The Spiritual Meaning of Profaning and how it Relates to Salvation

A responsibility comes with being Christian- to not turn away from the Word once we have loved it, for this love of the Word conjoins our soul to heaven, and once this is done it cannot be removed. To later turn against it causes a dire duplicity in the spiritual world. God providentially guards against this happening, so people must be gradually prepared to receive it according to God’s will.
Spiritually to profane is to do the above, that is, to have loved the Word in heart and then to later deny or hate it in heart. The reason this causes a ‘dire duplicity’ is that in the spiritual world we must have a singular love for heaven or hell. Here on earth where we are in the balance between good and evil; we can be in duplicity and it goes relatively unnoticed, although it is still spiritually a negative state; but in the spiritual world one cannot ‘hide’. We are seen by all for what we are in our soul. We are in the spiritual human form, just like here, but unlike here we don’t have a physical/material body. The light of heaven and the twilight of hell are completely antithetic to each other like trying to put the ends of magnets together – they abhor and repel each other, they cannot occupy the same place (state of being in the spiritual world). The Word is divine truth from the Lord; it is utterly of the light that proceeds from the Lord and that makes heaven, while to hate the Word is from the evil of hell. Ones love and belief in the divine of God is the deepest part of the soul, and once one has formed this love it cannot be removed for all eternity; to turn against it during ones life is to spiritually profane and is the worst possible state in the afterlife. It is the worst state because the person has within them both sides of what tortures, burns, and condemns the other, so they cannot have a singular love, – which the nature of the spiritual world demands.
As long as religion Word is only an external thing to a person they have not taken it in to their soul, and this external state is a form of protection the Lord keeps people in because in this state they cannot profane. He makes sure they are ready before it enters their internal self. This is part of why the Lord is said to be our only true teacher – He is the only one who knows when and how to transform our internals.

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