A Perception, A Prostration, A Prayer to the Holy Face and Throne of God

January 26th, 2021

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him: And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads.And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever. (Revelation)

       This is an expression of the innermost core of all truth. It is at once as tender as the soft green new-growth on a leaf, and a description of immutable power – the unfathomable power of the presence of divine truth and love from the Lord. It must be known that this love and truth springs from the Holy marriage in the soul of the divine human. The Holy marriage of His body and soul produces Holy fire. Its power is omnipotent, and infinite in its variety of meaning and gifts. Truth is centered in the throne of His soul, and it flows like a river from His soul. The result of the union of His divine soul and divine body is the fountain of life; it is a well – where are produced and from which proceed – the infinite and endless wonders, gifts, light and inspiration that sustain and vivify all life on earth and in heaven. The gifts are represented in the leaves, the fruit and the flowers of the tree of life. 

      In the magnificent tree sap streams up, like water in the veins of a fountain, and the sap produces the continually-renewed particulars of truth expressed in the leaves and the fruit – the later of which are adapted  for the reception of man. The bark of the tree protects the precious inner parts and processes that sustain life, just as the skin of a human protects and holds the form of the precious inner organs. The outer and the inner are in complete wholeness from which it builds its power. On the bark surrounding the tree, if one were to look at any particular part, you would see exquisite patterns of such beauty one’s heart and mind would overflow with wonder. How much more if one were to perceive the beauty and purpose of the internal workings, or of the whole picture? Can we, is it too much for us to look upon the love of the face of God? Will we someday….? Nevertheless, He gives us himself in the gardens, the fruits and mansions, the light and seeds, the natural manifestations and the eternal principles that fulfill our mind, soul, and body.

     Please Lord, some day, allow us the unspeakable love of looking upon your face. Your face is implanted in the innermost core of our soul, for we fully acknowledge that we do in fact receive life and all goodness from you. We are afraid Father, we are but dense men, help us to see. We can only know you as a human, the divine human, our Father, Mother, Friend, Hero, Comforter. Guide the yearnings of our heart to always turn our face to you, to look toward you as do the angels.

Meditation on a Candle, Meditation on Christ

January 6th, 2021

       A candle symbolizes Christ, specifically his self-giving love and the gifts of life we receive from Him. The candle provides light and warmth as it consumes its own substance, the wax. The wax and wick work in symbiosis, in other words, form a union that sustains a flame when lit. They work in symbiosis, (though in a simpler way), like the heart and lungs work together in inion to sustain every cell of the body with nutrients. The wax and wick work in union to sustain a flame. In its own small way the candle is a reflection of the sun. In the sun there is a union between gravity and nuclear fusion for these cause the form of the sun. Nuclear fusion is ignited in the core of the sun by the immense pressure of gravity caused by the immense mass of the sun. In turn nuclear fusion expands against the gravity while consuming the mass of the sun and creates light and heat.

       So too, Jesus gives of his own substance – He merged his body and soul into perfect union and thus glorified His body so that light was exponentially more available to man. And this light is the source of never ending in-filling love. He ‘drew all things unto himself’. And, when we are regenerated, and thus have light in ourselves, we give light to each other.

    In the candle the wick, usually braided cotton, burns and produces a flame. When the wick is lit a chain of events begins. Wax, which is present on and near the wick, begins to melt. At that point, the wick absorbs the liquid wax (which has just melted) and pulls it upwards (due to capillary action). The heat of the flame vaporizes the fuel (molten wax), which in turn combines with oxygen in the air (combustion) to produce a constant flame.

     A candle uses heat to produce light. In order to do that, it makes use of a process called combustion, which is basically the burning of a substance in the presence of oxygen, and produces heat and light. Here, the fuel is wax, which is composed of complex carbon compounds. Wax burns in the presence of oxygen to produce carbon dioxide gas, which is colorless. The smoke that you see is because wax never burns in a completely clean way.

