Light – It’s Meaning And Its Source: It’s Role To the Heart of Devotion

April 6th, 2020

Light corresponds to wisdom. This is often used as a metaphor, but it is an actual truth. They correspond in their image and function – they both shine and illuminate, and are both in union, light with heat and wisdom with love. Light is natural and wisdom is spiritual. From the natural sun radiates heat and light which sustain all life. From the spiritual sun, (which there is only one of and it is above heaven), radiates love and wisdom. For in the midst of the spiritual sun is the lord. In him is the Holy Marriage between his divine body and divine soul, and from this marriage proceeds Holy Fire as from a fountain, or as from a ‘spring of living water’. From the Holy Fire is generated the spiritual substance of life, love and wisdom. Love and wisdom sustain all life, and also are the containers of an infinite variety of spiritual gifts and qualities of love, and specific principles of wisdom. We tend to think of love and wisdom as abstractions, but they are not. The human soul is like an organ, the highest form in the universe because it is made in God’s image. Just as the eye is an organ that receives light, or the ear receives sound, the human soul is made (by the infinite genius of God) to receive love and wisdom. We receive love by our God given faculty of being able to will, and wisdom by our God given faculty of being able to understand. These are the essentials of having life, identity, self-hood and freedom. We can perceive that love and wisdom are spiritual substance simply by observing our affections. We can feel the affections are real in our body and soul – they cause sensation, emotions and thought. There are affections of many kinds, and all thought is proceeded by affection. An internal desire initiates thinking a thought. The human soul is corrupted by evil, so we have the capacity for both good and evil. We can invert the spiritual substance from God into its opposite – hate and falsity. (But this is a whole other story). The love and wisdom that proceeds from God is always Good. It is goodness itself in all of its innumerable particulars. So we human beings are receptacle. Some people think this is a diminishing thing to say, but it’s really not. The incalculable value of seeing this is that we perceive we are truly in a position of humility to God, and, in seeing this we can open to feel how He loves us beyond words. If one does feel it is diminishing to be a receptacle then so be it if it helps to humble ourself. God can only be approached in humility. This is not weakness, but takes strength, faith and love – and returns them magnified. It is often very hard to do because we have all kinds of feeling and thoughts in the way – of anger, doubt, fear, resignation, hate and many others. So it takes some time, focus and desire – and being in the Word. The Word is divine truth from Him, and divine truth, is the light that illumines our mind.

Why Is it Significant To Explore Deep Issues Concerning the Lord? How Does the Way We Conceive of God and Love Him Effect Our Place in Heaven?

March 15th, 2020

Why is it significant to explore deep issues concerning the Lord?

The deeper the conception and love we have for the Lord while here on earth the more wonders and truths will be open to us in heaven. Here is an extraordinary condition Swedenborg relates about his journeys in heaven that gives us insight to this process. Swedenborg tells that in his journeys to heaven he could only visit realms that he had some knowledge of rooted in his memory. He says that if he did not have knowledge in his memory of a place or the thought of a thing he could not go to that realm in heaven. This shows how profoundly connected the mind is to heaven! I believe this is a consequence of the universal principle that the natural world is the foundation of the spiritual world, and for anything to exist it has to have a root in each. The human form is a little heaven in potential, and since the whole of heaven is in the human form, all things are connected by correspondence between the micro and the macro; – including access to ‘places’ – which in the spiritual world means ‘state of being’.
To the degree we understand and love the particulars of how Jesus redeemed all of humanity, (and redeemed ourself), seeds are planted in our mind and soul. In the spiritual world these seeds of perception are set – their constellation can no longer change – but, to whatever extent it reached from there it will grow. The more intimate the love we developed of the Lord the more expansive are the roots, stem, and shoots that grow from the constellation. In the light of heaven, it gradually blooms into a great tree with leaves, fruits, and flowers – far beyond what we could ever imagine. We leave our former life behind, and, in wholeness, move forward into ever-increasing joy. These seeds are avenues that lead down expansive paths of joyous wonder ever deeper and deeper. Great mysteries are opened that lead to greater and greater mysteries! The single greatest factor that forms our soul and determines where we go is the belief we have of God and the love we have for Him. It is essential we understand He is the divine human, not a spirit or a cloud or supreme being or something like that. The later has very little correspondence with heaven and the universe – for remember heaven and the universe themselves are in the human form – known in the macro as the Grand Man! So we are, in truth, in His body. Thus, our conception of the Divine human moves us into particular places (states of being) in heaven! God, the Lord is a genius. The Bible gives us intimate knowledge of His astounding acts of love and wisdom, and His teaching. In the internal sense from beginning to end the Bible relates how the Lord made His human divine – the greatest part of the greatest story ever told. As long as we make it to heaven we will be in great joy and where we belong, but there are many degrees to heaven and to joy. There is an article (one of many) in this blog I wrote detailing the Glorification process called: “Source Superhero – The Extraordinary Brilliance of the Glorification Process of Jesus: Mystery of Mysteries”, that you will love.

