THE MEANING OF THE VERSE – “No more shall an infant from there live but a few days, Nor an old man who has not fulfilled his days; For the child shall die one hundred years old”

February 21st, 2022
SOMEON ASKED – “What is the meaning of this verse, “No more shall an infant from there live but a few days, Nor an old man who has not fulfilled his days; For the child shall die one hundred years old, But the sinner being one hundred years old shall be accursed’. – Isaiah 65: 20
This verse follows and is part of the description of the wonder and promise of the Holy city in the New Jerusalem. The verse before it says “I will rejoice in Jerusalem, And joy in My people; The voice of weeping shall no longer be heard in her, Nor the voice of crying”.
The verse at the top is describing the process of getting there. ‘A hundred years old’ means a complete state of union. In Matthew – “Everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields, for My name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will be allotted the inheritance of eternal life” – Matt. 19:29. Here ‘a hundredfold’ stands for that which is complete, otherwise described as ‘good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over’, in Luke 6:38. Also In Luke, “Some seed fell on good ground, and when it had grown up it brought forth fruit a hundredfold”. – Luke 8:8
These scriptures also show that becoming complete is a process. Before even being regenerated a person must be prepared. The innocence of childhood is essential in this; but the innocence of childhood is an external innocence until it is incorporated into the soul by ones own intelligence and will. This is in preparation for one becoming willing to be led by the Lord. A person can only be regenerated when they come of age (or later), for not until then is he or she able to exercise reason and judgement, and by so doing to receive a principled soul of goods and truths from the Lord.
Before entering that state he or she is being prepared by experiences that serve as ‘the soil’ for receiving the seeds of truth and good. A person is not aware of how the Lord is providentially preparing them, but they are responding intuitively to His prompting. This takes place during learning to work, education, making a living, having a responsibility or any number of paths in life. Through these things the Lord providentially guides us so that our states of innocence can be combined with our intelligence. This builds thoughts and feelings that make one receptive to God. Often this involves periods of deep grief or loss that ‘soften the soil’ of the soul.
This implantation occurs for many years before regeneration takes place. When a person has been endowed with these things and so has been prepared, his state is now said to be complete, for the things that are interior have been arranged. Remains bonded in the soul allow a person to receive and be regenerated by the Lord.
In heaven this scripture has another related meaning. All children who die young to heaven and are taught there by angels. Because they have not yet formed their own conscience they are all capable of being taught the good and truths of heaven by wise angels. Everyone born has hereditary evil so this is a process also. Children and those with innocence will increase in joy and wisdom for eternity. Old men and women there do not remain old but gradually return to the bloom of youth because the innocence in their soul is continually increasing and bonding with their wisdom. Innocent children are not angles but in time become angels and grow in love and wisdom forever.
The scripture above also describes ‘the accursed’, which are those who refuse to undergo this process and so go in the opposite direction. Those who willfully reject Him, and come to love to harm, hate and destroy are kept separate from heaven in hell. They are governed by the Lord there to not sink into a deeper and worse state.
The Lord provides peace to the heavenly and there is no longer weeping from the fear of the evil, their ‘tears are wiped away’, as they move ever more into new internal skills and gifts in their heavenly life. The Lord by His might brings light and justice to all.
Swedenborg adds are remarkable passage about the 100 years that shows how remains give us an idea of the Lord’s glorification process: “These things that are so with man may serve to illustrate what is meant by a complete state of the Human united to the Divine in the Lord. That is to say, they may illustrate the state when the Lord by His own power – through the conflicts brought about by temptations and through victories, and through the powers of Divine wisdom and intelligence – gathered to Himself within the Human, that is, within the Rational, so much of the Divine that He was able to unite the Divine itself to the Divine acquired within the Rational. And it was to represent this state that, even though Abraham had spent many years in the land of Canaan, Isaac was not born to him until he was a hundred years old. These are the arcana contained within the number ‘a hundred years’, which was Abraham’s age”. – AC 2636

Easter Message: All Lines of Meaning Lead to the Resurrection

November 4th, 2021

All lines of meaning lead to the moment of the resurrection. The resurrection bursts like a sun on the timeline of history. It is a universal principle that the moment of union is a transcendent pinnacle of light, passion and perception. The resurrection is the ultimate union and birthing that will ever be. This is where our eyes can look and have the greatest perception and love. The resurrection is a fountain from which love and wisdom spring in their fullness and return in our love and perception.

