“Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise”: The Thief on the Cross by Jesus Demonstrates Salvation in Three Ways

January 5th, 2020

The thief on the cross with Jesus demonstrates salvation in three ways: He acknowledges that Jesus is divine; He honestly acknowledges his own sin which brings forgiveness; He approaches Jesus in humility and he asks to be with Him.
To the degree we are actively holding on to evil we can’t receive God. We are not responsible for hereditary evil that was born into our body, but we are responsible for evil willingly committed. The other thief didn’t let go, but taunted Jesus. Jesus told the first thief, “Today, you will be with me in paradise”. Perhaps there are no greater words of a person to hear.
Salvation comes by the union of faith and charity in our soul, and Jesus is the cause of the universal principle of UNION, for in Him is the perfect union of His divine soul and divine human. He is the source and example that brings salvation! In Him is the Holy marriage (of His divine soul and human), and from this arises the Holy Fire in the spiritual sun from which proceeds love and wisdom to all life. (Wisdom equals faith and love equals charity). Love and wisdom for the spiritual sun correspond to heat and light from the natural sun. All born can have salvation by the principle of union whether they know Jesus or not. For those who do know Him they have a responsibility to turn to him with love and faith to the end. Doesn’t mean we don’t fall and fail, which we do, but we get up and don’t turn back. Cleary, the thief was not perfect, but he was saved.

There Are Only Two Genders, No Matter How Manipulated on Earth: The Idea of Androgyny Is the Gross Opposite of the Beautiful Concept of Union.

October 24th, 2019

            Liberals believe in Androgyny for it justifies gay activism, identity politics, and now as you see in the news transgender athletes competing in women’s events. Idea of Androgyny is the ugly stepchild of the principle of union; it says man and woman enmesh into one uni-sex thing, that they are not their former identity and become something else. This is not the case. We can manipulate the physical body, but it is mere manipulation; the soul is distinctly male or female for eternity. Here on earth we can combine male and female qualities, and have homosexual sex and pretty much anything goes, because we have an external physical body and have freedom. Here we are in the balance between good and evil, while in the spiritual world heaven and hell are separate. In heaven Forms don’t meld and mush together. They can, or at least appear to here in an androgynous way, but that is only on the external. In any case it is our duty to strive to be like heaven as best we can. Internally the spirit remains a man or a woman, there is no such thing as androgyny. In heaven things that are in accord, as in marriage or people from the same society, enter into a profound union. For instance in nature two objects can be pressed and mixed together but they only truly bond when their is a chemical reaction that bonds the atoms. In common language we say ‘those two people have chemistry’. In heaven a man becomes more particularly a man with all his body parts and a woman more particularly a women with all her body parts, and a woman is said to be the most beautiful of all things in heaven; both man and women grow into the bloom of youth this way for eternity. (Swedenborg describes seeing a wife in heaven of such astounding beauty he could not stand to keep his gaze on her). The more heavenly mates become themselves, the more they become ‘one’ in conjugal love, and the more they become one the more they become distinctly them self, man and woman. Everything in heaven is a union from similitudes of particular qualities and loves. Correspondences connect forms through loving uses expressed from the body, blessing the other while retaining and increasing the integrity of their own form. The paradox is the more a man and woman become one, they more they become distinctly and beautifully masculine and feminine. They become one in the sense that the loves of their will become ever closer and closer, and the will is the most essential part of a person, while their body and self remain distinct. This means that their touch between them becomes ever more pleasurable and fulfilling.

          The idea of Androgyny is a gross opposite of the beautiful concept of union. The principle of union is a universal principle for it originates from the Lord, the source of life. In Him is the Holy Marriage, which is the union of His divine soul and divine body. And the nature of the creator is reflected in all things that he creates. Union is a magnificent paradox in which the more distinct counterparts become themself, the more they enter the bond of union, and visa versa. For instance, in the true marriage union the more a man and woman enter true love the more they become distinctly and beautifully them self.  Androgyny has no part in the truth that innocence in our soul is the elixir that opens what God has written in our soul. The union of Innocence and intelligence is wisdom, and allows us to be led by God. In heaven a man becomes more distinctly a man with all his body parts and a woman more distinctly a women with all her body parts. In true marriage and heavenly marriage the Bible tells that the two become one. I think we can understand this in that their greatest love is the good of the other, and our deepest love is what we are. In heaven the faces of married partners have inner beauty, the husband receives the blush of her love; and the wife the splendor of his wisdom. The two become one like the eyes of the body are single but together in use make one vision. She feels the delights of her own heat in her husbands light, the bond of the particulars of the two – make each other shine brighter! A woman angel is said to be the most beautiful form of all things in the universe; if heavenly, both man and women grow into the bloom of youth for eternity. From all this you can see how false is the idea of androgyny.
          The whole of heaven itself is in the body of God the Grand man; thus the universe is in the form of a human, and all things in it are in relationship and connected like all the parts of the body are connected. God is Jesus, the divine human, so Jesus is the human of God. In the nature of God are the qualities of man and woman, love and wisdom. The Holy fire from Him proceeds from the marriage of love and wisdom. All spirituality in life is based on the marriage of love and wisdom. If by androgyny one means there are male and female qualities in both men and women that I think that is true – like yin and yang – and also like yin and yang the man has predominantly faculties of wisdom, and the woman faculties of love. But in academia androgyny implies the bodies of men and woman meld or combine together into a sort of third quality called androgynous. This is not how it works at all in heaven, and only externally can it be impressed in the natural world.

