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“Why I Support Trump” He Appeals to Salt of Earth Americans, People Want Strong US, to be Light to the World.

Here is what I ask myself. When Trump becomes president will our economy improve, will we finally stop paying for the reconstruction of other countries excessively, will our borders have greater integrity, will we run our country with fiscal responsibility and reduce the debt, will we gain respect in the world, and will we be safer. I am not blind to some his faults, but the reason I vote for him is that he will work at these things with the efficiency of a business man that seeks results. His heart is in the results for the sake of America and himself. He is a leader that God can use. He wants to empower the business man. I wrote an article called ‘Trump the American zealot’; part of it talks about the parable of ‘the unjust steward’. The internal sense of this story is that God uses evil leaders who want to appear good to achieve His purpose because they by far have more of the zeal for ambition and accolades, but sometimes you have a men with zeal who also have the potential for good in their heart. Trump has this. The movement that is happening is coming from people who are the ‘Salt of the earth’ as they are called in the Bible. The salt of the earth are practical people, they a doers; the may cuss and fight, but they get things done, and they see through bullshit. These are the people who are sick of establishment politicians, smart people who want to take responsibility. Trump is in a unique position to get results, not Cruz, Rubio, or Hillary! The movement that is happening is squarely behind Trump. He is upsetting the apple cart in a big way. In doing this he has to upset a lot of people. The rich, the poor, people of all colors like him and dislike him; it is not by a specific demograghic that he is liked, but by people who see this is a great opportunity to bring common sense and good spirit back, to make our country great again. Trump is not a king or a savior like Obama, his supporters want take responsibility for their lives, business, and for our country. He is a leader that wants to empower these people.

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  • Thank you so much. You so eloquently wrote what my feelings have been. God does not always choose who men might consider the best person. This is shown throughout the Bible, and in many spiritual leaders today! I just got back from praying in a little chapel, and I pray every night for our country and for the whole world. His will be done! God bless you.

    • Thank you so much Babe, it warms my heart that you love our country as I do. I think God is doing a great work in America right now after several down years. I pray as you do that out goodness win out. Thank God that He knows our heart. I will keep up the good fight in my little corner. Please comment again on anything that you read.

      Pastor Steve

  • Hi Steve I found your beliefs on the Donald very interesting. What do you think of Hiliary and I am curious how to you feel about President Obama.

  • Hi Kristen, thanks for the note. I would be very interested to hear your ideas on all this too if you dont mind writing back on it.
    I think Obama apeals to and banks on the disociative impulse on people. In the beginning he promised people free-ride programs like Burnie, though to a less degree, and people went fo this. Now it has become clear he is worse than this. His will is un-Ameica, he wants to water down and make America mediocre, to lose our real identity. But everything he has done is making the people sick, and the real fighting spirit of America in our soul coming alive. Trump leads this movemtn. Hillary is similar to Obama. She is blond ambition, will do anything to get the office, but she is self serving and does not have honor. She has technique but not the heart for America. Her and her husband are old news, wooden and behind the time. There is not mojo behind her candidacy

    • Hi Steve, I don’t want this to start a back and forth debate because I know when you talk with a Republican they tend to over talk you and get louder and the truth is this is what you believe and that’s just your opinion because we’re just little specks floating on a big ball called earth. But the human part of me is curious about your beliefs regarding do you think there is such a thing as global warming, are gay’s born the way they are or did they turn that way by choice, and do you think everyone should own a gun without any background checks and that should all immigrants be deported and do you believe what Mitch McConell, Rush Lumbum and Ann Culter have to say. I am not judging just curious. But if you want to put hard facts on this chat I have no problem with that. Looking forward to what you have to say.

    • the Anonyous email you just got is from Kristen Long…….if you care to continue this conversation you can email me as well.

  • Hello Kristen, on the question of Gays I give a good idea of that in article called. “There is no such thing as adrogyny in heaven”.That article explains in depth why I think there is no gay marraige in heaven, here it is different, but we should still model ourself after heavenly values. I have written elsewhere that I think being gay is part psychological and part hereditary, in that hereditary qualities are passed on, but it begins for psychological reasons from generations past and present
    I think that global warming and cooling is a natural pattern in nature. It is possible that pollution has some effect, but not nearly what the libs say it has. I still think we should do every reasonable thing we can to be good stewards of the environment. I personally love nature and clean air. It is clear though Global warming has been used for political leverage in false way.
    I think people should have second amendment rights according to the constitution.
    There are 4 political articles on my blog. Have you read these. I think they will give a clear pictute on my position on some of these questions and more.
    What do you think on these questions Kristen?

