Spirituality in Politics: There is a Spiritual Battle taking Place, which is Demonstrated in the Microcosm of the Debates

Its not that liberals who say things like Hillary, Obama, and Chealsey are numb. I am sure they have a high IQ. But paying for immegrants and refugees who are not citizens is self sabotage and depleeting. Overly liberal minded thinking makes the mind mushy because they use their intelligence to defend the spiritually bankrupt position. Their thinking too often goes against sacred honor and divine order, like Kap kneeling at the national anthem. Divine order goes like this: God, Country, neighbor, self. People like Hillary do not believe this. There is nothing in them to believe in it therefore they think in false ways. For instance, Hillary and Chealsey saying we should extend the affordable care act to illegal imagrants supposedly comes from Compassion, but it is not compassion. Hillary and her like think in the opposite of divine order. For her it is self first, family, then country and God last, which is why she can ignore men fighting or their lives in Benghazi, take money from enemies, put refugees above veterans and all the other stuff she does. The reason divine order goes from God – country – neighbor – self is that it is a movement from the big to the small; it goes from the large entity to the small. God’s providence works from the large to the utterly particular. Humans greatest need for spiritual learning is to care for others more than the self, so their sacred honor is to God first and country second. Hereditary evil, which all humans have from head to toe, is removed by putting others over our self. We regenerate by learning to reject evil and serve the bigger purpose of good to the community, country and God honestly and fairly. Because one loves their country doesn’t mean they are against other countries, not at all, that is a total fallacy; on the contrary it means you have a centered self in your service to God and country that respects other countries who have the same respect for their God and country. The heart expands closer to heaven in the movement and loyalty from small to big. Almost every veteran who fought for their country knows this. They feel the expansion in the heart to something greater than them self, because they were willing to die for their country and their is no great love than to lay down your life for another. This is the basis of sacred honor. Every professional basketball team worth their salt says something like this: ‘we need to sacrifice our selfishness for the good of the team to come together”. True loyalty makes the heart, mind, and body stronger, and personal skills. This is because there is no great power the divine truth; its power and force is absolutely immutable, and if we can come into line with it in what eve measure we can we become stronger especially as a team.
So we are undergoing a spiritual battle. Liberals can say and do these things like Obama giving away billions of d0llars to the enemy, having men go into girls bathrooms; implement socialistic measure in health care, bail out those who don’t deserve it with enormous amounts of money – these things don’t work and never will because they come from evil and falsity. Evils power is all by deception. So the libs make it look good, lie and cheat; and they get a much freer pass on their lying and cheating, as Obama and Hillary demonstrate. They do horrible impeachable things to their country and get away with it over and over.
Republicans of course have evil too as the establishment rinos demonstrate by putting their establishment goals above that of the country, and using underhanded methods to obstruct outsiders like Trump. In general conservatives have greater respect for God and country and are willing to stand up for it. Libs use peer pressure to perpetuate PC thinking, which constricts people from standing up. Without an understanding and inward respect for divine order libs don’t have a conscience that leads them to see and bow to what is right. True freedom and a conscience come from God. True passion for life comes from having a heart of God and neighbor. Going against divine order eventually becomes spiritual slaver because it puts self above others and God.

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