Here is an extraordinary passage from Swedenborg that explains profound principles in concrete detail. This passage describes in depth points which I seek to elucidate all the time in my writing. In one passage he explains the why and how of the following major questions: ‘How does all good come from God?’, ‘Why is birth a universal principle and why is things can only come into being through the birth process?’; “How is it that good is fundamental (one with the source), and evil is merely derivative?” 

The seeds of faith which are inrooted in a man, a soul, a spirit, and even in an angel, by means of cognitions and various derivations or germinations therefrom, are of such a nature that when the truth of such faith has been inseminated, then little by little it is amplified into many truths, so that it occupies, as it were, the whole space, and gradually falsities are consumed. For as soon as the truth of faith is conceived it begets many more truths, like waters flowing from a fountain, or like the roots of a tree in the earth, or like a glandulous root which is deeply inrooted, and at length occupies the space by expanding itself and eating away whatever it meets. In man evils are first obliterated, for otherwise there can be no insemination. Evils are the tares which throw out widely extended roots, and choke the roots of the good seed. Afterwards there is the persuasion of the truth of faith, which gives birth to derivative persuasions that are conjoined with other cognitions. Then comes the love of truth. Thus [the seed of faith] extends itself immensely, and brings forth fruit.

 But it is to be observed that the Lord alone inseminates truths and goods, and brings them forth to germination. Therefore, if they are not the truths of faith they cannot be inrooted, still less be productive, but they are the roots of the “tares” which choke them, although not extirpating them. They are reserved, so that when a tare is rooted out, they are brought forth and germinate.

  It is to be observed further, that these cognitions are insinuated in such a way that they are not infixed in the memory from the will of man, for then the roots do not strike deeply. But this is for the most part effected whilst man is ignorant of it, so that he does not know that he has learnt them; thus especially from what he hears through slight reflection given by the Lord.

1439. Nor should man strive to assume the love of the truths of faith from himself nor from any other love, namely, from the love of self or of the world, for then it is not inrooted. But the Lord alone inspires the love. 

1440. The seeds are innumerable because they are of faith, thus of all spiritual and celestial things. But the universal and unique seed, in which the rest are arranged into order and subordinated, is that the Lord alone governs the universe and is the all in all things of truth and good, and that man, spirit, and angel, regarded in themselves, are nothing. 


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