The Heart of 80 million Patriots are Broken By a Few Evil Overlords. What Happens When Evil Wins? Keep the Faith, God Providence Is In America

January 9th, 2021

Very painful to see what is happening here. The conservatives lost the senate, dems cheated again, and Trump will probably be out, unless he declares martial law. The dems pulled off the greatest crime in history. Stealing the presidency from 80 million people who love Trump – by a dedicated coup by corrupting our voting system. Trump has been the best – all time superb greatness for God – and the people of faith have been great, but many in the Republican party betrayed Trump. It’s shameful. Now they are taking away the ability to communicate, taking our voice away if they can, taking away freedoms, relentlessly trying to discourage the heart of the people. We the people can’t let them get away with it.

A patient told me the other day (as many have in varying ways over the years), ‘Why is my mother dying and suffering like this, she is such a good person, why would God do this’. I have addressed this question very well for a long time. But I feel like that, ‘Why did God allow evil to win, and take away from Trump and the people what he rightfully won’. Its painful, it’s not right, but I am not losing faith or anything. It’s just hard to understand why evil would get away with this. I keep the faith and trust in God.

Right now without the Trump movement in power the world just became a much more dangerous place. Deep state socialist in America, globalists around the world, and communists in China are trying to take over America and all the good, freedom and Godliness that she is about. But I believe God has a plan and we will keep up the good fight and prevail in the end.


But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!” (Matthew 18: 5,6)
For peace of mind I find it invaluable to see God knows our will, and the love we have for him and our country. This is not an escape from reality for He still wants us to act on our will and do what we can. For instance, I do what I can to take action, I consistently donate to Trump movement, and conservatives fighting for justice, I let my voice be heard, share on forums and help to build people’s faith. In God We Trust.
On the contrary side, as the scripture above tells, its one thing to aline with evil forces, but to willfully recruit others into evil is crossing a terrible line, and this is what the dem leaders have done and are doing.
The dem leaders don’t represent or care an ounce about the people but serve an agenda that is nothing less than evil, and they will not change. History and spiritual principle confirms that; they are too far gone. They have shown over and over how completely dedicated they are to a destructive agenda. Some GOP leaders are like them, but they still care about appearances to a degree, the dem leaders don’t even care about appearances anymore. Keeping up appearances used to keep them in check to a degree but not anymore. Hard core Evil doesn’t change, but seeks deeper and deeper destruction. That is what we are up against. But, many of the regular people who don’t know what the ‘bought’ may change. It’s strange how many intelligent people support the dem leaders (who do and care nothing about them), and how they blindly hate Trump (who loves them). People I know here in the bay area fight for the dems, justify their actions; some people at work laugh about the election, delighting in thinking they humiliated Trump.
It is very disturbing, never thought America would come to this. How we Feel is part of it, because we have suffered real loss of something we most dearly love; it’s also an injustice, and we have to deal with the consequences of all this. Without fair elections that are just our country is not what it used to be. Painful to take in. Hopefully we can fight to get back to where we were.
In Lamentations (from the Bible) the response to deep suffering is modeled for us; the people wail with complaints at God, and wrestle with what God is doing, but they are taking their feelings to Him.
Lamentations shows how God is big enough to handle all our anger and despair, and that these feelings are safe with him God is not the cause of evil and never inflicts evil on anyone. Man is the cause of evil because he is in freedom; man’s freedom is in the balance between good and evil – for this is the only possible way a person can have self agency, an identity, sovereignty – to ‘become’ – to bond with God from himself. Freedom is the means of salvation and the cause of hell! Evil comes from a man’s capacity for selfishness and greed and hate.
The universe would quickly cease to exist if God were ever less than love – just as in a sun, as soon as it begins to produce iron in its core it is a matter of seconds that it will explode. It is the love and wisdom of God alone that creates and sustains the universe, if he is anything less….
To think God is the cause of evil inflames the negative and self-destructive impulses in the suffering person. Imagine telling someone who is struggling with the feeling that God is punishing them that God is the one who inflicts evil. If they really theologically believe that God is against them, then there is nothing that can help – self destructiveness is justified. Such a notion arises from external thinking. God never causes evil, but allows evil for the providential purpose of removing evil. The Lord is the redemptive force of love in our hearts and minds. He is the comforter; and His love is closest when we are most ill and suffering. We don’t see it with our physical eyes but we can feel it if we but seek it in humility. It is irrational, an (understandable) emotional reaction to blame God for the evil that happens. We can take all these feelings to Him. He wants what is real, and to process with us. God is good itself.

How and Why What Happens In This Life is of Total Consequence to the Afterlife: The Internal Meaning of ‘He that is unjust, let him be unjust still, and he that is holy, let him be holy still’ (Revelation)

