The more we love the Word (and ponder it in our heart) the more our perception is elevated – for love elevates perception, AND the Word is the source of spiritual intelligence. But is takes intense desire to do this – for the dross of the material world resists anyone communing with the Word in heart.

We can spend time in the Word just as the Bible says Mary pondered the birth and events of Jesus life. In the soul of love is innocence, wisdom and humility. This means, Internally speaking, God can only be approached in humility, and thus can only be received in humility. This is the root that leads to strength and wisdom. We have to fight for this place from our core to His.

When we read the Word sincerely the Word is reading our soul. This is entirely true because Jesus is the living Word. The Word comes from the will of God in heaven, and God IS life itself. What comes from God is true and eternal by nature. God is intrinsic life; humans receive life from Him. Thus He is the living Word.

The Word spiritually and structurally conjoins humanity to heaven. It does so because the Word has an external and an internal sense that no other writing does, or ever will. The external sense is the published Bible on earth. The internal sense is the wisdom from the will of God in heaven that manifested it, prophesied it, embodied it, fulfilled it, and eternally sustains it.

It is good to Meditate on these concise principles with the desire to understand how it is that Jesus is the living Word, and how we receive it from Him.

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