The Left Delights in You Taking On Their Pain: The Psychology of How it Works

February 12th, 2021

     It is important to see the absurdity of the intentions of the left and to share and form a strong agreement with people of real intelligence and integrity. As I explained in the last post the core of the lefts falsity comes from blanket compassion (if you haven’t read that one it would help to read it first). Blanket compassion is an open border! An open border where one takes on the pain and stress of other people’s problems, just as the left fights for the insane policy of open border and paying for the problems of other countries and neglecting our own people. They deny the interest of Americans and put a terrible burden on them. One can see why left unchecked false compassion always turns into hate – it is diametrically opposed to how our psyche and soul (and our country) really works. If we really see how this works it causes an abhorrence in us, the same as if we were to encounter the presence of evil – for it is the continuous trick of hell.

(False compassion only works by the way in Christian based societies where there is an ethos of ‘loving they neighbor’ – a good thing that evil twists to its own purpose. You don’t see the phenomenon of false compassion in agonistic Arab society. Agonistic refers to an honor/shame society where there is very little value put on one’s personal psychology, and compassion for others, but ones the sense of self comes from outside, from one’s standing in the hierarchy in the societies code of honor and shame).

At core leftists are in profound pain, but they refuse to deal with the pain, and dedicate their action to putting it on others. They want you to feel their pain, but of course not let you know that it is from them. So they delight in ‘winning’ by lying and cheating and obstructing. Good people don’t want others to be in pain; but many good people are ‘used to’ and conditioned to take on others pain. This is the very point where the tentacles of evil can attach into us, especially through the people in our life. To take on others pain causes weakness and dissociation – it takes us away from a true sense of self. I have to watch that like a hawk because I am vulnerable to it. It doesn’t ‘feel OK’ to let someone else be in pain, but that feeling alone is not right. We have to let them deal with their pain for their good and for our good. (Good borders). It becomes much more complicated in dealing with our family and loved ones; for instance, like most people I am willing to extend myself very far for my children but the same principle applies for them too.

At the same time we need to strive to be open and understanding to the people in our life and country. This is why the union of love and wisdom is the source of all spirituality. I am affected in some degree by what the leftists do; yes, I am angry, but I strive to not let it move me into feeling disturbed – for that is debilitating, and erodes away at my life and sense of self. ‘False compassion/other peoples pain’ in image is like a leech/parasite with tentacles enmeshed in our own precious tissue. In seeing this we are disgusted and reject it. When I see it and remove it I then ‘cauterize’ the wound with the heat of fire – the fire of my own and will to heal and be whole. This creates a protective layer that internalizes the memory that I want my own pain and the good and strength received from working it; then it becomes a shield against further intrusion.

The Heart of 80 million Patriots are Broken By a Few Evil Overlords. What Happens When Evil Wins? Keep the Faith, God Providence Is In America

January 9th, 2021

Very painful to see what is happening here. The conservatives lost the senate, dems cheated again, and Trump will probably be out, unless he declares martial law. The dems pulled off the greatest crime in history. Stealing the presidency from 80 million people who love Trump – by a dedicated coup by corrupting our voting system. Trump has been the best – all time superb greatness for God – and the people of faith have been great, but many in the Republican party betrayed Trump. It’s shameful. Now they are taking away the ability to communicate, taking our voice away if they can, taking away freedoms, relentlessly trying to discourage the heart of the people. We the people can’t let them get away with it.

A patient told me the other day (as many have in varying ways over the years), ‘Why is my mother dying and suffering like this, she is such a good person, why would God do this’. I have addressed this question very well for a long time. But I feel like that, ‘Why did God allow evil to win, and take away from Trump and the people what he rightfully won’. Its painful, it’s not right, but I am not losing faith or anything. It’s just hard to understand why evil would get away with this. I keep the faith and trust in God.

Right now without the Trump movement in power the world just became a much more dangerous place. Deep state socialist in America, globalists around the world, and communists in China are trying to take over America and all the good, freedom and Godliness that she is about. But I believe God has a plan and we will keep up the good fight and prevail in the end.