December 25th, 2020

“And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last”. (Revelation, 22:1-13)
The lines about the unjust remaining unjust and the holy remaining holy, refer to profound principles of the spiritual world. The love in one’s heart and the beliefs we live by form the end state of our soul when we die. What this love is when we die, it will continue to be in the spiritual world. The form of our soul is determined by the concordance between our external self and internal self during our life on earth. The greater the harmony between the two, the more sincere, genuine, and loving we have been in life. For instance, a person whose face and manner reflects what is in their mind and soul is in harmony. As the Bible says of Philip, “He was a man without guile.” A deceptive internal self hides behind the external self and, if this is from hate and ill-will, the soul takes on a hellish form. Once in the spiritual world, the pattern of this concordance can no longer change. This is because in life there is constant striving (or lack of striving) for union between the natural and spiritual of every person. To the degree this union is formed during life the constellation if formed. But after death the natural/material is no more and the formation stops, and the constellation formed, then, doesn’t change, This is what is meant by the phrase in the Bible, “In the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be” (Ecclesiatstes 11:3).
This does not mean a person’s state cannot change in the spiritual world, but it can only change based on the form of the concordance. The concordance is based on the internal bond we made with the good of God, so in heavenly light we grow and flourish to the degree the pattern of the concordance is receptive to it; and this pattern is unique with everyone. The pattern of concordance that forms our soul is like a seed that grows in the light of heaven if it is good; if it is bad it shrivels and rejects the light of heaven. The reason the form of the concordance can only change while we are in the world is that life in the world is part material and part spiritual, and change in form is birthed from the marriage of the material and the spiritual. The mind is part material and part spiritual also, so, by doing and thinking, by believing and loving, we manifest the form of our soul.
This is a deep intricacy of the Word, but it is significant to understand. The dynamics of the constellation seems to be illusive for people to understand. One of the biggest implications of it is that once in hell it is almost impossible to leave. A Lot of people think it is not compassionate to think this, but people who think this are isolating compassion; true compassion is always in union with wisdom. The Lord knows what He is doing, and is always does what is just. We have to trust Him. He has infinite wisdom, and we finite wisdom; and in submitting to Him and seeking Him we receive wisdom and strength.
Jesus doesn’t ‘throw’ anyone into hell. People do it to themself, by what they choose to love. In the spiritual world before anyone enters heaven or hell they go through a rigorous process called vastation (cleansing) which may be mild or very intense. (This takes place in the ‘world of spirits’ which is between heaven and hell.) The purpose of vastation is ultimately to remove everything in a person that is not in harmony with their ruling love. If they have a constellation which is ultimately capable for heaven than extraneous evils are removed from them, and visa versa. In this process the angels do everything possible, from love, to prepare the person for heaven. But the loves one has formed in their soul – freely chosen and bonded with – are the baseline of our being. We can’t just say we want something – like we want to go to heaven and do it – unless our loves are in harmony with it. There is no fooling God and the angels. God judges truly and knows us better than we know ourself.

These principles are not to be used to be self-righteous (or for merely intellectual purposes), but to inspire us to submit to God, to live a good life, to express compassion – Now. When we submit to God we are then infilled with love – we are infilled to the degree we submit. This is why humility is the source of strength, why love elevates perception – why the meek shall inherit the earth. God is always striving to bring love and wisdom into union, it’s a process, a deeply fulfilling process of inner skill.

To the degree we entertain evil we cannot receive the good of God. Evil knows, and is perpetually scheming, to separate love from wisdom. For this renders both false. This is why some, especially the left in todays world are acting so insane. They operate on blanket compassion, which is false compassion because it has separated itself from wisdom. Without the light of wisdom blanket compassion is all emotion, and one then just uses emotion to justify their agenda, which is backwards.

False compassion if persisted in always turns into rage and possibly violence. The reason is that one who does this is operating on half the equation of life, but it is innate to our soul and being to be whole which is to operate on love and wisdom in union. This is expressed in the Bible in the phrase, ‘be harmless as dove (compassion) and wise as a serpent’. So, in operating on half the equation of life a person has to expend a lot of energy denying the other half. This takes a person further and further from true self. The only way to maintain this imbalance it to keep going deeper and deeper and deeper into denial. This is why the left continually keeps going to further extremes. Everyone in hell is in chronic deep denial, and their life is about emotional justifications and artful deceptions, which become insane fantasies. They become their evil loves which is a completely inverted and insane life. For those in hell the presence of an angel causes them to burn with murderous rage and jealousy because they cannot stand to see what they have become, and they seek to abuse and destroy anyone who has good in them.

The Bond: Meditation on the Process that Takes Place in Life and Death – That Leads to Heaven or Hell

September 1st, 2020

As long as we are in this earthly world and have some cognitive ability we can change; anyone can be reformed. Change is a process, it doesn’t happen instantly. It is a birthing that takes place between the natural and the spiritual. The desire or love to change needs to overcome the inertia or resistance of the body and minds habits. The birthing takes place likes this between the union of the body and soul, the external and internal, one’s love and wisdom. Throughout our life we are forming a constellation between these in our soul, which is most readily seen between our external and internal self. As long as potential change is only in the mind or desire it has not yet reached fruition and can dissipate; it comes into fruition when it is moves into action, and then a bond is formed between our internal and external self. This process of bonding with our internal core (wherein God is) takes place throughout life and forms the constellation. An example of this is how our loves and beliefs shine through our face naturally when we speak; on the opposite end in this world we can feel something devious and harmful inside and show kindness on the outside. In the first there is harmony, and the second dis-harmony; the one is heavenly and the other hellish.

Now it is very significant to understand that at death the constellation formed is set, it does not change because we are no longer in the natural world. This is the meaning of the verse in the Bible, “Where the tree falleth, so it lays’. The constellation is now like a seed that is exposed to the light in the spiritual world. The constellation itself cannot change at this point because there is no longer any birthing between the soul the natural world – that process is over. Now it will grow according the nature of the loves formed in its constellation. When it comes to union evil is always trying to separate our love from wisdom which turns them to falsity and hate and all the negative emotions and cunning that comes with it. But heaven is always striving to bring union between our loves and our beliefs or faith.

So if the nature of ones constellation is primarily heavenly that in us which is not in harmony with heaven will be removed and forgotten. We are brought into wholeness with our ruling love. If the constellation is primarily hellish then evil loves remain and the heavenly ones will be removed.

