Meditation On Forgiveness For Our Times (With Insight From Martin Luther King)

July 4th, 2020

Let us reflect on forgiveness. I, like a lot of people, have had to deal with the muddy waters and gummy thorns of forgiveness. I was once in a severe cult. It is a long story (for another time); let’s just say it was very unjust, damaging and abusive.

Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a process, sometimes a long one. I think of it in the way AAA describes getting over being an alcoholic – we can make great progress but it never entirely goes away, and we can easily fall back. The healing of Forgiveness becomes effective by looking to be right with God in life. In the muddled mess with people there is humiliation, shame, anger and competition. The opposite of Forgiveness is seeking revenge, and God told us to leave revenge to him. Taking it to God brings the problem between our self and him, and in Him we can trust and feel safe. God is just. It is very important to understand this because we have to take the step of being vulnerable to him, to humble our self to Him. When we feel the blessing of connecting to God from our core self, we can begin to forgive others.

Some people just give willy-nilly forgiveness. They say, ‘Oh, I forgive you’; by which the mean, ‘you were the one that was wrong’.

Like faith (and compassion) – Forgiveness is not blind! Forgiveness is the union of compassion and discernment. Blanket compassion is a false trap; it is like painting over a dark smudge; the smudge looks better but it is still there. Only now, it is worse, because it is hidden and God does not want lies, deception and evil hidden! Evil can only be removed if it is seen – which is God’s constant effort, but humans all-too-often do the opposite. In forgiveness we have our eyes open to what happened and we go through the process.

Martin Luther King’s non-violence helps us understand forgiving in a powerful way. MLK’s non-violence was the union of compassion and strength; it was not passive nor avoidant, but brought the power of presence. By being present and addressing the truth of what was going on he awakened people’s conscience to the issue of racism. The end goal of his mission was Forgiveness! MLK brought the focus of being right with God, not the intent to be better than others, and demean others; and thus it possessed the potential virtue of winning others over, who, deep inside, yearn for the relief of being honest with themselves and God. His mission didn’t seek or settle in being above or below others. Being present in this way guided and/or forced people to face their conscience, a conscience that they had been avoiding; it also exposed how they had been colluding with others to avoid. Seeking this path effectively aligns a movement with the power of love and wisdom, and allows God’s providence to work through it. Jesus said it in many ways; here is one: “He who is without sin let him throw the first stone”. In saying this people were convicted by their own conscience from within, which leads to a perception of their own sin, contrition, and hopefully forgiveness.

Jesus never dissociated from anything, but was present to every situation and person, no matter how great the conflict or how intense the intimacy. We can’t do as he did; we are human we don’t have to be perfect, but we can learn from His example. Jesus also said, ‘The Meek shall inherit the earth’. This means that Humility is not weakness, but is the very source of strength – for God can only be approached in humility.

The Stink Smelt Around the World: Biden and the Democrats, Their Ideological Racism Revealed to the World.

May 23rd, 2020


Biden was already done, but now he is worse than done. What a pathetic politician; it’s sad to see really, but he did it to himself. Wasted all his brains with Epstein types, and with corrupt leaders like Obama. Obama is his idol. Biden forgot what it means to be a leader that serves the people if he ever knew. Obama tired to incite division in America for political gain. For Biden that’s ‘normal’ (but it’s evil). They thought they got away with murder, but they thought wrong. The Democrat people and party know Biden’s worthless, but they will keep defending the undefendable – because they have nothing. Their worst nightmare has come to be – their ideological induced, rampant racism has just bore its ugly ass for all the world to see. The people and races for the most part don’t buy the democrat definition of racism. The people have grown way past their deceptive story, but they don’t get it; they don’t see the world has passed them by. No matter how much CNN and the media try to paint lies about racism and Trump it doesn’t stick or resonate with the real people. For the most part the people in America have grown together, to accept each other and understand each other. Biden and the dems – the stink smelt around the world.