Revelation 8: The meaning of the Wondrous Silence Before the Judgment Began, and the Joy of the Multitude of Angels

February 27th, 2020

Revelation 8: “When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets. Then another angel, having a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God from the angel’s hand. Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it to the earth. And there were noises, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake”.

This verse must be the origin of the saying, ‘the calm before the storm’. The silence described proceeds the biggest, greatest, most wondrous and most devastating ‘storm’ that ever was. The storm was magnificent and terrible. What was about to happen were the many separate events that collectively are called the ‘apocalypse’, the ‘harvest time’, the ‘judgment’, the ‘release of the captives’, and the ‘second coming’. All of these events are described in the book of revelation and take place mostly in the spiritual world, but certainly effect the natural world. 

Present in this silence is the whole of heaven, and it’s general parts are signified. The Bible writes;  “And all the angels stood round about the throne, and the elders and the four animals”. Swedenborg tells that ‘angels stood round’ represents the deep union between the Lord with the whole heaven: “It is plain from the signification of standing round about the throne, as denoting conjunction with the Lord, for by Him Who sitteth on the throne and by the Lamb, is meant the Lord”. He further explains, “By ‘the angels’ are meant those who are in the first or lowest heaven; by ‘the elders’, those who are in the second or middle heaven; and by the ‘four animals’, those who are in the third or inmost heaven”.

The one who opened the seal is the ‘Lamb’ who is the Lord himself Jesus Christ. He is the only one who knows the truth about the innermost state of all people and nations, and thus gives perfect justice and judgment. He is the only one who could open the seal. As just described before him is not just the seven angels but the whole multitude of angels of heaven. To get an idea of the profound unity and joy of this multitude let us look at how Swedenborg describes the dynamics of  ‘a multitude of angels’. In spiritual experiences 356 he writes: 

“For much of the night…. a multitude of angels was around me, flowing in accordance with a heavenly pattern that cannot be described to the human understanding; still less can it be described how they move, and speak with one mouth, or with a unanimous voice. This was so perceptible within me, and indeed for so long a time uninterruptedly, that as they speak, nothing could be more clearly witnessed: I saw the pattern, I felt the flow, I heard the unanimity of voice. Each spirit is, and affirms that he is, part of the multitude, thus all together and each one singly…  Afterwards they told me that through the entire night, and several wakeful periods, they were doing nothing else but praising God the Messiah, and doing so with an innermost gladness of heart, so they had not wanted to be let out of that state.”

The ecstatic joy, the individual strength in identity, and the extraordinary delight in community expressed in this quote is astounding. He doesn’t mention the context of this quote, but one can only imagine it would be even greater during the incredible events of the second coming. The angels had been yearning and seeking for the Lord to bring justice to heaven and the world for a very long time and now it had come.

The ‘silence in heaven’ that followed the opening of the seals means there was awe and astonishment in the whole multitude. They were astonished at the power and majesty of Jesus, and at what He was about to do. The angels were given a perception of what was happening. In correspondences silence means an astonishment that comes from perception. Within this meaning is another, and that is the ‘quieting’ or silencing of ones own proprium. Proprium has to do with ones personal, selfish sense of self. In place of this comes in the knowing that all good comes from God and a submitting to it, and thus a receiving of it. In this there is an unspeakable joy, the true sense of self, and gladness for being ‘home’ in the magnificent presence of Jesus, and the community of angels who delight in the happiness of other more than themself.  

For centuries the angels yearned of Jesus to restore the integrity of Heaven, to release the captives held in the false of heavens below heaven, to bring justice to the evil perpetrators, and to enlighten the people of earth about the nature or heaven – and now with this silence they knew it was happening.