It is up to us to form the heavenly bond during our life here on earth. There is no hiding in the spiritual world like there is here. We are seen, completely, angels see all the way through us and desire nothing more than to love us and prepare us for heaven, but if our soul is not prepared we will reject them. If our soul is heavenly then we will love being fully and completely seen as if for the first time. There will still be many challenges and points of growth, but in general we increase in happiness for eternity. It is also an extraordinary thing about heaven that all of our negative memories and fears and experiences will be released and no longer distress our mind (they are still there but the attachment is truthfully purged), but instead we look and grow upward on onward into an ever more particular and exciting love of life for eternity. This is what it means that ‘all of our tears will be wiped away’.


August 30th, 2020
Intelligence is only so if it leads to something good, otherwise it is just cleverness. Love actually contains within it wisdom, so intelligence is only in its genuine state when it is bonded to love or the desire for good. One can have a high IQ, but it does not mean they are intelligent. The reason for this is that it is irrational to use one’s mind for evil or negative purposes, and to be irrational is not intelligent. It doesn’t matter how high ones IQ is, to the degree one is run by the emotions, the intellect works to justify the emotion.
The best kind of intelligence is perception. In perception one’s heart and soul, mind, and body work together as one to see. All thought and perception arises from the will or ones driving love, and the skills of the mind work to interpret or articulate the desire of one’s love. One can observe this in yourself and it is a very good thing to do because it brings self knowledge and self examination of our motives.
Genuine intelligence hones in on the cause behind the subject at hand; it looks to the whole picture because it desires to do what is best for the individual and for the whole of society. It cares about its own good and for the good of ones’s community and country. On this point it is very important to realize why the sequence of honor goes from ‘God, Country and neighbor’. The bigger the entity one seeks to serve the greater one is sacrificing one self to the whole, and thus the more the heart commits to expanding in love. If one does this in good faith God honors it. This is why it is said, ‘for those who serve their country truly, the Lords kingdom becomes their new country’.
False intelligence only looks at one’s own interest or one group’s interest and overlooks the harm to others or the whole. To do this they always use relativistic thinking which claims that everything is subjective and therefore of equal value, but this is not true. Somethings are good and somethings are bad, and they must be discerned and articulated and addressed for what they are. Only evil relativizes good and evil. Whenever you see someone relativizing it is often a tell-tale sign of hidden ill-will. To say everything is subjective is a way of clouding the mind. It does not let the mind grasp and stand on solid ground; it is a truth but only half the truth.
To see the whole perspective let us look at the cross. The cross has a horizontal arm and a vertical arm. The horizontal arm reaches out to all of humanity to include everyones subjective perspective; the vertical arm reaches up to the source of divine live, and thus can inform the horizontal arm with many particulars of principled insight. Another way of saying this is that we are all human and in a body, but the human form is also the ONLY WAY OF RECEIVING TRUTH AND INSPIRATION FROM GOD. It is designed and made to do so.
The human form is a universal form because it is the from of God and the created is always a reflection of that which created it. Our human body is a receptacle of love and wisdom from God; it is the only form that can receive this higher consciousness. Just as the eye is an organ that is a receptacle of light and the ear a receptacle of sound, the human soul is a receptacle of love and wisdom from God. It is the highest form in the universe, in fact the universe itself and heaven itself is in the human form, which is known as the Grand Man.
To receive this light from the Lord one needs faith and enthusiasm. One needs to have the heat of love in your soul to clear the dross of the bodies inertia. If one is waiting for proof it will never come. That is the way of external minded. To penetrate to the internal one needs the desire of love for the subject at hand.
This is why negative people ask you to prove it. They seek to put you on their ground of the external world only, and the vagaries of this world are difficult to negotiate. Once you are in a position of proving something doubt is introduced and with that the matter at hand can be clouded and mired. This is the ‘reasonable’ technique of evil to cause doubt, and suffocate the heart by the minds doubt.
It takes skill and practice to find the sound place inside. It is a constant effort of Maintenance, and this skill involves bringing the mind and soul in union.

Understanding the Story and Internal Meaning of John the Baptist: Why Jesus called Him the Greatest Man Ever Born of Woman

August 2nd, 2020

Because of the great use John the Baptist performed Jesus called him ‘the greatest man ever born of woman’.

Let us look at the correspondences in John the Baptist. John represents the Word as to the the Lord, and all the particulars of his actions and appearance can be understood by the use he was providing to restore humanities connection to heaven and the Word.

When we look into the spiritual/historical purpose of John the Baptist a deep sense of God’s wisdom emerges. When pressed by the priests John identifies himself as the fulfillment of Isaiah 40:3: “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God”. On an earthly level the last sentence is a reference to the roads that were built by the Romans through the rough terrain so that kings could travel in their royal chariots. These roads eventually made it possible for everyone to access new lands and connect new people and places. This is the metaphor for the purpose of John. John was the trailblazer of the way out of darkness. He was the means of transition between the old dying church, and the new Church to come.

John’s whole life seems to have been one of great focus, preparing for the brief, but profound period before Jesus began his public ministry; and he carried out his mission with great intensity. He became well known and was much talked about, long lines of people came to hear him and be baptized by him. He Baptized the people with water, and proclaimed the coming of the Messiah; and he called people to repentance. He was like an Olympic athlete that trains for decades for a great race that takes a short time to run – the was the original ‘spiritual athlete’.

John’s job was no less than to re-establish the means of conjunction between heaven and earth. This had to be done for it is a universal principle that the internal (heaven) must have a foundation (earth) upon which to rest, and the connection between them is accomplished by correspondences. The use of the Jews for correspondence had come to an end. They no longer served their purpose as the representative people, and without a church on earth that acknowledged the Lord there is no means for humanity to receive heavenly wisdom. The last sentences of the Old Testament in Malachi are:

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse”. (Malachi 4: 5,6).

