Understanding the Story and Internal Meaning of John the Baptist: Why Jesus called Him the Greatest Man Ever Born of Woman

August 2nd, 2020

Because of the great use John the Baptist performed Jesus called him ‘the greatest man ever born of woman’.

Let us look at the correspondences in John the Baptist. John represents the Word as to the the Lord, and all the particulars of his actions and appearance can be understood by the use he was providing to restore humanities connection to heaven and the Word.

When we look into the spiritual/historical purpose of John the Baptist a deep sense of God’s wisdom emerges. When pressed by the priests John identifies himself as the fulfillment of Isaiah 40:3: “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God”. On an earthly level the last sentence is a reference to the roads that were built by the Romans through the rough terrain so that kings could travel in their royal chariots. These roads eventually made it possible for everyone to access new lands and connect new people and places. This is the metaphor for the purpose of John. John was the trailblazer of the way out of darkness. He was the means of transition between the old dying church, and the new Church to come.

John’s whole life seems to have been one of great focus, preparing for the brief, but profound period before Jesus began his public ministry; and he carried out his mission with great intensity. He became well known and was much talked about, long lines of people came to hear him and be baptized by him. He Baptized the people with water, and proclaimed the coming of the Messiah; and he called people to repentance. He was like an Olympic athlete that trains for decades for a great race that takes a short time to run – the was the original ‘spiritual athlete’.

John’s job was no less than to re-establish the means of conjunction between heaven and earth. This had to be done for it is a universal principle that the internal (heaven) must have a foundation (earth) upon which to rest, and the connection between them is accomplished by correspondences. The use of the Jews for correspondence had come to an end. They no longer served their purpose as the representative people, and without a church on earth that acknowledged the Lord there is no means for humanity to receive heavenly wisdom. The last sentences of the Old Testament in Malachi are:

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse”. (Malachi 4: 5,6).

To curse the earth does not mean that God chooses to do this but that the people had so separated themselves from God that they were at the end, they were about to be destroyed forever by evil because of their own choices. The same thing is said in many prophets when they say phrases like, ‘the destruction to come’, the ‘day of wrath, and vengence’. It would have been over for humanity, but God sent ‘Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day’. By Elijah here is meant John the Baptist as the Lord himself explains in the gospels. The reason He calls John Elijah is that they both represent the Word as to the Lord. Turning the heart of the fathers and children refers to the renewal of the church that John’s actions will bring about. On these points Swedenborg quotes the prophet Zeph:

“In that day there shall be the noise of a cry, that the great day of Jehovah is near, that that is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, that in the day of Jehovah’s wrath the whole land shall be devoured, and that He will make a consummation with all them that dwell in the land (Zeph. 1:7-18)”.

This means that the Jewish nation and humanity was about to be destroyed if God did not intervene. John, his actions, his preaching, his baptism, served the purpose of establishing the new means of conjunction with heaven. Because he was the agent of this change even the things he wore and ate had essential meanings by correspondences. Correspondences have to be acted out in reality, in the physical world, and John established baptism with water as the new means of correspondence. His was the external baptism that prepared the people to later receive the internal baptism of Jesus. The baptisms performed by John and the men and women that willingly received it made it possible for angels (under the guidance of the Lord) to be present with, and protect those willing to receive it. Heaven and earth are distinct from each other, but they must always be connected. As said above, earth is the foundation of heaven; and for both to exist they must be in union, which is done by correspondences.

It is perhaps astounding to hear that heaven needed people to participate in correspondences in order for the angels to have access to protecting the people from the eminent darkness. The way correspondences work between heaven and earth could be compared to an electrical current in a wire that must have a grounded node to connect to; John and his actions along with those who responded to him established the earthly node. Or it could be compared to a river that had gone dry with only water holes left in the river bed. With no water between the holes the fish could no longer move from one hole to another. John’s actions began to reconnected the holes with water. The people baptized by John were the primary beginning of the new Christian church, they were the people able to hear and receive Christ’s message.

Along with performing baptism John called the people to repent, or change their hearts, by which the people began to understand and believe that Christ was the Messiah and to have more caring hearts for others. Those that heard his message, repented, and allowed themselves to be baptized where initiated into the new church, that is, into the community of love and charity. To acknowledge who Jesus was in heart spiritually brings people into his presence and protection, whereas before they were separated by the darkness. This was joyous good news – for they were emerging from a dark nightmare. On this critical time Swedenborg writes:

“The baptism performed by John represented the cleansing of the external man; but baptism as practiced among Christians at the present time represents the cleansing of the internal man. That is why we read that John baptized with water, but the Lord baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire. So too John’s baptism is called a baptism of repentance. The Jews who were baptized were nothing but external men, and the external man cannot become internal without faith in Christ. It may be seen in the Acts of the Apostles (19:3-6) that those who received John’s baptism became internal men, when they accepted faith in Christ and were then baptized in the name of Jesus”. (AC 690).

In the first quote above ‘wilderness’ represents the bereft spiritual state of mankind, and John is the voice crying out to the people to reach them with new light. Since John represents the Lord as to the Divine Word his actions and the items of his wild physical appearance can be understood as a description of the way the earth connects to heaven. Crying out in the wilderness is the action of a great prophet passionately exposing the danger the people are in. John laments the state of his people toward the Word and the divine, and he appealed to the hearts of people. He did his job with fierce determination; he called the leaders ‘vipers’, and he taught the people to open their hearts to Him who was coming. These actions corresponds to the actions of angels in heaven when they perceive the tragedy of a dying church.

“To cry with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud symbolizes a supplication by angels in heaven to the Lord, because they lacked anything corresponding to them on earth. For the church on earth is to the angelic heaven like the foundation on which a house rests, or like the feet on which a person stands and which he uses to walk. When the church on earth has been destroyed, therefore, the angels lament and supplicate the Lord. Their supplication is that He may bring the church to an end and raise up a new one”. (Apocalypse Revealed 645).

John intensely enacted this supplication on earth. He kindled this passion and awareness in those who he taught. and preached to. The Bible further describes John the Baptist:

“And the same John had his raiment of camel’s hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey. Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judea, and all the region round about Jordan, And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins. But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” (Mat 3: 4-7).

In general the clothing of a prophet corresponds to the external or literal sense of the Word. By food is signified spiritual nourishment from the principles of the Word. In heaven these meanings of clothing and food are realities. Because these things are heavenly truths, by correspondence, they appear in the Word. The clothes on a person in heaven exist from the love and character in the soul of that person. The food they take corresponds to knowledge and truth that nourishes their use and love. Swedenborg writes that John’s “girdle denotes a bond which gathers up and holds together interior things; that ‘leather’ denotes what is external; and thus ‘a leathern girdle’ denotes an external bond”. That John’s belt represents the bond between external and internal things, or heaven and earth, is a most profound reflection of his use, since he was re-establishing the connection between earthly life and heavenly wisdom.

Because of this great use he performed Jesus called John ‘the greatest man ever born of woman’.

