TRUMP, PERSONALITY AND GOD: Most Democrats Accuse Trump of Having a Bad Personality – I Say that Is a Dishonest Excuse

March 27th, 2020


You notice how people so often say they don’t like Trump because of his personality, and how many of these people take that as a reason to reject him? A lot of people still do that but I have noticed more now who will acknowledge he is doing a good job, but still diss him for having a bad personality. I think this is BS in either case. (My question to the later though is – will you vote for Him?)

Trump demonstrates amazing self restraint and the ability to put aside personal feelings and do the right thing for the sake of the people. The way the dems hold him and the country ransom to get irrelevant goodies for their selfish agenda is maddening for anyone, and it is for Trump. He called it very ‘painful’ dealing with the democrats. But in spite of how unfair they are to him he makes every reasonable effort to get along with everyone including those who treat him or others very badly. He doesn’t do this blindly at all; he simply measures what is going to be the most effective way to get results, and he knows good relationships are a very important factor in this. This is very hard to do and takes a lot of skill. He also has incredible energy to keep on top of everything, and at getting the message to his team and to the people. That takes a lot of energy. He has to be a master of managing his energy. Energy comes from great inner motivation, insight and love to serve and accomplish an important gaol. Passion to help others gives one great energy. Enthusiasm means God within. He has this in spades, and those who are close to him express it but he doesn’t get a lot of credit for it. He doesn’t care that much as long as the purpose is served. We are incredibly fortunate to have a president who is working to end this as quickly as possible. For instance, he says even when we go back, for a time we need to keep practicing measures of social distancing, that’s being on point. All these things are a demonstration of exceptional spiritual and practical intelligence.

t’s interesting that Trump called dealing with the dems ‘painful’. He could, as many of us would do, say that they are jerks and fools and we hate what they are about and doing. By saying it is ‘painful’ he implies that he is dealing with it within himself. It is an honest description; he sees clearly what they are doing, and he is not shucking responsibility, but keeping his feeling in his own power to handle, between him and God. This is a spiritual skill of one who knows himself, and doesn’t give their power away to others. It’s painful, it’s difficult, be he doesn’t let others discourage him by their frustrating, obstructing, and unfair behavior. Nobody gets in his head; that’s why he is such a great debater. He’s a fascinating study in self-possession and confidence with the highest of stakes.

Even if Trump did have a bad personality, a man is known by his fruit, and Trump’s fruit is magnificent. You all have probably seen, how I and others, have put several posts here showing Trump’s profound love for prayer and for the Lord, and we have all talked about the great results he has achieved.

I guess for the dems its like when you have a guy on your basketball team that is a great and hard fighter. His teammates love to play with him but not against him. This comes from, how in campaign mode, Trump plays hardball. He comes up with ingenious ways to characterize opponents with truthful tag names; like ‘Sleepy Joe’, ‘Pocahontas’, and ‘crooked Hillary’. This may be demeaning, but his names have truth to them, and that’s how the game of politics is played now. It is part of mass marketing – you exaggerate and create an image people will remember. When it’s based on truth it sticks. He makes it funny and it works. He must of learned how to walk the line of playing hard ball and inspiring people in the dog eat dog business world as a boss, and in TV. The others use the same technique. Trump is just a lot better at it – and they hate him for it. Trump plays within the rules of politics. But the dems don’t play within the rules and yet the dem voters give their candidates a free pass, while condemning Trump. The bottom line is this – the dems hate Trump because God is using Him, and they either can’t see that or they don’t like God. That is not a PC thing to say, but I believe it’s true.

The dems could easily join the good and winning team if they want to be winners. In any case I think Trump has a great personality. He is constantly giving credit and building up people and leaders at the highest level. He is the leader of very talented and ambitious leaders, and he has won them over by showing them he fights for God and the people in a way they never conceived of, – and now – they will run through a wall for him. Only the best of the best could do that -it takes profound talent. At the same time he has a tender heart for the people and the suffering, and has the skill and determination to take care of them. He knows how to build himself up and how to put himself aside at the right time for the sake of others. This inspires great respect. He is 100% real when most politicians are into appearances, so spiritually he occupies the center of gravity and they know it, and they abide by it; and for doing so they become better people and professionals.

