Swedenborg’s Description of those who Use Ideology for the Sake of Hate and their Spiritual State

January 26th, 2017

(In the statement below by Swedenborg the word ‘remains’ refers to innocence stored in the soul from childhood that allows a person to receive God).

Those who persuade themselves in regard to any subject,
confirm themselves in such persuasion
by everything which they imagine to be true,
even by what they find contained in the Word of the Lord;
for while they cling to principles which they have received,
and have become persuaded of,
they make everything favor and assent to them.
And the more anyone is under the influence of self-love,
the more firmly he holds them.

When a man is of such a character
that he immerses the truths of faith in his insane desires,
he then profanes the truths,
and deprives himself of remains,
which although they remain cannot be brought forth,
for as soon as they are brought forth
they are again profaned by things that are profane
for profanations of the Word produce as it were a callosity,
which causes an obstruction,
and absorbs the goods and truths of remains.
Therefore let man beware
of the profanation of the Word of the Lord,
which contains the eternal truths wherein is life,
although one who is in false principles
does not believe that they are truths.