June 16th, 2016

Trump is not a divider, Biden used by the deep state to divide and destroy what America is truly about. Trump calls a spade a spade, fights for God and the people. One cannot relativize evil, evil acts are evil. This is a basic fallacy in PC philosophy. LGBT folks are Americans and peaceful and deserve respect and protection. The Florida shooter killed gays in a terrorist attack. In the killers world view the gays deserved to die. The dems didn’t care. Trump is protecting the LGBT and everyone; he respects people’s rights, and doesn’t pander to anyone, and they appreciate it, and many are now coming to vote for him.
They see that Hillary, Obama and now Biden do not have their back when it comes to reality, but are betraying them, leaving them to the wolves.
The main point to see form this is that the man who attacked innocent people did it from hate and ideology taught to him by Islamic extremist. Like Obama and Biden PC people can’t seem to bring them self to face that awful truth, they can’t say the words Islamic terrorist. It doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad, and Trump doesn’t believe that. He wants to stop refugees for a time only till the problem is dealt with. Its a real problem we cannot dissociate from. Any man worth his salt protects his house and family from another man who would come in to kill his family. Trump is doing that against a real threat against our country. The majority of people see all this now, people are tired of dissociating from responsibility. The Trump effect is this: inwardly people realize we have avoided responsibility and put hope in a free ride and false compassion with people like Obama. People don’t want that, they want real freedom that comes from a strong America with our own identity. Trump has pricked the conscience of America by doing and saying what is needed, and people feel a passion to take action for responsibility, to do the work to make a prosperous, strong and safe America. With freedom comes great responsibility.
The basic fallacy in PC philosophy Biden is a tool for is that it believes there is not a hell. There is a heaven and a hell, and earth is in the balance of the two. Heaven and hell cannot be relativised; only hell would think to do that. They are in utter antipathy. They are both very very real in the spiritual world and here. Hell is hate, deception and evil. We don’t want to go there, nobody does. But not acknowledging it exists, by thinking it is compassionate to believe it doesn’t exist, we are ingesting a lie into our soul. That plays into the hands of evil and allows it free reign. We need to see evils machinations and expose it. Trump is exposing the dead wood, crony ways in both the GOP and the democratic party. This has been the consistent pattern and that is the sign of a man God is using. Good and truth from God is the most powerful force in the universe, by tethering our self to the Lord we are protected from evil. By favoring God and fighting for him we save our souls. It is irrational and insane to ignore God’s divine order, and to fight against it turns the mind into PC mush. America in its origins is a covenant with God – In God We Trust – this and the genius of democracy and the constitution is what makes it great and exceptional in the world, a light to the world.

Understanding the ‘Captives’ in the Bible Key to Understanding Redemption

July 19th, 2015

To get a strong sense of the big picture in the Bible it is essential to understand what is meant by ‘the captives,’ and similarly by the descent of Jesus into hell. I have discussed this theme in part before in this blog but it is worth understanding it further. The captives are a direct result of the loss of equilibrium. Most people are familiar with the story of the Lord descending into hell and releasing the captives after his ascension to heaven, but obtaining a real sense of what this means is elusive without an understanding of the loss of equilibrium.

The captives are those who were unjustly intercepted by evil spirits when they died and were held in a pseudo-heavens. When people first enter the spiritual world, they usually seek out loved ones, and they are always attended by angels. However, during the imbalance, evil spirits had undue power in the world of spirits and heaven. The evil spirits used their arts to deceive the new spirits, and, by persuasion and deception, they seduced these people to enter their own city, whether they were good or bad. The city, or the society, the renegade spirits created was not heaven or hell, but rather it was a pseudo-heaven created by the evil spirits where the good and the bad lived together as they did on earth. These pseudo heavens were below the real heaven in the world of spirits, which is between heaven and hell. They were run by evil spirits that posed as good leaders. These cities were defying the laws of the Lord’s divine order, and are a tragic situation that is greatly lamented by the angels. As we have shown before this is part of the decline of religion. Lets look at this in scripture.