Because John represented the Word as to the Lord, when Jesus Himself came on the scene (who is the living Word), John said of himself that he was “not Elias, nor the prophet,” and that he was “not worthy to loose the latchet of the Lord’s shoe”, and that ‘He must increase and I must decrease”. This is because when the real thing shows up the external expression fades away, just as a shadow goes away when the sun comes out.

A Glimpse into the Nature of the Life and Ways of Angelic Wisdom, and the Lessons We Can Learn From It.

July 23rd, 2020


The wisdom of angels surpasses that of Man manifold for many reasons, but in this post, I would like to offer an insight into the psychology of angels that keeps them connected to the Lord, how our psychology is based in these principles, and the lessons we can learn from it in our life.

The wisdom of angels surpasses that of Man manifold for many reasons, but in this post, I would like to offer an insight into one of the reasons how the psychology of angels keeps them connected to the Lord, how our psychology is based in the principle, and the lessons we can learn from it in our life.
Swedenborg gives us a great clue into the psychological source of angelic wisdom and peace:
“As for the pictorial speech of the angels, anything whatever that is encountered is taken as an object, whether it be an affection, or an insight, or anything of that order; and by means of these, delicate displays are created. So the objects are realities apart from objects of the senses: such as an affection, an insight, a color. These objects then arrange themselves according to the subjects being thought about”. (Spiritual Experiences, 450).
This is so extraordinary because it allows angels to see clearly what is of themself, what is from others, and thus they can distinguish what God is teaching them with supreme clarity. We can do this to a degree in this world, but here things are muddled as to what is our own and what is from others. In human communication people project their own feelings and emotions, and we react to others emotions; thoughts and reactive emotions sick like mud and glue and cause confusion and annoyance. We easily take on other peoples thoughts and feelings, acting and reacting without knowing where it comes from. By being able to see an idea or feeling as an observable object one is not subject to it but can discern its source and draw from it with enthusiasm and skill for the sake of bonding with the Lord and others who have the same quality of love. If it is of some ill intent it is seen and rejected. Seeing thoughts and feelings as objects doesn’t mean one is ‘a cold distant intellectual ‘ (although it includes intellectual objectivity). It means not being hooked into emotional entanglement, but to see thoughts and feelings for what they; they see the use and origin of a thing and can relate to it from their own core receive the wonders of God in a wonderful way. To address the particulars of truth in ones life, to see and feel the real causes of suffering and of joy, pain dissolves and joy magnifies. It makes it so one does not have to react to the idea or feeling but can respond in a skillful way, and be very clear with their companions.
In hell it is the opposite. Hellish people are masters of hiding and the arts of deception and causing harm by getting into people heads and causing destruction to each other.
Our saving grace is we are all in relationship with the Lord from our core, and He works to keep His relationship clear with each individual, and He seeks not to allow others to obstruct this privy relationship.. This is important because it is the truth and it helps people ‘to keep their peace’. When Jesus is teaching His disciples and sends them out for the first time he tells them that if they enter a house and are accepted to then bless that house; but if they are thrown out He tells them to wipe the dust off their feet and keep their peace. It is important to not take on other people’s negative feelings. This is not easy, it is a common part of human nature to compare and be jealous, but this brings other peoples problems and feelings into one’s self which disturbs and disrupts. In the Bible when Peter tries to ask the resurrected Jesus why John was not going to die as a martyr as Peter was told that he would, Jesus says, “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.?” (John 21:22). Jesus teaches that by being in our own core, and receiving from Him we will receive all the good we can handle. We don’t need to compare to to others. (The above verse is particularly potent for those who know Swedenborg for Swedenborg reports that in heaven Peter failed to do this. He writes that Peter took the saying that he would have the keys of heaven literally and was jealous that he did not have the power he thought he would. This serves as a great warning to us to not let pride rule.)
C. S. Lewis makes this point of wisdom several times through the voice of Aslan. Aslan admonishes people to not stick their nose into lessons that are between him and the individual concerned.
Developmental psychology, pioneered by Robert Kegan’s, shows how important it is to be able to perceive the difference between ourself and others for the sake of caring about others. His work reveals the developmental process of discerning the difference between object and subject, that is, of what comes from within and what comes from without, and how this is the basis for growing into maturity. Psychologist call it differentiation. Kegan describes how the ability to discern between one’s own needs and those of others, and then to care an do for others, is the essential skill of maturity. He identifies five levels of consciousness based on this skill. At the higher levels, one is able to see whole systems operating within a person in a society, and, the ability to observe the difference between their own system and that of others. An example of this is a good therapist who knows their own system and can see the framework of others and the patterns in their life, and from this skillfully guide them through the problems. The highest level involves all of this and being able to be self revealing in deep intimacy with another, to see one another and reveal like this builds a deep love. Even this is probably rudimentary compared to angels but it gives us an idea of how the same principles are at work. The quote from Swedenborg at the beginning describes the same kind of idea except in a more advanced way.
Finally, Swedenborg describes that in heaven the angels are always facing toward the spiritual sun, in which is the Lord. This is not a saying but an actuality. No matter how they turn Angels are always facing toward the Lord, and thus their minds are not easily obstructed by others, or from their love to the Lord. This is possible because there is no time or space in the spiritual world and all is based on the affections of the heart. So no matter how an angel is turning and interacting with others they are oriented toward their ruling love, the deepest of which is the Lord. Love is the gravity that orients them, in fact gravity corresponds to love. This allows each angel to be of use and a blessing to each other.



Innocence Never Goes Away: The Meaning and Consequences of the Principle ‘You Are Either For Or Against Me’

June 29th, 2020


The Lord said ‘you are either for me or against me’. Our relationship with Him is reciprocal. People have to inwardly choose of their own will to make themself vulnerable and open to receiving God, and some are not willing. People know how to look good on the outside sometimes, while shut down, closed, or have ill-will on the inside. Entertaining evil, Chronic pride and denial eventually closes the internals of a person. Swedenborg says people can refuse God to the point their internals become closed, and such a person can not receive heaven.

Choosing to not accept God is at the same time actively rejecting God at some point, which is another way of saying we are ‘either for or against God’. No one can presume to be neutral to God. Acknowledging God makes him present, by denying Him we, at some point, lose the presence and protection of his angels (to the degree we reject) because reception is reciprocal, that is, God receives us to the degree we reach and open to Him from our will (for he is always turned to us). On earth people have an internal and external self and we can hide in the external. We can ‘put on a face’ with our body and do good and moral things for the sake of business and appearance, while being selfish and entertain evil inside. Remains (innocence stored in our soul) are always there, but become dormant and closed when we chronically reject God. As long as we are on earth, as I understand it, it is possible to reform, although it requires cognition to willingly submit to him, so it often becomes more difficult as we get old because of habit, fixation and loss of cognition.

Once in the spiritual world a person cannot change the basic constellation that has formed in their soul. The constellation is determined by the degree of correspondence between our internal and external self at the time of death. The more they are in harmony the more heavenly, the less in harmony the more hellish. The constellation then is like a seed from which we grow. The constellation itself can’t change anymore because we no longer have the material component of our body from which it was formed in conjunction with the soul. In the spiritual world we only have the spiritual body. The spiritual body has refined abilities that are many times greater than the physical body. If the constellation is receptive to heavenly light it grows and increases in joy for eternity. If not it is in a hell according to its types of evil loves.