To curse the earth does not mean that God chooses to do this but that the people had so separated themselves from God that they were at the end, they were about to be destroyed forever by evil because of their own choices. The same thing is said in many prophets when they say phrases like, ‘the destruction to come’, the ‘day of wrath, and vengence’. It would have been over for humanity, but God sent ‘Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day’. By Elijah here is meant John the Baptist as the Lord himself explains in the gospels. The reason He calls John Elijah is that they both represent the Word as to the Lord. Turning the heart of the fathers and children refers to the renewal of the church that John’s actions will bring about. On these points Swedenborg quotes the prophet Zeph:

“In that day there shall be the noise of a cry, that the great day of Jehovah is near, that that is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, that in the day of Jehovah’s wrath the whole land shall be devoured, and that He will make a consummation with all them that dwell in the land (Zeph. 1:7-18)”.

This means that the Jewish nation and humanity was about to be destroyed if God did not intervene. John, his actions, his preaching, his baptism, served the purpose of establishing the new means of conjunction with heaven. Because he was the agent of this change even the things he wore and ate had essential meanings by correspondences. Correspondences have to be acted out in reality, in the physical world, and John established baptism with water as the new means of correspondence. His was the external baptism that prepared the people to later receive the internal baptism of Jesus. The baptisms performed by John and the men and women that willingly received it made it possible for angels (under the guidance of the Lord) to be present with, and protect those willing to receive it. Heaven and earth are distinct from each other, but they must always be connected. As said above, earth is the foundation of heaven; and for both to exist they must be in union, which is done by correspondences.

It is perhaps astounding to hear that heaven needed people to participate in correspondences in order for the angels to have access to protecting the people from the eminent darkness. The way correspondences work between heaven and earth could be compared to an electrical current in a wire that must have a grounded node to connect to; John and his actions along with those who responded to him established the earthly node. Or it could be compared to a river that had gone dry with only water holes left in the river bed. With no water between the holes the fish could no longer move from one hole to another. John’s actions began to reconnected the holes with water. The people baptized by John were the primary beginning of the new Christian church, they were the people able to hear and receive Christ’s message.

Along with performing baptism John called the people to repent, or change their hearts, by which the people began to understand and believe that Christ was the Messiah and to have more caring hearts for others. Those that heard his message, repented, and allowed themselves to be baptized where initiated into the new church, that is, into the community of love and charity. To acknowledge who Jesus was in heart spiritually brings people into his presence and protection, whereas before they were separated by the darkness. This was joyous good news – for they were emerging from a dark nightmare. On this critical time Swedenborg writes:

“The baptism performed by John represented the cleansing of the external man; but baptism as practiced among Christians at the present time represents the cleansing of the internal man. That is why we read that John baptized with water, but the Lord baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire. So too John’s baptism is called a baptism of repentance. The Jews who were baptized were nothing but external men, and the external man cannot become internal without faith in Christ. It may be seen in the Acts of the Apostles (19:3-6) that those who received John’s baptism became internal men, when they accepted faith in Christ and were then baptized in the name of Jesus”. (AC 690).

In the first quote above ‘wilderness’ represents the bereft spiritual state of mankind, and John is the voice crying out to the people to reach them with new light. Since John represents the Lord as to the Divine Word his actions and the items of his wild physical appearance can be understood as a description of the way the earth connects to heaven. Crying out in the wilderness is the action of a great prophet passionately exposing the danger the people are in. John laments the state of his people toward the Word and the divine, and he appealed to the hearts of people. He did his job with fierce determination; he called the leaders ‘vipers’, and he taught the people to open their hearts to Him who was coming. These actions corresponds to the actions of angels in heaven when they perceive the tragedy of a dying church.

“To cry with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud symbolizes a supplication by angels in heaven to the Lord, because they lacked anything corresponding to them on earth. For the church on earth is to the angelic heaven like the foundation on which a house rests, or like the feet on which a person stands and which he uses to walk. When the church on earth has been destroyed, therefore, the angels lament and supplicate the Lord. Their supplication is that He may bring the church to an end and raise up a new one”. (Apocalypse Revealed 645).

John intensely enacted this supplication on earth. He kindled this passion and awareness in those who he taught. and preached to. The Bible further describes John the Baptist:

“And the same John had his raiment of camel’s hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey. Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judea, and all the region round about Jordan, And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins. But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” (Mat 3: 4-7).

In general the clothing of a prophet corresponds to the external or literal sense of the Word. By food is signified spiritual nourishment from the principles of the Word. In heaven these meanings of clothing and food are realities. Because these things are heavenly truths, by correspondence, they appear in the Word. The clothes on a person in heaven exist from the love and character in the soul of that person. The food they take corresponds to knowledge and truth that nourishes their use and love. Swedenborg writes that John’s “girdle denotes a bond which gathers up and holds together interior things; that ‘leather’ denotes what is external; and thus ‘a leathern girdle’ denotes an external bond”. That John’s belt represents the bond between external and internal things, or heaven and earth, is a most profound reflection of his use, since he was re-establishing the connection between earthly life and heavenly wisdom.

Because of this great use he performed Jesus called John ‘the greatest man ever born of woman’.

Because John represented the Word as to the Lord, when Jesus Himself came on the scene (who is the living Word), John said of himself that he was “not Elias, nor the prophet,” and that he was “not worthy to loose the latchet of the Lord’s shoe”, and that ‘He must increase and I must decrease”. This is because when the real thing shows up the external expression fades away, just as a shadow goes away when the sun comes out.

