How God Maintains Human Freedom; And Why it Cannot Be But that There Is an Equilibrium Between Good and Evil in the Universe

September 9th, 2019
There is an equilibrium between good and evil in the universe, and this is true in every detail and particular. For every good society in heaven there is a counter and opposite evil society in hell. Both heaven and hell have innumerable gradations and each particular one is the opposite polarity of its counterpart. At the same time, it is entirely true that God is never less than pure Good, love and wisdom. It is difficult to understand how these are both true, but a worthwhile study to be able to articulate to our self how it is so.
I think the answer lies in following the implication of the following (mind bending) principle to its end: God is omnipotent and omnipresent AND, at the same time, God follows his own laws of divine order.
To begin God did not create evil. The existence of evil is inevitable with freedom. (This is what the story of the fall is about). Man is the cause of evil. It is important to embrace the truth that God is never anything less than pure love and wisdom. It is abhorrent to even think that the divine could think, create, or be evil. If God were to do evil for an instant the universe would cease to exist – similar to the way in a sun, once it begins to produce iron in its core it is mere seconds away from exploding. God sustains the whole of the universe every moment by his might alone with the same power it took to create the universe. Understanding that God is never less than love seems to be very elusive for many people, but it is extremely important. In Him is infinite variety, infinite wisdom, and infinite love. God is self-contained, and has no need but one, and that is to be of use to mankind.
Man can only be man, that is, he can only have a self if he is in freedom, and freedom inherently includes the possibility of willing evil – there is no escaping this reality. So as shown in the story of the fall man abused freedom, and it gradually came to be that there is an equilibrium between good and evil and between heaven and hell. Heaven and hell can both influence man, but neither can compel man, for if they were to compel the will of man that would compromise freedom. Many people choose evil. So evil is caused by man, not God, but God allows it so that man can have life. Man’s life exists by virtue of forming a ruling love that he freely chooses. An important scripture that speaks to the inevitability of equilibrium in the universe and our choice in determining our place is this: “Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” The first rule to receiving God is to resist evil. To the degree we reject evil we can receive God and His good. Without strife we cannot appreciate harmony, without ugliness we cannot appreciate beauty, without conflict there is no story. There must be contrast and variety for there to be life, growth, and perception. Contrast and variety provide the vitality in life. If everything were monotone, as in a white-out, or black-out, there would be no perception or individual identity.
This is why it is inherent to the life of humanity that it can not be otherwise but that there is good and evil; but the most essential reason there is equilibrium between heaven and hell is that freedom is the fulcrum upon which the life, self-hood, and the salvation of man depends. Freedom is both the means of salvation and the cause of hell. Human freedom stands upon the point of perfect balance between good and evil, and God alone maintains this balance point with his infinite might. If one or the other were to begin to increase in power above the other freedom would be compromised and man’s self-hood would be lost. Man’s freedom is a sacred law of divine order, for humans have no existence without it. Three times in history hell began to over-run heaven; at the time of Noah, the advent of Jesus, and in the second coming. Each time God had a plan and by his might alone corrected it.
It is an important to see that Human salvation completely depends on freedom. In grasping this we can look to a simple truth that we all know and experience, and that is, that to have a friend, or to be in love with someone, we know it must be mutual; both parties must agree to the bond. In the same way the relationship between man and God is reciprocal; it is not possible for humans to bond with God unless we act in freedom from the love from our own will. He is always turned to us, and, as He said, ‘we must turn to Him’. In love and awareness; love is of the will, and awareness of the mind – they are the heat and light that forge the bond between humans and God.
Nevertheless, the last thing this equilibrium means is that good and evil can be relativized. Good and evil are opposite and utterly abhorrent. This is why in the spiritual world heaven and hell are completely separate and cannot mix. But here on earth we are in the midst of good and evil. The truth that they are in equilibrium does not take away from the terrible consequences of evil choices in life. This is what is meant by the statement, ‘woe to that man by whom the offence cometh.’ In the battle between good and evil, it is paramount that we favor the good in our heart. Whether it bears fruit or not, we must still try for God knows our heart and our salvation depends on it.
Furthermore, it is helpful to see that it is a universal truth that nothing can exist unless it is in equilibrium. (This is a huge subject I have written about on my blog, so I wont say much about it here, but it is essential to this subject, so will say a little.) Equilibrium is true of the sun; it is true of an atom, and everything in between and beyond. The reason equilibrium is universal is that it is the nature of God. In God it is called the Holy marriage, which is between His divine human and soul. The natural creation that most corresponds to God is the sun. The sun is a raging equilibrium between the force of gravity and nuclear fusion in its core, that results in a sphere. The nature of God is union. The truth that God follows his own define laws is a paradox of the nature of union in him, i.e., He is the creator and sustainer of man’s freedom and He will not violate man’s freedom. We see this in the Gospel many times, for instance when He tells Peter to put away his sword at His arrest: “Don’t you know I could bring down legions of angels to destroy my enemies?” But He doesn’t because He knows Man can only be transformed in freedom, and does not transgress this. God made his human divine, and the two are one in union, and this is the fountain from which all life springs. So everything that exists in order to exist no matter how big or small is in a state of equilibrium. This is an expression of how all things repeat the form of that which created it.
Now having said all this, the best way to see how life is a battle between good and evil is to look in our self, in the problems of those around us, in history, in politics today, and at the books of the Bible.