In truth there is great pain in rejecting God, and this is because of the presence of remains. The remains are urging us to not be hard hearted but to receive him. Remains soften our heart so we become humbled and see and cry out to God. Those who persist in rejecting him have to keep doubling down over and over to stifle the pain from the presence of remains until the remains are silenced, and closed. But they never go away.

A Brief Description of Some Major Themes Relating to the Meaning of Christ’s Descent to the Hells.

June 3rd, 2020

Jesus descent to the hells is a great part of His work of redemption. It is the releasing of those who had been trapped for centuries by forces of hell.

Before the Lord was born there was an accumulating darkness that caused a loss of equilibrium between heaven and hell (Equilibrium is essential to understanding Christs descent but is a big subject in itself). As people died and entered the spiritual world, even if they were good, evil spirits intercepted them by artful deceptions and led them into their false heaven. These suedo heavens were in the spiritual world which is between heaven and hell. Once evil began to tip the tables in their favor, their power increased and increased. The over accumulation of spirits (people) in hell, and in this suedo-heaven eventually caused a dark cloud between heaven and earth that greatly blocked the reception of heavenly influx to humanity. This is what is meant by “Sheol has enlarged itself and opened its mouth beyond measure”.

The captives are a direct result of the loss of equilibrium, which in turn is a result of the devastation of the church and externalization of man. During the imbalance, evil spirits had undue power in the world of spirits and heaven. The evil spirits used their arts to deceive the new spirits, and, by persuasion and deception, they seduced these people to enter their own city, whether they were good or bad. These cities were defying the laws of the Lord’s divine order, and are a tragic situation that is greatly lamented by the angels. Lets look at this in scripture.

This theme of the captives is described in many places in the Word, but perhaps nowhere better than in the parable of the wheat and the chaff. This parable describes how an enemy sowed the chaff with the wheat, which is where chaff doesn’t belong. The two become inextricably tied together, and the Lord tells them to not separate the two until the time of the harvest. This story is a representation of how the captives were caught. Briefly stated it is about the religious leaders who were evil, and used religion to control the people. The reason the Lord could not separate them (harvest) is that the religious leaders were still serving the purpose of upholding and teaching religion to the people which served to connect the people to God. Even though they were doing it for their own power they were serving a sacred purpose and to tear the leaders away would do harm to the people. At the time God was still using the Jewish church as the representative church on earth (there must always be a church on earth), but the time was coming when the representative church would be abolished and Christ would have direct relationship to all. For this reason the captives stayed in the false heavens until the time was right – the incarnation and the new Christian church. So the descent into hell is an essential part of the Lord putting the evil ones in their place, back into hell and releasing the captives, restoring them with great joy into their place in heaven. There is much more to this but this gives an essential idea.

The parable of the wheat and church is a sort of allegorical overview of the judgement, and involves all the events in revelation. The events described partly take place on earth, but mostly in the spiritual world. The same dynamics that took place at incarnation took place at the second coming for at both times a disequilibrium was taking place and religion had become external and used falsely for power. The events described in Revelation are a detailed description of how the Lord separated out the good and the evil in each particular place, otherwise known as the judgment. All of this is part of what is meant by Christ descent into hell.

The activity in the psuedo heavens in the spiritual world mirror what was happening in the church on earth, and we can get an idea of the dynamics there by by observing them in the Jewish religion. The religious leaders of the ancient Jews had become mostly power obsessed (but this again is a long story.) The captives specifically then are those who were unjustly kept in the psuedo heavens of the spiritual world. Christ ‘descended into hell’ to release the captives. In the Old testament the attack and insurrection of evil forces on the world of spirits and the first levels of heaven is prophetically told by correspondences in the story of the Tower of Babel; in Isaiah:

“And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth” (Gen. 11:2-4).

This scripture tells how evil minded leaders used and abused the power of the Word to set up false heavens and control the people, but were finally taken down in the judgement by Jesus in the ‘harvest’.

By Babylon are meant all who wish to have dominion by religion. To have dominion by religion, is to have dominion over men’s souls, thus over their very spiritual life, and to use the Divine things, which are in their religion, as the means. All those who have dominion for an end, and religion for the means are in general Babylon. This describes the evil minded leaders who held the captives.

Here is another scripture that encompasses the meaning of Christ descent into hell in the big picture. It is from Paul:”

(Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)” (Ephesians 4:9)

This passage refers to his descent in a universal way, it refers to the releasing of the captives, Christ interring the innermost and the liberation of all mankind. All this is the effects of Jesus’ glorified body entering heaven, particularly where it says, “He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above the heavens, that he might fill all things.” There is a very illuminating meaning to this scripture. When Jesus was born on earth He entered into the lowest (natural and physical realm), and by overcoming the world, there came a corresponding extension higher – higher than anything that had ever been before. To move spiritually higher also means to penetrate into the innermost, and Jesus is the innermost part of our soul. After the resurrection all humans had direct, immediate relationship to him – if they choose to claim it. For the Light to show up evil must be removed. Jesus had to remove the evil that had infiltrated heaven to renew all things, which is the descent. Thus, by Jesus entering the natural world, subjugating all evil, and putting heaven into order there was an exponential increase of light available to humanity after the resurrection: “the moon became as the sun” and “I am the alpha and Omega” both refer to his extension into the lowest natural and increase to the Highest ever.

How It Is that True Marriage Love is the Repository of the Christian Religion

May 31st, 2020

In the post I did before about conjugal love (marriage love) and soul mates Swedenborg said, “Therefore it is provided that conjugal pairs be born and that, under the Lord’s auspices, they be continually educated for their marriage, neither the boy nor the girl knowing it.” This shows that the events and trials that happen in our life (potentially) prepare us for our eventual mate. We don’t see it but God is providentially guiding us. So it is our job to work at keeping the faith to the end in spite of the ups and downs, the trials, and times of loneliness in this life. Some folks are fortunate enough to find it here; Swedenborg says it is rare on earth. Only those that love the divine human, and perceive all good comes from Him are able to have conjugal love. Conjugal love (and all genuine relationships in order to work) must come from the core self that is in relationship, and in humility, toward the Lord. This is where the ‘education’ comes in. If we identify with the external parts of our personality – parts that have developed in our personality to cope with all the traumas and pains of life – then it is very hard to be in genuine, lasting relationship with another. In processing and understanding the trials of our life we can discern the difference between our external and internal self. To be in deep intimacy our internal self must be the ruler of the external parts of our self.

It is also remarkable that he says, “THE CONJUGIAL LOVE OF ONE MAN WITH ONE WIFE IS THE REPOSITORY OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. This truth upholds the value of marriage and the family unit as having sacred purpose. Let us look at why conjugal love is the repository of the Christian religion. It is important to do so because in todays world it is extremely significant to uphold this great perception for it is being eroded. We begin with the awareness that the essence of Christianity is to believe that Jesus is God, that He was God born on earth and that He made his body divine in the resurrection. The heart of this truth is the Glorification process in which Jesus gradually forged perfect union between his human body and His divine soul, thus making His human divine and in the process redeeming all mankind. This is said in preface to the following.