         And yes, there is sex in heaven. In heaven sex is playful and blessed, a spiritual love that is filled with innocence, intimacy and wisdom, and because it is spiritual its delight are unimaginably more surpassing than here.
         If one understands correspondences one can see that it is an essential process in the universe.(You can read about correspondences on other articles in this blog.) The correspondences between the manly and womanly form are perfect, and what is more, perform the greatest use there is in heaven. They provide the highest love in heaven – true marriage love – and they provide that humans will always be born and populate the Lord’s heavenly kingdom for eternity. The more people that enter heaven the more complete it becomes, so true marriage love between a man and woman fulfills the highest use there is.
        There is no correspondence for homosexual sex in heaven, so I do not believe that it exists there. Many people seek to justify androgyny because that would justify homosexual sex and identity here and in heaven.

The Trick of Hell: Further Thoughts on the Nature of False Compassion Today

August 3rd, 2019

The left puts ideology before life, and to the degree they do they go blind to common sense. (The right does a similar trick in a different way, which I have written about in an article about the New Era of Thinking in this blog). To put ideology before life is backwards, because it is a universal principle that all thought is proceeded by affection, not the other way around. And when it is the other way around emotions run the mind and the mind justifies them. Our state of love is the baseline of our true state, and thoughts arise from the end purpose of our love. Thoughts come from a desire to articulate and be of use to that love, whether it be good or bad. Good morals and good to others are inherent in love, and we use our mind to interpret and act from these. Swedenborg writes that ‘a man has two faculties, constituting his life and soul – the will and understanding. These are distinct from each other, but so created as to be one, and when they are one they are called ‘Mind’. So the mind is the union between the will and understanding, and in this harmonous function the understanding serves the purpose of love. To the degree the will and understanding are in union we act intelligently; to the degree they are not we act irrationally. 
We can see how this works in religion. Doctrine is very important for our understanding, but doctrine (wisdom) is meant to serve life (love); not the other way around, when it is the opposite it becomes dogma that imposes on life and becomes a tool for control. 
So putting ideology before life allows for the mind to become abstracted from good and evil, because then the understanding and the will are separate. God reaches us through affections that contain innocence and love, and continually strives to guide these to be integrated with intelligence. Real compassion arises from innocence and humility in our heart which are the receptors of God and lead to the wonderful state of innocence coming into union with intelligence. False compassion is an abstracted compassion. It doesn’t really come from oneself but from others and their thoughts and ideology. (This is similar to what Swedenborg calls ‘persuasive faith’ which means one took on the thoughts of others but has not internalized them for our self and so they are external and can often be manipulative. It is also true that persuasive faith can be useful in leading to internal faith). 
The syndrome of false compassion is an old and continually repeated trick that comes from the spirits of hell (something that C.S. Lewis depicted masterfully in ‘Screwtape Letters). What better way to trick people than to make them think they are being compassionate, and therefore good in their mind, while their will is actually quite different? Swedenborg describes in several places how false compassion is an old familiar tactic of hell, and it stems from falsities in religion. He calls it ‘unreasonable compassion’ and tells how people that are in it can’t see it, and refuse to change, and that it harbors a will that wants to rule others politically. He further shows that those in it seek power, and if they were to get it they would destroy the world. You can see all this being acted out to a T in politics today. Ah, if only these people knew they were being controlled and acting patterns that are the same over and over. Swedenborg writes:

“I spoke with those who were prompted to unseasonable compassion, and it was given me to say that it is outrageous. Their disposition was to exercise compassion towards those who were aiming to deceive and pervert the whole world, intent only upon their [vile] ends. But when instructed in their quality they still persist [in their misplaced pity], which was in fact worse, for those who are thus compassionate refuse to be affected by compassion from the Lord toward those who perish [by their means]; even if it were the whole world that should perish. Still they would not desist from their compassion towards those who destroy them. I observed that those were of this character who reason much concerning the Divine government, and thus cast themselves into absurdities, not knowing what compassion is, and remaining obstinate, though instructed. They suffer themselves to be easily persuaded by such deceitful, merciless spirits, who inspire compassion for the sake of themselves and their own preeminence; and so long as this deceitful persuasion is infused into them, they persist [in their mistaken pity]”.

Trump and the People are Fighting to Build a Foundation for America that Will Help us Prosper Long into the Future

May 19th, 2019
Trump is building a very strong foundation for America to prosper long into the future. He knows what he is doing, who the real enemy is, and how to defeat them. He is gradually winning huge in the courts with appointments of constitutional Judges at all levels. No accident we are winning cases at the state and national level now. Barr is poised to bring justice to the deep state. Trump is successfully in the process of fighting-off challenges from economic adversaries like China, and from violent threats to the USA and the world from the likes of ISIS, Korea, Iran, Islam.
At the same time he is building up allies based on the right principles, a huge part of which is to focus on being fair and not forcing democracy on others, but respecting their ways. The laser focus of his foreign policy is to defeat terrorism and free the people. The genius of this is that it actually organically causes the people to fight for freedom and desire democracy. He also makes countries we help, and the UN, pay their share. He is equalizing unbalanced tariffs with everyone around the world. Slowly but surely he is dealing with the huge border problem with Mexico, and he is bringing a free market based health care system that works. All of these are essential fronts that must be addressed as building blocks for our long-term spiritual and economic health.
Meanwhile the left shows a picture of people who are disingenuous and dissociated from reality and are moving head long into having no foundation whatsoever. They have spent two years fiercely obstructing, and when they do articulate a vision it is the Green Deal, which is utterly impractical and not taken seriously. The democrats are dedicated to making America a socialistic nation which would be its destruction. Defeating the left is Trump’s greatest achievement. They are our greatest threat.
The winning he and conservatives (and their supporters) are achieving is incredibly important for the psyche of America and the world because it is of integrity, brings safety, and upholds God. Like a child that fights its parent tooth and nail, (but inwardly is glad his or her parent disciplines them), I think those on the left know what Trump is doing is right, but they have decided that they are going to fight it even if they are wrong. The difference is a child has innocence and this quality causes them to relent. An adult can do this too, but can also loss their innocence, which means to lose one’s conscience, and stand on pride alone. The power brokers on the left believe that ‘the New World Order’ was inevitable, and would wash over the will of the people to be free. This movement is from the same old dark forces, the machinations of evil that repeat the same mind numbing techniques over and over, promising utopia that is really a hellish, controlled state.
But the Trump movement is standing up and taking responsibility!
Luke 6:48 – “They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built.”
Luke 6:49 – “But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”