Jesus, The Inner Teacher: The One Who Works The Transformation of Our Soul

February 13th, 2020

Getting one’s own sovereignty right internally helps transform things within us and thus in our life. It may or may not change things around us, but it allows us to see what is ours and what is not. Being able to see this is very important for then we are able to develop and retain our inner treasure. Jesus said, “if they do not receive you, then shake the dust off your feet – and KEEP YOUR PEACE”. This seems selfish to the outside, but it means being in the core self where our connection with God is, that’s the elixir that changes things from the inside. This takes internal homework – a lot of people don’t do it.
At some point we see Jesus is the inner teacher, the only inner teacher, others help from the outside. All others, including all angels, like us, have sin and hereditary evil, and cannot see or be what Jesus is. He is all loving, all peace, all wise – with knowledge of every particular process and change that we need. He went through them all for our sake and produced the path, the way, so He knows. He is the master of masters, the king of Kings, the hero of heroes.
We go through trials, temptations, fits of anxiety, fear and anger. All temptations produce anxiety by nature because the outcome is not known whether good or evil will win. But while we are deep in it, we who love God, part of us has an inner awareness, we keep the faith, and we come through to the other side. This is how He removes hereditary evil in us. He is closest to us during the trials of our life. It’s like giving birth, its hurts like a son-of-a-bitch, but in the end it produces life and great love. It is like riding a steep roller coaster, we know the vertical fall is coming and it’s going to be intense, but the level swing produces great joy.

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39

Feeling Into the Song ‘Old Man River’: An Expression of Despair And Yearning For God

January 30th, 2020

I learned to play ‘Old Man River’. One of the care givers at a facility asked me to play it and I didn’t know how, so I learned. It’s been a great song to know. The song expresses deep grief and despair; and, Old man river is, I think, a symbol of God, of God’s presence working in his own time in our world. The singer says of old man river, ‘He don’t say nothin, but he must know somethin’. He’s angry God doesn’t let him self known, and that the singer doesn’t know God better, but deep down the singer feels God does know him. The way he cries-out in the song reminds me of Jesus saying, ‘Why have you foresaken me’, from a human place. The singer says ‘He don’t plant tatters, he don’t plant cotton, but them that plants em are soon forgotten’ – a statement indicating the singer fears God has forgotten them. The singer says ‘I am tired of livin, but I am scared of dying’. This expresses despair, yet he yearns to know what life is for, and what happens when we die. The phrase in the Bible I think that fits this song is ‘The poor in spirit’. The poor in spirit are those who don’t know God well, they may be consumed in difficult circumstances and have a lack of resources around them (whether rich or poor), but who in their heart yearn to know Him. The singer repeats the refrain, ‘Old Man river, He keeps on rollin, just keeps on rollin, along’, as if he wonders at how God is bigger and greater than all, and he feels humble to him even in his despair. The singer seems to feel he is not worthy to know Him. Jesus says, ““Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted”. Yearning to God and calling out to Him makes his presence close. The Lord promised he is closest to us when we are most in trial.

Two, Small but Telling, Real Life Examples of Life in Heaven.

January 19th, 2020

When we walk into a new house or room, consciously or unconsciously, one can tell  a lot about the person who owns it; we can usually tell if that room is a man’s or women’s. We observe this by the types of objects and their arrangements, by the colors and quality of presentation. We can also see a lot about the persons character and interests by the type of books there; we can tell by the decor, furniture, and useful objects indicating hobbies, moral or religious values. In heaven the indicators in a person’s dwelling are a hundred times more telling because everything there has direct correspondence to the state of a person’s mind and soul. In the spiritual world it is not even possible for anything to be in a persons home that does not have use toward, and correspond to the person’s ruling love and affections. In the spiritual world things in the environment come and go based on how they correspond to the persons desire and state of being at different times. Every color, every piece of furniture, or shape has correspondence to the person’s or couple’s soul. I give this example as an everyday glimpse into an angelic life.

Here is another example: when angels or good spirits enter a room for, say a concert, a church service, or social gathering, they know inwardly where they are to be seated, and cannot help but do so. To our natural mind this sounds like obligation or external pressure, but that is not the reason. In heaven this has to do with one’s internal use and purpose to the whole, and to know ones seat is felt as a supreme belonging in the whole. It is a consequence of ones quality of love and use to the community. This phenomenon is a manifestation of one of the great ruling principles of heaven, that is: ‘the more who enter heaven, the more complete it becomes’. Heaven is an immense diversity in harmony; the greater the number that enter, the more perfected is the harmony, and thus the heavenly joy. The angels are in true freedom, for true freedom is to do that which is good. This is obscure here, but it is very clear in the spiritual world. The more one is in harmony with the whole, the more one is in a profound self empowerment and spiritual intelligence. The more one is led by the Lord, the more you become your own. It is infernal freedom to do that which is self willed and evil. So the angels knowing where to sit is an act of fulfillment and harmony that brings great joy and peace. In contemplating this the earthly mind tends to see the situation I described as automated, but in reality heaven is utterly organic, fluid, creative, fresh, surprising, an expression of internal skill and ever increasing joy.

