Correspondences Between the Known Principles of Physics In the Natural Sun and the Holy Nature of the One Spiritual Sun

April 15th, 2020


The heat and light of the natural sun corresponds to love and wisdom from the spiritual sun. We know the sun provides heat and light without which nothing could live. Suns are the source of all energy and raw material for the entire natural world. All the suns throughout the universe are the source of heat and light for their respective solar systems, and beyond. In the spiritual world there is only one sun and it is the one source of all life. It is the origin of life, and creates the substance of life; the fundamental substance of life being love and wisdom from the Lord in the midst of the spiritual sun.

The natural suns are made of matter, are in time and space, and are innumerable, whereas there is only one spiritual sun. This one sun is the one source of everything. The reality that there is one spiritual sun and innumerable natural suns in the universe is a function of correspondence, in that the natural sun cannot possibly reflect the infinite presence of the spiritual sun by size, so it corresponds by innumerable numbers. The reason for this is that in the natural world there is time and space, while in the spiritual world everything is based on state of being, or quality of love.

Science’s ability to penetrate some of the secrets of physics that occur in the sun offers the opportunity to look deep into potential correspondences. Science shows that everything that happens on earth occurs by a process, and correspondingly Swedenborg demonstrates that everything that occurs in the spiritual world occurs by a process. It is very important to grasp this concept, and we can only do so by practicing on particular examples. Humans have an ingrained habit of ‘magical thinking’ when it comes to the spiritual world, meaning we tend to think that things just happen there, that God makes them by the wave of the hand. But we know everything with humans is a matter of gradual growth, and accomplished reciprocally; and that everything in nature requires a process. It is the same in heaven: in heaven people don’t just sit on a cloud and bask in God’s light, but experience fulfillment through being useful in all the same type of occupations we have here. Everything is relational in both worlds. Only in heaven people passionately love serving others more than themselves.

Let’s look at the example of the sun again. Einstein discovered that the source of the sun’s power is nuclear fusion. The sun’s mass is so enormous its gravity causes unfathomable pressure and heat in its core. The pressure and heat cause the atoms to accelerate to incredible speeds at close proximity. Hydrogen atoms normally repel each other, but the heat and pressure at the core is so enormous it causes the Hydrogen atoms to smash together and split, forming a new element – helium. In the process they release heat, and light as photons, and the massive power of the explosion seeks to expand to the surface of the sun. This is nuclear fusion, the engine in the suns core. The sun is anything but static; within the sun there is a constant tension, a raging battle between gravities crushing inward force, and nuclear fusion’s immense expansive fire. But the two forces settle into an equilibrium that lasts for billions of years, and together provide all the elements in the universe, and the heat and light that sustain life.

It is a universal principle that that which is created by the source has in it the inclination to repeat the form of the source. The master example of this is that humans are made in the image of God. The equilibrium between the forces of gravity and nuclear fusion in the sun defines the form of the sun, and because the sun is the source, the form of equilibrium is repeated in everything that exists. For anything to exist it has to have a form, and anything that has form has some kind of equilibrium that is the cause for that form. Based on this principle Swedenborg writes that just as there is an infinite largeness there is also an infinite minuteness. There is nothing so minute that there is not something smaller that is the substance within it. For instance an atom is a form that has within it electrons, neutrons and protons spinning around. As science keeps discovering, even the protons and neutrons have smaller things that compose them, and there are smaller things yet which compose these, and so on. It is beyond our ability to comprehend infinite minuteness, but based on the principle of form, substance and equilibrium we can see it must be true.