How Marriage in Heaven Is Not Like on Earth. Analysis of Luke 20:27 on the Resurrection and Marriage (And Yes There Is Sex in Heaven): Inspiration from the Internal Meaning of the Scripture

May 4th, 2019

 Most people without a lot of religious affiliation agree with the idea that there is marriage in heaven. I am active on twitter and find that there are many, mostly evangelical christians, that roundly deny this because of the verse in scripture, Luke 20:27, where Jesus appears to say there is no marriage in heaven. I am a hospice chaplain and many times I have sat with a spouse who knows in their heart that they will be with their loved one once again in heaven. You don’t have to be a hospice chaplain to experience this, many who have lost loved ones experience this perception. (In fact in my view you have to be hard hearted to not sense the wonder of seeing the beloved again in heaven.) You can tell the ones who are in true love; they have no interest or need of another partner. They seek the beloved, and know they will be with them again. This is because what is spiritual looks to the eternal, what is worldly only to the temporal. This is expressed in the scripture, ‘what God has put together, let no man put asunder’. Nevertheless, I would like to look at the scripture on marriage that most point to. (In a second article on this subject I will adduce several other scriptures which directly refer to marriage in heaven).

Jesus replied, “The people of this age marry and are given in marriage.35 But those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage,36 and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels. They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection. 37 But in the account of the burning bush, even Moses showed that the dead rise, for he calls the Lord ‘the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.’[b]38 He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.”

The people of this age marry and are given in marriage. This sentence describes earthly marriage. ‘This age’ refers to the external sense of our time in life, or the time of marriage on earth. External development always proceeds the internal, because earth is the foundation of heaven, the two need each other symbiotically in order to exist. The natural is the base for the growth of the internal. Marriage on earth can have many causes and reasons, some of which are developmental, and some of which are false. For example, on earth there can be arranged marriages, marriage for the sake of children, for sex, for prestige, for money, and so on. There are also marriages that begin in love, that it is in an innocent state (some would say infatuation), and it develops into true love – or not. Nevertheless, even if it is not true love marriage on earth is sacred in its purpose and has good uses, and is meant to be maintained with integrity to the end if at all possible.

But those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage. This refers to the afterlife and to the nature of marriage in heaven. Those who are worthy are those who love the Lord and lived a good life and are thereby able to enter heaven. The age to come and in the resurrection of the dead teaches that there is an after life. Our soul does not die but lives eternally. God made us to be destined for heaven; we have a soul and consciousness made in his image and this cannot die. What He creates is eternal by virtue of its internal connection to the Lord. Will neither marry nor be given in marriage makes the distinction that marriage on earth is not like it is in heaven. In heaven there can be no external reason for marriage; in heaven the external and false reasons are simply not possible because in heaven we are our soul, so the pair can only bond based on the true love and wisdom in their soul. The soul is the entire human form, just as the body is, but it is the spiritual form of it that is our inner self. In the spiritual world the ruling love of every person is seen and experienced; we cannot hide there as on earth. The scripture is telling us that in heaven marriage is only from true love, there are no external reasons for it. It is from friendship, tender love, wisdom; it is a delight of love from full perception of each other, a complete partnership. The partners know and love each other in every particular of talent, character and disposition, and this love grows greater for eternity. Each partners internal will delights in the others good more than them self. 

They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection. This means that all who have ever been born and will be born are the child of God. We are a child of God in the sense that the human soul is a receptacle of life from God; like the eye is an organ that receives light from the sun, the soul is an organ (the highest form in the universe) that receives life (love and wisdom) from God. This verse also means that all humans are made to be in the Lord’s kingdom, so when we live well we can be prepared for heaven. In regard to marriage this means that only those who love the Lord can enter heavenly marriage. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. To enter heaven one must acknowledge that Jesus is the divine human, and the one God of heaven and the universe, the one who created us and gave us life. But it is very important to understand that it is part of the Lord’s infallible justice that even if one did not know of Jesus on earth, but lived in such a way that they acknowledged God in some way and did good to others then the state of their soul can be taught to see that Jesus is the God of heaven. Then they can enter, and many do, often more easily than Christians who have fixated doctrines. 

But in the account of the burning bush, even Moses showed that the dead rise, for he calls the Lord ‘the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. By this the Lord again teaches that there is an after life and everyone enters the after life. I think it is also implied in this verse that one will enter either heaven or hell in the afterlife. And to enter heaven, depending on a person’s state of love and how they lived in the world, it requires an intense, or not so intense, preparation to finally be able to enter there. (This is known as vastation and a huge subject for another article.)

