Meditation On The Meaning Of Glory

“Everyone who is called by My name, whom I have created for My glory; I have formed him, yes, I have made him” (Isaiah 43:7)

Only the Lord has true Glory for He is the divine one. To glorify means to make divine, and there is only one divine. We as humans have a corresponding ‘Glory’, in the sense that the human process of regeneration corresponds to the Lord’s process of glorification. There are many steps to being regenerated, moments of being humbles, and coming to love and bond with God. The only glory afforded Man is to ‘touch the hem of His robe’, by which I mean in bonding with Him we come into an eternal union; in this union there is a bottomless humbling and simultaneous infilling of joy and inspiration to give. The ultimate goal of regeneration is our graduation into heaven.

The Lord is divine and so infinite; Man is human and finite. The Lord IS the source of all life and good and wisdom; and we as humans are receptacles of life. So, I say we touch the hem of his robe in the sense that we receive this life, good and joy in our soul from him. When our heart and mind are right, when we use the skill in the gifts he gave us, and most of all when we approach Him in humility – there are seminal moments that we have an epiphany of receiving. This is what is meant by ‘our cup runneth over’.

The more we exercise the skill to see all glory is the Lord’s the more we are able to receive the joy of being given to by Him and being used by Him for good. This is the glory of angels, and of humans who are open to it.

Usually this takes years of preparation, much suffering on seemingly lost paths, but you never know, it is up to Him. He does know. As the scripture at the top tells He knows from the beginning to the end what we need.

Glory is a bond, and when it is felt, the essence of the Joy is that there is an inner sense that it is eternal. He whispers in our soul, ‘Well done my child, my good and faithful servant, I am with you forever’. The Lord gives this graduation in the time and place only He can foresee, often the most unexpected of places. He did this on the cross when He told the thief, ‘today you will be with me in paradise’. The thief’s statement to the Lord the thief did three things, one, he fully acknowledged the sin of what he had done; two, He defended Jesus and acknowledged that He has the power of salvation, thus that He is God, the ONE divine; and three, He asked in all humility. Now there is much inner preparation that took place that we do not see, the softening of His soul that must of led to this, and then on the cross, we see the extraordinary moment of graduation into heaven.

When a military man does a great deed of sacrifice for others, such as jump on a hand grenade to save the lives of those around him – we innately feel a profound sense of thankfulness, love and honor – for we perceive he had the the dedication to give his life for others. How much more do we love the Lord who not only gives us life itself but suffered himself to be born on earth to redeem all Mankind from abysmal darkness. Man then is worthy of honor, but only the Lord is worthy to be worshiped.

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