Description of the Structure of the Entire Natural and Spiritual Universe And the View It Gives of How Jesus Christ Renewed Everything In the Resurrection

April 19th, 2020

There is only one God and that is Jesus the divine human. There can be only one God by the nature of what the divine is. The divine is omnipotent and omnipresent, and there can only be One who has this power and quality. If there were two then neither would be omnipotent or omnipresent, so more than one is an impossibility. These are principles of truth not abstractions. (The slightest thought of two gods, as some have falsely held on earth, is utterly abhorrent to angels and those in heavenly light). God is in the human form; He is the perfect human from creation, always has and always will be. Before the resurrection in the Old Testament in the Bible He was known as Jehovah; after the resurrection He is known as Jesus Christ who is the same one God as Jehovah, except with a new human. God had never been in the material world of earth before. By being birthed on earth and resurrected after death Jesus Christ became the new human of God. The resurrection is the ultimate birthing. The Glorification process was the refining fire by which Jesus forged the eternal bond between his human body and divine soul.

We humans are made “in His image” meaning we are human because He is human, except He is infinite and divine and we are finite and human beings with a soul. It is a universal principle that all things created by the divine repeat the form of the divine. Because His form is repeated in everything, we are in the human form, and the human form is a universal form in the universe. In its actual shape and structure the whole of the universe is a complete human in all of its parts and organs in every minutest detail. This is known as the Grand Man, which is Jesus in His macro, and so it is true that we are in the body of Jesus. Even the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom derive their nature from the human form, though they are (each in turn) more remote forms of it.

If one were able to see the whole of heaven you would see that it is composed of heavenly societies that compose and correspond to all the parts and organs of the human body. Each society is like a city or community, self contained and has all the functions, uses, occupations, wonders of nature as do cities, communities, or nations on earth. Each society of heaven corresponds to a specific part of the human form, like the lung, heart, skin, veins, muscles, brains, etc. The part of the human form that a society corresponds relates to the character and overall purpose of the society. For instance hearing relates to the ability to understand and obey. The heart relates to the ability to know the truth from love immediately from hearing it. The skin are those who are very dense in strictly obeying doctrine, but are a protector of the precious insides. This is true in every minutest detail of the body and its innumerable parts. God is sovereign, each society is sovereign, and each human is sovereign; and, each of these in its overall structure is in the human form. In addition, each of the innumerable parts in the human, that is in each of the sovereign entities, are connected and serve an essential function to each other and to the whole. Each angel loves serving the others in their society more than themselves, so love increases exponentially the more that enter.

The Grand man is the overall form of heaven; hell is not in the Grand man, but is its opposite; hell is in the shape of a Satanic human. (The Grand Man and Satan are enormous and complex far beyond our ability to understand, and no human can see them in their whole, but we can conceptualize them in principle.) Now to see the whole structure of the universe Imagine the infinitely beautiful Grand man standing and facing the infinitely brilliant spiritual sun, (of which God Himself is in the midst). Underneath The Grand Man, upside down to him, and facing away from the Sun is Hell in the shape of Satan, a monstrous human form. Hell is the negative opposite in every way to the grand man. For every particular society in heaven that serves good, there is an opposite society in hell that serves evil. Opposite each particular society of the highest heaven (and the function it serves), there is a society in deepest hell, that serves the hellish negative of that society, and this is the same for the middle heavens, and the middle hells, and the lower heavens, and the higher hells. There is a perfect equilibrium maintained between heaven and hell in structure, but spiritually they completely repel each other like the same poles of magnets. There is no union between them. The very atmosphere in the spiritual world is composed of ‘a quality of affection. The various qualities of love and wisdom are the spiritual substance that compose the ‘air’ in each particular societies of the spiritual world. In heaven the atmosphere is of love and in hell it is of hate. So those in hell cannot even breath or survive in the heavenly atmosphere.

It is also important to see that though they are opposite forces hell has no source of its own. Those in hell receive life from God, but they have completely inverted and corrupted that life into selfish love and hate, and they have done so by their own freedom of choice, not God’s will. The soul of each person that lives while in the natural world takes on a form that is based on the way the lived, believed and loved, and when they die this form is set and cannot change. If it is capable of heavenly light they are prepared for heaven and they grow from the form of their soul at the end of life. The form, or constellation of their soul, is like a seed from which they can then grow in happiness for eternity. If they are hellish then they grow negatively from that form.

Hell, in the human figure of Satan, is beneath, and upside down to the Grand Man. Their feet are adjacent but the Satan is facing in the opposite direction from the Grand Man (away from the spiritual sun). Those who are in hell appear to them self to be standing upright, but the position just described shows their true spiritual state, which is that their feet are up and their head down. Also, between heaven and hell is a chasm which separates them, and this is the world of spirits. The world of spirits is in the spiritual world between heaven and hell, and it is a transitional place (state) that gradually prepares each person that dies for heaven or hell. The world of spirits can be a beautiful place or a scary place. Everyone there is undergoing a gradual process of vastation that prepares them for their eternal time in heaven or in hell. Vastation means to ‘be cleansed’. This means those who can receive heaven gradually go through a process of removing that in them that is from hell. Everyone has within them a ruling love and if their ruling love is hate then they are prepared for Hell. The things in them that are of heaven are vastated for these are extraneous and not part of the core love. Those with a ruling love for heaven are vastated of extraneous loves from hell. It must be so so they can be in heaven or hell and its atmosphere without duplicity. Each person in the world of spirits is gradually gravitating to the east or west, the east being toward heaven and the west toward hell.