 He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive. This re-affirms that there is an afterlife by virtue of our unbreakable bond to God who created us as I described before. 

A lot of people say that we can’t know much about heaven, but anyone that listens to the spiritual sense of the Bible (and of life) can absorb its principles and internalize them. Everything in heaven is relational and takes place by a process just as much as it does here on earth. People tend to have the vague idea that what happens there does so in some magical way. In heaven we are in the same human form as here except we are continually growing into the bloom of youth, our abilities are hundreds of times more refined and astute than here because we are not encumbered by the slow processes of the material. We do not have the natural body but a spiritual body, which is the soul that we had in our body while here on earth and looks the same.  All happiness in heaven is based on use and the expression of internal skill in the service of others and God. Marriage love is the highest use in heaven because it fulfills the highest purpose.

Think about this from within yourself for a moment. Beauty is the form of love. The Bible says of true earthly marriage and especially heavenly marriage that ‘the two shall become one’. This speaks directly to the principle of Union which is the nature of God, of life, and the origin of all spirituality. Union is always a dynamic use between two different things that serve each other in oneness (as in male and female, earth and sky, heaven and the church, body and mind, love and wisdom, the heart and the lungs). In the principle of union the individual entities become ever more particular in their distinct identity while working together in an ever increasing symbiotic harmony. In heaven men and woman become more beautifully and distinctly in the form of a man and woman (for eternity); and in so doing become more and more wise and happy and ‘one’ in the deepest desire of their will. The more the two become one in marriage the more the individuals become their true self and perceive that God is the source of all Good.  It is invaluable to understand that our soul is a receptacle of life from the Lord; just as the eye is an organ that receives light, our soul is a spiritual organ that receives love and wisdom from God. Furthermore, all angels are former humans. We have all the parts of the body there as here, and we have places to live, churches, gatherings, magnificent gardens, cities, and a million other such things of life. The human form is a universal form because God is in the human form from the beginning, only he is infinite and we are finite. We are made in his image, only He is the source, and we are receptacles. Our freedom, will, and body are gifts from Him.

And yes, there is sex in heaven, only it is from pure love and innocence. There is nothing lascivious in it as here. This is very hard for many religious types to accept, but the resistance comes from their own pre-conceptions. People who love the Bible from common sense have no resistance to this idea because they know from experience and an intuitive spiritual sense that all life is relational by nature. (This truth is also entirely Biblical, which is what Evangelicals want to see, and which I will show further in the second article on this subject.) The mistake that some religious people make is to put doctrine before life. This is not what the Bible teaches. Doctrine is meant to serve life. Jesus teaches to love first, not impose doctrine first. Men and woman have all the parts of the human form in heaven as they do here; everything in heaven has use, and has a profound correspondential purpose. This is pictured no-where more profoundly than in the beautiful and sacred use between the genitals of a man and a woman. Yes! the genitals are in their origin wonderfully Godly, moral and spiritual. The physical use of the genitals is a reflection of the spiritual use and nature of Man and Woman: a man being a form of wisdom and a woman a form of love; and the two enter into a joyous union together. Like yin and yang, both a man and woman possess the faculties of love and wisdom, but a man is primarily a form of wisdom and a woman that of love. As C. S. Lewis said (paraphrase), ‘God is the inventor of pleasure and all the delights of life, the devil just abuses them’. All the delights of life come from use, that is, the expression of internal skill that magnifies joy in ourself and in each other. Touch is the essential expression of love and it is many times more exquisite in heaven. Sex in heaven is a magnificent and beautiful expression of love; it is completely private between conjugal pairs who love with a pure love. It is a gift from the Lord and they give all praise to Him.

Sex, love, procreation, marriage, and heavenly partners – all correspond to each other – and are on a continuum that fulfills the highest purpose in all creation, that is, to be born and go on to fulfill the end purpose of every individual by becoming angles in the Lord’s kingdom! The orgasm is the most transcendent experience of the body because it is the natural correspondent of the most transcendent spiritual experience, which is the unspeakable happiness of true love and partnership. Touch is the sense that fulfills the expression of inspired conjugal love.

Let us take a moment to take a look at the source of Marriage love. Marriage love originates in God, the divine human. In Him is the Holy Marriage between His divine soul and divine body, a bond that Jesus formed in the glorification process that resulted in the resurrection. From the Holy marriage in Him proceeds the pre-eminent sphere of all spheres called he conjugal sphere. This sphere is the heat in all living things that is compelled to procreate; and it is much more than that, it provides the fruitfulness in all life, a profound source of joy and fulfillment. It is implanted from creation for men and woman to desire each other and to bond in a love that brings the highest happiness possible. Of course on earth we are in the balance between good and evil so all things can become perverted, but not so in heaven. God himself has no needs but one, and that is to be of use. He exercises His use in all the individuals of humanity. His purpose is for all people to become angels and enter heaven and live in use and happiness for eternity. But human beings in order to be alive and human must be free. Freedom is the only way a person can have sovereignty and identity; freedom is thus sacred for it is the means of salvation, and at the same time it is the cause of Hell. Hell is for those who reject God’s love and purpose.


