicago? I want to stop ‘stop and frisk’ which disagrees with Trump – and is OK because he thinks it creates bad relationships between cops and people. Trump is open to good ideas. We need to make shoes and jeans in Chicago, and we can call them Trump factories. He wants positive education centers, ‘yeezies’, mental health programs. Larry Hoover is a beacon.)

Kanye spoke of  Trump being on his heroes journey. This is a great truth, a brilliant thing to see and to say because it puts both of their lives in a meaningful framework. Kanye is an American Hero now. He did and said what millions of people wanted to say and do at the crucial time it was needed. Kanye said that we, liberals and conservatives, need to worry less about the future and do what we can now in the present, because ‘all’s we have is today’. This speaks of a man who is seeking healing for himself and his country. Healing can only take place in the moment. Most all mental anxiety stems from not being in the moment, but paralyzed in the future or the past.

Kanye said that wearing the Maga hat makes him feel like superman! What an extraordinary thing to say! To the left it no doubt sounded like someone scratching their fingernails on the black board. I loved it, and the way he articulated his reason for it was equally brilliant. He explained how he had to stand up to intense peer pressure from his industry and those around him. Inside, he could see the good Trump was doing for blacks, all of the nation and or God in America. In his talk Kanye unabashedly spoke of Trump as a father figure. Most people would not be willing to say something this vulnerable in public. I have seen the left often criticize people for making the president a father figure; they dismiss one’s support of the president as invalid because it is ‘just fulfilling a psychological need’. But I say Kanye is far more ahead of the curve than those who accuse him. He told how he did not have a lot of male energy in his family growing up, (and that he did not marry into much either). He talked about not seeing or being able to play catch with him as a kid. #Maga makes him feel like superman because he responds to strong male energy and mentoring . He looks up to Trump for His business acumen and Trump helped to inspire to make is Addidas deal. This is all remarkable stuff and Kanye’s honesty inspires others to see the strength in being vulnerable, the self empowerment in being honest and moving on from the past.

The truth is the President should be great father figure! He needs to be strong, a protector, a confident, experienced man of the world and a man of God that puts results for the people first – a servant leader that people can trust. #Trump is father, a great business man, an alpha male that loves God. His presidency is defined by exposing evil in America and the world and standing up to it. This is the first and greatest sign of a man God is using! This is the very reason the left is going so nuts. But Trump is unflappable in protecting the flock. He forgives vanquished enemies quickly, and rewards common sense and great work with a huge heart. He builds up and brings out the best in peoples in a thousand ways. He is on his heroes journey and encouraging other like Kanye to be on theirs.

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