Equilibrium is in everything we see. The human body and every organ in it has a certain equilibrium between the inside forces of blood pressure and muscle tension, and the outside forces of gravity and atmospheric pressure. A leaf on a tree has equilibrium in a similar way. Anything we might look at is in a state of equilibrium, a chair, a light bulb, a cell, a fiber, anything, because they have a form, and substance inside it. The equations of Newton and Einstein work within equilibrium. The state of equilibrium can always change, for instance if a bottle is broken, but its pieces settle into another state of equilibrium. Swedenborg writes:

For any thing to have existence there must be an equilibrium of all things. Without equilibrium there is no action and reaction; for equilibrium is between two forces, one acting and the other reacting, and the state of rest resulting from like action and reaction is called equilibrium. In the natural world there is an equilibrium in all things and in each thing. It exists in a general way even in the atmosphere, wherein the lower parts react and resist in proportion as the higher parts act and press down. Again, in the natural world there is an equilibrium between heat and cold, between light and shade, and between dryness and moisture, the middle condition being the equilibrium. There is also an equilibrium in all the subjects of the three kingdoms of nature, the mineral, the vegetable, and the animal; for without equilibrium in them nothing can come forth and have permanent existence (Heaven and Hell, 589).

Another correspondence we can see in the sun has to do with the fact that the divine contains infinite variety, and is the source of life. From the divine human in the spiritual sun manifests the infinite variety and continual abundance of life, similarly, there is nothing that exists in nature that is exactly the same as anything else. For instance, science shows that snowflakes can be very similar, but never exactly the same. It is the same with everything. There are no two human beings that are the same, or ever will be.

To see how suns are the source of all things in nature, and the cause of variety, lets look more deeply at what happens in the sun. Scientists teach that the nuclear fusion taking place in the sun is the cause of all the elements of the universe. A sun like ours is only big enough to produce helium, but stars bigger produce such massive gravity that they have enough heat and pressure to create heavier elements such as sulfur and iron. These heavier elements are only created in supernovas. The elements are made by the incredible heat and energy released when the supernova explodes. Scientists report that the heaviest of elements, such as Gold, are made by the even more enormous explosions that occur when two neutron stars collide. This is why the heavier Elements are more rare. These incredible explosions send the elements out into the universe. And from these elements and their infinite combinations, all the things in the universe originate – planets, galaxies, new stars, and all living things. Scientists describe supernovas as the mother of all substances and objects in the universe. From this information we get an idea of the essential correspondence between God as the source of all things and their infinite variety, and the sun as the source of the abundance and variety in nature.

In my experience correspondence never fails; we simply have to dig into understanding them. Below is another interesting correspondence. In this correspondence we can compare the dynamics between; one, the divine in the spiritual sun and the reception of Him where angels live; and, two, the natural sun and the dynamics of how humans on earth receive light and heat from the sun. Swedenborg writes:

Divine love in the spiritual world appears to the sight of angels like the sun, as far distant from them as the sun of our world is from men. If therefore God, who is in the midst of that sun, were to come close to angels, they would perish just as men would if the sun of the world came close to them, for it is equally burning. For this reason there are constant controls which modify and moderate the burning heat of that love, so that its radiation should not reach heaven undiluted, since this would consume the angels. When therefore the Lord makes His presence more immediately felt in heaven, the irreligious beneath heaven begin to complain, suffering torture and fainting, so that they take refuge in caves and fissures in the mountains (TCR, 691).

This corresponds to the fact that where there is life on a planet there must be the right distance from the sun, and also, a certain delicate balance of characteristics on the planet that protect the life there. Earth being at the perfect distance from the sun is a clear correspondence, but there are many more subtle comparisons to be made. For instance scientist have discovered how essential the magnetic field of the earth is to protecting life against the power of solar flares and radiation. (When solar flares are too big people on earth complain that they take out our electrical systems.) The motion of molten magma inside the earth causes a rather weak magnetic field around earth, but this magnetic field is strong enough to form a barrier around the earth that deflects harmful solar radiation. Also, just the right tilt of the earth’s axis creates the seasons around the globe, which is important for many things, especially maintaining moderate temperatures, a variety of climates for life, and especially a stable atmosphere. These factors, plus just the right amount of water on earth, produce a healthy atmosphere that provides essential protection from the sun’s radiation. The moon provides essential protection for earth by stabilizing its rotation on its axis; without this life would be thrown into dramatic cycles of destruction, mostly due to sudden huge temperature changes, and loss of a stable atmosphere. All of these factors, and many more, work together to maintain a delicate balance; they correspond to the ‘constant controls which modify and moderate’ the burning heat and light of the spiritual sun from harming angels. I am not a physicist, but we can see these correspondences readily enough on the level of principle. The more detailed one’s knowledge of science the deeper the correspondences that can be seen.