The Spirituality of Remembering and Its Role in Vastation and Salvation

November 4th, 2018

The act of remembering is a natural image of spiritual experience and is very much part of actual spiritual experience. Deep memory arises from searching our feelings and their meaning. This is an inner need that is one with an intense desire to understand the cause of things. It leads to knowing ourself and God much better. It is a reciprocal process between us and God; on our part it requires desire, and adjusting our attitude to sincerity and humility so that we can receive from God. Painful feelings, (and joyful) compel us to interpret their cause, and as we remember them with sincerity God provides compassion and wisdom like a parent watching over us, and this brings healing and relief to our soul.

When I wrote my first book on the cult people who were part of the experience and read the book found it remarkable how I remembered so many details and long dialogues. In short it was by the process I described above. It starts by searching deep painful feelings and then the cause of the feelings opens up and leads to visual, auditory and verbal memories.

To improve our psychological health it’s important to observe our inner thinking pattern for this can be very revealing. There are useful Memories, and there are those that are not useful, or are destructive. Memories of the past can act like a burden in our life consuming our vital energy with negative emotions. These can be reframed and released, but we have to be intentional about doing it and making the change. The memories have energy around them that resist change, but we can change them like wiping streaks off a windshield that obscures our view. If we make the effort and wipe them off we feel a strong sense of satisfaction and self agency. Stuck emotions from trauma insulate and protect the memories, and they are attached to compensation strategies that we repeat as patterns and sometimes negative behaviors. This is why we have to intentionally observe our thought patterns, explore their cause and change them to what we desire from our core self that is connected to God. The thoughts and exiled self behind the pattern try to convince us they can’t be changed; but if we see them we can change the way we think, live, work and process them. Once we experience changing them we can become more fluid in changing them the next time. I actually practice wiping them away as if I were cleaning a window that has a smudge with a cloth. The Bible speaks of this with these words: “Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ”  (2 Corinthians 10:5).

This is just a sketch of how it works. To actually do this for most people requires therapy. I practice a therapy called ‘Yoga Therapy’, which is not about physical yoga but about bringing exiled parts of the self back into relationship with the core from which love and wisdom from God is fluid. Nevertheless, simply beginning by observing the pattern of our thoughts is very motivating, and gives one a chance to reject the negative thoughts and reframe them toward a healthy way.

Another important aspect of memory that can have a negative effect is the external accumulation of knowledge. For myself I study the Bible not to be an egghead but for the need to heal and grow (which is more of an internal accumulation). I have come to to see that accumulating knowledge is not good for my soul and spirit; it is much better for understanding to flow in the spirit. I think this is part of what Jesus means when he says: “…do not worry beforehand, or premeditate what you will speak. But whatever is given you in that hour, speak that; for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit” (Mark 13: 11). The memory is meant to be fluid. It is ideal that there is a fluid interaction between the natural and spiritual memory so that knowledge and inspiration comes up in the moment as we need it. The mere accumulation of knowledge becomes a callosity in the mind and soul, especially when attached to pride. The understanding of things is not meant to be hoarded but shared. The desire to give and share from love and humility is the elixir that lets memory flow in the moment. Love elevates perception because contained in it is all the wisdom to manifest its purpose. Those who love to accumulate knowledge and take pride in a great breadth of knowledge can create a callosity in their mind that is a block to the spiritual and possibly to heaven. Swedenborg writes:

“The nature of the memories is sometimes presented to view in the other life. The exterior memory is thus presented to view as a callosity; the interior memory as a medullary substance such as is in the human brain. From this circumstance it is possible to know of what quality the spirits (persons) are. With those who in the life of the body have fostered the memory alone, and so have not cultivated their rational, the callosity appears hard, and striated within. With those who have filled the memory with falsities, it appears as if made of hair and shaggy, and this from the disorderly mass of things. With those who have fostered the memory for the sake of the love of self and of the world, it appears conglutinated and indurated. With those who have desired to penetrate into Divine arcana by things scientific, and especially by things philosophical, and who would not believe until persuaded by means of these things, it appears dark, and of such a nature as to absorb the rays of light, and turn them into darkness. With those who have been deceitful and hypocrites, it appears as if bony and of ebony, reflecting the rays of light. But with those who have been in the good of love and the truth of faith, such a callosity does not appear; because their interior memory transmits the rays of light into the exterior memory, in the objects or ideas of which – as in their basis or as in their ground – the rays are terminated, and find there delightful receptacles. For the exterior memory is the ultimate of order, in which spiritual and heavenly things are softly terminated and reside when there are goods and truths therein” (Arcana Celestia, 2494).

It is very enlightening to see that in heaven we have a capacity to remember the past, but mostly the past is completely released and let go of.  This is not from any kind of denial, but the heavenly mind has been vastated of evil things – traumas, and attachments to negative strategies that formerly served a purpose. Because these have been released the memories are out of mind. And the mind is free to be filled with excitement and love in the moment; it moves into a wondrous life where the past is simply not useful. Swedenborg describes how this takes place:

“Man enjoys a twofold memory, the natural and the spiritual, and in the spiritual world natural memory gradually perishes. The memory which man properly calls the memory, is the natural memory, because it is of the natural mind, and is the memory of particulars, or of material ideas which correspond to words; this memory perishes when man dies. His soul retains the faculty of reasoning and of understanding from a certain spiritual memory, or the memory of ideas rational or immaterial, as they are called. It is his memory that causes a man after death to know no otherwise than that he is still in the life of the body. But because this memory is born from the natural memory it is replete with fallacies, and it still disturbs, obscures, and, if left to itself, perverts truths; wherefore this memory also successively vanishes, insomuch that even the rational born therefrom perishes. But this memory is nevertheless retained for some time, and is imbued with the cognitions of truth, even until it can be obliterated. At length the true man remains, which is the part remaining together with new abilities acquired, which is the good soil in which heavenly seed is sown. From this there arises a new man, that is, a heavenly paradise within man, with all heavenly felicity, peace and innocence” (Spiritual Diary, 1747, Dec. 15).