  • I totally disagree. Trump is a hateful bigot who will destroy all the good and positive progress that our country has made under President Obama’s strong Leadership. God help us all if Trump gets elected!

  • We will see then how he does, thanks

  • Thank God someone agrees with me that Trump is the second Hitler coming. He is narcissistic , hateful he only likes people that like him. He has failed in business numerous times and he has stolen out of people’s pockets for his own greed. Look at Trump University you know what there is no Trump University you need to do your research. You are blind to smoke and mirrors. He is not a leader he is a bully he can’t get along with anyone he will destroy our relationships with other world leaders he has no tact no class. He just yells and points his finger and then want’s to build a big wall will who’s going to pay for that………you need to open up your mind and look at reality. I don’t claim to be a Christian but you seen to be very judgmental, anger, and obsessed with Donald Trump. Remember if he saw you walking down the street he wouldn’t even give you the time of day. If he does become President you will be seeing a something that will have a sad ending. He doesn’t care about people, the environment, legal rights, remember he outsources everything but he say’s he want’s to keep everything in America how does that work. And then he say’s to hell with China will China owns us don’t you think they’ll say will pay your debt back and then we would be knee high in s….. and remember who got us into debt Junior Bush this is all because of him some people seem to forget that. There we’re no missiles of mass-destruction the Republicans wanted a war and then everyone say’s President Obama you clean up the mess that is so wrong. The Republicans never take responsibility for anything………..wake up

  • Hi, I disagree with you on all this but thanks for participating. I would be interested to see what you think of the series of articles on God and America. Steve

  • I thought I would check out your site again. You really have a lot to say about American and God. That was interesting what that last person wrote about how they feel about your point of view. Do you think they we’re to harsh on you or do you believe people have the right to there view. Have you always been so passionate about America, God and guns?

  • Hi Kristen, thanks for stopping by again. I am very passionate about America and God. I don’t have any guns but respect the second amendment and freedom.
    I think its good to let people express their opinion here, and the people can . I don’t think there is much rationality in what the person said. I am around a lot of people who disagree about politics, but as you see I have thought these things out and want to support what I see is best for America in a spiritual and responsible way. That is how I see it. I am glad you like the articles. Are you mostly interested in the political ones or some of the spiritual, science of Bible ones?

  • I am a little confused what does Trump do for the country that you see as spiritual. I am a spiritual person and believe in that every race or someone’s religious believes are there reality but there has to be some kind of common sense. I don’t read the Bible because I believe it is another book written by men that have one way of believing and then they seem to change it over the years to suit and control others and get them believe things that I feel our just stories. Religion and spirituality are two different things. You can go to church but still lie, cheat and steal and that has been proven by the leaders and the people that attend. Do you post every comment or do you pick and chose only the comments that make you look good?

  • Hi Kristen. I could help you with these things you are seeking to integrate. I address all these things you ask about in my articles. Here is one:
    The History and Nature of the Bible. The Word has a Literal and an internal sense. Mystery opened Swedenborgstories.com This one discusses the nature of the Word. I think it would be very valueable for you see that the Bible is written by the hands of men, but it is entirely by the will of God, Thus making it divine

    And here is another: The Core of Spirituality, Psychology, Christianity, Universal Principle of Union’ swedenborgstories.com Be a bridge This talks about the generous nature of the Lord’s salvation for all people, and shows how religion and spirituality are integrated.

    There are four articles about Trump that talk about how this is a spiritual movement. If you are asking how he is Christian, I could address my ideas on that too.

    You should be able to see from above I post what people say. I don’t need people to make me look good. What people say is usually about them.

  • humm…………

    • The wheels are turning…

      • You stated you could help me regarding knowledge I could debate you on that. What is your educational background – where did you study? You said you we’re in a cult can you prove this? Also, who and where did you study your religious doctrine. Any degrees?

  • Hi, in regard to your ideas about the Bible I meant that I could help you to see, if you so desire, how it is that the Bible is divine truth from the Lord, not written by human beings. That is a great thing to see.
    I think it best you read the articles and discuss the ideas in them specifically. They are all reasoned for one to discuss, grow closer to God, and choose for your self what you want to believe.