But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!” (Matthew 18: 5,6)
For peace of mind I find it invaluable to see God knows our will, and the love we have for him and our country. This is not an escape from reality for He still wants us to act on our will and do what we can. For instance, I do what I can to take action, I consistently donate to Trump movement, and conservatives fighting for justice, I let my voice be heard, share on forums and help to build people’s faith. In God We Trust.
On the contrary side, as the scripture above tells, its one thing to aline with evil forces, but to willfully recruit others into evil is crossing a terrible line, and this is what the dem leaders have done and are doing.
The dem leaders don’t represent or care an ounce about the people but serve an agenda that is nothing less than evil, and they will not change. History and spiritual principle confirms that; they are too far gone. They have shown over and over how completely dedicated they are to a destructive agenda. Some GOP leaders are like them, but they still care about appearances to a degree, the dem leaders don’t even care about appearances anymore. Keeping up appearances used to keep them in check to a degree but not anymore. Hard core Evil doesn’t change, but seeks deeper and deeper destruction. That is what we are up against. But, many of the regular people who don’t know what the ‘bought’ may change. It’s strange how many intelligent people support the dem leaders (who do and care nothing about them), and how they blindly hate Trump (who loves them). People I know here in the bay area fight for the dems, justify their actions; some people at work laugh about the election, delighting in thinking they humiliated Trump.
It is very disturbing, never thought America would come to this. How we Feel is part of it, because we have suffered real loss of something we most dearly love; it’s also an injustice, and we have to deal with the consequences of all this. Without fair elections that are just our country is not what it used to be. Painful to take in. Hopefully we can fight to get back to where we were.
In Lamentations (from the Bible) the response to deep suffering is modeled for us; the people wail with complaints at God, and wrestle with what God is doing, but they are taking their feelings to Him.
Lamentations shows how God is big enough to handle all our anger and despair, and that these feelings are safe with him God is not the cause of evil and never inflicts evil on anyone. Man is the cause of evil because he is in freedom; man’s freedom is in the balance between good and evil – for this is the only possible way a person can have self agency, an identity, sovereignty – to ‘become’ – to bond with God from himself. Freedom is the means of salvation and the cause of hell! Evil comes from a man’s capacity for selfishness and greed and hate.
The universe would quickly cease to exist if God were ever less than love – just as in a sun, as soon as it begins to produce iron in its core it is a matter of seconds that it will explode. It is the love and wisdom of God alone that creates and sustains the universe, if he is anything less….
To think God is the cause of evil inflames the negative and self-destructive impulses in the suffering person. Imagine telling someone who is struggling with the feeling that God is punishing them that God is the one who inflicts evil. If they really theologically believe that God is against them, then there is nothing that can help – self destructiveness is justified. Such a notion arises from external thinking. God never causes evil, but allows evil for the providential purpose of removing evil. The Lord is the redemptive force of love in our hearts and minds. He is the comforter; and His love is closest when we are most ill and suffering. We don’t see it with our physical eyes but we can feel it if we but seek it in humility. It is irrational, an (understandable) emotional reaction to blame God for the evil that happens. We can take all these feelings to Him. He wants what is real, and to process with us. God is good itself.

Meditation on Loneliness: Why It’s difficult, and Why It’s Essential, Staying Behind the 8 Ball

September 30th, 2020

Loneliness is a pain in our heart; it is very difficult to deal with. Partly at least because circumstance seems to validate the feeling. But there is much within loneliness that is essential to our growth.  Contained in the pain of loneliness is yearning. If we are overwhelmed by the pain and circumstance loneliness crashes over the yearning and can become despair, disconnect and depression. I think of loneliness as staying behind the 8 ball. Keeping the 8 ball in our perception which means to feel the pain but not let it crush us. From here we can meditate into and discern what it is about.

Yearning is a very spiritual feeling. Loneliness is on a continuum from  yearning all the way to despair. Yearning seeks direction, affection and connection but it takes focus to discern what it is about. What we call Loneliness, on the continuum, has given into hopelessness; it is like white light or the snow on a TV where we can’t see our way. But if one looks into white light we find it has a whole rainbow of colors as when it is passed through a prism. Each color has a meaning. The white snow on a TV is buzzy like anxiety. We have to take our eyes off of the circumstances and move back to our heart, and listen to the feelings of yearning and they will begin to tell us what they are about. In yearning there are rich seedlings of love and hope, the beginning of manifesting meaningful connections within and without.

    We may be yearning for a meaningful relationship, for intimacy, for affection, for sex. In examining these we can’t always trust what we feel and must discern their origin and intent. There are often old, outdated strategies that we picked up in our need to survive that have dysfunctional ways; and underneath these is our core self that can be trusted. All of these parts are not to be dismissed but taken care of and restored, like a parent with a child, by the core self. They all have needs and demands, but are relatively un-resourced but can be taught and nurtured to serve a better purpose. In yearning all these things can be recognized and brought to light, but it is a process of trial and error. We cannot have outwardly what we are looking for immediately which is most pronounced in relationships and sex, but in the yearning there is awareness and direction.

