The poor in spirit are all around you; each of us could be such a one. The poor in spirit are those who thirst for the truth from the Word, but don’t have sufficient access to it, or understanding of it in their life. For many they don’t even know it is what they need, but they know they need something.

….The young man, eager and glad, runs up to me, “I worked on my shot coach, let me show you, let’s work on it some more coach…”

The ‘poor in spirit’ seek a mentor. They love the truth expressed by the care of someone that takes time with them, someone that helps them become more skilled and disciplined. They are the lonely; the ones not unfulfilled by external pleasures. They yearn inside for connection; they yearn for truth they cannot yet find but that they know will nourish their soul.

The poor in spirit have been neglected. They want to be seen and accepted, to become strong and whole enough to be open; and, at the same time, deal responsible with the world.

The poor in the spirit are those with innocence in their soul – no matter how old; they desire to incorporate this longing from innocence into adult intelligence, for by this they sense they will make the innocence true and whole. The Word of God is received with innocence, which is to also say, in humility. It is the union of these from which springs spiritual intelligence – and then it lives and thrives in their mind and soul. This is true innocence, an internalized love of truth, the innocence of maturity – the ‘treasure’ spoken of in the Word. This is what the poor in spirit can sense and yearn for.

….The young man practices his footwork and shooting, developing his skill and confidence; but more importantly he is receiving from a father figure and learning to trust. His innocence and intelligence are beginning to grow strength; perhaps, we pray, preparing Him to receive from his true Father…..

The poor in spirit yearn, in the deepest part of their soul, to be in direct relationship with God. Deep down it is only HE who can fulfill the thirst they feel inside. JESUS CHRIST IS THE INNER TEACHER FOR ALL (wether He is known by this name or not). THE LIGHT FROM HIM SHINES AND FILLS THE HEART AND SOUL OF EVERY MAN AND WOMAN LIKE NOTHING ELSE CAN.

In the end, the poor in spirit come to see, they are not to rely on others for happiness (thought they will always love them), but to fill their aloneness from the core in themself. For the Lord is the innermost of our core, resourced with all strength, kindness, wisdom and love. And anyone who possesses this treasure desires nothing more that to see others have it.

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