A Description of What An Apocalypse Really Is And How Evangelicals Misinterpret the Second Coming; And, How it Is that In Truth We Are Now In the Good News of the New Jerusalem

December 19th, 2019

“Therefore my people have gone into captivity, Because they have no knowledge; Their honorable men are famished,
And their multitude dried up with thirst. Therefore Sheol has enlarged itself. And opened its mouth beyond measure”. (Isaiah 5: 13,14)

A time of Loss of equilibrium, otherwise known as an apocalypse, has happened three times in history – at the flood in the time of Noah, before and at the Incarnation of Jesus, and at the time of the second coming. These are times of true apocalypse, because once the imbalance begins to go toward evil there is no power to stop it, other than God. In these times it’s amazing to see how God follows his own rules of divine order, meaning there has to be a process of how to overcome the problem in the natural and the spiritual world in tandem. God corrected it differently each time.
Loss of Equilibrium is when accumulation of evil becomes greater than that of good in the natural and spiritual world. In this condition to the degree there is an imbalance there is a measure of loss of freedom for man, which is a horrible thing. The imbalance is always toward evil because evil is always the initiator and aggressor of attack. In normal circumstances, (by normal I mean when there is equilibrium), neither demons or angels can compel a person toward heaven or hell; they can influence and persuade but they cannot violate free will. In the disequilibrium evil gains the ability to be able to compel people to evil which is the cause of the horror of a time of Apocalypse. Once disequilibrium starts it will only increase for it is the eternal desire of hell to destroy mankind and turn them into demons. Human beings by themselves cannot fight the arts of hell in a disequilibrium, only the power and love and presence of God can help one fight it. Those who are in this love can be protected. Our acknowledgement of Him and our love of Him receives His presence within. The relationship between God and man is reciprocal in this way.
In the centuries before Christ there was a long decline in the Jewish religion that resulted in dire separation from God. In the accumulating darkness, as people died and entered the spiritual world, evil spirits intercepted even the good through artful deceptions and led them into the cities of their false heaven. This caused an overabundance toward the evil realm. These false heavens with their deceptive leaders were bringing good people to their side in great abundance. (Apparently most of these in their heart did not become evil, but were controlled and manipulated by evil. I think God knew their heart and protected because it was the just thing to do.) Those in the real heaven were greatly distressed that good people were deceived and held in these cities. They lamented the loss and beseeched the Lord to release them. Swedenborg describes how the leaders of these cities sometimes posed as religious leaders, or even family members to persuade people to their side. These pseudo-heavens were below heaven in the world of spirits. The spirits who were held in these false heavens are known in the Bible as the captives, which I have written about more on my blog. The over-accumulation of spirits (people who have died) in these cities of pseudo-heavens caused a dark cloud, as it were, between heaven and earth. Understanding this is key because it is a significant part of the process that caused disequilibrium. The increasing cities of the false heaven actually obstructed the reception of heavenly influx to humanity on earth, thus accelerating darkness. This is what is meant by “Sheol has enlarged itself and opened its mouth beyond measure.” As the false heavens grew larger, the dark cloud of interference between heaven and earth grew greater. The less heavenly light there was for humanity on earth, the more power evil gained. Here is another verse that refers to the loss of equilibrium between heaven and hell: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (John 6:12). This verse refers to a battle and evil forces infiltrating and occupying ‘high places,’ meaning heaven. As the forces of evil grew, they were like a marauding army ransacking the first levels of heaven, and taking residence; constantly deceiving the people in the world of spirits and the angels in the lower heaven in a thousand horrid ways. Matthew describes this when he says, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force” (Mat. 11:12).