     This process in a candle is a simple example of a universal principle. The pulling-in and wicking-up, or capillary action, of the wax as fuel is an example of the universal principle that everything has its beginning from outermost parts, and these outer parts provide for and moves toward the essential inner action; meaning, in all brith and manifestation,  the external parts are first made and the internal parts are made from it. For instance, in the embryo in the womb the beginning of the arterial system is in the skin, not the heart. This may seem surprising, but it is illustrated by the similar and well-known fact that the beginnings of the woody fibres of trees are in the leaves, not the stem or the roots. Through the pith and the delicate fibres of the bark, nourishment ascends to the first tender leaves, and from these descends the first woody fibres that provide the build-up between the bark and the pith, (the leaves also provide the fibres that build the roots. Through these woody and cortical fibres sap afterwards ascends to the leaves, and new buds and leaves are formed, which in turn send down other fibres, and thus the trunk of the tree grows in concentric layers of wood – every fibre of which has descended from the leaves. In a similar way, the materials and strands of the nervous system, the beginnings of blood vessels, and the tissues of the organs are produced in the skin, and are sustained and reproduced from tissues of the skin. The process of membranes being produced in the ‘ultimates of the body, and especially from the skin’ comes from a universal principle that operates throughout life.

     A similar process took place in Jesus, though of much larger scope. The process that took place in Christ is the universal master-key for all processes. It humbles us to contemplate the magnitude of what Jesus did, but things like the candle help us to see it.  It is ultimately incomprehensible to understand Jesus’s process because he is infinite and we are finite – but that is no reason not to seek – it just means there is no end to what we can seek, and come to understand. The whole reason He was born here was to make himself accessible and known, so that He could redeem and regenerate our soul. 

      Jesus in His life on earth, day by day, moment by moment, ‘consumed’ the hereditary evil in His body. His hereditary evil was in the body only, which is of the external part of the self. His internal was divine because from the Father and thus contained no evil, but divine good and truth. Because He was born on earth, Like all humans, He had hereditary evil from His mother who was human. By ‘consumed the hereditary evil’, I mean He removed the evil out of Himself by overcoming each and every temptation that confronted Him, or that tried to seduce Him. He could be drawn in to temptation because He had hereditary evil in His body, but by addressing and overcoming each and every one – even to the last on the cross – He made his human body divine! In this process He carried the whole of humanity with Him in an internal way. Humanity had lost its connection to God by becoming almost completely external in its religion and so spiritually had atrophied. People don’t understand that this was a very real disconnect in the psyche and soul of man, a disconnect of the avenues that can bond us to heaven and God. Jesus rebuilt these avenues of connection in the psyche of mankind by doing it in himself in a body, on earth, among us; by loving all humanity, by teaching people, and by establishing the new church.

     Just as the union of the wax and wick sustain a flame that can light a room, the union of Jesus body and soul produces light and heat that sustains the whole of the universe and all mankind. Light and heat  produced from a candle brings light and warmth to people in a room. In Jesus, from the Holy marriage of His divine body and soul proceeds, as from a fountain, the Holy fire that created and sustains all of life. Unlike a candle, or anything else that exists, God is uncreated. Like a candle Jesus was born on the material earth – the divine one had to overcome the inertia of this world, and He did. Jesus made His body divine in the resurrection – and took it up into heaven. Jesus is in the midst of the spiritual sun above heaven from which proceeds wisdom (light) and love (heat), and these are life, the very spiritual substance of all life, and that perpetually sustains life. 






Understanding Conatus and its Operation In Man and the Universe: Conatus is the Core Process In the Implementation of God’s Providence

October 18th, 2020


    Conatus is a very important function in the universe that profoundly informs both scientific and spiritual operation and their integration. It is a Word coined by Swedenborg. Conatus is essentially a spiritual sphere from the Lord that is in all living, and non-living, things. It is God’s means of manifesting his will in all things, and how he works through every minute particular toward that end.

   Conatus originates from spheres that come from the Lord in the spiritual sun. It has within it an intelligence from God that always tends toward the manifestation of the human form, or an image of the processes in the human form. In the realms that seem remote from the human, for instance in the processes of geology, or the structures of the universe it is hard to see this, but it nevertheless always corresponds to the processes of the human form just in a remote way to us. By remote I mean that animals, plants and even geology operates in their processes like, and for the human from; each of these three being progressively more removed from the perfect human form but nonetheless part of it. As I have said many times if one were able to see the shape of the whole universe we would see it is the human form.