In the moment of the resurrection the substance and order of the universe was forever imprinted and changed by Christ’s ultimate act of love, a height of love that had never existed before. He so purified his human body of all evil during the course of his life until the last temptation that His human body merged with His divine soul (God). At His death and resurrection the earth quaked – meaning that there was a profound change of state in the natural and spiritual state of the universe. His human body became divine and entered heaven in the spiritual sun. In the process of His life on earth He ‘drew everything unto him’ each in its own way. He drew everything with Him because he entered the innermost, and he who enters the innermost from love governs all directly. In resurrecting His human body into heaven He defied the laws of physics and the only way to do that is to become divine order which He did by becoming the innermost of all things.

He is the only one to ever do this and the only one who ever will. That He ‘drew all things to him’ and entered the innermost is not a poetic metaphor, but refers to the actual structure of the universe. This can be seen by Jesus’ mighty act of overcoming the terrible darkness on the earth at the end of the Old testament, by His subjugating of the forces of hell, by building an enormous chasm between heaven and hell, and by putting all heaven back into divine order. These are structural changes in the spiritual world that have effect in the natural world for the natural world is the foundation of the spiritual world and the two must always correspond.

This resurrection bursts forth like a sun on the timeline of history! As the Bible says in many places, before the resurrection earth was under the reflected light of the moon, but after it was in the direct light of the sun. After, He became the alpha and omega, which means this: For the first time God entered the material level of the world, whereas before He existed in the spiritual and the celestial levels and governed the natural through the mediate action of angels. By making His human divine He incorporated the natural into ‘the whole’ and from this union light burned exponentially brighter; now the Word was available to man by direct influx, not by representation as it was before. Another way of seeing this spiritual thought is this: the eternal is not linear, the eternal is the presence of God. He is outside time and space, present to all time (past, present and future) and all space and places. He is the center of spiritual gravity. By becoming a human on earth and then bringing his human into oneness with God, Jesus removed obstructions between heaven and earth and lifted up everything. He paved the way in the soul and psyche of man to be able, in potential, to receive heaven in its fullness. I say potential because we must turn to Him and meet Him from our own will to forge the bond.

This is why Christ is the Perfect Man, the Redeemer, the Father, Friend, the Hero of heroes, and we are all inside His body. He is the macro, the Grand Man, and He is in the most internal part of each of us. All lines of meaning lead to Him because of His redeeming acts paved the way for each of us to be redeemed. All the psychological and spiritual processes, the processes of regeneration transformation were re-established by Jesus during his process of Glorification on earth. All meaning has been performed and embodied by Him for our sake.

This conception is very different than thinking of a ‘futuristic future’ that will save us, that there is something ‘out there, someday’, instead of knowing Him from within. In time all knees bend to him whether we cooperate or not. For those who fight against his love put themselves in a dark place for eternity. Those who live a good life and acknowledge Him as God are in happiness and ever increasing joy. Either way, all humans in the beginning and in the end are defined by their attitude toward the One Lord.

In the cross we have the perfect symbol. The horizontal arm is the progression along a linear timeline and that reaches to all the events and variety of history and life; the vertical arm reaches from our internal self to heaven and the lord and brings all meaning and transformation.
This is also why – even in the natural world – time and history are measured from B.C. and A.D.

