Principle of divine order: All thought is proceeded by affection.

Second Coming
Principle of divine order: All thought is proceeded by affection. Affection is of love and the will, and our state of love is the baseline of our being or state in the spiritual world. Thought is of the mind and wisdom, and follows the affections like the movement of the arm follows the mind. Love and wisdom are actual spiritual substance in the spiritual world – not abstractions as is assumed. The spiritual world is based on our state of being/affection/love, – there is no time or space there, only the appearance of it – thought is the sword that leads affection to wisdom. In the spiritual world we have a human form just like here; we actually are what we love, for our soul (the spiritual human form) is formed by what we love and believe. The greater our affection for God and use to others, the more beautiful our human. Angels are humans – and exceptionally beautiful. Everything around humans there corresponds to our state of love. Contained in love is all the wisdom/thought/knowledge to fulfill our loves end purpose. The reason hell exists is because some people’s love is to hate. From all this one can see that it is inherent in divine order that affection proceeds thought. Holy Intuition is this: Acknowledgement to Him and Affection for Him Bring us into the Presence of the Lord.

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