The Great Correspondence that Sheds light on How Energy Exists in the Vacuum of Space, and the Source of Dark Energy

February 5th, 2019

In the study of quantum mechanics scientist have discovered that light/wave particles, or virtual particles, are produced in a vacuum. “A number of other recent works demonstrate that the vacuum is not empty but full of virtual photons,” says theoretical physicist Steven Girvin at Yale University. It is too complex to quote about the matter here but you can read more about it in a good article in Science America (and many other places) ( .

In regard to dark energy Esiegel writes in Science Blogs:

“If we map out everything known in the Universe, and trace out the cosmic structure, we find that the normal matter — things made out of all the known elementary particles — is less than 5% of the total energy density of the Universe. There’s got to be about 20-25% of the Universe in the form of dark matter, a type of clumpy, collisionless matter that is made up of a yet-undiscovered particle, in order to get the type of clustering we see. But perhaps most bizarrely, the remaining energy of the Universe, the stuff that’s required to bring us up to 100%, is energy that appears to be intrinsic to empty space itself: dark energy.”

The discovery of light/particles manifesting in space and the discovery of dark energy are, I think, the best indicators of spiritual substance transferring into material substance in the natural world. Something doesn’t come from nothing; its of great value to examine how these wave/energy particles are manifesting from the spiritual world. And it may well be that the source of dark energy and dark matter is from the spiritual world. The discovery by scientist that energy particles spontaneously arise in a vacuum not only implies that there is a transfer from the spiritual to the natural, but it furthermore suggests that it can take place at any (and likely every) point in space. I will be showing in this essay how these emerging scientific principles are consistent with, and correspond to, spiritual principle.

Most scientists don’t consider the spiritual world, but they certainly don’t think that ‘something comes from nothing’; scientist speculate that the manifesting particles come from another universe, or from a wormhole, or from another dimension – when it is most sensible to see that they originate from the spiritual world; (all these other sources are a sort of allegory for the spiritual world). Swedenborg writes that all matter originates from the spiritual world, that natural matter comes from spiritual substance which itself proceeds from the spiritual sun. He says that as spiritual substance reaches its outer limits and ‘cools down’ it becomes matter. According to this process when it slows down it would then appears in the natural world as energy/matter particles.

Science has known for a long time now that the universe is expanding from every point in space at an accelerating rate. This truth is consistent with the conception that matter enters from the spiritual sun. As I will show it potentially explains the force that constantly propels the universe to ‘mushroom out’ or expand at an accelerated rate. It also explains Swedenborg’s statement that there is not only an infinite largeness, but an infinite smallness (I discuss this in greater detail on my blog). There can be an infinite smallness because the universe is eternally expanding from every point in space, thus continually making more ‘room’ for more particles at the smallest point. This would mean that the explanation for infinite smallness and infinite largeness are symbiotic, in that the cause of both hinges upon the same point.