There Is No Such Thing As Modern Prophets As There Was In Biblical Times: Understanding the Difference and How It Is Often Falsely Used Today

July 14th, 2021


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

    There is no such thing as modern prophets in the Biblical sense. I am writing this because there are many pastors that use the phrase ‘I prophecy such and such…’, or ‘I prophecy over you…’ in a way that is deceiving. True prophecy is to receive and speak the will of God himself. What comes from the will of God is eternal and infallible. What is more, but is little known, is that what is the will of God – contains correspondences. This means it has at one and the same time, a literal meaning on earth and an internal meaning from heaven. For the will of God exists first in Himself, then comes down to heaven and then to earth. True prophecy took place for the sake of the Word written in the Bible. What is written there is eternal; it will always exist for the salvation of man. The Bible is complete, whole, and perfect in itself, and nothing ever will be added. It cannot be otherwise. It is by divine authority alone that it is what it is. The hands of men wrote it, but it was from the will of God.  The Bible contains the whole of wisdom from the infinite wisdom of God and nothing needs to be added – for God’s awareness is present to all the past, the present and the future, what he writes spans all time and wisdom. 

       So Biblical prophecy is done and complete. If someone were to truly prophecy now, then it would have to be added to the Bible, but this of course will not happen for no one is prophecying in this way now. It was done then, and not now, because God was manifesting His word on the earth leading up to the incarnation Jesus, and the events after, and that is done, and nothing need by added. Jesus lived and fulfilled all prophecy, and became the living Word and is the living Word – and it is perfect then, now and forever.

      For a pastor or anyone now to claim they are speaking Biblical prophecy is arrogating authority to themself that they in no way posses. It is deceitful. What Prophecy means NOW is – to speak the truth about a situation, or about the Word; it is to speak true perception with wisdom, which is a gift. Those with this Gift are not speaking the will of God himself; they are using the gift God gave them and hopefully serving Goid. If a person is claiming to speak prophecy then they are a false prophet. They may be doing it from ignorance of a false idea of doctrine, but many do it for the sake of their own power which is to profane the Word. Many times pastors have ‘prophecied’ that the rapture is coming on a certain date and it does not take place. If they were honest they would admit they made a mistake and that they misunderstand what prophecy is, but they usually don’t, which is mere ego, and because it is using God’s authority for self empowerment – it is profane. 

    The Lord said, “A prophet is not known in his own home’. This expresses the sense of what ‘prophet’ means now. It means for one to know his true identity, and they have learned to use and share the gifts God gave them. All-to-often those in a family, or those who know someone as they grew up, know them as a person in a small role that made them feel comfortable, and the individual has to fight to overcome this ‘small identity’ to come into their true identity and use.

“Many prophets and righteous men have desired to see the things which ye see but have not seen them, and to hear the things which ye hear but have not heard them” (Matt. 13:17). Prophet in this sense means those who truly learn from the Word and have a clear perception of what the Lord has done for them. “Prophets and righteous men” mean in the spiritual sense all who are in the truths of doctrine and in the good of life; and “to see and hear” signifies to understand and perceive. When man understands and perceives the Word and applies them to life, he is reformed. So a prophet now is just an ordinary man or woman that loves and understands the Word and lives by it in their life as best they can.

All Divine truths are from the Lord, and the Lord Himself taught them, and continually teaches them by means of the Word, – and we humans receive this from him. And this is enough. We can be the salt of the earth. We don’t need to be some highfalutin person that pretends to speak the will of God. That is deception, and sin, it is of the evil minded.

The Lord teaches in Matthew: “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’” (Matthew 7: 22,23)

Mary of Bethany, the One Who ‘Took the Better Part’, Seizes the Moment and Demonstrates Faith is the Union of Love and Belief in Action – For All Generations to Come: Understanding Her Great Story in the Bible.

November 18th, 2020

“Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat. But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste? For this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor. When Jesus understood it, he said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me. For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always. For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial. Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her” (Mat. 26: 6-13).

This encounter was a very bold move for Mary. The meeting was at the house of Simon, one of the religious leaders. The disciples and other leaders were also there. It was against costume for a woman to interrupt a meeting of men, let alone religious leaders. But Mary was on fire to seize the moment. Jesus commends what she did to a place perhaps second only to his commendation of John the baptist; He says, “Let what she has done be a memorial for all the world to hear”. Why does he give such a high commendation?