But here is the great good news. The second coming has been accomplished. We are now in the ‘Church of the New Jerusalem’ that is spoken of in Revelation. In accomplishing the second coming the Lord promised He would never allow a disequilibrium to happen again. What is so significant about this is that it profoundly impacts our Christian world view. Many evangelicals feel and predict that there is still an apocalypse to come, the events of the millennium and all that implies could come any time. This expectation involves a great deal of gloom and doom. It is often preached that terrible, dark times are to come, that Christ is to come back on the earth and lead a great parade on a white horse, and the chosen will be raised to heaven and so on. (In reality the ‘chosen being raised to heaven’ refers to the great joy of the captives who the Father released from the false heavens – this is known as the harvest time). But for hundreds of years and still now-a-days people are constantly conjecturing that so and so was, or is the anti-Christ, and various world events are ‘signs of the millennium’. Some say Hitler was the anti-Christ. Now liberals say Trump is, and conservatives say Obama was, but none of this is the case.
In the Church of the New Jerusalem the state of things is that there is great good news, but there is no free ride. The good news is Christ is present to us directly and immediately and He will never not be so. There is no coming apocalypse. The difficult news is that this world of earth-life is always in the balance between good and evil. As I have said many times before, in this world we suffer and have joy and learn, because we are in freedom, and we need to be reformed and repentant to remove evil inclination in us. Freedom is the double-edged sword that is both the means of salvation and the cause of hell! This life is both amazingly wonderful and one hell of a bitch. Hell cannot compel us and heaven can’t give us a free ride. In today’s world there is a lot of genuine charity in the church, and there is also a lot of falsity, ill-will, and alienation in the world. We have the Trump movement, and we have the globalist/socialist movement battling it out. That’s the nature of equilibrium, it goes up and down, and all around, but we’re are still free working things out. We are protected by Christ – should we choose to accept it. In that we can always trust!


November 6th, 2019

35 “Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, 36 like servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him. 37 It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them. 38 It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the middle of the night or toward daybreak. 39 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. 40 You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”


“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning”. To desire God is the beginning of perception to see. This verse means what it sounds like, that is, be ready and alert to the urging of God and the needs around you, and persevere in trusting Him. We can then feel the  prompting of God within us, and if we have the desire we can see the movement of God in our community and nation. Then our will is moved to respond to support the people and leaders who are fighting for him.

In the parable of the ten virgins the ones that had oil in their lamps entered the wedding, because they had the union of love and awareness for the Lord in their heart, and so, were prepared to enter heaven. The ones who had lamps but no oil had the form but not the substance, meaning they had faith, but not faith in union with charity. Lamps burning is a powerful image of the union of love and awareness together, – which Mary of Bethany is the greatest example of. Mary was on fire with the love for Jesus and the awareness that He must fulfill His mission and be killed on the cross. This means she knew that He was God and had the power to do what He had been teaching everyone, which is that he would resurrect on the third day. She, no doubt, did not know how or even why, but her love for Him, and what He had done for her, elevated her perception so that she had faith that He would do as he said. The disciples believed he was he Messiah and the son of God, but she was the first to see that he was God Himself. This perception is the most essential of all for faith because it is the truth and brings his presence closest to us. Mary’s action of anointing Him before His burial and her outpouring of love shows she had this awareness. And what show it more than anything is that Jesus memorialized her love, faith and action for all time.

“Like servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet”. Wedding in its highest sense refers to the resurrection, because it is the consummation of the Holy marriage; it is the culmination of the glorification process wherein Jesus merged His human body with His divine soul, thus making His human divine and taking it into heaven. ‘Servants waiting for the master’ are those who learned to have faith in His divine, who believe in the resurrection and commit their heart to Him. In Jesus’s time the first to be initiated into this awareness were those who received baptism from John the Baptist, because these showed faith and became receptacles of heaven. The connection with heaven had been lost and this is why Jesus came down. John had to initiate the external baptism as the new correspondences with heaven; John performed the external baptism to pave the way before the internal baptism of Jesus could be received – this process had to take place in this way – because the external is always the foundation of the internal; and, because correspondences are the essential structure that creates the connection between heaven and earth. So those who received John’s baptism were the first who were ‘servants waiting for the master’. The Baptism of John established the new correspondence between heaven and earth. There had to be this correspondence for man to have knowledge of heaven and God; if not mankind on earth would spiritually die. Without a living correspondence mankind would be overrun by evil and spiritually and physically fall into abysmal darkness. The birth of Jesus was the two edged sword that both ended the Jewish nation as the means of correspondence, (as it had existed for centuries in the Old Testament) and established the new Christian church.  Those waiting on the Lord are those in the true new Christian Church.