Life on earth is in perfect equilibrium between the forces of heaven and hell. Because heaven and hell are of the spirit they are outside time and space and can be present to people on earth and to people in the world of spirits. The whole structure of creation rests on this equilibrium for it is the fulcrum upon which human freedom exists! The end purpose of this structure is in the service of humans, (which includes the spirits in the world of spirits (former humans), and angels (former humans)). There is no other way for a person to have life and consciousness other than to be in freedom. The equilibrium between heaven and hell that provides freedom is another expression of how the human form is a universal form in the universe.  The world of spirits is somewhat like the natural world in that in it there is good and evil, but people’s abilities are much more refined there, and one’s purpose there is more refined, that is, to be vastated in preparation for heaven or hell. The world of spirits is a sort master growth processing place in which the falsities of thought and self perception are removed so that one can come into their true self. This is of course for those going to heaven. Hell is for those who have not prepared them self on earth to be able to receive this process. They refuse and reject every prompting and effort of the angels to the point they choose to be in hell, not necessarily consciously but by their actions and because their ruling love is hate. The world of spirits looks in every way very much like earth life, but the people don’t have physical bodies, but spiritual bodies, and as they gradually realize this they see that their faculties are many times greater and more astute than they were in the world.

In the resurrection when Jesus became one with God He became the innermost of all things, and what is the innermost is also the outermost. This means that his presence is immediate with everyone and all things and He became the Grand Man! In achieving the resurrection through the glorification process Jesus defied all the laws of physics. He merged his material body with the divine and made it spiritual. He raised it into the spiritual world. This can never happen, other than by the divine; and it will never happen again for what the divine does is eternal by nature. It is not so much that He defied the laws of physics but that He became the law of the universe from love. This is what it means to enter the innermost. The one who defies the undefiable laws of physics can only do so by becoming divine order; He becomes the innermost and outermost of the universe. God from the beginning is divine truth and love. What He did in being born on earth is prophesied in the Bible from beginning to end. Prophecy in the Bible is divine truth because it comes for the will of God. In being born on earth and growing to manhood Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies of the Bible thus became and upgraded divine truth.  By doing this Jesus Christ renewed all things, and now has immediate relationship and presence to everyone and everything. He exponentially increased the light available in the natural and spiritual worlds. 

The Story of the Woman Who Had ‘a Flow of Blood’: Principles Demonstrating the Transformation of Her Soul

March 24th, 2020

From the Bible, Luke 8: But as He went, the multitudes thronged Him. 43 Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any, 44 came from behind and touched the border of His garment. And immediately her flow of blood stopped.

45 And Jesus said, “Who touched Me?”

When all denied it, Peter and those with him said, “Master, the multitudes throng and press You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’ ”

46 But Jesus said, “Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me.” 47 Now when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling; and falling down before Him, she declared to Him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched Him and how she was healed immediately.

48 And He said to her, “Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

Stories in the Bible contain wondrous principles of life and truth to live by. When the woman touched His robe, Jesus knew it for he felt ‘power go out of Him’. Jesus has perception of the natural and spiritual world at the same time.  To touch is to connect, and because of her yearning and belief His power was received and healed her. Jesus is power. His power is entirely from good, which is the greatest and true power. God, the soul of Jesus, is in the midst of the spiritual sun which radiates love and wisdom and sustains all the universe and life. The soul of us human beings are receptacles of life from him. The woman yearned for him in her suffering, she loved him. She was beginning to know who He is, and all this made her receptive to Him. So she received according to her faith; power flowed into her. The relationship between Jesus and man is reciprocal, and to the degree there is mutual love and understanding a bond is formed, if  there is no reception, then there is no bond. People like the pharisees can’t receive, ‘their sin remains’, because they think they know better, and hate Him for being the real thing. This closes the internals of their soul and they can not receive. 

     Swedenborg often writes, ‘For on the lowest levels of good and truth which spring from the Divine there is might and power’. By lowest level he means the material world. The material or natural world is a container and foundation of good and truth so in its expression at the point of touch it comes into its full power, because the point of touch is where it is transferred, given and received. It is like water traveling through a large pipe, but when the pipe narrows it gains more pressure and shoots out strong. To this point Swedenborg further explains; ‘the external holds all the interior things in their order, and in their form and connection, insomuch that if the external were removed, the internal things would be dispersed; for internal things not only cease in the external, but they are also together in it”. This is a function of the universal principle that life springs from the union of the natural and the spiritual, and this is no more profoundly found than in the fact God became human in the physical world and through the course of his life made His human divine. For humans, like the woman who touched the hem of his robe ,the moment of union is an epiphany.

    The miracles Jesus performed for the ‘poor’ (this word is meant more in the sense of the spiritually poor, those who don’t have truth but yearn for it), are of course wondrous and involve this internal process, but in terms of faith miracles are an external measure. The greatest miracle is the transformation of one’s soul. Jesus admonished the people for always wanting signs and miracles because He wanted internal transformation, not external, but He knew it was a step. To any one with any reason the miracles show that Jesus is divine, but most still did not accept that He was the Messiah, much less God. The miraculous healing of the body was a great mercy for those that had a measure of belief, but for those observing they were a sensational measure that did not necessarily change a persons heart. Miracles compelled people to believe and for this reason miracles are usually not allowed. They were used to seed a people who had become very external in nature. They were allowed in the time of Jesus and after for a while, for the  very reason Jesus came was that evil had overrun heaven and the earth and caused a disequilibrium between heaven and hell. In the disequilibrium evil could compel people and spirits to hell, which is the most awful of things. Miracles were a counter-balance to this in that miracles compelled people to faith. Evil had accumulated in the world and in the spiritual world to the point it would have overrun the universe if it were not corrected. God, as Jesus, suffered himself to be born on earth to defeat all the forces of evil that had run out of control, to teach the people how to be in genuine faith and love again, and to restore the integrity of heaven. 

The verse, ‘she came trembling; and falling down before Him, she declared to Him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched Him and how she was healed immediately’, is very important. The woman was seen by Jesus into her whole soul, and thought it was frightening she accepted it and loved it. ‘Trembling’ indicates a change of being, and so it is an intense and seminal experience. In this it is important for the change that one speak from their own self and bear the truth honestly so that there is complete transfer and ownership. It is also significant that there were witnesses to hear it and see it. This is similar to the purpose of witnessing in weddings where the parties declare their consent in the presence of witnesses. This confirms in community and in the world the change of state in the woman’s soul, and thus establishes it. All of these verses speak to the transformation of her soul – the greatest miracle of all – for it leads to salvation in heaven, which is God’s end purpose for all.


