Rethinking Redemption; Revitalizing Our Relationship With Jesus

April 14th, 2022


Re-thinking Redemption is a marriage of that which is earthly and spiritual, of history and the eternal. It gives a picture of the dire need for redemption before Jesus was born, and tells the inside story of the process that had to take place for Jesus to redeem humanity. The book is rooted in scripture from beginning to end.

The underlying principle of the book is that Holy scripture has a literal and an internal sense; thus, the use of the phrase ‘inside story’ to describe this book comes from its exploration of the internal sense of The Bible.

By reading this book both lovers of the truth and lovers of the Bible can gain deep insights into life, history, and Bible interpretation. The book is not dogmatic but appeals to the reason and spiritual perception of the reader – offering understanding of the internal meaning of the major themes in the New Testament, including the birth and glorification of Jesus, the captives, the resurrection, and the second coming to name a few.

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