There are two core reasons conjugal love is the repository of the Christian religion. The first reason is that worship of the Lord and conjugal love have the same root cause. The union forged in the glorification process and culminated in the resurrection is the Holy marriage, and the holy marriage in the divine human is the highest of all things and thus the core pattern from which all other things in creation receive life, meaning and form. It is the fountain from which all life springs. He is the source from which proceed all of the gifts in our soul, all of the internal skills we develop, and thus all of the joy in heaven and life. This pattern proceeds from first in the union of love and wisdom (which are the spiritual substance of life); and also in the marriage between the Lord and His church, which in the Bible is called the bride (the church) and the bride groom (the Lord). This fundamental union of love and wisdom is expressed in the form of a man and a woman. A man is a form of wisdom, and a woman is the form of love. Each has both love and wisdom, as in yin and yang, but a man is primarily a form of wisdom and woman a form of love. As love and wisdom serve together in an eternal bond, the spiritual and physical parts of a man and woman are made perfectly to bond in use to each other and to life.

All spirituality is based on the striving for union. Love and spiritual desire are processes that innately seek to form a bond. In worship we form a bond with God that can’t be taken away. We submit to Him, and perceive all good comes from. The only way to approach him and receive from Him is in humility. The conjugal relationship is a striving to bond with one’s beloved, the love of becoming one in our innermost will. As the Bible writes, ‘the two shall become one’, and ‘let no one put asunder what God has put together’. So the root of both worship and conjugal love is the union of love and wisdom.

The use of the marriage of a man and woman serves the highest purpose in life, which leads to the second reason conjugial love is the repository of the Christian religion. The use of marriage love provides for the procreation and the nurturing of the human race. The brith and raising of children is not only for this world but for the providing of all angels in the Lord’s kingdom – where one is birthed into their eternal identity and service. All angels in heaven are former humans. Only the Lord is uncreated from the beginning; and all other living things are created from Him in the birth process. Because conjugal love provides the highest use, it correspondingly is the source of the highest love and joy in humans. Only those who love and acknowledge the Lord as the divine human can have a conjugal pair, because this is what opens the internal of our soul and the gifts of our soul, and allows for profound intimacy with God and ones mate. The Lord provides that there is a conjugal mate for all those who truly desire it. A man and woman who are conjugal pairs have (what Swedenborg calls) ‘similitudes’ in their disposition, talents, and qualities of love in a marvelous way. We call these pairs soul mates.

The Conjugal sphere is the highest of all spheres from the Lord and all other spheres of love and use come from it ‘as sweet waters from the vein of a fountain’. We can see this is true from the way conjugal love is the universal cause of all brith.

How It Is that Scripture and Life Show that All Angels Are Former Humans

May 16th, 2020

I don’t believe God is alone. He has all creation. He has all the time in the world to be present to the one as much as the all. He has no needs but one – to be of use, thus he made all creation.

In Hebrews 7:16: “Jesus became a priest, not by meeting the physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi, but by the power of a life that cannot be destroyed.

Only Jesus has the power of ‘a life that cannot be destroyed’. This means that He is the source of life, and only He has intrinsic life. Only He is uncreated from the beginning. All others that exist, including humans and angels are receptacles of Life. As I have said before our soul, and the soul of angles, are receptacles of life and the Lord is the source.
The scripture above also means that it is an immutable fact that what comes from the divine will will come true.
We have often heard the phrase, “There is none good but God’. Most Christians say this, and it is absolutely true. None is to be worshiped but God because He is all good, the source of life. Only He is uncreated from the beginning. All others are, including angels, are tainted with hereditary evil. Only God is worthy to be worshiped
In Revelation John kneels and tries to worship the angel that shows him the Holy City, and the angel tells John, “Stand, Do not do that, you and I are brethren, only God is to be worshiped”. He says this because people and angels are in the same position and relation to God; both are equally in a position of humility to the Lord. There is no ratio between the wisdom of God and that of humans or angels. It is a structural and immutable truth that all good comes from God. Humans have hereditary evil from head to toe, and angels still have hereditary evils but they are ‘dormant’ in the perimeter of their being. The Lord can activate them at anytime for the sake of a lesson. Only the divine human is without any hereditary evil. Jesus entirely removed it from his human body in the Glorification and Resurrection, which was the ultimate birthing.

Everything alive that exists is born by the birth process. It is a universal principle that life arises from the union of the natural and the spiritual. Everything in the natural world and spiritual world come about by process. We see from science that a tree, a chemical reaction, the growth of a child, anything you can think of involves a gradual process. It is the same thing in the spiritual world. All growth, fulfillment and the expression of love is through process. This is a manifestation of God’s (mind bending) universal principle that ‘God follows His own laws of divine order’. Nothing is made by magic out of nothing – there has to be a natural foundation for anything to exist and to have come from. The master example of this that should end all doubt is that God himself was birthed on earth. Are angels greater than God that they should not be birthed? Mary said to the angel, “How will this take place, since I have not had intercourse?” The angel replied, said to her, “The Holy Spirit will descend upon you, and the power of the Highest will cover you; therefore the Holy One that is born from you will be called the Son of God.” This scripture shows that the birth process is a universal process. We’re all made “in His image”; this statement includes all the processes that go with being human – the birthing, consciousness, freedom, becoming, death and regeneration. God is the original human, thus the human form and all its processes are universal processes; only, the Lord is infinite and uncreated; all humans and angels are finite and birthed.
To become angles, which basically means to enter heaven, there is a spiritual birthing. To be ‘born again’ is a process of regenerating our soul. From birth we have hereditary evil from head to toe and we have to overcome it and remove enough to be receptive to heaven. We have to be prepared for heaven by a cleansing. Our ultimate spiritual birthing is to become angels in heaven. That is God’s desire for this from creation.

Because Heaven arises from the human race, and heaven is a dwelling with the Lord to eternity, we can see that the very end purpose of creation is for all born to be in heaven. Everyone must go through the whole process, but not all make it. All angels and demons too are former humans.
Having said this I don’t think there is any harm in Believing God created angels. I have many clients who think this and I see no good in changing it; it is part of their faith. For those motivated to be seekers, I think the above is particular to the truth. There is a literal and an internal sense to the Word. The literal can easily be misconstrued if one doesn’t consider the internal. Above I am speaking of the internal sense. For instance the word ‘midwife’ in the Word doesn’t just refer to a woman that helps with birth but it refers to the universal process by which all things, including angels are born by the birth process between the natural and the physical.

In addition small children who die go to heaven and grow there to become angels. The reason is is that children have not yet formed a conscience that discerns between good and evil, and thereby they all can be taught to receive heaven, and eventually become angels.

‘There is none good but God’: The Challenge of Understanding and Living This Saying of Jesus

April 27th, 2020

‘There is none good but God’. This is a hard saying for many people. I remember I used to not get what it meant, or how it worked, so I couldn’t really accept it. But now I can feel and sense the truth of it in my soul. It is a very good spiritual place to be. 