Conatus works very intimately in all the elements and particular parts (no matter how small) of the material world to form the structures of nature and the universe. Conatus is the catalyst for the perpetual fertile striving for union that brings about life and use; it is latent in everything and comes into power by being put into action, the action of striving for union like the sperm and an egg, or like a seed warmed by the sun that puts out roots into the soil.

    The master key example that best informs how conatus works (and makes it most understandable) – is a human being. In a human conatus is essentially the inner will of a person, the ruling love of a persons life. The will comes into its power when in union with the light of the understanding which gives it direction and sharpens its strength. The will is of love and affection, and all thought is impelled by affection. The affections come from God and He leads us by the affections. Conatus is essentially spiritual, it just works very intimately with the material. 

    Conatus is an influx that works by correspondences. To understand this we need to see that for anything to exist it has to have a form, and anything that has form is made of parts in it.Everything has three ‘discreet degrees’ , and these are cause, effect and end purpose, and each of these degrees are called discreet because they correspond to each other and are part of the same purpose. Conatus is the cause in this trio. Think of it this way, Swedenborg and science have shown (respectively) that there is a sphere, or an aura around all things living and non-living. This is an effect of the conatus. The aura becomes stronger when there is activity, the more intense the stronger it is. It can be positive or negative, good or evil conatus.

      The way conatus works in a human being can be used as a template to understand how it works in everything. The divine is the ultimate cause for all, but conatus exists as the cause function in every particular entity there is, whether it be minute or large. In everything that exists there is the pattern of cause, effect, and end purpose. There is a cause for every micro entity, say like an atom. Nothing can exist unless it has a form, and a form is always in a dynamic equilibrium. By dynamic I mean things are always changing form but change into another equilibrium; for instance if we break a glass; its form changed but now pieces are a new form. This also applies to large entities say like the planet or an eco system. An eco system exists as a form because the parts (animals, water, landscape etc.) have settled into an equilibrium together, but if another species is introduced it is now in flux but gradually changes into another equilibrium. For anything to have form it must have within it cause, effect and end, the three levels of discreet degrees. In the human form the will is the conatus, the inner parts are the effect, and the end is the whole human and its use or motion. This correlates to the way the soul, or spiritual human form, is the first cause of all the many parts in the body and the uses they perform, and that then make the whole of the human. (Each individual organ in the body is also a form that has purpose and all the parts in the organ are also forms, and so on – they are all interrelated and serve each other.) These three parts in a form is the picture that defines the pattern for all things. There is a sphere around every human, and every other entity living or non living, because energy proceeds from the particular quality of the union of the three parts in action.
     It must be this way because everything that exists has to have a sovereignty or freedom  in order to have existence and have form. There are not two things that exist that are exactly the same, though they may be very very similar. Sovereignty is an expression of the innate drive in everything to seek union and thus be in equilibrium. Conatus is the perpetual drive inside these things from the source. It is very important to see that this expression of Sovereignty in all things comes from the divine human. It is ultimately a reflection of his Sovereignty and freedom and a gift from him. Remember, the human form is the universal template for all because we are made in HIS image. It is so good to see this because when we understand the big picture it informs the rest of the picture, and we can have confidence in our reasoning by correspondence and by receiving perception from God. 

    Now here is a most fascinating way to see conatus in the universe. Science describes dark matter is the cause, that they cannot see or define, but they have observed its effect the formation of galaxies and all the other structures in the universe. Science describes dark matter as a gravitational force that operates outside the influence of matter and energy; but it works in coordination with gravity; but it acts as an intelligent force constructing the universe. Spiritually, natural gravity in the universe corresponds to the attractive force of love, conatus is this ‘sphere of love’, that binds and constructs with intelligent purpose. Everything that exists no matter how small has a gravitational field because it has matter. The gravitational field is a physical expression or correspondent to the spiritual atmosphere or conatus within and around the object.