Previous to this story is the story of the resurrection of Lazarus; also, along with this there are two other times where Jesus tells the disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and be killed there (John 12: 23-24, John 12: 32-33). The disciples do not understand why he must go, and object. In the story of the resurrection of Lazarus both Martha and Mary, as much as they want Him to heal Lazarus, object when he proposes to resurrect him. Jesus has been delayed and when He finally comes, They are upset that Jesus didn’t come sooner to save him from dying. They both are deeply mourning and say, ‘If you had come he wouldn’t of died’. Jesus tells Martha, ‘I am the resurrection and the life, do you believe I can do this’. And Martha says, “Yes I believe you are the Christ, the Messiah, the son of God’. Clearly Jesus has been teaching all of them about who He is and His resurrection. Then When Jesus asks the men to move the stone in front of the tomb, Martha objects. The scripture reads: “The sister of Lazarus, who was now dead, said to Jesus, Lord, by this time he stinketh: Jesus saith unto her, “Said I not unto thee, if thou wouldst believe thou shouldst see the glory of God” (John 11: 39, 40).

There is another story previous to Mary’s anointing of Jesus that is very significant to tell. When the disciples have been sent out to heal the sick; they do so, but encounter a case where they are unable to heal a certain possessed man. Jesus admonishes them as having little faith, and says that for this kind of possession they must have greater faith.

Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatic, and sore vexed: for oft times he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water. And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him. Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour. Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you (Mat 17: 15-20).

The reason the disciples could not heal the lunatic is that they believed Jesus to be the Messiah and the Son of God, but do not yet see that He is the divine itself. This is understandable; their learning follows a progression. To be able to heal the profound case of the lunatic they must catch the vision in their hearts that Jesus is God. For we come into the presence of God to the degree we can acknowledge and perceive this in Him.

Swedenborg writes: “The reason why the Lord called, the disciples men of little faith when they could not perform miracles in His name… was that the disciples did indeed believe the Lord to be the Messiah or Christ, the Son of God, and the prophet of whom it was written in the Word. They did not yet, however, believe in Him as God Omnipotent, and that Jehovah the Father was in Him; and so far as they believed Him to be a man, and not at the same time God, His Divine, to which Omnipotence belonged, could not be present with the disciples by faith. For faith causes the Lord to be present; but faith in Him, as a man only, does not cause His Divine Omnipotence to be present”. (AE 815).

The disciples had not yet got there, but Mary had caught the vision. Unlike the disciples she accepts that He must go to Jerusalem and fulfill his mission on the cross; evidenced by her determination to anoint Him before his death. She herself had no doubt been healed and loved by him previously in her life as He had done for so many others. The scripture says that she is a sinner, and much like the woman at the well, or the condemned prostitute that the people want to stone, He had given her the most powerful experience of love and forgiveness of her life. Of this episode Swedenborg writes: “Jesus said to the woman who was a sinner, and who made his feet wet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head, and kissed his feet, which she also anointed with oil, Thy sins are remitted thee; thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace” (Luke 7: 38, 48, 50). From these words also it is evident, that faith in the Lord’s Omnipotence healed them, and also that the same faith remitted, that is, removed, their sins. The reason was that the woman not only had faith in the Lord’s Divine Omnipotence, but also loved Him; for she kissed His feet…it is evident therefore that faith from love saves” (AE, 815).

Mary of Bethany is also the one that sat with Jesus while her sister was fussing about preparing the house and the meal. When Martha objects Jesus says of Mary that she has ‘chosen the better part’. This means she sat with the Lord Jesus and meditated on His teachings in a special way.

So Mary is on fire with both love and awareness, for these two together increase each other in passion. She defies all custom, seizes the moment, and full of reverence washes His feet with her tears, and anoints his head with precious spikenard oil. Those around are indignant at her actions, but she cares not. Jesus protects her. She is the first to fully see his divine, and she owns it; this is why Jesus memorializes her action for all time. She had the vision of love and awareness, and she married them in her soul by taking action. This is the practice of the union of love and truth in our lives. We continually do this, or miss doing this, every day of our lives. To miss it does not mean we are lost or condemned, but that we will have another chance the next time, as we learn from successes and failures.


