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Intelligence is only so if it leads to something good, otherwise it is just cleverness. Love actually contains within it wisdom, so intelligence is only in its genuine state when it is bonded to love or the desire for good. One can have a high IQ, but it does not mean they are intelligent. The reason for this is that it is irrational to use one’s mind for evil or negative purposes, and to be irrational is not intelligent. It doesn’t matter how high ones IQ is, to the degree one is run by the emotions, the intellect works to justify the emotion.
The best kind of intelligence is perception. In perception one’s heart and soul, mind, and body work together as one to see. All thought and perception arises from the will or ones driving love, and the skills of the mind work to interpret or articulate the desire of one’s love. One can observe this in yourself and it is a very good thing to do because it brings self knowledge and self examination of our motives.
Genuine intelligence hones in on the cause behind the subject at hand; it looks to the whole picture because it desires to do what is best for the individual and for the whole of society. It cares about its own good and for the good of ones’s community and country. On this point it is very important to realize why the sequence of honor goes from ‘God, Country and neighbor’. The bigger the entity one seeks to serve the greater one is sacrificing one self to the whole, and thus the more the heart commits to expanding in love. If one does this in good faith God honors it. This is why it is said, ‘for those who serve their country truly, the Lords kingdom becomes their new country’.
False intelligence only looks at one’s own interest or one group’s interest and overlooks the harm to others or the whole. To do this they always use relativistic thinking which claims that everything is subjective and therefore of equal value, but this is not true. Somethings are good and somethings are bad, and they must be discerned and articulated and addressed for what they are. Only evil relativizes good and evil. Whenever you see someone relativizing it is often a tell-tale sign of hidden ill-will. To say everything is subjective is a way of clouding the mind. It does not let the mind grasp and stand on solid ground; it is a truth but only half the truth.
To see the whole perspective let us look at the cross. The cross has a horizontal arm and a vertical arm. The horizontal arm reaches out to all of humanity to include everyones subjective perspective; the vertical arm reaches up to the source of divine live, and thus can inform the horizontal arm with many particulars of principled insight. Another way of saying this is that we are all human and in a body, but the human form is also the ONLY WAY OF RECEIVING TRUTH AND INSPIRATION FROM GOD. It is designed and made to do so.
The human form is a universal form because it is the from of God and the created is always a reflection of that which created it. Our human body is a receptacle of love and wisdom from God; it is the only form that can receive this higher consciousness. Just as the eye is an organ that is a receptacle of light and the ear a receptacle of sound, the human soul is a receptacle of love and wisdom from God. It is the highest form in the universe, in fact the universe itself and heaven itself is in the human form, which is known as the Grand Man.
To receive this light from the Lord one needs faith and enthusiasm. One needs to have the heat of love in your soul to clear the dross of the bodies inertia. If one is waiting for proof it will never come. That is the way of external minded. To penetrate to the internal one needs the desire of love for the subject at hand.
This is why negative people ask you to prove it. They seek to put you on their ground of the external world only, and the vagaries of this world are difficult to negotiate. Once you are in a position of proving something doubt is introduced and with that the matter at hand can be clouded and mired. This is the ‘reasonable’ technique of evil to cause doubt, and suffocate the heart by the minds doubt.
It takes skill and practice to find the sound place inside. It is a constant effort of Maintenance, and this skill involves bringing the mind and soul in union.
Latest comments
  • Interesting concept. I think more along the lines of Spiritual Intelligence as a means of sensing the world through our corporeal environment: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, reproductive drive. Perhaps, the intelligence that is innate within manifest Creation is designed for a higher purpose than our immediate understanding.

    An intelligence quotient does not equal true intellect. It is a quantitative means of measuring the capability versus the qualitative experience of being intelligent, thinking, and feeling.

    Honestly, I think the drawing you made is more intriguing. The eyes look very familiar..

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and art.

  • I had experience working with blind students and deaf students and really dived into perception. In spiritual practice, I found other aspects. I will write about these concepts of perception in the winter. “perception is reception from God…” thinking on that thought.

  • Once, I asked the question, “Where did GOD come from?” One teacher said, “You need a direct revelation from GOD.” Another said, “I don’t know.” Another said, “GOD has always been and shall always be.” On a quest for 58 years, I have discovered that aspects of all three are true.

    Spiritual Intelligence is that which supersedes knowledge, and resides in wisdom. Irrationality rests outside the paradigm of both wisdom and knowledge.

    It seems that through the use of skillful means, we may experience clarity of revelations revealed from the Divine. Yet, without wisdom, will we rightly discern meaning? I think not.

    Therefore, I posit that intelligence and irrationality serve as spectrum markers. If we find ourselves in the irrational mind, we must correct the course through the use of skillful means. We have discussed skillful means before, and I think I will meditate on how skillful means helps the seeker overcome irrational thinking to achieve the clarity that arises with wisdom.

    Since writing this piece, have you have any further revelations on intelligence and irrationality?