The world of course wants us to think the opposite, that we deserve all credit, and good comes from us. It is good and natural to give credit to others for good things done. This is a good and generous thing to do in that we want and need to know we are connected and useful in a good way to each other, but inwardly there is another level. This comes into play in our relationship with the Lord. We receive the desire to do good from Him, even perception itself is a reception from God. And instantly in this inward acknowledgement, there is an inflow of love and creative energy that magnifies our soul. (Like when the pregnant Mary met the pregnant Elizabeth and their body and souls in-flowed with love, joy and awareness). 

But it is important to describe this from practical experience so one gets a tangible understanding and feel for it.

      I work as a chaplain, and I work with doctors, nurses and CNA’s. There are times when people think we have all the answers. Because we have these positions people sometimes project on us their idea of what we do, whether it be good or bad. As chaplain people will sometimes think I have powers and abilities I don’t have. As an extreme example a couple of times, after saying a prayer, Catholic women took my hand and kissed it. This is from Catholic tradition, but really it’s an act of worship that only the Lord is worthy of. Now we can respond to this by taking the adulation or we can sense inside that that is not meant for me but the Lord. It felt strange and abhorrent to me to think it was for me. I think they did it in innocence, and for their sake I think its fine to accept because it is according to their faith, but I see it as being for God. 

In helping others we can guide, inform, empathize and listen, but the real answer has to come between them and God. This is what brings healing and transformation; there has to be a humbling to God. As people we can learn to trust, know and love each other and this serves as an agent of change and transformation, but there is a inner place in our core where God is there for everyone. He is the source and it is by his providence that transformation takes place. Only He knows our whole heart more than we do ourself, and he knows what is needed. It is a great privilege to be used by Him; He is the inner teacher.

    One develops a sense of radar where people are attributing something to oneself or others that actually belongs to God.

      All humans have hereditary evil and what comes from humans is at least potentially tainted with evil. What comes from God is only and truly good; it can always be trusted. When religion compels people to belief – it is not of God. One has to come to believe from within. Change has to come from the reciprocal relationship between one self and God. This is also greatly brought to light by those who seek answers from spirits or the spiritual in any way. In beseeching from the spiritual we should seek from God alone, not any angel or spirit. God is a divine human and we can seek, and we can know Him intimately as a Father, Mother, Friend, hero. That He is the divine human makes Him directly accessible. 

    It is nevertheless a challenge to actually accept and do this in life. I notice in examining my own pain, that a lot of the pain comes from other people. This often happens with people who are close to us, like our parents, family, partners etc. When they can’t face their own pain and problems, to cope they knowingly or not hide the pain, and, in doing so, cannot help but recruit others into not seeing it so that they don’t have to face it.  (Of course we can also do this to others, which is worse). I notice in myself how I took on a lot of this pain, and when it is not our own we cannot solve it, and I blame myself for it. This condition which is prevalent in most people is why the Lord said, “I come to bring division, a father will hate is his son, a mother her Daughter”.

     I bring this up because in place of it I have certain unconscious ‘salvation fantasies’, that are dissociative; they serve a purpose, but also serve to interfere with, or partially take the place the real source. For instance, today I went for a long hike in the rain, it was beautiful. I hiked in Tilden park which has lots of trails and trees. Walking in the wet, cold grass reminded me of living in the Azores where it was very green and rained a lot. This memory itself was part of a salvation fantasy – to be in a place where there was focus and happiness, but it is at least somewhat illusory, it is the past and not possible to recreate. These kind of thoughts are usually half-conscience at best but I was watching them to see what there purpose is. I also noticed I was motivated to hike toward a trial I had been to before where there is an ‘idyllic’ little creek in a deep forest. (These desires are partly true because heaven is idyllic with beautiful paradises). The fantasy partially came from a story I read called ‘All Gold Canyon’ in my youth (by Jack Schaefer). In the story the Author describes a beautiful valley in a canyon that is a little paradise. In the story, a good man, who is a prospector finds a huge vein of gold in a ditch at the heart of the canyon. As he is digging a man shows up behind him who has been tracking him with a gun and demands for him to hand over the gold.

This story is an allegory for what I am expressing, in that the fantasy, to the degree it is dissociative, is tracked and used by evil, usually to a degree far more than we realize, just as in the story the robber tracked the good man to use and abuse him. You can tell the false ‘salvation fantasies’ because they are only partially satisfying. This is because they are not from the core self, and so they are the true connection to God. They are not all bad; they are often developmental. There are also very good and constructive ‘Phantasies’; these are precursors, and developmental to knowing God, and they are how we work out problems and traumas in our mind and soul. These are different than dissociative fantasies in that one leads up and another down so to speak, and any one can serve partially for both ways. For instance, in childhood we believe in Santa Clause, and this is often a precursor to exercising the ability to have faith in a not seen, but benevolent God. 

    I tell this because these ‘salvation fantasies’ are a primary interference and block to understanding how God is the source of all good. I observe in myself a constant yearning but I notice some of them never resolve. They can’t resolve because they are not mine, but from others pain. I feel vaguely in my in my mind that if I could be at these places again, or if I could be with the right person I could find happiness. The fantasy  has a pattern of despair and loneliness, partially because evil and stress seem to come (in spite or because of them). But constructive phantasy if very creative and helpful to growth and happiness.
      It is an important skill of maturity to be able to see that we can have and be both of these at the same time, and its OK. Just because I am involved in a dissociative phantasy that can be harmful does not mean that I am not dong genuine work that is a good service. This is very important to realize because evil wants us to feel that is is all or nothing. Evil wants us to feel condemned and unworthy because we participated in it or fell for it, but this is not true. This tendency to feel we are all or nothing comes from childhood where we think we are omnipotent and we go from one total extreme to another. For instance, seeing our parents at one moment as magnificently wonderful, and then the next hating them with murderous rage. In maturity we learn to discern the subtleties and integrate. 
     Now it is most important to see that an internal love of Jesus and His life is NOT a salvation fantasy (as skeptics like to describe religion) but it is the most real, completely trustworthy thing in all of life. Salvation and goodness does come from him in every particular way; when everything else comes under this Canopy they take on a new light. The misplaced burden on other things to save us and make us happy falls away. Our projects, love of nature, relationships become renewed in this correct order; and some things may leave our life. 
Here are scriptures that speak to these truths:
“Peter, seeing him, said to Jesus, “But Lord, what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me'”. Jesus teaches his disciples here and other places not to compare their lives and destiny with others, or to try to out do others. Our inner life is between us and Him and He has the best possible plan for it, and it all fits in with others, but it is not for us to know others plan. The gifts He has given us are sufficient, and the best possible treasure.

There is a very Endearing story about worship in Revelation. John kneels and tries to worship the angel that shows him the Holy City, and the angel tells John, “Stand, Do not do that”. He says this because people and angels are in the same position and relation to God; both are equally in a position of humility to the Lord – only the Lord is to be worshiped, not angels or anything else. There is no ratio between the wisdom of God and that of humans or angels. Humans and angles are receptacles of life, and God is the source of life so it is a structural and immutable truth that all good comes from God. Humans have hereditary evil from head to toe, and angels still have hereditary evils but they are ‘dormant’ in the perimeter of their being. The Lord can activate them at anytime for the sake of a lesson. Only The divine human is without any hereditary evil. Jesus entirely removed it from his human body in the Glorification and Resurrection.

