August 30th, 2020
Intelligence is only so if it leads to something good, otherwise it is just cleverness. Love actually contains within it wisdom, so intelligence is only in its genuine state when it is bonded to love or the desire for good. One can have a high IQ, but it does not mean they are intelligent. The reason for this is that it is irrational to use one’s mind for evil or negative purposes, and to be irrational is not intelligent. It doesn’t matter how high ones IQ is, to the degree one is run by the emotions, the intellect works to justify the emotion.
The best kind of intelligence is perception. In perception one’s heart and soul, mind, and body work together as one to see. All thought and perception arises from the will or ones driving love, and the skills of the mind work to interpret or articulate the desire of one’s love. One can observe this in yourself and it is a very good thing to do because it brings self knowledge and self examination of our motives.
Genuine intelligence hones in on the cause behind the subject at hand; it looks to the whole picture because it desires to do what is best for the individual and for the whole of society. It cares about its own good and for the good of ones’s community and country. On this point it is very important to realize why the sequence of honor goes from ‘God, Country and neighbor’. The bigger the entity one seeks to serve the greater one is sacrificing one self to the whole, and thus the more the heart commits to expanding in love. If one does this in good faith God honors it. This is why it is said, ‘for those who serve their country truly, the Lords kingdom becomes their new country’.
False intelligence only looks at one’s own interest or one group’s interest and overlooks the harm to others or the whole. To do this they always use relativistic thinking which claims that everything is subjective and therefore of equal value, but this is not true. Somethings are good and somethings are bad, and they must be discerned and articulated and addressed for what they are. Only evil relativizes good and evil. Whenever you see someone relativizing it is often a tell-tale sign of hidden ill-will. To say everything is subjective is a way of clouding the mind. It does not let the mind grasp and stand on solid ground; it is a truth but only half the truth.
To see the whole perspective let us look at the cross. The cross has a horizontal arm and a vertical arm. The horizontal arm reaches out to all of humanity to include everyones subjective perspective; the vertical arm reaches up to the source of divine live, and thus can inform the horizontal arm with many particulars of principled insight. Another way of saying this is that we are all human and in a body, but the human form is also the ONLY WAY OF RECEIVING TRUTH AND INSPIRATION FROM GOD. It is designed and made to do so.
The human form is a universal form because it is the from of God and the created is always a reflection of that which created it. Our human body is a receptacle of love and wisdom from God; it is the only form that can receive this higher consciousness. Just as the eye is an organ that is a receptacle of light and the ear a receptacle of sound, the human soul is a receptacle of love and wisdom from God. It is the highest form in the universe, in fact the universe itself and heaven itself is in the human form, which is known as the Grand Man.
To receive this light from the Lord one needs faith and enthusiasm. One needs to have the heat of love in your soul to clear the dross of the bodies inertia. If one is waiting for proof it will never come. That is the way of external minded. To penetrate to the internal one needs the desire of love for the subject at hand.
This is why negative people ask you to prove it. They seek to put you on their ground of the external world only, and the vagaries of this world are difficult to negotiate. Once you are in a position of proving something doubt is introduced and with that the matter at hand can be clouded and mired. This is the ‘reasonable’ technique of evil to cause doubt, and suffocate the heart by the minds doubt.
It takes skill and practice to find the sound place inside. It is a constant effort of Maintenance, and this skill involves bringing the mind and soul in union.

Part two. All Good Comes From the Lord: How Recognizing this is Essential to the Spiritual Circuitry of Our Soul

May 3rd, 2020

     The value of being able to see and feel that all good comes from God is that it opens us to receive. Believing all good comes from God orders the spiritual circuitry in our soul to receive and give the way it’s meant to. The value of this is incalculable. The human soul is a receptacle. We do not have intrinsic life but receive life from God. It appears we have life from ourself, and it appears such so that we can truly be free, But the reality is our soul is an organ; an organ that is the highest form in the universe. Like the eye is an organ that receives light and processes it and the ear is an organ that receives sound and processes it – our soul is an organ, but a spiritual organ. Our soul, which is the whole human form is made to receive love and wisdom from God. The human soul is the highest form because we are made in the image of God. We are human because He is human, only He is the infinite divine human, and we are finite. God’s desire is for us to go through the process of bonding with Him so He can give us eternal happiness in heaven – which is the purpose for which we were made.