October 31st, 2020

(This article is the sister to the last post. I have wanted to write this for a long time and since people showed enthusiasm for the last one I did so. I am writing it as concisely as I can again, but I think it will take effort and concentration to follow.)

Jesus was tempted and assaulted by evil during the course of His whole life. The 40 days and 40 nights that the Lord was tempted are symbolic of temptations that actually took place his whole life. These temptations and battles that took place were of an intensity far beyond what we could even imagine. The process of overcoming these temptations is how Christ purified his human and accomplished the glorification. In the last post I described how he made His Human divine truth; in this post I am describing the process of how he made His human divine love. (I see this as the single most fascinating subject there is).

Christ could be tempted by evil because he had a human body from his mother. All humans have Hereditary evil; it is passed from generation to generation through the body, and the soul. The evil that comes from the father is more interior, because of the soul; and the evil that comes from the mother is more exterior, because from the body. Hereditary evil in the body can be removed by regeneration. Interior evil from the soul can be regenerated, but cannot be removed. Therefore, because Christ soul was from Jehovah himself, he had no interior evil from the Father, but he did have hereditary evil from the mother in His body. By being born Jesus ‘entered the fish bowl’, so to speak, that is, He made himself accessible to all humanity, and at the same time to all evil. But the brilliance of this is that Jesus now had access to evil. He needed to be able to be tempted by the evil so He could subjugate all evil!

Also, it is essential to understand that God (in His purity) could not come down and change humans. For if God in His purity were to approach a man He would instantly destroy any man. It would be like approaching the sun. The hereditary evil in man would burn up. But because God was born a man on earth with hereditary evil He could be among humans and not destroy them. (It is also essential to see that before the incarnation humanity and religion had separated themself from God, for there was no more charIty in the church. This was lost in a very real way, which I demonstrate at length in my book but it is too much to describe here.)
The Lord grew like other men. He learned and grew in skills, except at a much greater rate and power. With his exceptional spiritual and intellectual skills he was tempted by spiritual pride, and every other vice during his growth. Day by day, step-by-step, He overcame all temptations. Evil forces tempted Him with power, fame, greed, wealth, and comfort. He was tempted but He never sinned. The nature of sin is that as long as we are mulling a deed over in mind, it is not yet sin, but when the deed enters our will, it becomes sin. Jesus was tempted to rage, vengeance, lust, pride, and self-love. The evil knew who He was and unrelentingly tried to persuade him to sinful actions by incredible magical arts. But Jesus overcame all temptation! He was able to see and reject the evil of men and women.
To give some insight to the depth of these assaults, Swedenborg writes that even the angels of heaven tempted Him, because angles, even though good, are former humans and have remnants of hereditary evil. Swedenborg writes: “He foresaw and overcame the most subtle of all temptations from the angels”. It took the power and might of His Divine Soul to overcome and do what no human could do.

Christ’s greatest temptation had to do with his boundless love and compassion for humanity. The evil forces knew this, so like terrorists on earth, they sought to destroy that which He loves the most in order to torment Him.

Now it is very important to note that evil attacks according to ones innermost love, for from this they can destroy a person’s life; and because Christ possessed the greatest love to ever be all the forces of hell sought to destroy him. Each time Christ overcame a temptation He removed hereditary evil from His body and took another step in purifying His human body. And each time He removed hereditary evil, He entered a greater state of light, and the state of his love rose to a higher level.
Now, let’s examine the implications of this process. The progressive temptations the Lord underwent and overcame, and the ever-increasing love He opened to, sets up an ever-increasing equation. As said above, it is a universal law of the hells that they seek to destroy a person by attacking their innermost love, and every time a temptation is overcome one’s state of love increases to a new level. In the case of Christ, His soul possessed infinite potential because His father was God. Swedenborg writes, “Because this love (of Christ toward humanity) was not human but Divine, and temptation is great in proportion as the love is great, it is evident how grievous were His combats, and how great the ferocity on the part of the hells. That these things were so I know of a certainty”. So the ever-increasing formula is this: the more Christ overcame temptations and purified his human the higher his quality of love became, which in turn led the hells to attack with increased force at the higher level, and when He overcame that temptation, His quality of love increased again, and so on to the point of infinity! Here is an amazing way to understand this further. I believe this process of the Glorification has correspondence to Einstein’s theory of particle acceleration; the later of which states: The closer a particle approaches the speed of light, the greater its mass becomes, and this increase continues exponentially to the horizon of infinity. The formula states: the values of mass becomes greater as the velocity of the moving body approaches the velocity of light. If the speed of the object reaches the speed of light then theoretically the mass becomes infinitely.