   Nevertheless, there is no resolving the causes of loneliness unless we come into a deep awareness of our core self. In our core self we can receive the affection and acknowledgement that we yearn for and that nothing else can give us like we can. We have to take this action for our self. The great leap is to see that the core self is directly connected to God. In this acknowledgement we receive the compassion and sense of being seen that we have always yearned for, that others did not give us. Often parents, or others fail to see us, and actually pass the pain they cannot deal with into us. It is essential to realize that this core relationship is received by understanding that God as the divine human. One cannot have a relationship with a cloud, or an amorphous supreme being, but we can with the divine human who sees us all the way through. He called himself our Father, Mother, Friend, Hero and Comforter. These are all very personal and immediate.

The funny thing in dealing with loneliness/yearning is that the more one becomes aware and open the more our body also becomes sensitive and aware; this is a good thing, but it awakens the yearning and desire for intimacy, connection, touch and sex to be more acute. This is part of awakening our capacity for joy and being vulnerable. I think it is also part of God’s process for moving us out of comfort zones when we get too settled so to keep us growing. It’s a sort of test but the core self brings us back to what is really true for us. We keep getting better at the whole process and come to know who we are; we come to know what we want and what we don’t, what works and what doesn’t and what is morally and spiritually in keeping in being right with God. So, in letting the stuff go that doesn’t work we become more content.

Staying behind the 8 ball means we feel and discern the cause of our yearning. Perception by nature keeps the cause of pain in our sight so to speak as opposed to crashing in a wave of emotion (but all things are our teacher by trail and error). In yearning there is something God has for us to learn and do. The yearning often cannot be outwardly fulfilled, but it is fulfilling in itself to feel and understand what it is about. In submitting the yearning to our core self for care there is spiritual, mental and even physical satisfaction in our body, mind and soul. The core self takes care of our whole self; it removes false expectations and other people’s thoughts that muck up our thinking and separate us from our self. The core self is tethered directly to the Lord. 

“A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.” John 16:32



Two Good Police Officers are Shot in the Face: BLM Wants to Destroy Those That Maintain Stability in Society But they Will Fail

September 15th, 2020

Two cops peacefully sitting in their car were shot by a BLM gunman who snuck up and shot them in the face. It’s very sad, our whole culture has to absorb this insane news of what is happening in our society. BLM also obstructed their way to the hospital and chanted ‘we hope you die’. This makes me (and anyone with common sense and who loves our great country) grieve, it makes me sick at heart. I feel so especially for police, how they must feel. It is right to grieve for and honor these two police and all police who are unjustly vilified. The subversive forces in our society keep going to more and more extremes. To sustain their delusion they have to go deeper and deeper into denial. They seem to be going to the point they have lost a conscience. You can’t appeal to decency in people who have lost their conscience they just want to escalate chaos.

Police are the last resort against people who have no conscience. Evil wants to erase the line of decency and destabilize society. They want to defund and get rid of the police. They want us to lose hope and feel disturbed, that’s how evil operates.

People who have no conscience are far worse than animals because they have evil and cruel purpose. They want to cause pain and despair. Evil humans want to smother and destroy the soul of another. People who do this can always cause us to grieve, to feel pain and hurt. We feel grief because we love what is right and have a conscience, but they want us to feel despair and give up. That we cannot and will not do.

Let us affirm the truth. 99 percent of all police are good. They are the first responders that keep law and order and uphold consequences to breaking the laws. They are essential to any stable society. In doing their service they put their lives on the line for the rest of us and deserve our honor.

BLM is trying to turn this all upside down by falsely demonizing the police, defunding them and getting rid of them – a huge step in destroying our society and nation. They will fail. As doctor strange says in Infinity War, “You will find our will is equal to yours”. We must do our part in supporting the police and decency in society.

Let us pray: Dear Lord Jesus we pray that you will subdue the forces of evil in our society that are boiling over. We pray that you win over those who can be restored to love and decency, and bring them home. We pray the two officers will heal and come back to live good lives, and we pray that all police are under your protection in body and soul. In our grief, we pray Father you will bring us through to hope and deepen our faith. We pray that good will win in America and we will be a light to the world more than ever before. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

‘There is none good but God’: The Challenge of Understanding and Living This Saying of Jesus

April 27th, 2020

‘There is none good but God’. This is a hard saying for many people. I remember I used to not get what it meant, or how it worked, so I couldn’t really accept it. But now I can feel and sense the truth of it in my soul. It is a very good spiritual place to be. 