The Tale of Two Black Men: The Contrast of Lebron and Kanye in the Public Eye

October 29th, 2019

Lebron is twisted up in his thinking; he clearly hates Trump and resents America. He caves to China, and claims racism to whoever disagrees with him. He’s been led the wrong way by extreme black leaders. He is truly great as basketball, but banks on his Kingship and massive marketing appeal to give him political cred, but when you hear him speak he does not sound intelligent because he is led by the mind of others in group think. His twisted up thinking results in a strange ‘privileged victimhood’ that is untenable. His victimhood in his mind as a black man is still there, inviolable, no matter how much prosperity he gains; he puts no end to it, and there is no forgiveness anywhere in sight. While in reality he has gained everything in America, and all that America is about – freedom, opportunity, democracy, capitalism, fairness and due process, and ‘In God We Trust’. At the same time Lebron denies those in China who are laying it all on the line fighting against real oppression, fighting for their freedom, for the kind of life we have here in America. Because he is so twisted up Lebron can only react with rage at those who point out the truth to him. He can’t handle the truth!
In contrast, Kanye is a real hero. He puts himself way out there to support America, God and Trump. He changed the focus of his career to Give all the credit to God where it belongs. He stands up and tells blacks and all people they are not victims, but empowers people by showing them they can take responsibility for their lives. I profoundly admire what Kanye is doing. Fighting for Jesus in America, inspiring people to see all good comes from God – not self. Lebron is the opposite. He thinks it all comes from himself (which is called proprium and comes out as hubris). Lebron has a real problem in his twisted thinking. He needs to get the knots out, but he seems to have no one who can stand up to him and set him straight. In his mind He is the king. He is insulated by ‘yes’ men.
NBA was at its best when the dream team won Gold for the red, white and blue and captured the imagination of the world. Each player felt great love and honor for their country and the flag. Now that China pulls all the strings the NBA is a far cry from that. Maybe Jordan and the dream team could talk to him, but Lebron seems confirmed in his rage to the flag.

Trump is Right. Unmasking the Poisonous Intent Behind the Agenda of the likes of AOC and Omar

July 16th, 2019

Trump is right about Omar, AOC, and Rashida and their like. The latter operate in the gaps of PC culture: this means that they hide their real intent behind the popular fear of racism; it means they abuse the value of fair play inherent in free speech and democracy to infect and destroy free speech and democracy. The real platform of Omar and AOC is deception and evil. There is a segment of society that had already bought that the ‘new world order was inevitable’ (like thanos said his evil purpose was ‘inevitable’). They fully expect you to swallow this evil like others did. Their intent is to establish socialism and sharia law in America. They want you to be spaced out, smiling, ‘full of compassion’ while you walk into the lion’s mouth. They are controlled by evil spirits from hell – for this is the same game, the same tricks hell plays every time, over and over. This needs to be exposed, and the more it is the more the salt of the earth people want to vomit. Trump is making the right stand against what they are about, and the real people of the USA see what they are really about. Their policy and intent for America is insane. They so despise the people they think they can relativise good and evil as being the same – only evil does that! That is the definition of spiritual insanity – using your mind to make evil ‘good’.

Most of these kind of people cannot stop themselves, so they must be defeated on the free market and they will be. The ‘good’ thing about evil in the free market is that it cannot readily hide. Of course they try to hide their real intent, but they have to win over the people on the free market – and they can only do it by cheating, lying, corruption and deceiving. They reason they will lose is because they are fighting against man’s greatest and most core love – the love to be free and sovereign, without these God given gifts we don’t have an identity. Real men and women will fight to the death for this God given gift.

The root of the evil movement in the new world order comes from the lefts total investment in false compassion. As I have said many times – false compassion harbors a dire hatred and violence. People think I am exagerating when I say this but the principle is entirely true. It explains why the left keeps taking more and more insane positions that seem unbelievable. Compassion is not compassion at all unless it is in union with wisdom. The Bible says, be harmless as a dove, and wise as a serpent, and by this it means that both must be done together in union. To give compassion and charity without discerning the quality and intent of that you are giving it to is NOT compassion. By the same principle of life to use intelligence without something good being your end purpose is NOT wisdom. As a modern societal movement the left’s ideology of false compassion started with liberation theology. Liberation theology was the idea of Catholic nuns that used scripture to claim that ‘God favors the poor’. The idea that God favors the poor is false compassion. The nuns used it for political leverage in south America because of injustices taking place there, and liberals became giddy with the emotional and mental power it gave them over their adversaries. Then the black power movement took up the ideas of liberation theology, the gay movement and so on. All this led to the way the left uses racism for mental intimidation over people.