The most important element in remembering has to do with innocence stored in the soul. In the Bible this is called remains. (I have written about remains extensively in another post where you can read more about it). Remains are the loves from childhood that are stored in the soul. These are the first loves for parents and playmates, they are the pure enthusiasm of play that we experienced with innocence, and that formed a bond in our heat. Remains develop in our heart before we had a conscience aware of good and evil. It is for this reason that the innocence of childhood is an external innocence and only become internal when we incorporate with intelligence and our adult conscience from our own free will. The only way to receive God is by approaching Him with humility which requires feeling (internally remembering) the innocence from remains in our soul. To remember these feelings and to incorporate them into our adult consciousness forms a bond, a bond that remains because it forms the very quality of our soul. This union of innocence and intelligence is the essence of spiritual growth and developing an internal relationship with God.

Seeing all this one can understand how important it is to begin now to identify negative memories and take the emotional charge off of them. This is the beginning of the process of vastation. In the spiritual world we will go through vastation in order to prepare for heaven; it is necessary for almost everyone in order to enter heaven. Evils must be removed from us to be in the light of heaven and the society of angels.  And for those that refuse to and can’t there is hell. The reason they can’t is that they have learned to delight in hate and evil things, and this love is the primary bond in their soul, which is not with God.

The angels that help new spirits undergo vastation are under the guidance of the Lord, and are master spiritual/psychologists, so to speak. The angels see and do what is necessary to have the evil removed if at all possible. When I think of the spiritual world and death now, vastation is the thing that makes me most anxious; what is it that is going to have to be removed from me? How can I help prepare for it now? Swedenborg writes that for sum this process is severe, difficult and painful, and for others it is not very difficult.

The Bible speaks of all this in this way: ““I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; And I will not remember your sins.”” (Isaiah 43:25)

CS Lewis writes: If we find ourself with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.

Why it is that the Words ‘Fu(k’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ are Used in the most Intense Moments of Pain, Rage, Shock, Stress and Passion

June 26th, 2017

Fuck is probably the rawest word there is; to speak it greatly increases the intensity of whatever we are saying. It’s a very versatile word: it can be in anger, pain, aggression, pleasure, confusion, despair, shock – all of these can be toward ourself or others. It expresses utter contempt, hatred, and frustration. It just comes out when we can’t control ourself, or it can be used very intentional in aggression. The word has to do of course with sex, so the passion of the word fuck comes from the feeling and intensity of raw sex – when we are completely going for what we want, which can be totally selfish, or from deep, intimate, mutual feeling from inside each other. To say ‘fuck!’ gets the feeling of stress off our chest better than any word. When coupled with ‘mother’ it is heightened to even greater intensity – “mother fucker!” This has a straight-up, primal Oedipal root; it expresses the regressive rage toward the parent who fucks the mother. As an un-resourced child it is our mother that we most love and need, and want to be close to – and to the early mind of the child that is emerging from a feeling of self-omnipotence it is a primal shock that someone else ‘owns her’ by fucking her. To say ‘you mother fucker!’ to someone is the height of being incensed, enraged, threatened and aggressive. The essential reason we say these words is that they are the deepest roots of passion in the human psyche!

Often saying fuck is a moment of regression. Regression can be a negative thing but it also takes us back where we live and feel inside. Regression points the way to the problem that gives us a chance to see and deal with it in the moment. We have a chance to act on those feelings from our self with at least a measure of mastery that helps us grow and perhaps transform. If we reflect on what we feel and why we feel it and where it came from we can reframe the way it is stored in our psyche instead of reacting the same old way. This is a very significant way to explore the passions that arise when we use these words or in any situation where we are triggered.

People always say, ‘Jesus!’ or ‘Jesus christ!’ when they are suddenly offended, hurt themselves sharply, see the foolishness of some action for the first time; and when they are angry, emotionally disappointed, and deeply hurt. Without thinking, whether we are religious or not, almost everyone blurts this out, ‘Jesus’.

Some religious people say that using Jesus name in cursing is blasphemy. I suppose it could be if our intent is willfully destructive toward God and others faith, but in general I don’t think that its blasphemous. Jesus said: “Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but to him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven”.

To call to Jesus or use his name in these moments of reaction is not a sin or something He condemns. It’s kind of amazing that we do this – because Jesus wants us to bring all of our anger, hate, and rage to Him! – and sure enough we use His name often in these moments. It is the constant vigilance of Jesus’ providence that evil not go unseen, for unless we can see it, it cannot be removed; so I think the fact that we do this is part of His work of providence. Jesus wants our feelings of hate and rage to be seen by our self and taken to Him. For evil, hate, and rage to fester unseen becomes like cancer in the body that is undetected. The faculty of reflecting on our self is extremely important for it is the essential means changing, and even of achieving salvation. Of course much of the time we say these words unconsciously, so the value is only in potential. But its right there, and we can interpret these feelings if we reflect. In the highest sense saying ‘Jesus Christ’ could be a calling out in prayer.