The world of course wants us to think the opposite, that we deserve all credit, and good comes from us. It is good and natural to give credit to others for good things done. This is a good and generous thing to do in that we want and need to know we are connected and useful in a good way to each other, but inwardly there is another level. This comes into play in our relationship with the Lord. We receive the desire to do good from Him, even perception itself is a reception from God. And instantly in this inward acknowledgement, there is an inflow of love and creative energy that magnifies our soul. (Like when the pregnant Mary met the pregnant Elizabeth and their body and souls in-flowed with love, joy and awareness). 

But it is important to describe this from practical experience so one gets a tangible understanding and feel for it.

      I work as a chaplain, and I work with doctors, nurses and CNA’s. There are times when people think we have all the answers. Because we have these positions people sometimes project on us their idea of what we do, whether it be good or bad. As chaplain people will sometimes think I have powers and abilities I don’t have. As an extreme example a couple of times, after saying a prayer, Catholic women took my hand and kissed it. This is from Catholic tradition, but really it’s an act of worship that only the Lord is worthy of. Now we can respond to this by taking the adulation or we can sense inside that that is not meant for me but the Lord. It felt strange and abhorrent to me to think it was for me. I think they did it in innocence, and for their sake I think its fine to accept because it is according to their faith, but I see it as being for God. 

In helping others we can guide, inform, empathize and listen, but the real answer has to come between them and God. This is what brings healing and transformation; there has to be a humbling to God. As people we can learn to trust, know and love each other and this serves as an agent of change and transformation, but there is a inner place in our core where God is there for everyone. He is the source and it is by his providence that transformation takes place. Only He knows our whole heart more than we do ourself, and he knows what is needed. It is a great privilege to be used by Him; He is the inner teacher.

    One develops a sense of radar where people are attributing something to oneself or others that actually belongs to God.

      All humans have hereditary evil and what comes from humans is at least potentially tainted with evil. What comes from God is only and truly good; it can always be trusted. When religion compels people to belief – it is not of God. One has to come to believe from within. Change has to come from the reciprocal relationship between one self and God. This is also greatly brought to light by those who seek answers from spirits or the spiritual in any way. In beseeching from the spiritual we should seek from God alone, not any angel or spirit. God is a divine human and we can seek, and we can know Him intimately as a Father, Mother, Friend, hero. That He is the divine human makes Him directly accessible. 

    It is nevertheless a challenge to actually accept and do this in life. I notice in examining my own pain, that a lot of the pain comes from other people. This often happens with people who are close to us, like our parents, family, partners etc. When they can’t face their own pain and problems, to cope they knowingly or not hide the pain, and, in doing so, cannot help but recruit others into not seeing it so that they don’t have to face it.  (Of course we can also do this to others, which is worse). I notice in myself how I took on a lot of this pain, and when it is not our own we cannot solve it, and I blame myself for it. This condition which is prevalent in most people is why the Lord said, “I come to bring division, a father will hate is his son, a mother her Daughter”.

     I bring this up because in place of it I have certain unconscious ‘salvation fantasies’, that are dissociative; they serve a purpose, but also serve to interfere with, or partially take the place the real source. For instance, today I went for a long hike in the rain, it was beautiful. I hiked in Tilden park which has lots of trails and trees. Walking in the wet, cold grass reminded me of living in the Azores where it was very green and rained a lot. This memory itself was part of a salvation fantasy – to be in a place where there was focus and happiness, but it is at least somewhat illusory, it is the past and not possible to recreate. These kind of thoughts are usually half-conscience at best but I was watching them to see what there purpose is. I also noticed I was motivated to hike toward a trial I had been to before where there is an ‘idyllic’ little creek in a deep forest. (These desires are partly true because heaven is idyllic with beautiful paradises). The fantasy partially came from a story I read called ‘All Gold Canyon’ in my youth (by Jack Schaefer). In the story the Author describes a beautiful valley in a canyon that is a little paradise. In the story, a good man, who is a prospector finds a huge vein of gold in a ditch at the heart of the canyon. As he is digging a man shows up behind him who has been tracking him with a gun and demands for him to hand over the gold.

