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To Bond with God…… This is from the universal principle of union of which the Lord is the prime example and source of – for in him is the Holy Marriage between his divine human and divine soul. All genuine spirituality comes from the striving for union, as between our body and soul, love and wisdom, charity and faith, man and woman, the root and the soil, earth and sky, sperm and the egg, the heart and the lungs. These things are distinct but operate as one in use and cannot exist without each other. It’s takes preparation, and exercising inner skill; in doing this there is fulfillment, a birthing in our soul. There is fulfillment because when the union takes place there is inherently a bonding with God. When we bond with God we touch a little of His Glory, we feel it and it immediately humbles us further. We could only make the bond to begin with if the soil of our soul was softened by a sense of humility – humility inherently contains innocence. Innocence in us allows us to receive God. Innocence in union with life intelligence births a mature spirituality. In this process we are a receiver from God and there is fulfillment in that we know we did our part in responding and taking action, and we learned and grew. This is true in all forms of uses, practical and spiritual, though the spiritual is a higher stage.

This process is most wonderful in the act of understanding and living the Word of God from the Bible. From all this one can see that the process is reciprocal. Reciprocality is inherent in the process of union. This truth is extremely important to embrace for when we do we lose the vanity to think we can do without God. To bond with God….

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  • My conscience is clean. I gave it my all to reelect our current president Donald Trump. If the fraud is not overturned in the court’s Joe Biden is our new president. Good, I hope he does good for our country. With all media now clearly not media but cheerleaders I wonder what that holds in store for our country? The Divine has this in the palm of His hand. That comforts me knowing its all good no matter the dire appearances. This life is a trial for the soul. God seeks to form something that contains His life as a cup contains wine. The treachery with which they treated Trump gives me pause for concern, also media and big tech all choose our president for us now. Groupthink, socialism, and power seem to be steering our ship onto the rocks. I can’t help but think of the people in Jerusalem shouting, “Give us Barabbas, give us Barrabas.” Trump was demonized for wanting to protect our nation, pull out of foreign wars, called racist when he did more for African Americans than Obama. The hate is alarming and it teaches by example our youth. Goals means results from the hate the democrats spewed spills over to Biden now. It won’t stop with Trump’s departure, will it?