      Scientists show that dark matter does not interact with light, heat, or radiation, but it does interact with gravity. They say that dark matter is the creative force that causes the universe to construct; they see that it is the force that built the magnificent universe we see now. Dark matter has positive gravity and brings things together, and Dark energy has repulsive gravity and drives things apart and is destructive, and the two are in constant battle. Scientists describe dark matter as the influence or force that caused matter to first clump together or coalesce, which regular matter could not do on its own because the early universe was a blaze of incredible heat, radiation, and ultra fast particles – so normal gravity could not take hold. But they say dark matter cause the first clumping because it is independent of heat and radiation. Science describes dark matter as the ‘scaffolding that guides normal gravity’. Thus from the discovery of science we can only conclude that this force contains an inner intelligence that guides the formation of stars, galaxies, the structure of the cosmic web, and thus the whole of the universe. Scientist further describe Dark matter as an unseen gravitational force that moves into forms and regular matter follows. They say Dark matter orchestrates the movement of regular matter similar to the way dew adheres to a spider web. Dark matter is conatus.


Innocence Never Goes Away: The Meaning and Consequences of the Principle ‘You Are Either For Or Against Me’

June 29th, 2020


The Lord said ‘you are either for me or against me’. Our relationship with Him is reciprocal. People have to inwardly choose of their own will to make themself vulnerable and open to receiving God, and some are not willing. People know how to look good on the outside sometimes, while shut down, closed, or have ill-will on the inside. Entertaining evil, Chronic pride and denial eventually closes the internals of a person. Swedenborg says people can refuse God to the point their internals become closed, and such a person can not receive heaven.

Choosing to not accept God is at the same time actively rejecting God at some point, which is another way of saying we are ‘either for or against God’. No one can presume to be neutral to God. Acknowledging God makes him present, by denying Him we, at some point, lose the presence and protection of his angels (to the degree we reject) because reception is reciprocal, that is, God receives us to the degree we reach and open to Him from our will (for he is always turned to us). On earth people have an internal and external self and we can hide in the external. We can ‘put on a face’ with our body and do good and moral things for the sake of business and appearance, while being selfish and entertain evil inside. Remains (innocence stored in our soul) are always there, but become dormant and closed when we chronically reject God. As long as we are on earth, as I understand it, it is possible to reform, although it requires cognition to willingly submit to him, so it often becomes more difficult as we get old because of habit, fixation and loss of cognition.

Once in the spiritual world a person cannot change the basic constellation that has formed in their soul. The constellation is determined by the degree of correspondence between our internal and external self at the time of death. The more they are in harmony the more heavenly, the less in harmony the more hellish. The constellation then is like a seed from which we grow. The constellation itself can’t change anymore because we no longer have the material component of our body from which it was formed in conjunction with the soul. In the spiritual world we only have the spiritual body. The spiritual body has refined abilities that are many times greater than the physical body. If the constellation is receptive to heavenly light it grows and increases in joy for eternity. If not it is in a hell according to its types of evil loves.

In truth there is great pain in rejecting God, and this is because of the presence of remains. The remains are urging us to not be hard hearted but to receive him. Remains soften our heart so we become humbled and see and cry out to God. Those who persist in rejecting him have to keep doubling down over and over to stifle the pain from the presence of remains until the remains are silenced, and closed. But they never go away.

In Praise of Jesus: Principles of His Love and Wisdom, and How It Is that He Achieved the Inconceivable

