MEDITATION ON WORSHIP: The Lord Is the Potter and We Are the Vessel.

Let us meditate: The Lord is the Potter and we are the vessel.

To the degree we acknowledge the Lord in our heart (worship) His presence is with us, and thus we can be healed and renewed in our heart and mind. We must ‘turn to Him’ for He is always turned to us. The Lord can only be approached in humility (worship). All good comes from him alone; He is the source of all love and wisdom. We humans have hereditary evils in us from head to toe and to the degree we hold on to them, and entertain evil in our will, we cannot receive regeneration from the Lord.

It is most essential to perceive that we humans are receptacles of life, that our soul is an organ; just as the eye is an organ that receives light from the sun, or the ear is an organ that receives sound – our soul is an organ made to receive from God; except our soul is an organ that is the highest form in the universe – for it is made in the image (form) of God! God is the divine human. We receive life, which is love and wisdom from Him, like a plant receives heat and light from the sun. Spiritually, heat and light correspond to love and wisdom. Love and wisdom proceed from the Lord who is in the midst of the spiritual sun in heaven. In many places He is described to shine as the sun: “His countenance shinneth like the sun”; “His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light” (Mat. 17:2) ; “He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good” (Mat 5:45).

Love and wisdom proceed from the Holy marriage of His divine body and divine soul as from an eternal fountain. We humans receive wisdom in our understanding, and love in our will. He is the creator and we are the creature, He is the potter and we are the vessel, He is the source and we are the receptacle.

In Worship then, we understand how inherent it is that we receive from the Lord, and we humble ourself to Him and seek the good that comes from Him. From this submitting we receive strength and renewal in our soul and our life expression to others.

In Worshipping we strive to express compassion and intelligence together in union, for this is what makes each genuine and effective. If they are separate neither is in its true state. This takes inner skill which we seek to develop! For the evil one is always trying to separate compassion from wisdom so that neither is effective, and they are both rendered phony. Union is the nature of the Lord, and from and by His example we are to exercise compassion and intelligence in life together. This striving for union is the basis of all spirituality; it is what forges the bond with God and life. For instance, charity is only charity (compassion) if it leads to something good (exercising wisdom). It is not charity to do something that enables evil in another, that is from the coercion of the enemy. Similarly, intelligence is only intelligence if it leads to something good. For to use our mind for evil is irrational and being irrational is not intelligent.

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