Jesus never called Mary mother, but he addresses her as woman. When she tells him the wedding is out of wine, and instructs the servants about preparing water for Jesus, He says to her, ‘What have you to do with me Woman?” This sounds offensive but there is a very good reason for it. Essential to the process of the glorification Jesus had to remove all hereditary evil He had in His body (from Mary, as all humans have from their mother and father). Jesus had a divine father, so the hereditary evil was only in his body. He did not identity with this in His body, so he allowed no familial presumption. This of course doesn’t mean He didn’t love; He loved her dearly as he does all people (but he is not a ‘respecter of persons’ even his mother). His mission was to remove all the hereditary evil so he could resurrect. This is also a lesson for our human process of regeneration. We seek our identity with the Lord before that with our family.

Conspiracy Theorists and Leftist Media Are Trying to Sell Gloom and Doom: DOOM AND GLOOM ARE NOT THE WAY OR THE TRUTH

April 21st, 2020
There are a lot of conspiracy theories that the virus was purposely caused by deep state globalists. This makes the lock down more distressing and maddening. I wouldn’t be a surprise if at least some of it were true. The style of these reports are usually alarming and alarmist. To get caught up in doom and gloom is I think a mistake. Even if they are true they are going to find out Trump and the responsible leaders in the USA are fighting back. It would be a thousand times worse if Trump were not in office – because he can be trusted. President Trump has shown over and over he is doing everything possible to keep us on the right track in order to stop the virus and to reopen America.
Even if the evil forces did get away with causing this pandemic, they are not on a free run. They got over with a good one but the back fight is going to be better for the world in the long run. God uses things like this to turn them into some good that we can’t foresee like him. Spiritually this lock down has had the effect of having people look out for others good as much as their own, and this mind set has to some degree honed people’s way of looking at each other. That is a very good thing. Usually events like this are in a particular place and we can say, “oh this is happening to others and doesn’t really effect me’, and it does not change us or hit home. But this has hit home for all of us, and caused us to see how we are all in the some boat. I think it has had a good spiritual effect in this way for the world, which is no small thing. It also has had the effect of vastating people of old habits and to reflect more deeply on our self and our lives.
It is nevertheless a very distressing situation. I have confidence that we will bounce back big and better. What have we really lost. We have lost money, our savings have gone down significantly, some people have lost jobs, some pretty severe stuff; our economy has gone down, but we can recover from this. The Government under Trump has greatly honed their ability to respond to disasters like this, and exercised the ability to rally together. Every individual has also learned. We have learned a lot about who can lead and who can’t, and every good leader has become better from this crisis. The dangers of China and letting ourselves be dependent on China, or other foreign countries, is not going to be like it was at all. We will be prepared against this kind of evil wether it is started intentionally or by accident. This I think this is the healthy outlook. Part of the work of evil forces is to convince us there is doom and gloom coming and evil is winning.
All this reminds me of what scientist say about dark energy (destructive force) eventually overwhelming dark matter (constructive force) and destroying the universe. That’s not going to happen. Because science only looks at the natural level, they think that dark energy is going to take over the universe (long in the future), but they don’t understand that there is a response and reaction from dark matter, that they can’t foresee, that fights back toward equilibrium. God is present and fights for his people. We work with him and keep the faith.

Description of the Structure of the Entire Natural and Spiritual Universe And the View It Gives of How Jesus Christ Renewed Everything In the Resurrection

April 19th, 2020

There is only one God and that is Jesus the divine human. There can be only one God by the nature of what the divine is. The divine is omnipotent and omnipresent, and there can only be One who has this power and quality. If there were two then neither would be omnipotent or omnipresent, so more than one is an impossibility. These are principles of truth not abstractions. (The slightest thought of two gods, as some have falsely held on earth, is utterly abhorrent to angels and those in heavenly light). God is in the human form; He is the perfect human from creation, always has and always will be. Before the resurrection in the Old Testament in the Bible He was known as Jehovah; after the resurrection He is known as Jesus Christ who is the same one God as Jehovah, except with a new human. God had never been in the material world of earth before. By being birthed on earth and resurrected after death Jesus Christ became the new human of God. The resurrection is the ultimate birthing. The Glorification process was the refining fire by which Jesus forged the eternal bond between his human body and divine soul.

We humans are made “in His image” meaning we are human because He is human, except He is infinite and divine and we are finite and human beings with a soul. It is a universal principle that all things created by the divine repeat the form of the divine. Because His form is repeated in everything, we are in the human form, and the human form is a universal form in the universe. In its actual shape and structure the whole of the universe is a complete human in all of its parts and organs in every minutest detail. This is known as the Grand Man, which is Jesus in His macro, and so it is true that we are in the body of Jesus. Even the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom derive their nature from the human form, though they are (each in turn) more remote forms of it.

If one were able to see the whole of heaven you would see that it is composed of heavenly societies that compose and correspond to all the parts and organs of the human body. Each society is like a city or community, self contained and has all the functions, uses, occupations, wonders of nature as do cities, communities, or nations on earth. Each society of heaven corresponds to a specific part of the human form, like the lung, heart, skin, veins, muscles, brains, etc. The part of the human form that a society corresponds relates to the character and overall purpose of the society. For instance hearing relates to the ability to understand and obey. The heart relates to the ability to know the truth from love immediately from hearing it. The skin are those who are very dense in strictly obeying doctrine, but are a protector of the precious insides. This is true in every minutest detail of the body and its innumerable parts. God is sovereign, each society is sovereign, and each human is sovereign; and, each of these in its overall structure is in the human form. In addition, each of the innumerable parts in the human, that is in each of the sovereign entities, are connected and serve an essential function to each other and to the whole. Each angel loves serving the others in their society more than themselves, so love increases exponentially the more that enter.

The Grand man is the overall form of heaven; hell is not in the Grand man, but is its opposite; hell is in the shape of a Satanic human. (The Grand Man and Satan are enormous and complex far beyond our ability to understand, and no human can see them in their whole, but we can conceptualize them in principle.) Now to see the whole structure of the universe Imagine the infinitely beautiful Grand man standing and facing the infinitely brilliant spiritual sun, (of which God Himself is in the midst). Underneath The Grand Man, upside down to him, and facing away from the Sun is Hell in the shape of Satan, a monstrous human form. Hell is the negative opposite in every way to the grand man. For every particular society in heaven that serves good, there is an opposite society in hell that serves evil. Opposite each particular society of the highest heaven (and the function it serves), there is a society in deepest hell, that serves the hellish negative of that society, and this is the same for the middle heavens, and the middle hells, and the lower heavens, and the higher hells. There is a perfect equilibrium maintained between heaven and hell in structure, but spiritually they completely repel each other like the same poles of magnets. There is no union between them. The very atmosphere in the spiritual world is composed of ‘a quality of affection. The various qualities of love and wisdom are the spiritual substance that compose the ‘air’ in each particular societies of the spiritual world. In heaven the atmosphere is of love and in hell it is of hate. So those in hell cannot even breath or survive in the heavenly atmosphere.