January 10th, 2020

The reason we can intuitively see God in nature, in the innate moral yearnings of man, and in the Word, is that these are the three realms of life through which correspondences work. Nature: Everything in nature has a corresponding counterpart that is its first cause in heaven and the spiritual world. The human form: Everything in the human body and soul (the soul looks exactly like the body except it is spiritual) has correspondence with heaven and the spiritual world in every minutest detail. The Bible: Every Word in Holy scripture has correspondence with heaven for every Word is divine truth from the will of God. Each of these three also correspond to each other so the human form is a universal form in the universe. If one were able to see the entirety of the universe they would see that it is in the shape and form of a man, the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Bible says we are made in God’s image, and the whole universe is also made in God’s image. God has always been in the human form and occupied the innermost of all things, but He had never been born in the natural/material world. But then God was born on earth as Jesus. Now God was in the natural and had to go through the most rigorous process that ever has been or ever will be. (We will never comprehend how much He loves us! Yet I will always try!) In order to resurrect Jesus had to go through the process of overcoming the infinite inertia of the material world, and the hereditary evil contained in His natural body from brith.
I will give you an example from the theory of relativity that helps to show how inconceivably rigorous this is. In Einstein’s theory it is said that if an object were to reach the speed of light its mass would become infinite. But no object can reach the speed of light because the infinite inertia of matter prevents it. Similarly, we know that no matter ever enters the spiritual world. Humans, and all things of earth, die and the body becomes dust. These are laws of nature and the spirit that are never broken. But Jesus so cleansed His body of hereditary evil by overcoming all temptations, He so put all the forces of evil in their place (hell), and He fulfilled all prophecy written about Him in the divine Word – that He was filled with infinite light and love, and He made His human body divine! It merged in union with His divine soul (the Father). Jesus reached the ‘speed of light’ and became the whole of divine truth that He lived and fulfilled. (This is called the glorification process, which I describe in great detail on my blog). This is the miracle of miracles that transcended all the laws of physics.
In His life Jesus manifested the highest love that ever existed. The power with which He used to merge His human body with the divine ‘drew all things unto Him’. This means He paved the way for man to be saved, He restored man’s capacity to receive the light of heaven. He who is the ‘highest love’ is the ONE who enters the innermost of all things, and is the internal cause of all things. This is how He is the Alpha and Omega, the infinite and the innermost There is a sphere generated from the Lord, who is in the midst of the spiritual sun, that is the cause of all fruitfulness and reproduction in the universe. This sphere is seeded with the image of God and manifested in infinite variety in heaven and earth; it’s a sphere of influence, a force known as ‘conatus’. It is the unseen creative force in the universe that causes forms in the universe to construct. I believe science observes this force and calls it ‘dark matter’. It is a principle of divine order that the nature of the creator is repeated and reflected in all of his creation, thus the information contained in the conatus/dark matter always tends toward and constructs according to the infinite processes contained in the human form. It does this in degrees, some apparent like human beings, some mediate like plants, and some remote like geology. But looked at in a cosmic level all of these things serve and function by processes that correspond to the human form. In praise of Jesus.

Part 2: How it Is that in Observing Dark Matter Science has Observed the Fingers of God

July 9th, 2019

Science understands and describes the effects of dark matter and dark energy amazingly well, but they say they have no idea what it actually is in itself. They are disconnected from an idea of the source of dark matter. In this essay I will provide a clear picture of the source of dark matter.

Unbeknown to pure science there are universal spiritual principles that we can also rely on and help us to see the direction of study. In this regard our guiding principle is this: there is an innate force in all things in the universe to seek the human form. The universe itself, if one were able to see it in its whole, is in the form of the perfect human. (See the articles in this blog that discuss in detail how it is that the human form is a universal form in the universe). It is vital to perceive this truth to get a tangible sense of what follows. I have been showing throughout this series of essays how there is an innate force that originates from influx from heaven and is received within all created things, and that it is this force that drives all things to manifest in and serve – some to a remote degree and some to a high degree – the human form. The mineral kingdom is the lowest degree, the plant kingdom is the mid degree, and the animal degree the highest degree. Above that is human consciousness and then God. This innate inclination in all things living and not living to seek, produce and serve the human form is essential in explaining the mysteries of the universe.

Scientists show that dark matter does not interact with light, heat, or radiation, but it does interact with gravity. They say that dark matter is the creative force that causes the universe to construct; they see that it is the force that built the magnificent universe we see now. Dark matter has positive gravity and brings things together, and Dark energy has repulsive gravity and drives things apart and is destructive, and the two are in constant battle. (In this essay we will concentrate on Dark matter and in the next on dark energy). Scientists describe dark matter as the influence or force that caused matter to first clump together or coalesce, which regular matter could not do on its own, thus from the discovery of science we can only conclude that this force contains an inner knowledge that guides the formation of stars, galaxies, the structure of the cosmic web, and thus the whole of the universe. Scientist say that Dark matter gravitationally moves into forms and regular matter follows. Dark matter orchestrates the movement of regular matter similar to the way dew adheres to a spider web. Where does this intelligence in Dark matter come from and how does it transfer into the natural world?