“So that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him”. The Lord is always turned to us, the door is always open; and we must turn to Him, meaning we have the capability by the faculty of our will to receive him. The will is of love and we use our mind to understand its feelings and guide them intelligently. To the degree we acknowledge the Lord and come to love and understand Him is the degree to which we can receive Him. The relationship between God and man is reciprocal in this way. He influences us to respond to is urging and we must incline our heart and mind to receive it. 

“It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them”. The soul of man is truly fed in a spiritual way by genuine spiritual principles or truths. Our soul is an organ, a complete spiritual organ in the human form. Just as the eye is an organ that receives light, the soul is an organ that receives love and wisdom from the Lord. Those who learn to have internal faith in Jesus, no matter what they have been through, He will restore them. Truths of the Word, spiritual principles, honesty, trust and humility restore the soul of man. We know that the body receives food to nourish it, and that the food taken in needs to be digested. In a similar way Jesus gradually softens and regenerates our soul with trials of life and true spiritual principles that heal the traumas in our psyche, removes falsities, and brings in light to our mind and love to our heart. 

“But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into”. This refers to the universal spiritual principle that we can only receive God to the degree we reject evil. Jesus cannot help us if we don’t actively will to resist, remove and reject evil. We all have hereditary evil from head to toe, which allows us to be tempted. It is our job to resist and He will help us to remove the evil as we become aware of it as best we can. To the degree we entertain and act on evil God cannot enter us. As the Bible says, ‘You don’t put new wine in an old wine skin lest it burst’.

Both the rich and the poor are in heaven. Rich in the Bible in the internal sense does not refer to money but to those who have a lot of information but do not have love for the Lord. When the Bible says ‘it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of an needle’ it means that those who think they know it all and are full of pride block themselves from heaven. Poor refers to those who do not know of the Word and its truths but yearn to know. The Lord providentially provides for those who yearn truly.

The Tale of Two Black Men: The Contrast of Lebron and Kanye in the Public Eye

October 29th, 2019

Lebron is twisted up in his thinking; he clearly hates Trump and resents America. He caves to China, and claims racism to whoever disagrees with him. He’s been led the wrong way by extreme black leaders. He is truly great as basketball, but banks on his Kingship and massive marketing appeal to give him political cred, but when you hear him speak he does not sound intelligent because he is led by the mind of others in group think. His twisted up thinking results in a strange ‘privileged victimhood’ that is untenable. His victimhood in his mind as a black man is still there, inviolable, no matter how much prosperity he gains; he puts no end to it, and there is no forgiveness anywhere in sight. While in reality he has gained everything in America, and all that America is about – freedom, opportunity, democracy, capitalism, fairness and due process, and ‘In God We Trust’. At the same time Lebron denies those in China who are laying it all on the line fighting against real oppression, fighting for their freedom, for the kind of life we have here in America. Because he is so twisted up Lebron can only react with rage at those who point out the truth to him. He can’t handle the truth!
In contrast, Kanye is a real hero. He puts himself way out there to support America, God and Trump. He changed the focus of his career to Give all the credit to God where it belongs. He stands up and tells blacks and all people they are not victims, but empowers people by showing them they can take responsibility for their lives. I profoundly admire what Kanye is doing. Fighting for Jesus in America, inspiring people to see all good comes from God – not self. Lebron is the opposite. He thinks it all comes from himself (which is called proprium and comes out as hubris). Lebron has a real problem in his twisted thinking. He needs to get the knots out, but he seems to have no one who can stand up to him and set him straight. In his mind He is the king. He is insulated by ‘yes’ men.
NBA was at its best when the dream team won Gold for the red, white and blue and captured the imagination of the world. Each player felt great love and honor for their country and the flag. Now that China pulls all the strings the NBA is a far cry from that. Maybe Jordan and the dream team could talk to him, but Lebron seems confirmed in his rage to the flag.

There Are Only Two Genders, No Matter How Manipulated on Earth: The Idea of Androgyny Is the Gross Opposite of the Beautiful Concept of Union.