Now we look to the ultimate source of equilibrium that makes it a universal correspondence, and demonstrates the connectedness of all things. Inside the spiritual sun there is also an infinite, dynamic marriage that is the source of life. This is the Holy marriage between the Lord’s divine essence and his divine human. This is the Holy of Holies. From this marriage radiates Holy fire, which is the cause of the spiritual sun’s light and heat (wisdom and love). The powerful forces we described inside the natural sun give us a glimpse, by correspondences, of the unfathomably powerful union inside the spiritual son. The equilibrium in the natural sun corresponds to the Holy marriage in the spiritual sun; except, of course, the forces inside the natural son are not alive; they are material and energy based, but in the spiritual sun life comes from the source itself, the divine human, Jesus Christ. This is the mother of all correspondences.

“In the Sun there, which is from Himself, is Divine fire, which is the Divine good of the Divine love. From that Sun is Divine light, which is Divine truth from Divine good”. (AC 8644).

“That the union in the spiritual sun is holy, and in its interiors most holy, is very evident from the fact that in every detail of it there is the heavenly marriage, that is, the marriage of good and truth, thus heaven; and that in every detail of the inmost sense there is the marriage of the Lord’s Divine Human with His kingdom and church; nay, in the supreme sense there is the union of the Divine Itself and the Divine Human in the Lord” (AC 6343).

It is as if His body (Jesus) is the candle and his essence (God) the wick, and the marriage of them produces the Holy fire from which radiates infinite love and wisdom. This bond, or marriage, and resulting Holy fire, causes the form of the spiritual sun. The Holy bond between Jesus and God was forged (in all wonder, pain, joy, and beauty) in the glorification process while Jesus was on earth. In the resurrection the Lords body was made divine, and merged with the divine essence. What radiates from the spiritual sun around the Lord is the universal spiritual substance of life, – love and wisdom – just as heat and light radiate from the natural sun. Love and wisdom are spiritual in nature; indeed they are the indivisible spiritual substance of life, not abstractions.

Light – It’s Meaning And Its Source: It’s Role To the Heart of Devotion

April 6th, 2020

Light corresponds to wisdom. This is often used as a metaphor, but it is an actual truth. They correspond in their image and function – they both shine and illuminate, and are both in union, light with heat and wisdom with love. Light is natural and wisdom is spiritual. From the natural sun radiates heat and light which sustain all life. From the spiritual sun, (which there is only one of and it is above heaven), radiates love and wisdom. For in the midst of the spiritual sun is the lord. In him is the Holy Marriage between his divine body and divine soul, and from this marriage proceeds Holy Fire as from a fountain, or as from a ‘spring of living water’. From the Holy Fire is generated the spiritual substance of life, love and wisdom. Love and wisdom sustain all life, and also are the containers of an infinite variety of spiritual gifts and qualities of love, and specific principles of wisdom. We tend to think of love and wisdom as abstractions, but they are not. The human soul is like an organ, the highest form in the universe because it is made in God’s image. Just as the eye is an organ that receives light, or the ear receives sound, the human soul is made (by the infinite genius of God) to receive love and wisdom. We receive love by our God given faculty of being able to will, and wisdom by our God given faculty of being able to understand. These are the essentials of having life, identity, self-hood and freedom. We can perceive that love and wisdom are spiritual substance simply by observing our affections. We can feel the affections are real in our body and soul – they cause sensation, emotions and thought. There are affections of many kinds, and all thought is proceeded by affection. An internal desire initiates thinking a thought. The human soul is corrupted by evil, so we have the capacity for both good and evil. We can invert the spiritual substance from God into its opposite – hate and falsity. (But this is a whole other story). The love and wisdom that proceeds from God is always Good. It is goodness itself in all of its innumerable particulars. So we human beings are receptacle. Some people think this is a diminishing thing to say, but it’s really not. The incalculable value of seeing this is that we perceive we are truly in a position of humility to God, and, in seeing this we can open to feel how He loves us beyond words. If one does feel it is diminishing to be a receptacle then so be it if it helps to humble ourself. God can only be approached in humility. This is not weakness, but takes strength, faith and love – and returns them magnified. It is often very hard to do because we have all kinds of feeling and thoughts in the way – of anger, doubt, fear, resignation, hate and many others. So it takes some time, focus and desire – and being in the Word. The Word is divine truth from Him, and divine truth, is the light that illumines our mind.