The word fuck is of sex, and sex in the highest sense is of true love. The meaning of sex exists on a continuum that proceeds from reproduction, love, to true marriage between a man and women, and this proceeds from earth into heaven. (Christians who take the Bible only literally say that there is no marriage in heaven, but nothing could be further from the truth. Conjugal love is the very basis of heaven and the ruling love of all loves in heaven. For more on this see articles on marriage love and heaven in this blog.) Furthermore, the name Jesus Christ is of true worship. Jesus is God, and the Holy marriage between His divine soul and divine human, is the very source of all love and truth and passion. And it is little known, but wonderful to see –  that true love and worship have the same root. These are the two greatest sources of passion, happiness, and truth in all life. This is the essential reason why these words are intuitively invoked when we need to express passion. It is no accident that we go to them. Like all language it has become a custom to do so. Swedenborg describes how it is that ‘true love’ and ‘ divine worship’ have the same root:


“The origin of love truly conjugal is the Lord’s love for the church and this is why the Lord is called in the Word the “Bridegroom” and the “Husband,” and the church the “bride” and the “wife.” It is from this marriage that the church is the church in general and in particular. The church in particular is a man in whom the church is. From this it is clear that the Lord’s conjunction with a man of the church is the very origin of love truly conjugal; and how that conjunction can be the origin shall be told. The Lord’s conjunction with a man of the church is a conjunction of good and truth; good is from the Lord, and truth is with man, and from this is the conjunction that is called the heavenly marriage. From that marriage, love truly conjugal exists between two partners that are in such conjunction with the Lord. From this it is now evident that love truly conjugal is from the Lord alone, and exists with those who are in the conjunction of good and truth from the Lord”. (Apacoplypse Explained, 983)

What we so often express in a lower way has its roots in the highest love, and in worship, the two most intense sources of meaning and passion.


“I will give children to be their princes”. Analysis of Upside Down leaders, Then and Now.

March 6th, 2017

I will give children to be their princes,
And babes shall rule over them.
The people will be oppressed,
Every one by another and every one by his neighbor; The child will be insolent toward the elder,
And the base toward the honorable. (Isaiah 3: 4, 5 NKJ)

This scripture describes upside down leadership which the picture above is a parody of. Leaders are supposed to put the Lord’s love for the people first in their heart, and this gives them wisdom to serve. Leaders in the ancient world like Herod and the Jewish leaders had great external power, but were like kids throwing a fit inside fighting for their own way and power. They put their self first and delight in dominion over others, which is upside down; the self is full of proprium and evil, full of hate, and in a spiritual way eventually insane without submitting to God. Upside down leaders believe in their own prudence and don’t tether them self to the prudence of God. A child sees itself to be omnipotent which is cute because they have innocence, and it is an appropriate compensation for being helpless; so growing up spiritually is about gradually learning to transfer power back to God where it belongs, and this gives a genuine strength that loves others more than our self – because the person retains innocence and gains intelligence (and wisdom is the marriage of innocence and intelligence). But the self-centeredness of upside down leaders buries the innocence in the soul; like a plant that dies in dry, rocky soil; so they look intelligent and seasoned on the outside but have the emotional intelligence of children inside, insolent and oppressive to others.

         Isaiah’s words describe the destructive constraints that family roles had become in the ancient world and how each person was ‘doing it’ to the other. The verse quoted above gives a picture of insolent children leading the people with ill intent, which is very apt. The religious leaders obsessively kept the people obedient to the law of the Torah, which was stringent and behavioral. Their use of religion for power furthered the grip of evil on the land. But the leaders themselves were even greater victims of evil for in their spiritual pride most hated the light of Jesus, and intentionally sought to kill the real Messiah. Zealots wanted him for political power, but the leaders were profoundly threatened by Him and wanted Him dead at all costs. Some of the common people had enough innocence in them to respond to Jesus, but the leaders obsession to serve their own purposes extinguished charity in them. There were exceptions, of course. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea spoke up for Him in the trials. Nicodemus secretly came to Jesus seeking answers and guidance in the cover of night. But even he, in his interaction with Jesus, barely understood the teaching Jesus gave him. When Jesus told him that he must be born again, he took it literally, asking, “How can a man be born from the womb a second time?”

To keep the trust of the people, the leaders had to keep up appearances and fulfill their roles according to custom. The leaders and the people were unconscious of how evil was using them, and most leaders fought to their dying breath to maintain power. Evil in the honor shame society of ancient times had manipulated the society to the point the people had no internal conscience, and, therefore, no ability to stop the downward spiral into darkness, and this is why Jesus had to be born. It was the work of Jesus to awaken the fighting spirit deep in the souls of the people so they could find their internal life again.

Part 2: The Second Coming Is the Revealing of the Internal Sense of the Word, wherein Christ Is

August 27th, 2015

This article is a continuation of part 1 on the second coming. Now we will begin to look at what the second coming means and how it took place in history. Here is an essential quote from Swedenborg by personal witness of the events.

It was granted me to see from beginning to end how the last judgment was accomplished: and also how the Babylon was destroyed (Rev. xviii); how those who understood by the dragon were cast into the abyss: and how the new heaven was formed; and a new church was instituted in the heavens, which is meant by the New Jerusalem. It was granted me to see all these things with my own eyes, in order that I might be able to testify to them. This last judgment was commenced in the beginning of the year 1757, and was fully accomplished at the end of that year (Last Judgment 45,46).