In truth God favors no one, and he favors all. If a segment of society can use the authority of God’s favor over others then the others have no chance. God is not ‘a respecter of persons’ as he says’. He sees the quality of love and wisdom in every person and judges by that. The reason that false compassion harbors violence is that those that invest themselves fully into it are investing themself in half the equation of life. There is an innate drive from the good to be in wholeness, that is, for love and wisdom to be in union; but there is a negative drive from hereditary evil in us to constantly separate love from wisdom so that evil can control us. To be in false compassion means to block out the drive in us that wants and needs the wisdom that comes from God and nourishes our soul. To block this out takes a lot of energy and denial, it causes a dissociated state, and that part that is being blocked out is enraged, it is suffocated. To the degree this becomes buried below consciousness, it becomes latent rage, – and outwardly it is expressed as calculated cunning while trying to look ‘compassionate and smart’. Calculated cunning is not intelligence for its goal is not good. It may have a High IQ, but it makes a irrational and external. Such a person is driven by emotional, and in this state the capacity of the mind justifies the desire of the emotion. As said before one can see that this is not intelligence but a form of insanity. This is exactly why people like AOC, Omar, and Rashida and many others present as intelligent but say very foolish, irresponsible, dangerous things. Once invested in the lie they have to keep investing in it deeper and deeper lest they see what is happening. And the more they are exposed by Trump and others who actually love the people the greater their rage becomes -and they must increase their nefarious efforts in order not see what they have become. The only way out of this is to face it and to repent.

To the degree we favor evil purposes we are in the society and influence of evil spirits and they have reign to influence us. To the degree we harbor good purposes we are in the society of good spirits and angels that look to the Lord.

Why the Democrat Leaders Proposal of Reparations is Ill-Conceived and a Soulless Gesture

June 24th, 2019

The democrat leaders idea of Reparations is typical of something they would fight for. It would produce nothing and spends other people’s money; it is a cause of no value, of no substance. It is a free hand-out to ‘victims’, a waste of billions and billions of dollars. What they are really trying to do is buy votes! Even they know that it is an impractical idea that will never fly, but they think it will temporarily impress enough voters to help them win. This is known as ‘chasing your tail’.

Reparations are similar to regulations like affirmative action, and other entitlement programs (except worse). They are also similar to Obama’s ill-conceived bail-outs. In the case of reparations there is an assumption of weakness and inherent ‘lessness’ in certain people – which is an insult to the dignity and talent of the race they seek to repair. All these regulations hinder self-agency, and take away responsibility – both of which are essential sources of self growth and satisfaction. With these kind of handicaps people have less need to grow, while at the same time others are cheated. Everyone is inclined to lose motivation and trust in a rigged system like this. Victimhood becomes a self perpetuating cycle. These are the kind of socialistic measures that democrats love, but they are a waste of money, and breed corruption because the Democrats idea of regulations are like an invasive species introduced to an eco-system. They damage the balance and cause lethargy and dependency that is destructive.

The free market is an eco-system that works on liberty and the merit of each individual working together with others. The free market builds life skills that create a more lasting happiness. In democracy and capitalism, when it is run with intelligence and integrity as Trump is doing, people’s voice and life have value and respect. There is no way to calculate the value of this – for there is no greater passion than that of a free man or woman who is growing in the talents God has given them.

Trump and the Trump Train are doing the real work of building good relations between people and all races. When people work side by side, make a living, provide for their family, and produce something worthwhile together real lasting bonds are formed. America now has more people working in good jobs than anytime in history. It is common sense to give credit where credit is due; and, if you are Christian, you use your heart and intelligence to observe the movement of God in the land. Inherent in this observation is the desire to look for and support the cause of God.

Nobody needs or wants the hand-outs or reparations of democrat leaders. Blacks don’t want your reparations. We provide for ourselves making a living. We are together. Healing takes place by working together, not by phony race baiting reparations. Only low-lifes would offer it and only low-lifes would take it.