The Problem with Polytheism and Polyamorism in the Spiritual World

Polytheism and polyamorism are absolutely opposed to the light in heaven, because the light there (spiritual substance) comes from the divine and it is virtually impossible for the angels to think of two or more Gods, and similarly for a man and woman to think of any other than one mate. Married partners, a man and a woman, in heaven enter a union of a depth and delight that surpasses all other loves. In fact all other loves are an extension of this mother of all loves. Swedenborg writes that a person who confirms themselves in polytheism or polyamerism “cannot receive influx of higher light, because their internals do not contain a form that is receptive to it. It is like being in the basement of a house, but completely unable to see or access the upper rooms”. The dominance of polytheism and polyamorism in the ancient world was the work and delight of evil forces.
On earth we can mess with these things much more than heaven, but our internals are in the spirit and therefore of heavenly potential, and we suffer greatly here for these beliefs. While on earth we can change the forms of our beliefs no matter what we have done, but once in the spiritual world “as the tree falleth, so it lies”

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