Part 2: How it Is that in Observing Dark Matter Science has Observed the Fingers of God

July 9th, 2019

Science understands and describes the effects of dark matter and dark energy amazingly well, but they say they have no idea what it actually is in itself. They are disconnected from an idea of the source of dark matter. In this essay I will provide a clear picture of the source of dark matter.

Unbeknown to pure science there are universal spiritual principles that we can also rely on and help us to see the direction of study. In this regard our guiding principle is this: there is an innate force in all things in the universe to seek the human form. The universe itself, if one were able to see it in its whole, is in the form of the perfect human. (See the articles in this blog that discuss in detail how it is that the human form is a universal form in the universe). It is vital to perceive this truth to get a tangible sense of what follows. I have been showing throughout this series of essays how there is an innate force that originates from influx from heaven and is received within all created things, and that it is this force that drives all things to manifest in and serve – some to a remote degree and some to a high degree – the human form. The mineral kingdom is the lowest degree, the plant kingdom is the mid degree, and the animal degree the highest degree. Above that is human consciousness and then God. This innate inclination in all things living and not living to seek, produce and serve the human form is essential in explaining the mysteries of the universe.

Scientists show that dark matter does not interact with light, heat, or radiation, but it does interact with gravity. They say that dark matter is the creative force that causes the universe to construct; they see that it is the force that built the magnificent universe we see now. Dark matter has positive gravity and brings things together, and Dark energy has repulsive gravity and drives things apart and is destructive, and the two are in constant battle. (In this essay we will concentrate on Dark matter and in the next on dark energy). Scientists describe dark matter as the influence or force that caused matter to first clump together or coalesce, which regular matter could not do on its own, thus from the discovery of science we can only conclude that this force contains an inner knowledge that guides the formation of stars, galaxies, the structure of the cosmic web, and thus the whole of the universe. Scientist say that Dark matter gravitationally moves into forms and regular matter follows. Dark matter orchestrates the movement of regular matter similar to the way dew adheres to a spider web. Where does this intelligence in Dark matter come from and how does it transfer into the natural world?

In the previous essay we identified several meta leaps in the development of the universe. Now we shall observe the great Meta-leap that science is missing. The effects scientist see from call dark matter are the result of what is called ‘conatus’. This is a term Swedenborg coined. Conatus is a sphere (sphere as in ‘effect of influence’, or ‘spiritual atmosphere’) that proceeds from the one spiritual sun and sustains all the spiritual world, and in turn the natural world; (in the midst of this one sun is God). Spheres contain the intelligence and the energy that direct the manifesting of all the unending fruitfulness and variety in the universe. Because it operates from the spiritual to the natural it works by correspondences, which we shall explain further in a moment. Ultimately, it is this Conatus that compels the shaping of all things in the universe to be part of, and to serve the universal human. The end purpose of creation is to populate heaven (the Lord’s kingdom) with angels, and all angels are former humans from (an) earth in the human form, and, as said before, the whole of heaven is in the shape and relational structure of the human form. If we know the end purpose of something, then we are able to better understand the means of getting there and how all the specific operation of the means work. Conatus is the means to this end purpose in which there are innumerable specific functions just as there are in the human body. It is a universal principle that which is the end purpose is served by all things that exist in some way or another; so all things that exist, even if in a peripheral way, are part of and serve the human form.