March 8th, 2020
“There’s only one true faith; faith in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. It exists in believing He is God, the God of heaven and earth, that He is one with the Father. Faith is truth. And the truth is Jesus is God. Truth cannot be split or cut in half and maintain its trueness” (Swedenborg).
I believe this statement by Swedenborg is true, and it’s important to see HOW it is true here on earth.
In the spiritual world, the way we believe and love God determines more than anything where we go, even as to the particular society of heaven, (or if we go at all).
Here on earth it is the same except that in the natural world we have an external and internal self in such a way that we can hide, we can de in denial. In the spiritual world you can’t hide like here – we are our love and beliefs, and they are seen by the angels.
In hell they try desperately to hide and deceive, and they live in a fantasy that becomes an insanity, but are seen for what they are by anyone above. Those in hell cannot stand to be seen, and burn with rage, hate, jealousy and vengeance.
On earth the state of our soul is partially conditioned by our place of living, by culture, beliefs, religion and many of these can be false. But here is a very important point to remember – even if a person believes in a religious falsity but does so in good faith – God honors the internal state of love, not the falsity. If the inner love and faith is good, the falsity can later be corrected. This is a big part of why the Lord said, “Leave Judgment to me”. Man can have insight to a persons moral and physical state, but a person’s true spiritual state is only known by the Lord.
This point is made most beautifully and insightfully by C.S. Lewis in his last Narnia book, ‘The Last Battle’. In it there is a prince from the dark empire that worships Tarsheesh, which is basically a demon. The prince serves his king with honor, and fights with honor, Aslan and the Narnians are the prince’s sworn enemies. He pursues the Narnian’s and tries to defeat them. At one point near the end they run through a doorway to escape and find themselves in bright light and a beautiful paradise, and they gradually recognize they are in heaven. The Prince chases them through the door, and is bewildered that he is in light, and, being overwhelmed his sits beneath a tree. That he could see the door at all is a metaphor from the bible where Jesus tells that there is ‘a path and a gate that leads to heaven’. Jesus tells the people ‘do not stumble on this rock’. Those who stumble do so because they cant see it, but those who see it go the right way. They see it because they have spiritual perception.
In the story most of the people could not see the door, but the prince saw it and went thought it, not knowing what he was doing.
Under the tree the Prince is very confused, and then he sees Aslan coming to him. He is terrified at the magnificence of the Lion, but being a man of honor he faces him and says to Aslan, ‘kill him now’, for he sees he has been wrong all his life and he is humbled.
But Aslan tells him, “Welcome, my good and faithful son’. The prince is profoundly mortified and says, ‘But I have been your sworn enemy all my life, and I worshiped Tarsheesh”. Aslan then teaches the Prince that Tarsheesh is a demon, and that he was deceived, but that all his life he acted honorably and yearned to see the real Tarsheesh – and because his heart was true he has came face to face with Aslan.
This is spiritual Beauty.
Nevertheless, even for someone like the prince, whose heart is right but has false believes, they still can not enter heavenly light until they are taught correctly and acknowledge that Jesus the divine human, the one God of heaven. Because their heart is right and good internally the can receive the teaching of the angels.
This story is certainly not a justification for not seeking the Lord, it just shows that the Lord is perfect justice from infinite wisdom. It is a painful thing that so many people and friends can’t embrace and say they love the Lord.
The Lord and the Bible are the way given to us that provide knowledge of and conjunction with heaven, and it is best to follow these.

The Democrat Leaders, Like Pelosi and Schiff, Are Using the Same Tactics that Evil Spirits in Hell Use: A Description of The Tactics in Both Worlds

November 6th, 2019

Swedenborg tells how evil spirits use divine order and correspondences and twist their process and purpose for their evil deeds. For instance, in the spiritual world, if any words of the scripture are written on a paper, they immediately begin to shine, because the whole Word is written in correspondences. This is true of the Bible alone; no other written material has an internal sense. This phenomenon of the written material happens because the Word in its internal sense is divine truth from the Lord; the written Word is its external sense and the divine its internal so the internal makes it shine in spiritual light. The evil uses this phenomenon as a trick to create light and make itself look heavenly in various ways when it is not. Swedenborg writes that there are thousands of tricks like this they leverage for evil uses. Its like in “It’s a Wonderful life’, when the angel says ‘Every time a bell rings an angel gets it wings’ (which is a beautiful allegory about the response of innocence to angels). But the crass, external-minded bartender starts opening and closing the register to ring the bell, and he scoffs, ‘Hey look, I am giving out angel’s wings’.
The democrat leaders now are doing these kind of tricks, in a earthly way, a lot, but their intent is the same. They have no respect for God and his divine order, but abuse due process and use dirty tricks – and they actually think they’re winning by doing this! In the phony impeachment they are taking the principles of democracy, the constitution and due process (all of which are from spiritual wisdom of the Word) and leveraging the gaps in their rules for evil and tyranicle purposes. Shifty has maneuvered himself into the position of witness, prosecutor and judge and controls the whole process. This is an abuse of democracy, it’s not how democracy and due process is supposed to work. AOC, Rashida Omar and many others do the same thing with free speech. In my last post Pelosi admits the democrat strategy it so smear, create a phony media story out of it, and then use the phony story as evidence to prosecute. By this they hope to put someone in jail, destroy their reputation, and to dominate all the news and obstruct the process of getting real work done. They don’t give a damn in hell about America and what is right, they want to rule from their self – which is the signature function of hell!