This theme of the captives is described in many places in the Word, but perhaps nowhere better than in the parable of the wheat and the chaff. This parable describes how an enemy sowed the chaff with the wheat, which is where chaff doesn’t belong. The two become inextricably tied together, and the Lord tells them to not separate the two until the time of the harvest. After telling the parable about the plants, He then tells the internal meaning of the story to the disciples. The parable is an overview of the judgement, and a description of the process of it. The events described partly take place on earth, but mostlyin the spiritual world. The events described in Revelation are a detailed description of how the Lord separated out the good and the evil in each particular place, otherwise known as the judgment. Without an understanding of the correspondential meaning of the cities, places, and events in Revelation, and without an understanding of how these apply to the spiritual world, it is hard to get a grasp of how to understand that book. It is often asked, “Why did the Lord allow the good and evil to remain together until the harvest?” We will address this question because it helps to give us a tangible understanding of the process.

The activity in the psuedo heavens in the spriritual world mirror what was happening in the church on earth, and we can get an idea of the dynamics there by by observing them in the Jewish religion. The religious leaders of the ancient Jews had become mostly power obsessed. They claimed authoruty to themsselvs and kept the people under their power with all the strict religious rules. The people themselves though, still learned of God and religion from them, and if they practiced thier faith sincerely, even if it had falsities, they received some degree of connection to the Word and heaven. The religious leaders had to act according to the laws and keep up appearences even if inwardly they were evil. In this way the two were inistrictably tied together. The leaders served the purpose of religion, even though they were evily motivated, so the Lord could not seperate them from the people until the time was right to obolish the representative church. The same kind of thing was taking place in the psuedo heavens in the spirituul world. The leaders were sheltered from the Lord’s immediate judgement because they were serving a religious purpose to the common people, that is, they provided knowledge of the Word to the people and oversaw all the functions of the temple that provided correspondences to heaven. But when the Lord came into the world everything was prepared for all this to change, and each person would receive justice occording to their internal state. The captives specifically then are those who were unjustly kept in the psuedo heavens of the spiritual world. In the Old testament the attack and insurection of evil forces on the world of spirits and the first levels of heaven (and the resulting psuedo heavens) is told by correspondences in the story of the Tower of Babel, and in Isaiah:

And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth (Gen. 11:2-4).

Thou mayest take up this parable concerning the king of Babylonia. Jehovah hath broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of those having dominion; thou, Lucifer, hast fallen from heaven; thou art cut down even to the earth; thou hast said in thy mind, I will ascend into the heavens; I will exalt my throne over the stars of God, and I sit on the mountain of the assembly, in the sides of the north, I will become like the Most High. Nevertheless thou shalt be cast down into hell, to the sides of the pit; I will cut off the name and residue of Babylon and will cause her to become an hereditary possession of the bittern (Isaiah 14:4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23).

These scriptures tell how evil minded leaders used and abused the power of the Word to set up false heavens and control the people, but were finally taken down in the judgement. Swedenborg writes of the Tower of Babel:

By Babylon are meant all who wish to have dominion by religion. To have dominion by religion, is to have dominion over men’s souls, thus over their very spiritual life, and to use the Divine things, which are in their religion, as the means. All those who have dominion for an end, and religion for the means are in general Babylon. They are called Babylon because such dominion began in ancient times; but it was destroyed in its beginning. Its commencement is described by the city and the tower, the head of which was to be in heaven (AC 54).

The man…who does not acknowledge a God, is under the dominion of infernal spirits. Knowing this, (leaders) who build Babylonish towers make themselves a name by means of doctrinal and holy things, for otherwise they could not be worshiped, which is signified in what next follows by their otherwise being scattered over the faces of the whole earth, that is, they would not be acknowledged. And from this it follows that the higher such men can lift up the head to heaven, the more they make themselves a name. Their dominion is greatest over those who have some conscience; for these they lead whithersoever they will; but as to those who have not conscience, they rule all such by means of various external bonds (AC 1308).

The tower of Bable is a corresondential description of how the evil forces would build the false heavens in the world of spirits and infultrate the natural and spiritual heaven. If the process just described had continued without correction, the captives and eventually all of humanity would have lost all freedom at the hand of evil spirits.

