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Swedenborg Describes that there are Soul Mates and How They Come Together

THAT FOR THOSE WHO DESIRE LOVE TRULY CONJUGIAL, THE LORD PROVIDES SIMILITUDES; AND IF NOT GIVEN ON EARTH, HE PROVIDES THEM IN THE HEAVENS. The reason is because all marriages of love truly conjugial are provided by the Lord. That they are from Him may be seen above (nos. 130, 131). As to how they are provided in the heavens, this I have heard described by angels as follows: “The Lord’s Divine Providence is most singular and most universal* in regard to marriages and in marriages, because all the delights of heaven stream from the delights of conjugial love, as sweet waters from the vein of a fountain. Therefore it is provided that conjugial pairs be born and that, under the Lord’s auspices, they be continually educated for their marriage, neither the boy nor the girl knowing it. Then when the due time has passed, she, now a marriageable maid, and he, now a young man ripe for marriage, meet somewhere as if by fate, see each other, and at once know as by a kind of instinct that they are mates; and within themselves as though from some dictate, they think, the young man, She is mine, and the maid, He is mine. Then, after this thought has been seated for some time in the mind of each, they deliberately speak to each other and betroth themselves. It is said, as if by fate, instinct, and dictate, though what is meant is by Divine Providence, because when this is unknown, it so appears; for the Lord opens their internal similitudes that they may see themselves.”
THE CONJUGIAL LOVE OF ONE MAN WITH ONE WIFE IS THE PRECIOUS JEWEL OF HUMAN LIFE AND THE REPOSITORY OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. It is from true marriage love that the conjugial of one man with one wife is called the precious jewel of human life. This is given from the Lord alone for those who have learned to cherish that all good comes from Him, and who care to take action in their life of doing useful things for others. There is a blessed union of minds and souls in conjugial partners, including friendship, confidence, and sexual potency; and in and from that union are the celestial blessings, spiritual happiness, and thence natural delights which have been provided from the beginning for those Who are in love truly conjugial It is the fundamental love of all celestial and spiritual loves, and thence of all natural loves, and that into it are gathered all joys and gladness from their first to their last; and that, regarded in its origin, it is the sport of wisdom and love.

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  • I almost didn’t comment on this, even though I know in my heart that it’s true that we have soul mates. But I’ve been trying to recover from finding out that my husband cheated throughout our marriage. This was told to me by my husband, believe it or not, after he had passed away. No I’m not crazy, just a little psychic. But when I closed the page I saw that you’d posted this on April 2, our wedding anniversary, so it seemed like this was written for me. In spite of everything I now know from looking back at what I thought was a happy marriage, I still very strongly feel my husband was my soul mate. He had a terrible emotional problem. I feel like you may be able to understand this because of your experiences with the cult. Anyhow, thank you for this post. You make me feel like I’m not wrong to believe in love. What else is there, really?

    • Marcy, I read that you said your husband told you after he was gone, perhaps in a dream or vision. First I wanted to tell you sometime an action in a dream can mean a spiritual action. Maybe he was unfaithful to God in his heart and God wss showing you the way HIS heart felt whenever your husband was unfaithful to HIM. And I do know that the enemy would like to torment you with this thought of him being unfaithful to you. So please pray about it, tell satan he’s a liar and be Thankful for the wonderful husband you

  • Hello Marcy, I am glad that you did comment, and I don’t think you are crazy. It is a fascinating comment. It sounds like you are able to forgive, I wonder if in his communication to you he said it because he was sorry? it sounds like it.
    It only makes sense that there are soul mates. God put this endless yearning in us for the opposite sex, and he provides for us. Marraige love is the highest love in heaven, the jewel of life. I am glad that you have found it. I have not, but hope springs eternal.
    If you read something else or have an interest in a certain topic please don’t hesitate to comment.

    God bless,

    Pastor Steve