In truth Trump has a great personality, a truly exception one, and as I said before – there is no one else that could be doing what he is doing right now, not even close to the same integrity, energy, honesty and results. That is not something to take for granted, especially for those us who are getting the benefits of it for God’s sake! Those who dismiss him with the reason that he has a bad personality are not being honest with themselves, but using that as an excuse to not look closer.

Lord Jesus we give thanks for president Trump and his team who are laser focused on every possible angle to make the country work, and to serve your will for America. God speed. Amen.

Extraordinary Times. The Contrast Between the Democrats Dangerous, Childish Socialistic Behavior and the Trump Trains Laser Focus on Results and Serving God.

March 1st, 2020

PC, socialistic thinking is a like a haze trying to seduce us into passivity – it smothers and kills the soul and debases life, but Trump’s persona and message is a blow torch busting through this kind of thinking (along with many others). All of our voices and lives matter. America only truly works by being tethered to God – strength with compassion, like the eagle holding in his talons an olive branch and arrows – the ‘magic wand’ that is the antidote to greed. Socialism harbors greed and hides evil, exactly what God doesn’t not want.

The dems think they believe in socialism. Like Bernie, they concoct policies that would literally open the borders to anyone and give them free healthcare and other things. They are completely undiscriminating as to the motives and values of illegal immigrants. When it comes down to it the dems pushing this stuff – don’t really hate trump – they hate themselves for not carrying their own weight, and for getting away with murder. Deep deep down every criminal wants to get caught, but they hide that from them self and have no peace. The dems want to normalize their behavior – giving away free stuff, decimating their own back yard, and the shoulders of those they stand on – so they can justify what they are inside and don’t have to ever see what they have become.
Every sensible person knows that in order to be psychologically healthy you have to establish borders with people, otherwise everybody and their brother who can’t face themselves will take advantage of you. There is also no way to have genuine intimacy and good friendship if one doesn’t discern the quality of who they associate with. It’s the same with a nation, you have to have good borders and only let people in who assimilate and contribute.
The dems don’t have this, they imitate Obama for political identity since they have no center; their debates become a pansy match over who shouts the loudest, their caucuses don’t work; they finances are bad. All these are signs they don’t like or know themselves, and are in no shape to lead others.
When the dems don’t carry their own weight they make others responsible for doing it. They are full of fear of success so make policies that are doomed from the outset (but embrace mediocrity and failure). Because they can’t face themselves, like all narcissists, they take advantage of others and put their pain on others. Like Newsome and the other sanctuary city governors and mayors who trash their cites, allow the harm and murder of citizens, and then blame others for it.
The dems exemplify those who have an exile in their personality that runs them and determines their actions, instead of acting from their core self as a person of integrity strives to do. They keep going deeper and deeper in denial so they can believe in their lie no matter how absurd it looks to those observing. They dems have no real conviction in socialism; they are like bratty children in a nice house that feel entitled to act out and destroy things as long as they know there are adults in charge.

The basis of liberal thinking comes from adopting the ethos of false compassion, which turns into rage because it lives by half the equation of life. Lord said to be wise as serpent and harmless as dove and these are meant to be in union. To separate them, as libs do with blanket compassion, makes their compassion external only; by investing in half half the equation they use lots of energy and emotion to justify their irrational position. They suppress and overlook the other half – wisdom – and this part as a result harbors rage.

DT has heart for serving, not a prudish Christian, a real Christian in heart and action; loves God and country, a man’s man, savvy businessman who sees through bullshit. He Stands up to evil for sake of people, fights for God and Christianity in USA. The greatest Sign of man God is using- exposes and defeats corruption & inspires the people. Most dem leaders never show an ounce of forgiveness; their intent is only to leverage obstruction and de-construction of USA. Trump forgives quickly, honesty – there many political opponents who he battled with and then when its over he appoints them, or supports them and they work together for good – because he cares only about the end Game – that America be restored to integrity and Godly identity as a light to the world.

People think the freedom to avoid and do evil is freedom. Externally it’s freedom, but internally it is not. If persisted in it leads to spiritual slavery, which is the opposite of freedom. And in the end what is internal is the only thing that mattes. This is not so obvious in this world, because here we can hide, but in the spiritual world it is very very clear. Denial and hate together are slavery to evil, and cause one to go deeper and deeper in order to not see what they have become.