In the previous essay we identified several meta leaps in the development of the universe. Now we shall observe the great Meta-leap that science is missing. The effects scientist see from call dark matter are the result of what is called ‘conatus’. This is a term Swedenborg coined. Conatus is a sphere (sphere as in ‘effect of influence’, or ‘spiritual atmosphere’) that proceeds from the one spiritual sun and sustains all the spiritual world, and in turn the natural world; (in the midst of this one sun is God). Spheres contain the intelligence and the energy that direct the manifesting of all the unending fruitfulness and variety in the universe. Because it operates from the spiritual to the natural it works by correspondences, which we shall explain further in a moment. Ultimately, it is this Conatus that compels the shaping of all things in the universe to be part of, and to serve the universal human. The end purpose of creation is to populate heaven (the Lord’s kingdom) with angels, and all angels are former humans from (an) earth in the human form, and, as said before, the whole of heaven is in the shape and relational structure of the human form. If we know the end purpose of something, then we are able to better understand the means of getting there and how all the specific operation of the means work. Conatus is the means to this end purpose in which there are innumerable specific functions just as there are in the human body. It is a universal principle that which is the end purpose is served by all things that exist in some way or another; so all things that exist, even if in a peripheral way, are part of and serve the human form.

Lets look at Swedenborg’s description of conatus and compare with science’s description of the dark universe:

“The progression of the creation of the universe was from its First (which is the Lord encircled by the sun) to outmosts which are lands (matter)…” (DLW 314). “It should be known that (in forming) this image of creation the heat, light, and atmospheres of the natural sun and its world contribute nothing whatever. It is only the heat, light, and atmospheres of the sun of the spiritual world that do this, bringing that image with them, and clothing it with the forms of uses of the vegetable kingdom. The heat, light, and atmospheres of the natural world simply open the seeds, keep their products in a state of expansion, and clothe them with the matters that give them fixedness. And this is done not by any forces from their own sun (which viewed in themselves are null), but by forces from the spiritual sun, by which the natural forces are unceasingly impelled to these services”. (DLW 315).

Scientist admit they call dark matter dark matter because they are in the dark as to what it is and its cause, and because it doesn’t interact with light, but they know it is the essential force in creating the universe. Scientist describe the phenomenon very much the same as Swedenborg does, that is, they say dark matter is the architect of the universe; that it has gravity that causes regular matter (the natural world we know) to take its forms, i.e. dark matter ‘clothes itself’ in regular matter. Just as scientist say about dark matter, Swedenborg describes conatus as not being affected by heat and light at all. Scientist say regular matter is ‘just along for the ride’. Specifically, the telling characteristics of dark matter are that it does not interact with light, and that it is not affected by heat or radiation – but science declares that it does interact with gravity. (As you may recall from the last essay we described how in the early universe regular matter could not clump because there was such a blaze of heat and radiation, but dark matter could clump because it doesn’t interact with these. It is the clumping of dark matter’s gravity that caused regular matter to clump). By standing outside the influences of light, radiation, and heat dark matter is able to direct regular matter matter without obstruction. But its obstruction comes from dark energy (which we will discuss in the next essay). Swedenborg further describes Canotus in the following way:

Conatus does nothing of itself, but acts through forces corresponding to it, thereby producing motion; consequently that conatus is the all in forces, and through forces is the all in motion; and since motion is the outmost degree of conatus, through motion conatus exerts its power… For conatus is not force, nor is force motion, but force is produced by conatus, because force is conatus made active, and through force motion is produced; consequently there is no power in conatus alone, nor in force alone, but in motion, which is their product.