     It is an innate human need to learn to trust, we have to learn this in spite of the hardships and pitfalls of the world. We can never be our whole self unless we can express trust. To trust it is unavoidable (and a good and beautiful thing) that we humble ourself. I believe this is so because as humans we are inherently in a position of receiving as described above. It is the innocence in our soul from childhood (knowns as ‘remains’ in the Bible) that can be incorporated into the adult self that allows us to be humbled. We can always trust the Lord. He can only be approached in humility. The Lord is our Father, our mother, our creator and when we learn to trust Him He is also our friend. He told the disciples when they learned to believe in who He is, ‘I now call you my friends’. Our relationship with the Lord is reciprocal and mutual, and this makes it profoundly intimate. It is as intimate as anything can be because He is the deepest part of our soul, and He is throughout our body. His greatest love is to save us, but we have to cooperate. 

     Humility is not weakness. Humility is the source of strength. It is so because humility is how we receive from God, and we receive from Him true principle and are infilled with love. This elevates perception and gives the correct motivation, which is the source of strength and other the other virtues such as perseverance, spiritual intelligence and moral character. All human beings have inclinations toward evil from head to toe. We know how easily we can do the selfish thing at the expense of our neighbor when no one is looking. We have to grow and regenerate ourself out of this condition. We cannot do it ourself – we need the Lord. Humility is not weakness. It takes strength and skill to open ourself and be honest. It is in this state of humility that we receive, and are filled. In spite of all the powers He had the Lord suffered himself to be born in this external world and humbled himself to be killed on the cross. He loves us. Humility is the opposite of what the world tells us. It is how we become our true self and because it is our true state in relation to God. It is Strength because the more we allow ourself to be led by the Lord the more we become our sovereign self from our core. 

      What is the alternative to not seeing that all good comes from God. Then we think it comes from ourself. We take the credit in our own mind and heart, and the flow of receiving and giving is stunted. We operate on our own prudence, which can appear to go a long way but falls apart sooner or later and in the end and does not make it to heaven. I know people who live well, are honest and do good work, but they don’t accept God. (I am writing this because of my sense of pain in observing this.) They trust in their own prudence. They can be moral but for those without the spiritual level, the moral level is empty. The spiritual motivation should the source of being moral, then they go together, and things are in good order. Without the spiritual level, what is the moral serving – it is serving oneself, or those who are close to us like our family. Even if we do good things for others and our neighbor in our work, but do not acknowledge that the good comes from God, it is good for others, but it does no good for our soul’s salvation because we think it comes from ourself. This is a lie. There is no infilling, and the flow stops, it is all stuck in self. In this state the inclinations to evil remain hidden and may be tempered but they are not removed. God works for evil to never be hidden. They cannot be removed as long as they are hidden. This is why we go through trials, ups and downs, depression and rejuvenation. We can only receive the good from God to the degree that evils are rejected and removed.  

This is the problem with the philosophy of humanists, and many new agers – they think they have intrinsic life in themself. They think the good comes from man, nature or perhaps a supreme being. They do a lot of good things for each other. They may believe God is in nature, and sometimes that they are divine. But in general they do not ‘bend the knee’, that is, humble themself to the Lord in their ideas. External Christians do a similar thing. Only God can judge anyones’s true state in regard to salvation, but we can in a certain measure understand the principles at work. 

It is spiritual thievery to deny that all good comes from God. We are for him or against him, there is no escaping this. To deny the truth of our being with God requires a great deal of energy, to ignore the emptiness requires a lot of distraction. We can claim ignorance but everything in life points to this truth and in the end there is no excuse. For instance, those who have been wronged often feel the desire for vengence, but eventually they realize they don’t want to carry around the hate that is killing them. The pain, hopefully, turns them toward God who is just and loves them. In truth to deny God is the worst kind of betrayal, it is the betrayal of our own soul. Deep down we know this. People get away with ignore Him, so they think they will always get away with it, but they will eventually fall. “It it is better to lose an eye, than to lose your whole soul’. It doesn’t matter how many years one gets away with on this earth, there is no hiding from the consequences in the afterlife.

   When we do things with the core acknowledgement that the good comes from God then it becomes the umbrella motivation for the things we do. (This is of course a gradual, up and down process over a lifetime.) Then we don’t invest in other things like work, family, nature, relationships as the source of our salvation. These things are good in themselves, and under the umbrella of God blossom in their use; if not, the are developmental, but also serve as distractions from God. When we make God the source then ‘all these things will be added unto us’.  When we think the good comes from ourself then everything comes under the service of self, and they serve as distraction from inner emptiness. So many people look good and do good on the outside but they are not preparing themself for heaven.