This story is an allegory for what I am expressing, in that the fantasy, to the degree it is dissociative, is tracked and used by evil, usually to a degree far more than we realize, just as in the story the robber tracked the good man to use and abuse him. You can tell the false ‘salvation fantasies’ because they are only partially satisfying. This is because they are not from the core self, and so they are the true connection to God. They are not all bad; they are often developmental. There are also very good and constructive ‘Phantasies’; these are precursors, and developmental to knowing God, and they are how we work out problems and traumas in our mind and soul. These are different than dissociative fantasies in that one leads up and another down so to speak, and any one can serve partially for both ways. For instance, in childhood we believe in Santa Clause, and this is often a precursor to exercising the ability to have faith in a not seen, but benevolent God. 

    I tell this because these ‘salvation fantasies’ are a primary interference and block to understanding how God is the source of all good. I observe in myself a constant yearning but I notice some of them never resolve. They can’t resolve because they are not mine, but from others pain. I feel vaguely in my in my mind that if I could be at these places again, or if I could be with the right person I could find happiness. The fantasy  has a pattern of despair and loneliness, partially because evil and stress seem to come (in spite or because of them). But constructive phantasy if very creative and helpful to growth and happiness.
      It is an important skill of maturity to be able to see that we can have and be both of these at the same time, and its OK. Just because I am involved in a dissociative phantasy that can be harmful does not mean that I am not dong genuine work that is a good service. This is very important to realize because evil wants us to feel that is is all or nothing. Evil wants us to feel condemned and unworthy because we participated in it or fell for it, but this is not true. This tendency to feel we are all or nothing comes from childhood where we think we are omnipotent and we go from one total extreme to another. For instance, seeing our parents at one moment as magnificently wonderful, and then the next hating them with murderous rage. In maturity we learn to discern the subtleties and integrate. 
     Now it is most important to see that an internal love of Jesus and His life is NOT a salvation fantasy (as skeptics like to describe religion) but it is the most real, completely trustworthy thing in all of life. Salvation and goodness does come from him in every particular way; when everything else comes under this Canopy they take on a new light. The misplaced burden on other things to save us and make us happy falls away. Our projects, love of nature, relationships become renewed in this correct order; and some things may leave our life. 
Here are scriptures that speak to these truths:
“Peter, seeing him, said to Jesus, “But Lord, what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me'”. Jesus teaches his disciples here and other places not to compare their lives and destiny with others, or to try to out do others. Our inner life is between us and Him and He has the best possible plan for it, and it all fits in with others, but it is not for us to know others plan. The gifts He has given us are sufficient, and the best possible treasure.

There is a very Endearing story about worship in Revelation. John kneels and tries to worship the angel that shows him the Holy City, and the angel tells John, “Stand, Do not do that”. He says this because people and angels are in the same position and relation to God; both are equally in a position of humility to the Lord – only the Lord is to be worshiped, not angels or anything else. There is no ratio between the wisdom of God and that of humans or angels. Humans and angles are receptacles of life, and God is the source of life so it is a structural and immutable truth that all good comes from God. Humans have hereditary evil from head to toe, and angels still have hereditary evils but they are ‘dormant’ in the perimeter of their being. The Lord can activate them at anytime for the sake of a lesson. Only The divine human is without any hereditary evil. Jesus entirely removed it from his human body in the Glorification and Resurrection.

Jesus never called Mary mother, but he addresses her as woman. When she tells him the wedding is out of wine, and instructs the servants about preparing water for Jesus, He says to her, ‘What have you to do with me Woman?” This sounds offensive but there is a very good reason for it. Essential to the process of the glorification Jesus had to remove all hereditary evil He had in His body (from Mary, as all humans have from their mother and father). Jesus had a divine father, so the hereditary evil was only in his body. He did not identity with this in His body, so he allowed no familial presumption. This of course doesn’t mean He didn’t love; He loved her dearly as he does all people (but he is not a ‘respecter of persons’ even his mother). His mission was to remove all the hereditary evil so he could resurrect. This is also a lesson for our human process of regeneration. We seek our identity with the Lord before that with our family.

TRUMP, PERSONALITY AND GOD: Most Democrats Accuse Trump of Having a Bad Personality – I Say that Is a Dishonest Excuse

March 27th, 2020


You notice how people so often say they don’t like Trump because of his personality, and how many of these people take that as a reason to reject him? A lot of people still do that but I have noticed more now who will acknowledge he is doing a good job, but still diss him for having a bad personality. I think this is BS in either case. (My question to the later though is – will you vote for Him?)