All of what has proceeded in this book is meant to lead to one particular point: the perception of the magnificence of what the Lord has done for us as the redeemer. We have seen how the people were subject to the cosmic power of sin and death. If this had gone on unchecked, oblivion would have been the result. Without freedom, we are nothing. The freedom to do good is the only real power humans have; for its opposite, to commit to doing evil, is spiritual death. In spiritual death the evil spirits still have power to pursue their interets, but their internals are closed, which means their soul is dead to life. On earth, freedom can be taken away by political systems, economic circumstance, family roles, and many other things, but we have an internal freedom in our soul that cannot be taken away. The former is external, and the later internal. Inside, despite our circumstances, we have a fighting spirit that upholds our identity, passion, and loves. No-one expressed this better than Victor Frankl, the great psycholigist who lived through the Natzi concentration camps; and related his story and beliefs in ‘Mans Search for Meaning’. I see human freedom as a series of concentric circles. It is possible for our freedom to become smaller and smaller within these cirlces, but, no matter how small the outside gets, inside it cannot be taken away. We can choose how we deal with and how we feel about our cricumstances, and by the love in our heart.

In the light of what we have revealed in this article, I believe it is spiritually very healthy to recognize that the Lord alone maintains the equilibrium, and thus that freedom is entirely a gift from God; for with this awareness comes a sense of humility and gratitude toward Him.

The Process by which Jesus Gradually purified His body of All Hereditary Evil Described

June 10th, 2015

Swedenborg tells us that the Lord was tempted and assaulted by evil during His whole life. The 40 days the Lord was tempted by the devil in the mountains is symbolic language; in actuality temptations and assault from evil forces took place his whole life. These temptations and battles were of an intensity far beyond what we could even imagine. The gradual process of overcoming these temptations is how Christ purified his human and accomplished the glorification. Christ was susceptible to evil because he had a human body from his mother. Hereditary evil is passed on from generation to generation through the body, and the soul. Swedenborg writes that the evil that comes from the father is more interior, because of the soul; and the evil that comes from the mother is more exterior, because from the body. Therefore, because Christ soul was divine, or Jehovah himself, he had no interior evil, which cannot be permanently removed, but he did have the external level of hereditary evil from the body. The result of this is that He ‘entered the fish bowl’, so to speak, that is, He made himself accessible to all humanity, and at the same time to all evil. He needed to be able to be tempted by the evil so He could subjugate all evil.

Day by day, step-by-step, throughout his whole life He overcame all temptations. Evil forces tempted Him with power, fame, greed, wealth, and comfort. They tempted Him to rage, vengeance, lust, pride, and self-love. They unrelentingly tried to persuade him to think a single sinful thought by incredible magical arts. Christ stood up to him or her and defeated all hell by Himself continually. To give some insight to the depth of these assaults, Swedengborg writes that Jesus that even the angels of heaven at this time tempted Him: “He foresaw and overcame the most sublte of all temptations form the angels”. It took the power and might of His Divine Soul to overcome and do what no human could do.

Christ’s greatest temptation had to do with his boundless love and compassion for humanity. This was his ruling love above all others. The evil forces knew this, so like terrorists on earth, they sought to destroy that which He loves in order to hurt Him. Here it is important to note that evil attacks according to ones innermost love, and each time Christ overcame temptation He took another step in purifying His human body of hereditary evil. And each time He removed hereditary evil, the quality of his love rose to a higher level.

Now lets expand on the implications of these basic parameters. The temptations the Lord underwent, and the ever-increasing love He opened to, sets up an ever-increasing exponential equation. As said above, Swedenborg says that it is a law of the hells that they seek to destroy a person by attacking their innermost love. At the same time, every time a temptation is overcome one’s state of love increases. In the case of Christ His soul possessed infinite potential because His father was God. Swedenborg writes, “Because this love (of Christ toward humanity) was not human but Divine, and temptation is great in proportion as the love is great, it is evident how grievous were His combats, and how great the ferocity on the part of the hells. That these things were so I know of a certainty”. This sets up an exponentially increasing formula because the more Christ overcame temptations and purified his human the higher his quality of love became, which in turn led the hells to attack with increased force at the higher level, and when He overcame that temptation, His quality of love increased again, and so on to the point of infinity. I say infinity because God is the very soul of Christ and He therefore possesses infinite potential in His soul.