This quote is a challenge to understand without a lot of experience in reading Swedenborg, and we will not mine all its meaning here, but it introduces important principles in how conatus and and dark matter function. Any given entity that exists has these three factors, the root of which can be expressed as cause, effect, and end purpose; for instance, in the sun there is gravity (cause), nuclear fusion (effect), and the resulting equilibrium between the two which creates the body and use of the sun (end purpose). For now the first and foremost thing to take from the above quote is that conatus, force, and motion, act as one; they have distinct operations, but cannot exist or operate without each other, similar to the way the heart and lungs have distinct operations but cannot function without each other, nor can either exist unless in the body they serve, the life of the body being the end purpose. In this scenario conatus/dark matter is the unseen cause, the movement of regular matter is the effect, and the use they serve in the from created is the end purpose.

The second important thing to take from the above quote is that conatus, force, and motion communicate to each other by correspondences. This means that they are distinct in themselves, and each is at a different level or degree, but they function as one for the same purpose. Now to make this as tangible understandable as I can lets look at how these levels operate in something we all know – the human body. (It is important to me in communicating these ideas to the reader as tangibly understandable as I can). We can understand conatus by thinking of the affections  we feel in our body, and also that we feel from others. In the human body canotus is the will; for the will is the love and affections that are the first cause of all our actions. The effect is in all the innumerable components in the body and the mind that are the means, and the end purpose is the meaningful actions of our whole self.

A human being is a whole entity, a body, that is in the micro of the form of God. The will in a person is living conatus. The conatus in the natural world is non-living conatus, but the two correspond, so the dynamics of living conatus reveal the dynamics that take place in the non-living universe; and this is what science observes as dark energy and its role in the building of stars, galaxies, and the cosmic web.


The Trinity Concisely Explained and Tangibly Understood.

December 13th, 2018

I think the Trinity can be understood perfectly clearly in a tangible way. It is the traditions of religion that have made it confusing.

Most can see that God is one, which is a profoundly essential truth to hold.

The Bible tells us we are made in God’s image. That clearly means that God is in the human form. He is the original human form. All things created reflect the nature and form of that which created it, thus we are human. The human form is also a universal form throughout the universe. (To read more about this you can see the article in this blog on that subject.)

God is one as a human – He is the divine human. We see this of course in Jesus who lived as a man, and in course of His life made His human divine in the resurrection. We know that every person has a body, mind, and soul; this is  what makes them whole and human. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost correspond to the body, mind and soul of God. The Father is the essence of God or his soul. The son is the body or human form of God. The mind is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the divine truth which proceeds from the Soul of God. It is the presence of God that is omnipresent with all mankind and leads and guides him. These three act as one in union. The divine soul and divine body of God are eternally bonded in the Holy marriage. The union of these two took place during Jesus’ life in the most rigorous process ever known, and that ever will be, which is called the Glorification. (There are several articles in this blog describing the deep and amazing process of the glorification). The resurrection is the result of the bond between God’s body and soul. This union continues without end like a candle and wick; it is the fountain from which all life springs. From the marriage of the body and soul of God comes the Holy fire and the proceeding forth of this is the Holy Spirit.  From this we can see how God is one, and what the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost mean. (Previous to God being born on earth there was also the Holy marriage in God, but in order save Mankind God was born on earth, and Jesus became the new human of God.)

It is horrid to think in any way shape or form that God is three persons. Some Catholic theologians still do this and so do Evangelicals. They sometimes say that He is one, and in the same breath say he is three persons. This fallacy started for the counsel of Nice. It is spiritually harmful to think there are three persons in God, because in the light of heaven such a thought is not allowed or even possible because the light of heaven consists of love and wisdom from God, and such a thought is expelled by that light.

There can only be one divine by definition. The divine is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and only one can be these. If there were two neither would be so.

To think there are three persons in God causes the mind to be stuck in an external state where one cannot receive higher light. It is the opposite of union; for all genuine doctrine and spirituality is an expression of union; and all false doctrine and spirituality separates love and wisdom, body and soul, faith and charity. The nature of God is the union of His body and soul, which is the fountain from which all life proceeds.

The Union of Love and Wisdom: Why the Orgasm is Most Transcendent Experience of the Body

January 13th, 2016

In some ways it may seem simple to the reader that there is a marriage of the natural and spiritual, – and so it is – , but what is most simple is also most profound and complex – for it is the most universal. There are thousands of places to quote from Swedenborg about the principle of union; here is one that expresses the nitty-gritty of the union of the natural and spiritual, and that demonstrates how it is the essential of all spiritual growth. I pick this because it is about spiritual birth, or in Christian parlance, being ‘born again’. This quote from Swedenborg comes from a discussion of the meaning of the word midwife in scripture.