Trump demonstrates amazing self restraint and the ability to put aside personal feelings and do the right thing for the sake of the people. The way the dems hold him and the country ransom to get irrelevant goodies for their selfish agenda is maddening for anyone, and it is for Trump. He called it very ‘painful’ dealing with the democrats. But in spite of how unfair they are to him he makes every reasonable effort to get along with everyone including those who treat him or others very badly. He doesn’t do this blindly at all; he simply measures what is going to be the most effective way to get results, and he knows good relationships are a very important factor in this. This is very hard to do and takes a lot of skill. He also has incredible energy to keep on top of everything, and at getting the message to his team and to the people. That takes a lot of energy. He has to be a master of managing his energy. Energy comes from great inner motivation, insight and love to serve and accomplish an important gaol. Passion to help others gives one great energy. Enthusiasm means God within. He has this in spades, and those who are close to him express it but he doesn’t get a lot of credit for it. He doesn’t care that much as long as the purpose is served. We are incredibly fortunate to have a president who is working to end this as quickly as possible. For instance, he says even when we go back, for a time we need to keep practicing measures of social distancing, that’s being on point. All these things are a demonstration of exceptional spiritual and practical intelligence.

t’s interesting that Trump called dealing with the dems ‘painful’. He could, as many of us would do, say that they are jerks and fools and we hate what they are about and doing. By saying it is ‘painful’ he implies that he is dealing with it within himself. It is an honest description; he sees clearly what they are doing, and he is not shucking responsibility, but keeping his feeling in his own power to handle, between him and God. This is a spiritual skill of one who knows himself, and doesn’t give their power away to others. It’s painful, it’s difficult, be he doesn’t let others discourage him by their frustrating, obstructing, and unfair behavior. Nobody gets in his head; that’s why he is such a great debater. He’s a fascinating study in self-possession and confidence with the highest of stakes.

Even if Trump did have a bad personality, a man is known by his fruit, and Trump’s fruit is magnificent. You all have probably seen, how I and others, have put several posts here showing Trump’s profound love for prayer and for the Lord, and we have all talked about the great results he has achieved.

I guess for the dems its like when you have a guy on your basketball team that is a great and hard fighter. His teammates love to play with him but not against him. This comes from, how in campaign mode, Trump plays hardball. He comes up with ingenious ways to characterize opponents with truthful tag names; like ‘Sleepy Joe’, ‘Pocahontas’, and ‘crooked Hillary’. This may be demeaning, but his names have truth to them, and that’s how the game of politics is played now. It is part of mass marketing – you exaggerate and create an image people will remember. When it’s based on truth it sticks. He makes it funny and it works. He must of learned how to walk the line of playing hard ball and inspiring people in the dog eat dog business world as a boss, and in TV. The others use the same technique. Trump is just a lot better at it – and they hate him for it. Trump plays within the rules of politics. But the dems don’t play within the rules and yet the dem voters give their candidates a free pass, while condemning Trump. The bottom line is this – the dems hate Trump because God is using Him, and they either can’t see that or they don’t like God. That is not a PC thing to say, but I believe it’s true.

The dems could easily join the good and winning team if they want to be winners. In any case I think Trump has a great personality. He is constantly giving credit and building up people and leaders at the highest level. He is the leader of very talented and ambitious leaders, and he has won them over by showing them he fights for God and the people in a way they never conceived of, – and now – they will run through a wall for him. Only the best of the best could do that -it takes profound talent. At the same time he has a tender heart for the people and the suffering, and has the skill and determination to take care of them. He knows how to build himself up and how to put himself aside at the right time for the sake of others. This inspires great respect. He is 100% real when most politicians are into appearances, so spiritually he occupies the center of gravity and they know it, and they abide by it; and for doing so they become better people and professionals.

In truth Trump has a great personality, a truly exception one, and as I said before – there is no one else that could be doing what he is doing right now, not even close to the same integrity, energy, honesty and results. That is not something to take for granted, especially for those us who are getting the benefits of it for God’s sake! Those who dismiss him with the reason that he has a bad personality are not being honest with themselves, but using that as an excuse to not look closer.

Lord Jesus we give thanks for president Trump and his team who are laser focused on every possible angle to make the country work, and to serve your will for America. God speed. Amen.