Lets look at Swedenborg’s description of conatus and compare with science’s description of the dark universe:

“The progression of the creation of the universe was from its First (which is the Lord encircled by the sun) to outmosts which are lands (matter)…” (DLW 314). “It should be known that (in forming) this image of creation the heat, light, and atmospheres of the natural sun and its world contribute nothing whatever. It is only the heat, light, and atmospheres of the sun of the spiritual world that do this, bringing that image with them, and clothing it with the forms of uses of the vegetable kingdom. The heat, light, and atmospheres of the natural world simply open the seeds, keep their products in a state of expansion, and clothe them with the matters that give them fixedness. And this is done not by any forces from their own sun (which viewed in themselves are null), but by forces from the spiritual sun, by which the natural forces are unceasingly impelled to these services”. (DLW 315).

Scientist admit they call dark matter dark matter because they are in the dark as to what it is and its cause, and because it doesn’t interact with light, but they know it is the essential force in creating the universe. Scientist describe the phenomenon very much the same as Swedenborg does, that is, they say dark matter is the architect of the universe; that it has gravity that causes regular matter (the natural world we know) to take its forms, i.e. dark matter ‘clothes itself’ in regular matter. Just as scientist say about dark matter, Swedenborg describes conatus as not being affected by heat and light at all. Scientist say regular matter is ‘just along for the ride’. Specifically, the telling characteristics of dark matter are that it does not interact with light, and that it is not affected by heat or radiation – but science declares that it does interact with gravity. (As you may recall from the last essay we described how in the early universe regular matter could not clump because there was such a blaze of heat and radiation, but dark matter could clump because it doesn’t interact with these. It is the clumping of dark matter’s gravity that caused regular matter to clump). By standing outside the influences of light, radiation, and heat dark matter is able to direct regular matter matter without obstruction. But its obstruction comes from dark energy (which we will discuss in the next essay). Swedenborg further describes Canotus in the following way:

Conatus does nothing of itself, but acts through forces corresponding to it, thereby producing motion; consequently that conatus is the all in forces, and through forces is the all in motion; and since motion is the outmost degree of conatus, through motion conatus exerts its power… For conatus is not force, nor is force motion, but force is produced by conatus, because force is conatus made active, and through force motion is produced; consequently there is no power in conatus alone, nor in force alone, but in motion, which is their product.

This quote is a challenge to understand without a lot of experience in reading Swedenborg, and we will not mine all its meaning here, but it introduces important principles in how conatus and and dark matter function. Any given entity that exists has these three factors, the root of which can be expressed as cause, effect, and end purpose; for instance, in the sun there is gravity (cause), nuclear fusion (effect), and the resulting equilibrium between the two which creates the body and use of the sun (end purpose). For now the first and foremost thing to take from the above quote is that conatus, force, and motion, act as one; they have distinct operations, but cannot exist or operate without each other, similar to the way the heart and lungs have distinct operations but cannot function without each other, nor can either exist unless in the body they serve, the life of the body being the end purpose. In this scenario conatus/dark matter is the unseen cause, the movement of regular matter is the effect, and the use they serve in the from created is the end purpose.

The second important thing to take from the above quote is that conatus, force, and motion communicate to each other by correspondences. This means that they are distinct in themselves, and each is at a different level or degree, but they function as one for the same purpose. Now to make this as tangible understandable as I can lets look at how these levels operate in something we all know – the human body. (It is important to me in communicating these ideas to the reader as tangibly understandable as I can). We can understand conatus by thinking of the affections  we feel in our body, and also that we feel from others. In the human body canotus is the will; for the will is the love and affections that are the first cause of all our actions. The effect is in all the innumerable components in the body and the mind that are the means, and the end purpose is the meaningful actions of our whole self.

A human being is a whole entity, a body, that is in the micro of the form of God. The will in a person is living conatus. The conatus in the natural world is non-living conatus, but the two correspond, so the dynamics of living conatus reveal the dynamics that take place in the non-living universe; and this is what science observes as dark energy and its role in the building of stars, galaxies, and the cosmic web.