A satire site made this point in a pretend article about AOC’s justification for late term abortion. (I don’t think AOC really said this): “We, the Democrats are doing God’s work. By killing babies we are sending them to heaven. I truly feel that Jesus would bless the legislation we’ve created and open His arms to us. It is His word that we follow. Jesus Christ was a socialist, you know, just like me. I’m emulating Christ everyday.”

The terrible misconception depicted here is that it’s not of humans will to cause death like abortion does, but God alone! It’s true that it’s a gift of God that when a baby dies it goes to heaven, but the time of birth and time of death of every person is entirely up to the providence and infinite wisdom of God. The democrats strategy and idea of abortion is an example of how the natural minded play devious tricks with divine order. Because they are only external they are blind to the spiritual and the internal, and they use information the wrong way, and for the wrong reason. The left doesn’t see the moral problem with willing and advocating for the death of an unborn baby. This kind of reasoning and trickery is from the influence of evil spirits in hell.


November 6th, 2019

35 “Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, 36 like servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him. 37 It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them. 38 It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the middle of the night or toward daybreak. 39 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. 40 You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”


“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning”. To desire God is the beginning of perception to see. This verse means what it sounds like, that is, be ready and alert to the urging of God and the needs around you, and persevere in trusting Him. We can then feel the  prompting of God within us, and if we have the desire we can see the movement of God in our community and nation. Then our will is moved to respond to support the people and leaders who are fighting for him.

In the parable of the ten virgins the ones that had oil in their lamps entered the wedding, because they had the union of love and awareness for the Lord in their heart, and so, were prepared to enter heaven. The ones who had lamps but no oil had the form but not the substance, meaning they had faith, but not faith in union with charity. Lamps burning is a powerful image of the union of love and awareness together, – which Mary of Bethany is the greatest example of. Mary was on fire with the love for Jesus and the awareness that He must fulfill His mission and be killed on the cross. This means she knew that He was God and had the power to do what He had been teaching everyone, which is that he would resurrect on the third day. She, no doubt, did not know how or even why, but her love for Him, and what He had done for her, elevated her perception so that she had faith that He would do as he said. The disciples believed he was he Messiah and the son of God, but she was the first to see that he was God Himself. This perception is the most essential of all for faith because it is the truth and brings his presence closest to us. Mary’s action of anointing Him before His burial and her outpouring of love shows she had this awareness. And what show it more than anything is that Jesus memorialized her love, faith and action for all time.

“Like servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet”. Wedding in its highest sense refers to the resurrection, because it is the consummation of the Holy marriage; it is the culmination of the glorification process wherein Jesus merged His human body with His divine soul, thus making His human divine and taking it into heaven. ‘Servants waiting for the master’ are those who learned to have faith in His divine, who believe in the resurrection and commit their heart to Him. In Jesus’s time the first to be initiated into this awareness were those who received baptism from John the Baptist, because these showed faith and became receptacles of heaven. The connection with heaven had been lost and this is why Jesus came down. John had to initiate the external baptism as the new correspondences with heaven; John performed the external baptism to pave the way before the internal baptism of Jesus could be received – this process had to take place in this way – because the external is always the foundation of the internal; and, because correspondences are the essential structure that creates the connection between heaven and earth. So those who received John’s baptism were the first who were ‘servants waiting for the master’. The Baptism of John established the new correspondence between heaven and earth. There had to be this correspondence for man to have knowledge of heaven and God; if not mankind on earth would spiritually die. Without a living correspondence mankind would be overrun by evil and spiritually and physically fall into abysmal darkness. The birth of Jesus was the two edged sword that both ended the Jewish nation as the means of correspondence, (as it had existed for centuries in the Old Testament) and established the new Christian church.  Those waiting on the Lord are those in the true new Christian Church.

“So that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him”. The Lord is always turned to us, the door is always open; and we must turn to Him, meaning we have the capability by the faculty of our will to receive him. The will is of love and we use our mind to understand its feelings and guide them intelligently. To the degree we acknowledge the Lord and come to love and understand Him is the degree to which we can receive Him. The relationship between God and man is reciprocal in this way. He influences us to respond to is urging and we must incline our heart and mind to receive it. 

“It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them”. The soul of man is truly fed in a spiritual way by genuine spiritual principles or truths. Our soul is an organ, a complete spiritual organ in the human form. Just as the eye is an organ that receives light, the soul is an organ that receives love and wisdom from the Lord. Those who learn to have internal faith in Jesus, no matter what they have been through, He will restore them. Truths of the Word, spiritual principles, honesty, trust and humility restore the soul of man. We know that the body receives food to nourish it, and that the food taken in needs to be digested. In a similar way Jesus gradually softens and regenerates our soul with trials of life and true spiritual principles that heal the traumas in our psyche, removes falsities, and brings in light to our mind and love to our heart. 

“But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into”. This refers to the universal spiritual principle that we can only receive God to the degree we reject evil. Jesus cannot help us if we don’t actively will to resist, remove and reject evil. We all have hereditary evil from head to toe, which allows us to be tempted. It is our job to resist and He will help us to remove the evil as we become aware of it as best we can. To the degree we entertain and act on evil God cannot enter us. As the Bible says, ‘You don’t put new wine in an old wine skin lest it burst’.

Both the rich and the poor are in heaven. Rich in the Bible in the internal sense does not refer to money but to those who have a lot of information but do not have love for the Lord. When the Bible says ‘it is harder for a rich man to enter heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of an needle’ it means that those who think they know it all and are full of pride block themselves from heaven. Poor refers to those who do not know of the Word and its truths but yearn to know. The Lord providentially provides for those who yearn truly.