Job 7:1 reads “Is there not an appointed time to man upon earth? are not his days also like the days of an hireling?”

How can one make an effective prayer? I do pray and it seem as if God does listen.

My dear friend. I think to pray well one must get down to the bottom of your feeling, to the place of humility and honesty. Examine feelings and see what they are, if you are angry at your pain and condition tell him and take it to him. One must pray from the core self, if you feel sadness and loss, feel it and take it to him, if you feel hate lay it before him bare. God wants it, He already knows what there but we need to feel it and express it to him for healing to move. I pray that you can and will do this. Then it is also not so much about results from the prayer that counts, but submitting to God’s will and infinite wisdom. God is listening, he is always waiting for us, it is we who are not being fully honest with him. You can put this on the site if you want to as an example and witness to others who are in deep need. This can also help, but do it yourself first. Gods wants you and loves you and wants you to be your whole self. I am with you and for you my brother!

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