“Why I Support Trump” He Appeals to Salt of Earth Americans, People Want Strong US, to be Light to the World.

Here is what I ask myself. When Trump becomes president will our economy improve, will we finally stop paying for the reconstruction of other countries excessively, will our borders have greater integrity, will we run our country with fiscal responsibility and reduce the debt, will we gain respect in the world, and will we be safer. I am not blind to some his faults, but the reason I vote for him is that he will work at these things with the efficiency of a business man that seeks results. His heart is in the results for the sake of America and himself. He is a leader that God can use. He wants to empower the business man. I wrote an article called ‘Trump the American zealot’; part of it talks about the parable of ‘the unjust steward’. The internal sense of this story is that God uses evil leaders who want to appear good to achieve His purpose because they by far have more of the zeal for ambition and accolades, but sometimes you have a men with zeal who also have the potential for good in their heart. Trump has this. The movement that is happening is coming from people who are the ‘Salt of the earth’ as they are called in the Bible. The salt of the earth are practical people, they a doers; the may cuss and fight, but they get things done, and they see through bullshit. These are the people who are sick of establishment politicians, smart people who want to take responsibility. Trump is in a unique position to get results, not Cruz, Rubio, or Hillary! The movement that is happening is squarely behind Trump. He is upsetting the apple cart in a big way. In doing this he has to upset a lot of people. The rich, the poor, people of all colors like him and dislike him; it is not by a specific demograghic that he is liked, but by people who see this is a great opportunity to bring common sense and good spirit back, to make our country great again. Trump is not a king or a savior like Obama, his supporters want take responsibility for their lives, business, and for our country. He is a leader that wants to empower these people.

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