It is also important to see that though they are opposite forces hell has no source of its own. Those in hell receive life from God, but they have completely inverted and corrupted that life into selfish love and hate, and they have done so by their own freedom of choice, not God’s will. The soul of each person that lives while in the natural world takes on a form that is based on the way the lived, believed and loved, and when they die this form is set and cannot change. If it is capable of heavenly light they are prepared for heaven and they grow from the form of their soul at the end of life. The form, or constellation of their soul, is like a seed from which they can then grow in happiness for eternity. If they are hellish then they grow negatively from that form.

Hell, in the human figure of Satan, is beneath, and upside down to the Grand Man. Their feet are adjacent but the Satan is facing in the opposite direction from the Grand Man (away from the spiritual sun). Those who are in hell appear to them self to be standing upright, but the position just described shows their true spiritual state, which is that their feet are up and their head down. Also, between heaven and hell is a chasm which separates them, and this is the world of spirits. The world of spirits is in the spiritual world between heaven and hell, and it is a transitional place (state) that gradually prepares each person that dies for heaven or hell. The world of spirits can be a beautiful place or a scary place. Everyone there is undergoing a gradual process of vastation that prepares them for their eternal time in heaven or in hell. Vastation means to ‘be cleansed’. This means those who can receive heaven gradually go through a process of removing that in them that is from hell. Everyone has within them a ruling love and if their ruling love is hate then they are prepared for Hell. The things in them that are of heaven are vastated for these are extraneous and not part of the core love. Those with a ruling love for heaven are vastated of extraneous loves from hell. It must be so so they can be in heaven or hell and its atmosphere without duplicity. Each person in the world of spirits is gradually gravitating to the east or west, the east being toward heaven and the west toward hell.

Life on earth is in perfect equilibrium between the forces of heaven and hell. Because heaven and hell are of the spirit they are outside time and space and can be present to people on earth and to people in the world of spirits. The whole structure of creation rests on this equilibrium for it is the fulcrum upon which human freedom exists! The end purpose of this structure is in the service of humans, (which includes the spirits in the world of spirits (former humans), and angels (former humans)). There is no other way for a person to have life and consciousness other than to be in freedom. The equilibrium between heaven and hell that provides freedom is another expression of how the human form is a universal form in the universe.  The world of spirits is somewhat like the natural world in that in it there is good and evil, but people’s abilities are much more refined there, and one’s purpose there is more refined, that is, to be vastated in preparation for heaven or hell. The world of spirits is a sort master growth processing place in which the falsities of thought and self perception are removed so that one can come into their true self. This is of course for those going to heaven. Hell is for those who have not prepared them self on earth to be able to receive this process. They refuse and reject every prompting and effort of the angels to the point they choose to be in hell, not necessarily consciously but by their actions and because their ruling love is hate. The world of spirits looks in every way very much like earth life, but the people don’t have physical bodies, but spiritual bodies, and as they gradually realize this they see that their faculties are many times greater and more astute than they were in the world.

In the resurrection when Jesus became one with God He became the innermost of all things, and what is the innermost is also the outermost. This means that his presence is immediate with everyone and all things and He became the Grand Man! In achieving the resurrection through the glorification process Jesus defied all the laws of physics. He merged his material body with the divine and made it spiritual. He raised it into the spiritual world. This can never happen, other than by the divine; and it will never happen again for what the divine does is eternal by nature. It is not so much that He defied the laws of physics but that He became the law of the universe from love. This is what it means to enter the innermost. The one who defies the undefiable laws of physics can only do so by becoming divine order; He becomes the innermost and outermost of the universe. God from the beginning is divine truth and love. What He did in being born on earth is prophesied in the Bible from beginning to end. Prophecy in the Bible is divine truth because it comes for the will of God. In being born on earth and growing to manhood Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies of the Bible thus became and upgraded divine truth.  By doing this Jesus Christ renewed all things, and now has immediate relationship and presence to everyone and everything. He exponentially increased the light available in the natural and spiritual worlds. 

Correspondences Between the Known Principles of Physics In the Natural Sun and the Holy Nature of the One Spiritual Sun

April 15th, 2020


The heat and light of the natural sun corresponds to love and wisdom from the spiritual sun. We know the sun provides heat and light without which nothing could live. Suns are the source of all energy and raw material for the entire natural world. All the suns throughout the universe are the source of heat and light for their respective solar systems, and beyond. In the spiritual world there is only one sun and it is the one source of all life. It is the origin of life, and creates the substance of life; the fundamental substance of life being love and wisdom from the Lord in the midst of the spiritual sun.

The natural suns are made of matter, are in time and space, and are innumerable, whereas there is only one spiritual sun. This one sun is the one source of everything. The reality that there is one spiritual sun and innumerable natural suns in the universe is a function of correspondence, in that the natural sun cannot possibly reflect the infinite presence of the spiritual sun by size, so it corresponds by innumerable numbers. The reason for this is that in the natural world there is time and space, while in the spiritual world everything is based on state of being, or quality of love.

Science’s ability to penetrate some of the secrets of physics that occur in the sun offers the opportunity to look deep into potential correspondences. Science shows that everything that happens on earth occurs by a process, and correspondingly Swedenborg demonstrates that everything that occurs in the spiritual world occurs by a process. It is very important to grasp this concept, and we can only do so by practicing on particular examples. Humans have an ingrained habit of ‘magical thinking’ when it comes to the spiritual world, meaning we tend to think that things just happen there, that God makes them by the wave of the hand. But we know everything with humans is a matter of gradual growth, and accomplished reciprocally; and that everything in nature requires a process. It is the same in heaven: in heaven people don’t just sit on a cloud and bask in God’s light, but experience fulfillment through being useful in all the same type of occupations we have here. Everything is relational in both worlds. Only in heaven people passionately love serving others more than themselves.

Let’s look at the example of the sun again. Einstein discovered that the source of the sun’s power is nuclear fusion. The sun’s mass is so enormous its gravity causes unfathomable pressure and heat in its core. The pressure and heat cause the atoms to accelerate to incredible speeds at close proximity. Hydrogen atoms normally repel each other, but the heat and pressure at the core is so enormous it causes the Hydrogen atoms to smash together and split, forming a new element – helium. In the process they release heat, and light as photons, and the massive power of the explosion seeks to expand to the surface of the sun. This is nuclear fusion, the engine in the suns core. The sun is anything but static; within the sun there is a constant tension, a raging battle between gravities crushing inward force, and nuclear fusion’s immense expansive fire. But the two forces settle into an equilibrium that lasts for billions of years, and together provide all the elements in the universe, and the heat and light that sustain life.

It is a universal principle that that which is created by the source has in it the inclination to repeat the form of the source. The master example of this is that humans are made in the image of God. The equilibrium between the forces of gravity and nuclear fusion in the sun defines the form of the sun, and because the sun is the source, the form of equilibrium is repeated in everything that exists. For anything to exist it has to have a form, and anything that has form has some kind of equilibrium that is the cause for that form. Based on this principle Swedenborg writes that just as there is an infinite largeness there is also an infinite minuteness. There is nothing so minute that there is not something smaller that is the substance within it. For instance an atom is a form that has within it electrons, neutrons and protons spinning around. As science keeps discovering, even the protons and neutrons have smaller things that compose them, and there are smaller things yet which compose these, and so on. It is beyond our ability to comprehend infinite minuteness, but based on the principle of form, substance and equilibrium we can see it must be true.

