Why I say that God is using Trump…Hint, its not because he is perfect, just Great

July 14th, 2016

It is true in the end only God truly knows, but with wisdom, one can discern what is in line with divine order and what is not. If we could not discern this at all life would be meaningless and immoral. I say that God is using Trump because it is a consistent pattern with him that he exposes the deadwood in both the republican and democratic party. The establishment on both sides hate him and he has defied politics as usual, upsetting people simply by doing the right things to protect America’s interest. He is about Jobs, jobs, and good jobs, protecting our borders as every country does. He wants us to be able to take pride in our self, and that takes work and caring about ourselves and others. Even Mexico has a huge wall on its coast with Central America; it is only common sense that we should protect ours. He wants to make business deals that benefit us and others not just make foolish deals like we have with China and the dangerous deal with Iran. Iran is not honoring the deal already and we have simply lost billions of dollars with no benefit due to Obama’s bad deal. The sign of a man God is using is that he exposes the rats on the ship, and that he stimulates people’s conscience to take responsibility; as opposed to dissociating from a problem. Both the former attributes are the ‘Trump effect’. Other sings of a man God is using is that a man offers compassion to others, but compassion is given with good borders. As Swedenborg says, “Charity is charity only if it leads to something good’. Charity is meant to bring out the good in others. To give to evil and perpetuate it, and aid in destroying oneself is not charity. False compassion and relativistic thinking are not charity. The Brexit decision is an example of setting up good borders. England desires to be a sovereign state with a strong Identity; this is an urge for freedom. America has been giving itself away to its own detriment, making bad deals, letting people in who are not legal and paying them welfare and other entitlement benefits that they are not entitled to. Obama delights in weakening America. He does not know nor care about the American spirit that is the great core of our country. God is full of love and prosperity but this doesn’t manifest by magic, it manifests by tethering our self to God, by soul building work, by earning what we have, and building from the ground up from internal ingenuity and teamwork, not by sitting around hoping for freebies. America is based on ‘In God We Trust’. This is what has made America a light to the world. This is important for the whole world. It is not good for America to be weak. This doesn’t not mean we are against other countries. On the contrary, this is how we help other countries and how they can help us. We must have a very strong center in order to be leaned on so heavily by others. By just giving our self away, we are like the drowning man who is trying to help another drowning man. They both drown. That is not smart. God is full of intelligence and common sense, good borders, and prosperity that comes from real goods. In America to reduce the deficit we have to produce real goods and services from men and woman that love to work, and these goods and services produce real money, not printed money, and this real money reduces the debt. Spiritually bereft men like Obama, and women like Hillary don’t care about this. They think that government regulations can fix everything. They believe in their ‘own prudence’ not in the prudence of God and tethering them self to him. They love the perks of the position and think they are owed the respect and adulation of the people. This is sickness, greed, selfishness that never works, but creates suspicion, corruption, and mediocrity, and in the end despair. Trump has certainly had some of this in his life, but he has striven to care more about people than he does money and things. His goal has been money, and money has brought him a lot in life, but he is now using it to care about others. He knows that it is good business to grow strong people, people who want to produce in their life and for their community. God has worked on him and changed his heart. You can see it by the deeds and things he fights for. He is for the cops who protect, for the military that make us strong and protect us, he is for vets. He knows the truth in the statement, ‘There is no greater love than to lay down you life for your neighbor’. He is in a position to do what no one else can right now. God uses odd characters one doesn’t expect. Peter was a loud, impulsive man; a simple business man, rebellious. Matthew was a despised tax collector. God has grown a rough, crass, lusty business man like Trump into a classy leader who has a heart for the people. Savvy businessman see through BS in a flash. They know who is fighting for them with a good will, and who is not. Trump is smart, and does the right things because he has America’s best interest at heart. Swedeneborg says that the basic sequence of divine order is this: God, Country, neighbor, family. It goes from big to small – why? Because the big is further from self. The more we are able to serve the ‘Big’, the less selfish we are and the more we grow in a strong identity. Globalists have it wrong. It is good to have strong identities and patriotism for our countries. Variety is also an essential of divine order, and at the same time sovereignty is essential of divine order. We have this in the world when we have many different countries that have unique, strong, identities and good borders. From our center we can love another – with their differences – and life is enriched. To put everything together and make it all mushed up, dampens the human soul and drains vitality. Socialism and communism also drain the vitality out of the human soul. To be free, we must be sovereign. In freedom we are most alive and connected to God. The founding fathers knew this, and any wise man knows these things. But people have been promised the easy way out, and our lower nature thinks this short cut will make us happy. Obama appeals to this lower impulse as does Hillary, and it has added to the racial strife and the corruption which previously had calmed down. The down to earth way to deal with these kind of problems is to create jobs and more jobs, good jobs, and to protect our border, etc, just as Trump is doing. This is why I say God is using Trump.

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