When two people meet and form a bond in the infancy of love,

It can be awkward but exhilarating.

At times  challenging, yet rewarding.

In the early days of love it can be like bumping around in the darkness, 

seeking the safe arms of the one who validates you.

We all have an innate need for such like an infant with its mother,

like a man sucking breasts and a woman sucking a penis

Time and faith teaches the couple to reach to the core of one another.

First, love and attachment are the image of love, a deep feeling, but as yet an external love.

In time each comes to know themself, and in so doing know each other,

They must choose who they want to be, and have the courage to see if they are really for each other.

As they learn to see and commit to love and partnership, the love becomes internal, a true friendship, a tender love, respect for each others talents and the source of talents.

They commit to Support each other No matter what.

But a true marriage love from the internal self can only be with those who love the Lord, who have the perception that all good comes from God. This give sight, for love of the Lord elevates perception of the real cause of things, and the ability to see the other

Their foundation grows as their roots support the other.

They reach upwards through the earth, twisting through the darkness into the light.

By God’s grace they become the visible example of love.

Through their love and commitment the tree sprouts branches as the roots deepen – strong and sturdy.

Stretching outward towards the heavens.

New birth brings flowering buds of future life.

This tree of life has a purpose. 

A reason for being.

They are to be the example.

Each part of the tree is imperative and vital to its survival.

As with each living thing, seasons bring new life.

After years of seasons, years of growth

the family is strong.

Life springs eternal from a unified foundation that marinates in love,

And the pair delight in the others happiness more than there own.

This is true conjugal love, implanted from the beginning, honed in time, polished by strife.

Death does not break this bond, for the two shall become one and the more they are one they nore distinctly are in the strength and wisdom of manhood and the beauty and wisdom of woman hood for all time.
“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”. (Genesis 10: 8)

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