What then does the second coming essentially consist of? This can only be understood when one has a feel for the divine nature of the Word, and particularly for its internal and external sense, (which we have discussed previously). The second coming of Christ is essentially the revealing of the internal sense of the Word. The internal sense is what gives the Word the power to conjoin heavenly wisdom to earth, and Jesus is the living Word. Jesus is the living Word because the Word is the manifestation of divine truth descended down from heaven, of which Jesus, the divine human, is the source. This is accomplished by correspondences. When the Scripture says He will come with power and glory riding on the clouds on a white horse, it does not mean literally that He will appear in a cloud and be riding a horse. ‘Riding on clouds’ represents the literal sense of the Word, ‘coming in power and glory’ means the internal sense of the Word, and the horse represents the ability to understanding the Word. This interpretation of riding on clouds as the literal sense of the word may seem capricious to some readers; so in this case I will provide a quote that will show several examples of where ‘riding on clouds’ appears in scripture to serve as an example how imagery themes are repeated in the Bible. It is worth noting first, that, in general, the literal correspondent is always an image of the spiritual correspondent with some variations on the theme depending on the situation. In the case of clouds the literal sense arizes from the way clouds obscure the light from the sun and protect from its direct light. The literal image is a comparatively pale image of the internal; it is a lesser degree of it, but it is also a container and protector of the internal meaning. Niether can exist without the other. It is necessary that it be this way, because the internal is sacred and in its pure light needs to be protected from abuse. This is similar to the purpose of parables in that parables are a simple story with a deeper, obscured meaning, and they are meant to seed the reciever for later harvest. The sacred nature of the internal is meant to be approached with deep respect and sincerity, so the literal protects it from those who would profane and abuse it. Through this mechanism the Lord providentially guides people for their own protection until they are ready. The following quote from Swedenborg lists several places in scripture where clouds appear with the same meaning as told above; he also teaches in this quote how correspondents come from realities in heaven:

‘There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun who rideth in the heaven, and in magnificence upon the clouds’ (Deut. 33:26-27). ‘Sing unto God, praise His name; extol Him that rideth upon the clouds’ (Ps. 68:4). ‘Jehovah rideth upon a light cloud’ (Isa. 19:1). “To ride” signifies to instruct in Divine truths from the Word, for “a horse” signifies understanding of the Word (see Apocalypse Revealed, n. 298). Who does not see that God does not ride upon the clouds? Again: ‘God rode upon cherubs. He made His pavilion thick clouds of the heavens’ (Ps. 18:10, 11). ‘Jehovah bindeth up the waters in His clouds; Him spreadeth His cloud over His throne’ (Job 26:8, 9). ‘Give ye strength unto God; His strength is in the clouds’ (Ps. 68:34). ‘Jehovah will create over every dwelling of Mount Zion a cloud by day; for over all the glory shall be a covering’ (Isa. 4:5). The Word in the sense of the letter was also represented by the cloud in which Jehovah descended upon Mount Sinai, when He promulgated the law; the principles of the law that were then promulgated were the first fruits of the Word. As further proof, the following may also be added: In the spiritual world as well as in the natural world there are clouds, but from a different origin. In the spiritual world there are sometimes bright clouds over the angelic heavens, but dusky cloud over the hells. The bright clouds over the angelic heaven signify obscurity there arising from the literal sense of the Word; but when these clouds are dispersed, it signifies that they are in the clear light of the Word from the spiritual sense; while the dusky clouds over the hells signify the falsification and profanation of the Word. This signification of “clouds” in the spiritual world has its origin in the fact that the light which there goes forth from the Lord as a sun, signifies Divine truth; for which reason He is called “the Light” (John 1:9; 12:35).

In the big picture at the time of the second coming the psuedo heavens that had built up in the spiritual world were ‘clouds’ that obscured light from humanity on earth. The Catholic, protestant and Muslim religions had become bereft of real charity, and greatly falsified in doctrine, and the psuedo heavens were composed of these. The spiritual state of humanity had again reached a crisis point because of the decline and corruptions in the Christian church. This time, in the second coming, His coming was accomplished by the opening up of the internal sense of the Word, which as shown is meant by Him ‘riding in the clouds in power and glory’. This opening up was a result of the Lord putting all of heaven and hell into Divine order. He could not do it before because even if he had humanity would not be able to receive it. The reason being that the life of the human mind, soul and body are sustained continually by reception from the spiritual world, specifically, from angels and spirits from the spiritual world that are present with us. We are not cognitive of this, but without heaven in order evil spirits would snatch away internal truths. Earth and heaven are in a symbiotic relationship; it is dangerous for humanity to receive divine truths unless the spiritual world is in order. After He performed the judgement in the spiritual world on the false heavens imposed by corupted Christians, and thus put all heaven and hell in order, the internal sense of the Word was gradually introduced to humanity. With the removal of the dark cloud between heaven and earth people could receive and retain understanding of the internal sense.

Now lets look at the second coming in history. According to what I have presented here we first need to show that religion on earth was in a declined state before 1757. I will not do an in depth study of history showing the corruptions of the Catholic and protestant churches for that would be another book of its own. I will simply demonstrate the principles by which these churches became corrupt, and from this one can look and see it in history. I will also show how it is referenced in scripture.

Babylon in the book of revelation refers to the old Catholic church. Many scholars have proposed this and Swedenborg asserts it is the truth (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whore_of_Babylon). He also presents that the Dragon refers to the coruptions of the protestant church which I will present after. Below is Swedenborg’s summery of the state of the catholic church leading up to the second coming (which he here calls the papists). Swedenborg was writing this around 1758 and it refers to the old catholic church from somewhere about the 1400 to 1800. It does not refer to the present day Catholic church, but there are of course remants of these characteristics.

In third article I will describe how the Old Catholic church is Babylon in the Bible.