Part 2: “The Stratagem of False Compassion In History and Now: How It is from Evil, and How to See Through It

This article is a continuation of the last on on the Stratagem of False compassion.

Swedenborg describes how it is built-in to the ideas of those caught up and invested in the Stratagem of false compassion that they are unable to see how they are being duped, and especially to not see the depth of its evil cause. The left in the world today are currently the dupes of evil spirits that have a end game of global domination, but they have no idea that this is the game is the same repeated by evil spirits over and over. Swedenborg writes:


“I spoke, moreover, with those who were prompted to this unseasonable compassion, and it was given to say that this was outrageous…but when informed [of their character] they should be disposed to exercise compassion towards those who were aiming to deceive and pervert the whole world, intent only upon their [vile] ends. But when instructed in their quality they still persist [in their misplaced pity], which was in fact worse, for those who are thus compassionate refuse to be affected by compassion from the Lord toward those who perish [by their means]; even if it were the whole world that should perish. Still they would not desist from their compassion towards those who destroy them. I observed that those were of this character who reason much concerning the Divine government, and thus cast themselves into absurdities, not knowing what compassion is, and remaining obstinate, though instructed. They suffer themselves to be easily persuaded by such deceitful, merciless spirits, who inspire compassion for the sake of themselves and their own preeminence; and so long as this deceitful persuasion is infused into them, they persist [in their mistaken pity]”.


This is a perfect description of the actions of the left today – blindly and stubbornly resist all reason and appeal to practical and moral sense. When he mentions ‘divine government’ he is saying it is an inherent part of this syndrome that they want to politically create a ‘utopia’ in the world – for that is the logical extension of their mind-set and power play. In the current world this manifests as globalism, but the end purpose of this is the rule of socialism and communism around the world. They operate on emotion not reason, which means these spirits that use compassion for evil run their emotions for they are in sympathy with the evil will. So they make global warming an inviolable cause for the sake of globalism. The mayor of London says: “Global warming is the biggest threat to humanity”; and “ Terrorist attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city”, which is nothing more than a snowing of the mind for the sake of a evil agenda. Liberals embrace radical Muslims no matter how many times a Radical Muslims attacks and murders innocent people with the clear motive to further their religious ideology. As we have seen over and over liberal rioters in the name of free speech become violent and loot and destroy property, which clearly is not free speech but criminal behavior. Over and over the same behavior and tactics play out and people wonder how can they not be sensible enough to see that we have to take strong measures to stop it. As we have shown it is because false compassion blinds, and especially because they are in sympathy with the evil spirits that so persuade them. The radical left that is now acting this out probably have no idea that they are being run by evil spirits, but they no doubt become cognizant of a delight in the use of violence and intimidation for the sake of power. Their pretense to compassion is merely used for political leverage, just as global warning, and race issues are. Some push their desire to rule through intellectual argument and some through violent actions.

Swedenborg significantly ads that the church was  a significant part of this Syndrome. He wrote this in 1740 or so, but we can see that the syndrome is still very much part of progressive religion today.


“It was shown that among those who inspire this unseasonable compassion, the priestly order was conspicuous. They would fain have others feel that they must live, though the whole world should perish. Thus of the monks and Jesuites the greater part are of this character, who, from the habit contracted in life by such a persuasion, are able to possess others with the idea that they must be saved at all hazards”.


The current Pope is of this mindset. He is influenced by liberation Theology which is based on the fallacy that ‘God favors the poor’. This theology is an example of the false compassion described only they made a whole theology out of it. To be compassionate without discernment, and thus towards evil, is to embrace evil. Not only that once they have come to this position they manipulate and persuade everyone into this belief. This is scene in how the pope, Katy Perry and all believe their should be no walls and that all refugees should be able to come into their countries no matter how much the kill and cause disturbance. The ethos in modern progressive churches and all kinds of New Age spiritual groups are very much part of this thinking too. PC thinking goes hand in hand with false compassion. Together they relativizes truth and religion which saps the meaning out of each religion – making them equal without depth – and thus wisdom is snatched from the mind (by evil spirits) so that people cannot see through the fallacy.


I wrote this to show how deep the syndrome of false compassion goes. I know that many people are aware of it, and I hope this helps to confirm how deep it goes, why it is so hard to change, and how badly we need to fight it. Fortunately for all of us, the Trump movement and the salt of the earth people around the world are seeing through syndrome to a great degree. In America Obama and Hillary so made people sick of it, the the salt of the earth people rose and demanded change. (See article in this blog: ‘PC thinking, which Obama now personifies, asks us to ingest evil.’ ) I have already written much in this blog about how the Trump movement is dismantling false compassion, and that there is a new era of thinking, so let this one quote suffice to show what it means to have strong leadership that combines compassion with wisdom: “We’re no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs… but by the number of people we help get off those programs.” (Mulvaney)






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