The Psychology Behind the Maddening/Fascinating Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Phenomenon and How God is Using It for His Purpose

April 3rd, 2019

Ocasio Cortez has amazing confidence for someone that is ill-informed and has little of intelligence to offer. She regularly gets her facts wrong about history and how the American political system works, but doesn’t let that stop her from boldly pushing forward. She discourses in the house as if she were back in the friendly and forgiving confines of the bar she tended. You can hear in the way she speaks how she must of blurted the ideas of the Green Deal to her buddies in her old bar; but of course in that formation ground there were no consequences, it was all theoretical, nothing became real. She is an idea person with no practical experience. But she had the charisma and ability to get elected, and in her mind that makes her ideas real enough. She is an emotional/intellectual child in an adult body and with adult social skills – and now she has a stage and power and she loves both. She doesn’t understand that in life one needs to learn to transfer ‘the apparent omnipotence of the child state’ back to God where it belongs; that is the meaningful trajectory of life. But narcissists like her miss this developmental part of life (in some degree) and retain the illusion of omnipotence for them self, and thus impose their ideology on others without a healthy filter and don’t see the harm they do.

Cortez is a millennial that made it big, but she is like a raw nerve of the entitled millennial culture revealed, an ongoing commentary on the darker side of the values that formed her generation. She has little self perception so she inadvertently exposes how those raised on MeToo, young socialism, veganism, and liberal academia really think. In this capacity she functions to show the nation how foolish socialism is. In her own mind she is brilliant, no-matter how absurd the Green Deal is to anyone with common sense. She really believes that it is responsible for young people to not have kids. Here in Berkeley I have talked to vegans and this is a real thing with them. Many of these young woman crunch the numbers, explaining how having a child hurts the national footprint, and so choose to not have kids for ideological reasons. In reality it may well be that inwardly they know they are too self centered to have a kid.

God uses the evil (for His purpose) as much as he does the good, and he is using AOC to change people’s inner feeling and perception of socialism. A lot a dems talked some good rhetoric in support of the Green Deal, but no one wanted to go on record voting for it. (McConnell brilliantly forced their hand and called their bluff). The AOC phenomenon is a demonstration¬† of how people really change. There is a point where ill-conceived ideology converges with their own personal life, and they are forced to make a decision. (This was the theme of the movie ‘Into the Wild’.) It doesn’t mean that all change, especially the ‘elite’ democrat leaders who have all he perks of life. Some take it so far they destroy themselves. The movie ‘Into the Wild’ depicts how this happens in the personal psychology of a millennial. Venezuela, Cuba, and Costa Rica show how it leads to destruction on a national level. But there are many that do change when they encounter this point of crisis.

I think AOC is contributing greatly to the coming Trump landslide by showing how inane the thinking of democrats is. It seems to me Cortez was an unexpected occurrence for the dems. She was not part of the crony establishment, or the deep state Sorros machine but an expected rogue element. Her rise does not seem to be part of the original democrat strategy. She is more of an innocent, inexperienced, immature sort of fool, compared to their hard boiled experienced cronies. Screwtape (the devil from the C.S. Lewis book of that title) would be very upset with her because she played a hand that had no advanced evil cunning!

AOC is fighting with her own party now. The founder of the Sierra club called her Green deal out as something that would cause ‘mass death’ and characterized her as totally incompetent. Her constituents are turning against her for not doing anything or them as she said she would, but is using her position for global power issues. The experienced dems at this evil game, like Pelosi, Booker, Kamala, don’t like the effect she is having. She has thrown a premature wrench in the dems and they are beginning to destroying themselves. Let me not mince words here. Many on the left may not know it themselves but the end purpose of their game is to destroy Western civilization, not so much by class warfare anymore but multicultural, ideological and legal warfare: They seek to ally with illegals, and Muslims, and immigrants to take down USA. Then on its ashes the will try to put in place socialism and globalism. AOC is working for the same thing, but unknowingly she is having the opposite effect.

Its anxiety producing and maddening how the democrats are cheating and undermining everything, no doubt, but this is how the defeat of evil works on the free market. Trump knows all this in spades; in a lot of ways Trump has been playing them for the sake of defeating them. Trump is a very savvy man. The horrors of the deep state are being exposed to the light of day. The more they get away with murder the more the inner feeling of people is to want to defeat it. Socialism is a Godless philosophy and those who tend to support are also Godless, unless their conscience (God) within them is changed by the point of convergence we spoke of above. A big reason the left acts so insane is that fighting against the divine order of God, which is what socialism and globalism do, causes a person to lose rational thinking. Then they use their mind to justify emotion. NO ONE wins the fight against God, and to persist in trying gradually causes the mind to go insane; thats why they act so nuts and support positions that are nuts. When you willfully persist in fighting against God it causes ones internal to close, and then they lose the protection of God, and are exposed to the control of evil; which then puts them in great danger of learning to love evil and hate good. If they win they destroy the world or at least their part of it. But I think God is using AOC to change people’s minds. She is a bold, novitiate fool, blind to the forces using her.