March 8th, 2020
“There’s only one true faith; faith in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. It exists in believing He is God, the God of heaven and earth, that He is one with the Father. Faith is truth. And the truth is Jesus is God. Truth cannot be split or cut in half and maintain its trueness” (Swedenborg).
I believe this statement by Swedenborg is true, and it’s important to see HOW it is true here on earth.
In the spiritual world, the way we believe and love God determines more than anything where we go, even as to the particular society of heaven, (or if we go at all).
Here on earth it is the same except that in the natural world we have an external and internal self in such a way that we can hide, we can de in denial. In the spiritual world you can’t hide like here – we are our love and beliefs, and they are seen by the angels.
In hell they try desperately to hide and deceive, and they live in a fantasy that becomes an insanity, but are seen for what they are by anyone above. Those in hell cannot stand to be seen, and burn with rage, hate, jealousy and vengeance.
On earth the state of our soul is partially conditioned by our place of living, by culture, beliefs, religion and many of these can be false. But here is a very important point to remember – even if a person believes in a religious falsity but does so in good faith – God honors the internal state of love, not the falsity. If the inner love and faith is good, the falsity can later be corrected. This is a big part of why the Lord said, “Leave Judgment to me”. Man can have insight to a persons moral and physical state, but a person’s true spiritual state is only known by the Lord.
This point is made most beautifully and insightfully by C.S. Lewis in his last Narnia book, ‘The Last Battle’. In it there is a prince from the dark empire that worships Tarsheesh, which is basically a demon. The prince serves his king with honor, and fights with honor, Aslan and the Narnians are the prince’s sworn enemies. He pursues the Narnian’s and tries to defeat them. At one point near the end they run through a doorway to escape and find themselves in bright light and a beautiful paradise, and they gradually recognize they are in heaven. The Prince chases them through the door, and is bewildered that he is in light, and, being overwhelmed his sits beneath a tree. That he could see the door at all is a metaphor from the bible where Jesus tells that there is ‘a path and a gate that leads to heaven’. Jesus tells the people ‘do not stumble on this rock’. Those who stumble do so because they cant see it, but those who see it go the right way. They see it because they have spiritual perception.
In the story most of the people could not see the door, but the prince saw it and went thought it, not knowing what he was doing.
Under the tree the Prince is very confused, and then he sees Aslan coming to him. He is terrified at the magnificence of the Lion, but being a man of honor he faces him and says to Aslan, ‘kill him now’, for he sees he has been wrong all his life and he is humbled.
But Aslan tells him, “Welcome, my good and faithful son’. The prince is profoundly mortified and says, ‘But I have been your sworn enemy all my life, and I worshiped Tarsheesh”. Aslan then teaches the Prince that Tarsheesh is a demon, and that he was deceived, but that all his life he acted honorably and yearned to see the real Tarsheesh – and because his heart was true he has came face to face with Aslan.
This is spiritual Beauty.
Nevertheless, even for someone like the prince, whose heart is right but has false believes, they still can not enter heavenly light until they are taught correctly and acknowledge that Jesus the divine human, the one God of heaven. Because their heart is right and good internally the can receive the teaching of the angels.
This story is certainly not a justification for not seeking the Lord, it just shows that the Lord is perfect justice from infinite wisdom. It is a painful thing that so many people and friends can’t embrace and say they love the Lord.
The Lord and the Bible are the way given to us that provide knowledge of and conjunction with heaven, and it is best to follow these.

Revelation 8: The meaning of the Wondrous Silence Before the Judgment Began, and the Joy of the Multitude of Angels

February 27th, 2020

Revelation 8: “When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets. Then another angel, having a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God from the angel’s hand. Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it to the earth. And there were noises, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake”.

This verse must be the origin of the saying, ‘the calm before the storm’. The silence described proceeds the biggest, greatest, most wondrous and most devastating ‘storm’ that ever was. The storm was magnificent and terrible. What was about to happen were the many separate events that collectively are called the ‘apocalypse’, the ‘harvest time’, the ‘judgment’, the ‘release of the captives’, and the ‘second coming’. All of these events are described in the book of revelation and take place mostly in the spiritual world, but certainly effect the natural world. 

Present in this silence is the whole of heaven, and it’s general parts are signified. The Bible writes;  “And all the angels stood round about the throne, and the elders and the four animals”. Swedenborg tells that ‘angels stood round’ represents the deep union between the Lord with the whole heaven: “It is plain from the signification of standing round about the throne, as denoting conjunction with the Lord, for by Him Who sitteth on the throne and by the Lamb, is meant the Lord”. He further explains, “By ‘the angels’ are meant those who are in the first or lowest heaven; by ‘the elders’, those who are in the second or middle heaven; and by the ‘four animals’, those who are in the third or inmost heaven”.

The one who opened the seal is the ‘Lamb’ who is the Lord himself Jesus Christ. He is the only one who knows the truth about the innermost state of all people and nations, and thus gives perfect justice and judgment. He is the only one who could open the seal. As just described before him is not just the seven angels but the whole multitude of angels of heaven. To get an idea of the profound unity and joy of this multitude let us look at how Swedenborg describes the dynamics of  ‘a multitude of angels’. In spiritual experiences 356 he writes: 

“For much of the night…. a multitude of angels was around me, flowing in accordance with a heavenly pattern that cannot be described to the human understanding; still less can it be described how they move, and speak with one mouth, or with a unanimous voice. This was so perceptible within me, and indeed for so long a time uninterruptedly, that as they speak, nothing could be more clearly witnessed: I saw the pattern, I felt the flow, I heard the unanimity of voice. Each spirit is, and affirms that he is, part of the multitude, thus all together and each one singly…  Afterwards they told me that through the entire night, and several wakeful periods, they were doing nothing else but praising God the Messiah, and doing so with an innermost gladness of heart, so they had not wanted to be let out of that state.”

The ecstatic joy, the individual strength in identity, and the extraordinary delight in community expressed in this quote is astounding. He doesn’t mention the context of this quote, but one can only imagine it would be even greater during the incredible events of the second coming. The angels had been yearning and seeking for the Lord to bring justice to heaven and the world for a very long time and now it had come.

The ‘silence in heaven’ that followed the opening of the seals means there was awe and astonishment in the whole multitude. They were astonished at the power and majesty of Jesus, and at what He was about to do. The angels were given a perception of what was happening. In correspondences silence means an astonishment that comes from perception. Within this meaning is another, and that is the ‘quieting’ or silencing of ones own proprium. Proprium has to do with ones personal, selfish sense of self. In place of this comes in the knowing that all good comes from God and a submitting to it, and thus a receiving of it. In this there is an unspeakable joy, the true sense of self, and gladness for being ‘home’ in the magnificent presence of Jesus, and the community of angels who delight in the happiness of other more than themself.  

For centuries the angels yearned of Jesus to restore the integrity of Heaven, to release the captives held in the false of heavens below heaven, to bring justice to the evil perpetrators, and to enlighten the people of earth about the nature or heaven – and now with this silence they knew it was happening.