‘That the midwife said to her, Do not be afraid’ means perception received from the natural…when the interior man undergoes temptations, the natural is like a midwife. For unless the natural assists no birth of interior truth is possible, since it is the natural that receives interior truths into its bosom once these are born; indeed it is the natural that enables them to push their way out. The same applies to instances of spiritual birth, in that reception must take place wholly within the natural. This is the reason why, when a person is being regenerated, the natural is first of all made ready to receive, and to the extent it is then able to receive, interior truths and goods are able to emerge and multiply. This also explains why, if the natural man has not been made ready during the life of the body to receive the truths and goods of faith, that person cannot receive them in the next life and so cannot be saved. This is the implication of the common saying ‘As the tree falls, so it must lie’, meaning, what a person is when he dies, so he comes to be. For a person has with him in the next life his whole natural memory, that is, the memory belonging to his external man, though he is not allowed to use it in that life. In the next life therefore that memory serves as the groundwork on which interior truths and goods rest; but if that groundwork is not able to support the goods and truths which flow into it from within, interior goods and truths are either annihilated, or perverted, or cast aside. From all this it may be seen that the natural is like a midwife (AC 4588).

This quote shows that spiritual birth or being ‘born again’ is a gradual, rigorous, and painful process, and as we know from life this growth is recognized at certain seminal moments. In this process the spirit must lead while the natural is the means as we know from the interaction of the spirit, mind, and body. The master example of what Swedenborg is saying here is the life of Jesus himself, because the glorification process begins with God being born on earth in a material human body, and His body is the vehicle for the astounding wisdom and acts of love he achieves. This is what makes Him knowable and lovable to all humanity. As He overcomes every temptation, and fulfills each prophecy by his loving acts of service in His natural body, He manifests (or births) new levels of love and wisdom in the world. The resurrection is the ultimate birthing in that Jesus raised his human body into the spiritual world, making it divine.

In us humans for change and salvation to take place our body and feelings need to be prepared for it; the sensation of feelings in the body are the means by which spiritual change becomes rooted and substantial. Thoughts and affections are part physical and part spiritual and how we process them determines whether our soul is gradually formed into a heavenly (or hellish) state. The essential function of the natural can also be seen in the way the sense of touch is the universal medium for love; love yearns to be expressed and fulfilled through touch. Indeed there is no greater pleasure than true love expressed in the sex act; love and touch together in harmony increase pleasure and intimacy, and bring a sense of spiritual fulfillment in our soul. The orgasm in Sex is the most transcendent experience the body can feel because of its use, and because of its corresponds to the active union that takes place in marriage love. True marriage love and sex in heaven are from pure innocence with wisdom, and produce an unspeakable goodness and delight. They are the essential part of the union of love and wisdom of a man and woman, a man predominantly being a form of wisdom and a woman a from of love. The attributes of the physical body of a man and woman correspond to the attributes of the soul qualities of each; for instance a man’s physique is usually stronger and rougher as he corresponds to a intellectual form, and a woman’s is softer and more comely as they correspond to a form of love. When there is love between them they perceive each other in greater and greater detail, and their will is filled with the same desire of giving to the other; at the same time they are in spontaneously gratitude to the Lord. Since the will is the essential thing of the self, in the Bible it is said, “the two shall become one”. The two become one in that their will’s become ever closer. This oneness is not vague but involves every particular of the individuals character, soul attributes, and life skills, all of which grow and come into greater and greater distinctiveness and intimacy for eternity. Each particular bond is a struggle into birth, and is experienced in the body with incredible delight. Indeed the orgasm of the body, and true marriage love of the soul are the most transcendent experience of the body, and the soul respectively; because the end purpose of each is part of the continuum of correspondences that serves the highest use in the universe; that continuum moving from the procreation of the human race to the ultimate purpose of life in the universe – which is to populate the Lord’s heavenly kingdom.