Equilibrium is in everything we see. The human body and every organ in it has a certain equilibrium between the inside forces of blood pressure and muscle tension, and the outside forces of gravity and atmospheric pressure. A leaf on a tree has equilibrium in a similar way. Anything we might look at is in a state of equilibrium, a chair, a light bulb, a cell, a fiber, anything, because they have a form, and substance inside it. The equations of Newton and Einstein work within equilibrium. The state of equilibrium can always change, for instance if a bottle is broken, but its pieces settle into another state of equilibrium. Swedenborg writes:

For any thing to have existence there must be an equilibrium of all things. Without equilibrium there is no action and reaction; for equilibrium is between two forces, one acting and the other reacting, and the state of rest resulting from like action and reaction is called equilibrium. In the natural world there is an equilibrium in all things and in each thing. It exists in a general way even in the atmosphere, wherein the lower parts react and resist in proportion as the higher parts act and press down. Again, in the natural world there is an equilibrium between heat and cold, between light and shade, and between dryness and moisture, the middle condition being the equilibrium. There is also an equilibrium in all the subjects of the three kingdoms of nature, the mineral, the vegetable, and the animal; for without equilibrium in them nothing can come forth and have permanent existence (Heaven and Hell, 589).

Another correspondence we can see in the sun has to do with the fact that the divine contains infinite variety, and is the source of life. From the divine human in the spiritual sun manifests the infinite variety and continual abundance of life, similarly, there is nothing that exists in nature that is exactly the same as anything else. For instance, science shows that snowflakes can be very similar, but never exactly the same. It is the same with everything. There are no two human beings that are the same, or ever will be.

To see how suns are the source of all things in nature, and the cause of variety, lets look more deeply at what happens in the sun. Scientists teach that the nuclear fusion taking place in the sun is the cause of all the elements of the universe. A sun like ours is only big enough to produce helium, but stars bigger produce such massive gravity that they have enough heat and pressure to create heavier elements such as sulfur and iron. These heavier elements are only created in supernovas. The elements are made by the incredible heat and energy released when the supernova explodes. Scientists report that the heaviest of elements, such as Gold, are made by the even more enormous explosions that occur when two neutron stars collide. This is why the heavier Elements are more rare. These incredible explosions send the elements out into the universe. And from these elements and their infinite combinations, all the things in the universe originate – planets, galaxies, new stars, and all living things. Scientists describe supernovas as the mother of all substances and objects in the universe. From this information we get an idea of the essential correspondence between God as the source of all things and their infinite variety, and the sun as the source of the abundance and variety in nature.

In my experience correspondence never fails; we simply have to dig into understanding them. Below is another interesting correspondence. In this correspondence we can compare the dynamics between; one, the divine in the spiritual sun and the reception of Him where angels live; and, two, the natural sun and the dynamics of how humans on earth receive light and heat from the sun. Swedenborg writes:

Divine love in the spiritual world appears to the sight of angels like the sun, as far distant from them as the sun of our world is from men. If therefore God, who is in the midst of that sun, were to come close to angels, they would perish just as men would if the sun of the world came close to them, for it is equally burning. For this reason there are constant controls which modify and moderate the burning heat of that love, so that its radiation should not reach heaven undiluted, since this would consume the angels. When therefore the Lord makes His presence more immediately felt in heaven, the irreligious beneath heaven begin to complain, suffering torture and fainting, so that they take refuge in caves and fissures in the mountains (TCR, 691).

This corresponds to the fact that where there is life on a planet there must be the right distance from the sun, and also, a certain delicate balance of characteristics on the planet that protect the life there. Earth being at the perfect distance from the sun is a clear correspondence, but there are many more subtle comparisons to be made. For instance scientist have discovered how essential the magnetic field of the earth is to protecting life against the power of solar flares and radiation. (When solar flares are too big people on earth complain that they take out our electrical systems.) The motion of molten magma inside the earth causes a rather weak magnetic field around earth, but this magnetic field is strong enough to form a barrier around the earth that deflects harmful solar radiation. Also, just the right tilt of the earth’s axis creates the seasons around the globe, which is important for many things, especially maintaining moderate temperatures, a variety of climates for life, and especially a stable atmosphere. These factors, plus just the right amount of water on earth, produce a healthy atmosphere that provides essential protection from the sun’s radiation. The moon provides essential protection for earth by stabilizing its rotation on its axis; without this life would be thrown into dramatic cycles of destruction, mostly due to sudden huge temperature changes, and loss of a stable atmosphere. All of these factors, and many more, work together to maintain a delicate balance; they correspond to the ‘constant controls which modify and moderate’ the burning heat and light of the spiritual sun from harming angels. I am not a physicist, but we can see these correspondences readily enough on the level of principle. The more detailed one’s knowledge of science the deeper the correspondences that can be seen.

Now we look to the ultimate source of equilibrium that makes it a universal correspondence, and demonstrates the connectedness of all things. Inside the spiritual sun there is also an infinite, dynamic marriage that is the source of life. This is the Holy marriage between the Lord’s divine essence and his divine human. This is the Holy of Holies. From this marriage radiates Holy fire, which is the cause of the spiritual sun’s light and heat (wisdom and love). The powerful forces we described inside the natural sun give us a glimpse, by correspondences, of the unfathomably powerful union inside the spiritual son. The equilibrium in the natural sun corresponds to the Holy marriage in the spiritual sun; except, of course, the forces inside the natural son are not alive; they are material and energy based, but in the spiritual sun life comes from the source itself, the divine human, Jesus Christ. This is the mother of all correspondences.

“In the Sun there, which is from Himself, is Divine fire, which is the Divine good of the Divine love. From that Sun is Divine light, which is Divine truth from Divine good”. (AC 8644).

“That the union in the spiritual sun is holy, and in its interiors most holy, is very evident from the fact that in every detail of it there is the heavenly marriage, that is, the marriage of good and truth, thus heaven; and that in every detail of the inmost sense there is the marriage of the Lord’s Divine Human with His kingdom and church; nay, in the supreme sense there is the union of the Divine Itself and the Divine Human in the Lord” (AC 6343).

It is as if His body (Jesus) is the candle and his essence (God) the wick, and the marriage of them produces the Holy fire from which radiates infinite love and wisdom. This bond, or marriage, and resulting Holy fire, causes the form of the spiritual sun. The Holy bond between Jesus and God was forged (in all wonder, pain, joy, and beauty) in the glorification process while Jesus was on earth. In the resurrection the Lords body was made divine, and merged with the divine essence. What radiates from the spiritual sun around the Lord is the universal spiritual substance of life, – love and wisdom – just as heat and light radiate from the natural sun. Love and wisdom are spiritual in nature; indeed they are the indivisible spiritual substance of life, not abstractions.