Someone asked – “Where do we go when we die? Please provide scripture”. A GLIMPSE INTO WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH

Someone asked – “Where do we go when we die? Please provide scripture”.

If we have lived well God ‘prepares a place for us’, and this place is prepared according to the loves in our heart and the quality of wisdom in our understanding. The union of the love and wisdom that we have formed in life become a constellation in our soul, and the qualities of this constellation are are set at our time of death. “Where the tree falleth there it lies’. If this constellation is heavenly we are able to respond and receive the promptings and teachings of the angels – who, after we die, come to minister to us stage by stage, comforting us and teaching us where we are at . ‘Comforting angels’.

Most of us will still have some qualities of evil, and false beliefs, in us from the world, and these will have to be cleaned out. “You do not put wine in an old wine skin’. This process is called vastation which means ‘to cleans of’. The vastation could be relatively easy or it could be very severe, depending how we have lived in life, and thus we accept or resist the teachings of the angels. In this in between place, we are with good and bad people, and here everyone seeks and is with for a time those who they knew and loved in life; but in the spiritual world everything is based on state of love. We are our soul now, and if we are of different qualities of love we move on.We gradually gravitate to the ‘east’ or ‘west’, the east leading to heaven ‘the angles face east’, and west to hell. This process takes place in the world of spirits which is between heaven and hell. ‘Between you and I there is a chasm’.

There comes a time we will walk along a path and if it is heavenly it will be ‘the narrow path’; and if it leads to hell it will be ‘the broad path’. When we see a stone ‘do not stumble on the stone’; for it is for those with no spiritual sight, and stumbling on it one falls to hell. If we are heavenly we walk around it no the narrow path.

The constellation in our soul is like a ‘seed’. The many qualities we have formed in this seed bloom magnificently in the light of heaven, in ways we cannot now imagine. These are the ‘gifts of the spirit’ that we exercised to some degree in life, and now bloom in ways that are wondrous; but to what degree and quality they bloom depends on how we have developed the seed in life. Heavenly light only propagates from the seeds that are there – that we have formed in our soul. As long as we are in heaven we are in eternal happiness, but there are three levels to heaven and innumerable societies in every level. Everyone goes to a society of a certain quality of love and wisdom and use, and we go to that society that we are in kinship with.

It is also extraordinary to note that as we move and grow into this new life all the memories of our old life fall away. They are all still in us in every detail but they become irrelevant, pushed to the perimeter, in comparison to the wonder and joy of our new life. ‘All our tears and sorrows are washed away’.

The nature of heaven is ever-increasing joy, it is never stagnant – because for joy to be joy it must be ever increasing. If it were to become familiar it would lessen the joy, and this the Lord does not do. In heaven love is expressed through use to each other and these are of infinite variety. The places we live and all the things there are free-gratis from the Lord. Everything there appears according to the loves in our heart, and in harmony with the loves of those with us and around us in the society of the place we live. In heaven everything around us corresponds to the love and wisdom in our soul, and these things appear and disappear accordingly to the changes of our state of mind. The state of mind of angels goes up and down but overall increases in joy forever.

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