October 24th, 2019

            Liberals believe in Androgyny for it justifies gay activism, identity politics, and now as you see in the news transgender athletes competing in women’s events. Idea of Androgyny is the ugly stepchild of the principle of union; it says man and woman enmesh into one uni-sex thing, that they are not their former identity and become something else. This is not the case. We can manipulate the physical body, but it is mere manipulation; the soul is distinctly male or female for eternity. Here on earth we can combine male and female qualities, and have homosexual sex and pretty much anything goes, because we have an external physical body and have freedom. Here we are in the balance between good and evil, while in the spiritual world heaven and hell are separate. In heaven Forms don’t meld and mush together. They can, or at least appear to here in an androgynous way, but that is only on the external. In any case it is our duty to strive to be like heaven as best we can. Internally the spirit remains a man or a woman, there is no such thing as androgyny. In heaven things that are in accord, as in marriage or people from the same society, enter into a profound union. For instance in nature two objects can be pressed and mixed together but they only truly bond when their is a chemical reaction that bonds the atoms. In common language we say ‘those two people have chemistry’. In heaven a man becomes more particularly a man with all his body parts and a woman more particularly a women with all her body parts, and a woman is said to be the most beautiful of all things in heaven; both man and women grow into the bloom of youth this way for eternity. (Swedenborg describes seeing a wife in heaven of such astounding beauty he could not stand to keep his gaze on her). The more heavenly mates become themselves, the more they become ‘one’ in conjugal love, and the more they become one the more they become distinctly them self, man and woman. Everything in heaven is a union from similitudes of particular qualities and loves. Correspondences connect forms through loving uses expressed from the body, blessing the other while retaining and increasing the integrity of their own form. The paradox is the more a man and woman become one, they more they become distinctly and beautifully masculine and feminine. They become one in the sense that the loves of their will become ever closer and closer, and the will is the most essential part of a person, while their body and self remain distinct. This means that their touch between them becomes ever more pleasurable and fulfilling.

          The idea of Androgyny is a gross opposite of the beautiful concept of union. The principle of union is a universal principle for it originates from the Lord, the source of life. In Him is the Holy Marriage, which is the union of His divine soul and divine body. And the nature of the creator is reflected in all things that he creates. Union is a magnificent paradox in which the more distinct counterparts become themself, the more they enter the bond of union, and visa versa. For instance, in the true marriage union the more a man and woman enter true love the more they become distinctly and beautifully them self.  Androgyny has no part in the truth that innocence in our soul is the elixir that opens what God has written in our soul. The union of Innocence and intelligence is wisdom, and allows us to be led by God. In heaven a man becomes more distinctly a man with all his body parts and a woman more distinctly a women with all her body parts. In true marriage and heavenly marriage the Bible tells that the two become one. I think we can understand this in that their greatest love is the good of the other, and our deepest love is what we are. In heaven the faces of married partners have inner beauty, the husband receives the blush of her love; and the wife the splendor of his wisdom. The two become one like the eyes of the body are single but together in use make one vision. She feels the delights of her own heat in her husbands light, the bond of the particulars of the two – make each other shine brighter! A woman angel is said to be the most beautiful form of all things in the universe; if heavenly, both man and women grow into the bloom of youth for eternity. From all this you can see how false is the idea of androgyny.
          The whole of heaven itself is in the body of God the Grand man; thus the universe is in the form of a human, and all things in it are in relationship and connected like all the parts of the body are connected. God is Jesus, the divine human, so Jesus is the human of God. In the nature of God are the qualities of man and woman, love and wisdom. The Holy fire from Him proceeds from the marriage of love and wisdom. All spirituality in life is based on the marriage of love and wisdom. If by androgyny one means there are male and female qualities in both men and women that I think that is true – like yin and yang – and also like yin and yang the man has predominantly faculties of wisdom, and the woman faculties of love. But in academia androgyny implies the bodies of men and woman meld or combine together into a sort of third quality called androgynous. This is not how it works at all in heaven, and only externally can it be impressed in the natural world.

         And yes, there is sex in heaven. In heaven sex is playful and blessed, a spiritual love that is filled with innocence, intimacy and wisdom, and because it is spiritual its delight are unimaginably more surpassing than here.
         If one understands correspondences one can see that it is an essential process in the universe.(You can read about correspondences on other articles in this blog.) The correspondences between the manly and womanly form are perfect, and what is more, perform the greatest use there is in heaven. They provide the highest love in heaven – true marriage love – and they provide that humans will always be born and populate the Lord’s heavenly kingdom for eternity. The more people that enter heaven the more complete it becomes, so true marriage love between a man and woman fulfills the highest use there is.
        There is no correspondence for homosexual sex in heaven, so I do not believe that it exists there. Many people seek to justify androgyny because that would justify homosexual sex and identity here and in heaven.