Why it is that the Words ‘Fu(k’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ are Used in the most Intense Moments of Pain, Rage, Shock, Stress and Passion

June 26th, 2017

Fuck is probably the rawest word there is; to speak it greatly increases the intensity of whatever we are saying. It’s a very versatile word: it can be in anger, pain, aggression, pleasure, confusion, despair, shock – all of these can be toward ourself or others. It expresses utter contempt, hatred, and frustration. It just comes out when we can’t control ourself, or it can be used very intentional in aggression. The word has to do of course with sex, so the passion of the word fuck comes from the feeling and intensity of raw sex – when we are completely going for what we want, which can be totally selfish, or from deep, intimate, mutual feeling from inside each other. To say ‘fuck!’ gets the feeling of stress off our chest better than any word. When coupled with ‘mother’ it is heightened to even greater intensity – “mother fucker!” This has a straight-up, primal Oedipal root; it expresses the regressive rage toward the parent who fucks the mother. As an un-resourced child it is our mother that we most love and need, and want to be close to – and to the early mind of the child that is emerging from a feeling of self-omnipotence it is a primal shock that someone else ‘owns her’ by fucking her. To say ‘you mother fucker!’ to someone is the height of being incensed, enraged, threatened and aggressive. The essential reason we say these words is that they are the deepest roots of passion in the human psyche!

Often saying fuck is a moment of regression. Regression can be a negative thing but it also takes us back where we live and feel inside. Regression points the way to the problem that gives us a chance to see and deal with it in the moment. We have a chance to act on those feelings from our self with at least a measure of mastery that helps us grow and perhaps transform. If we reflect on what we feel and why we feel it and where it came from we can reframe the way it is stored in our psyche instead of reacting the same old way. This is a very significant way to explore the passions that arise when we use these words or in any situation where we are triggered.

People always say, ‘Jesus!’ or ‘Jesus christ!’ when they are suddenly offended, hurt themselves sharply, see the foolishness of some action for the first time; and when they are angry, emotionally disappointed, and deeply hurt. Without thinking, whether we are religious or not, almost everyone blurts this out, ‘Jesus’.

Some religious people say that using Jesus name in cursing is blasphemy. I suppose it could be if our intent is willfully destructive toward God and others faith, but in general I don’t think that its blasphemous. Jesus said: “Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but to him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven”.

To call to Jesus or use his name in these moments of reaction is not a sin or something He condemns. It’s kind of amazing that we do this – because Jesus wants us to bring all of our anger, hate, and rage to Him! – and sure enough we use His name often in these moments. It is the constant vigilance of Jesus’ providence that evil not go unseen, for unless we can see it, it cannot be removed; so I think the fact that we do this is part of His work of providence. Jesus wants our feelings of hate and rage to be seen by our self and taken to Him. For evil, hate, and rage to fester unseen becomes like cancer in the body that is undetected. The faculty of reflecting on our self is extremely important for it is the essential means changing, and even of achieving salvation. Of course much of the time we say these words unconsciously, so the value is only in potential. But its right there, and we can interpret these feelings if we reflect. In the highest sense saying ‘Jesus Christ’ could be a calling out in prayer.

The word fuck is of sex, and sex in the highest sense is of true love. The meaning of sex exists on a continuum that proceeds from reproduction, love, to true marriage between a man and women, and this proceeds from earth into heaven. (Christians who take the Bible only literally say that there is no marriage in heaven, but nothing could be further from the truth. Conjugal love is the very basis of heaven and the ruling love of all loves in heaven. For more on this see articles on marriage love and heaven in this blog.) Furthermore, the name Jesus Christ is of true worship. Jesus is God, and the Holy marriage between His divine soul and divine human, is the very source of all love and truth and passion. And it is little known, but wonderful to see –  that true love and worship have the same root. These are the two greatest sources of passion, happiness, and truth in all life. This is the essential reason why these words are intuitively invoked when we need to express passion. It is no accident that we go to them. Like all language it has become a custom to do so. Swedenborg describes how it is that ‘true love’ and ‘ divine worship’ have the same root:


“The origin of love truly conjugal is the Lord’s love for the church and this is why the Lord is called in the Word the “Bridegroom” and the “Husband,” and the church the “bride” and the “wife.” It is from this marriage that the church is the church in general and in particular. The church in particular is a man in whom the church is. From this it is clear that the Lord’s conjunction with a man of the church is the very origin of love truly conjugal; and how that conjunction can be the origin shall be told. The Lord’s conjunction with a man of the church is a conjunction of good and truth; good is from the Lord, and truth is with man, and from this is the conjunction that is called the heavenly marriage. From that marriage, love truly conjugal exists between two partners that are in such conjunction with the Lord. From this it is now evident that love truly conjugal is from the Lord alone, and exists with those who are in the conjunction of good and truth from the Lord”. (Apacoplypse Explained, 983)

What we so often express in a lower way has its roots in the highest love, and in worship, the two most intense sources of meaning and passion.