Now lets look at the spiritual principles that inform and correspond to the scientific phenomenon quoted above. The most immediate bridge between the natural and spiritual world, (which we can all know from within ourself), is love, and the affections that we feel. Affections are spiritual feelings (from spiritual substance) that affect, move, and are the motivation for our thoughts and body. They are the bridge between the two worlds, (which, unknown to our perception, takes place by means of angels, spirits and demons – all under the providence of God). The affections come from the spiritual substance of love and wisdom that originate directly from the spiritual sun and are received by the human form. The human form is the perfect form for receiving love and wisdom from God; it is the  highest form in the universe and is created to be a receptacle of God’s love and wisdom. God is a divine human, and we are made in His image, so God made us sovereign and free as He is. He is the macro and we are the micro, because all things that exist reflect the form of that which created it. This principle extends to all things that exist, however small and remote from the divine human.

One may wonder, how do all things no matter how small reflect the nature of God? The fundamental way they reflect the nature of God is that for anything to exist it must be in dynamic equilibrium. The divine human manifests to heaven as the spiritual sun; a sun is a raging equilibrium. In the natural sun we see this by the force of nuclear fusion in the core of the sun expanding out while the force of gravity is pressing in, causing a raging battle that settles into an equilibrium – which we see as the sun. This equilibrium is also a union because the forces that create the sun depend on each; they cannot exist separately but depend on each other for existence and creating all the materials of life and sustaining life. It is the enormous mass of matter that causes gravity, and it is the enormous force of gravity that causes nuclear fusion to ignite in the core of a sun. Now in regard to the Lord, the union and equilibrium in Him is between is divine human and His divine soul. In the process of the glorification Jesus so purified his human that He made it divine and rose above heaven, which is known as the resurrection (ignition). From this union in the Lord proceeds the Holy fire which manifests as the spiritual sun. This is the source of all life.

Every phenomenon and process in the spiritual world has a correspondent in the natural world. The key point of correspondence I am looking at here has to do with how in both worlds all things are both sovereign and receptacles of God. Every human is both entirely dependent on God (as a receptacle), and, at the same time entirely sovereign. The fact that every point in space expands from its own center is the natural worlds expression of sovereignty; at the same time, every point in space receives influx from the spiritual sun, which the science quoted above seems to show as energy particles manifesting in a vacuum. (Sovereignty and reciprocality are inherent qualities of equilibrium and union.) In the big picture we can further see the reason this is a correspondence, which is that the human form is the highest form in the universe and a universal form. This means that the whole universe is in the shape of the divine human, and every human being ever born is a microcosm of the universe, and as such is a sovereign entity with freedom and self will – qualities of the creator. The fact that every point in space is a center from which there is expansion is the physical correspondence to this spiritual quality of humans.

Furthermore, there is a very beautiful and significant correspondence that is united to the above. The expansion of the universe from every point at an ever-increasing rate corresponds to the fundamental nature of heaven, which is that heaven, in order to be heaven, is continually increasing in joy and happiness and expanse. The joy and happiness of angels is ever increasing; it does not reach a plateau, but is ever increasing. It is the nature of Happiness itself that in order to be so it must be ever-increasing. In heaven there is no time or space, so the ever increasing joy causes the appearance of increasing space. Along the same lines, it is a great truth of heaven that the more humans that enter heaven, which takes place continually, the more complete it becomes. This principle corresponds to the idea that the expansion of the universe is propelled by the continual making of new sovereign particles from the spiritual world, which is the very cause of the universe to eternally expand at an accelerated rate.

We can see then, because every human receives from the spiritual world through affections, there is a correspondence in the natural world, in the way every point in space receives from the spiritual world. It is a universal principle that everything that exists, in order to exist, comes from a union of the natural and the spiritual, the natural being the foundation of the spiritual. Everything that is created and exists is birthed through the natural; it is impossible for anything to exist otherwise, only the Lord is uncreated from the beginning. (It is a great misconception of religious interpretation that angels existed from creation; all angels and demons are former humans born on earth.) Applying these truths to every point in space shows that every point in space is capable of and encompasses both the natural and the spiritual, which makes it understandable how spiritual substance manifest into the natural world.

Sokolov, a leading scientist in these studies, said. “The basic question what is a vacuum, and what is nothing, goes beyond science. It’s embedded deeply in the base not only of theoretical physics, but of our philosophical perception of everything—of reality, of life, even the religious question of could the world have come from nothing.” (