The Union of Love and Wisdom: Why the Orgasm is Most Transcendent Experience of the Body

January 13th, 2016

In some ways it may seem simple to the reader that there is a marriage of the natural and spiritual, – and so it is – , but what is most simple is also most profound and complex – for it is the most universal. There are thousands of places to quote from Swedenborg about the principle of union; here is one that expresses the nitty-gritty of the union of the natural and spiritual, and that demonstrates how it is the essential of all spiritual growth. I pick this because it is about spiritual birth, or in Christian parlance, being ‘born again’. This quote from Swedenborg comes from a discussion of the meaning of the word midwife in scripture.

‘That the midwife said to her, Do not be afraid’ means perception received from the natural…when the interior man undergoes temptations, the natural is like a midwife. For unless the natural assists no birth of interior truth is possible, since it is the natural that receives interior truths into its bosom once these are born; indeed it is the natural that enables them to push their way out. The same applies to instances of spiritual birth, in that reception must take place wholly within the natural. This is the reason why, when a person is being regenerated, the natural is first of all made ready to receive, and to the extent it is then able to receive, interior truths and goods are able to emerge and multiply. This also explains why, if the natural man has not been made ready during the life of the body to receive the truths and goods of faith, that person cannot receive them in the next life and so cannot be saved. This is the implication of the common saying ‘As the tree falls, so it must lie’, meaning, what a person is when he dies, so he comes to be. For a person has with him in the next life his whole natural memory, that is, the memory belonging to his external man, though he is not allowed to use it in that life. In the next life therefore that memory serves as the groundwork on which interior truths and goods rest; but if that groundwork is not able to support the goods and truths which flow into it from within, interior goods and truths are either annihilated, or perverted, or cast aside. From all this it may be seen that the natural is like a midwife (AC 4588).

This quote shows that spiritual birth or being ‘born again’ is a gradual, rigorous, and painful process, and as we know from life this growth is recognized at certain seminal moments. In this process the spirit must lead while the natural is the means as we know from the interaction of the spirit, mind, and body. The master example of what Swedenborg is saying here is the life of Jesus himself, because the glorification process begins with God being born on earth in a material human body, and His body is the vehicle for the astounding wisdom and acts of love he achieves. This is what makes Him knowable and lovable to all humanity. As He overcomes every temptation, and fulfills each prophecy by his loving acts of service in His natural body, He manifests (or births) new levels of love and wisdom in the world. The resurrection is the ultimate birthing in that Jesus raised his human body into the spiritual world, making it divine.

In us humans for change and salvation to take place our body and feelings need to be prepared for it; the sensation of feelings in the body are the means by which spiritual change becomes rooted and substantial. Thoughts and affections are part physical and part spiritual and how we process them determines whether our soul is gradually formed into a heavenly (or hellish) state. The essential function of the natural can also be seen in the way the sense of touch is the universal medium for love; love yearns to be expressed and fulfilled through touch. Indeed there is no greater pleasure than true love expressed in the sex act; love and touch together in harmony increase pleasure and intimacy, and bring a sense of spiritual fulfillment in our soul. The orgasm in Sex is the most transcendent experience the body can feel because of its use, and because of its corresponds to the active union that takes place in marriage love. True marriage love and sex in heaven are from pure innocence with wisdom, and produce an unspeakable goodness and delight. They are the essential part of the union of love and wisdom of a man and woman, a man predominantly being a form of wisdom and a woman a from of love. The attributes of the physical body of a man and woman correspond to the attributes of the soul qualities of each; for instance a man’s physique is usually stronger and rougher as he corresponds to a intellectual form, and a woman’s is softer and more comely as they correspond to a form of love. When there is love between them they perceive each other in greater and greater detail, and their will is filled with the same desire of giving to the other; at the same time they are in spontaneously gratitude to the Lord. Since the will is the essential thing of the self, in the Bible it is said, “the two shall become one”. The two become one in that their will’s become ever closer. This oneness is not vague but involves every particular of the individuals character, soul attributes, and life skills, all of which grow and come into greater and greater distinctiveness and intimacy for eternity. Each particular bond is a struggle into birth, and is experienced in the body with incredible delight. Indeed the orgasm of the body, and true marriage love of the soul are the most transcendent experience of the body, and the soul respectively; because the end purpose of each is part of the continuum of correspondences that serves the highest use in the universe; that continuum moving from the procreation of the human race to the ultimate purpose of life in the universe – which is to populate the Lord’s heavenly kingdom.