But it is also a universal law of physics that matter can never reach the speed of light for there is an infinite inertia that prevents it. Its inertial resistance grows to an infinite extent and prevents the velocity of light from being reached (Max Born, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, 277).
The process of the Glorification and the formula of particle acceleration correspond. But in the Glorification Jesus broke all the laws of physics, and He broke the universal law that the material can never enter the spiritual world. This correspondence informs how profoundly rigorous and how profoundly unique the Glorification is. It is only the infinite love, wisdom and power of Jesus that could overcome the the law of the infinite inertia of the material world and make His body divine.

Compared to Einstein’s formula I we could say that m (mass) corresponds to the body of Jesus, and v(velocity) corresponds to the accelerating love and wisdom of Jesus; c (the speed of light) corresponds to reaching the infinite potential, making his body divine, and entering the innermost of all things. The inertial resistance corresponds to the barrier between the natural world and the spiritual world, which physical substance (a body) cannot cross.

Max Born’s statement about the infinite resistance of inertia preventing the speed of light helps us appreciate the miraculous nature of the resurrection. Jesus removed the last resistance by overcoming the last temptation on the cross. When He did this the earth shook and the curtain for the Holy of Holies was rent, which indicates there was a universal change of state in earth and heaven. His love and presence extended now from the minutest material to above heaven. He became the alpha and omega; He entered the innermost of all things. The only way to overcome the universal law of physics is to become the new innermost law of everything. In short He resurrected his body and brought into heaven. This is the mystery of all mysteries and the greatest event in all History.


October 29th, 2020
In the Glorification process there are two parallel processes by which Jesus Glorified His human body. This is a description of How Jesus became Divine Truth in the Glorification Process. (I previously did a post on the process of how Jesus made Himself divine love in the Glorification; please read that also). (There is much to it but I will explicate it as concisely as I can).
This process is very significant to understand for it gives a profound key to understanding what is happening in the Gospels.
Jesus became divine truth by fulfilling all prophecy written about Him in the Bible. When Jesus declares in the synagogue the words, ‘This day the scriptures are fulfilled’, we realize that He is the fulfillment of the prophesies about the Messiah. It is an extraordinary moment that is the culmination of centuries of prophecy and preparation throughout the Old Testament. The Word is divine truth in the Bible from God; and, Jesus is divine truth embodied, and in the process of the Glorification they came into convergence and ultimately perfect union.
Divine truth originates from the Holy soul of the Lord in heaven; there, it is in its internal purity. Divine truth in the Bible was accommodated down to earth to humans by degrees; this means it has a higher spiritual form in heaven and a natural form on earth. It manifests on earth in the form of the published Bible through revelation given to the prophets and disciples. In the Bible of the Old Testament it is prophesied (over 300 times in one way or another) that the Messiah will come and He will accomplish deeds that will redeem and save all humanity. (These prophecies are divine truth for what comes from the will of God is by nature divine and eternal). The Lord came into the world and throughout His life lived all that was prophesied about him; He consciously initiated this Himself when he announced that ‘Today the scriptures are fulfilled’. He fulfilled and embodied divine truth from beginning to end, and thus fully became the whole of divine truth. He did this by fulfilling each and every prophecy to the last one, which took place on the cross. This is why He is the LIVING Word; He lived it, He embodied it, and He became it. This is not a metaphor, but a historical accomplishment that was centuries and centuries in the making. It is a work that only the divine Human could perform. For as said, what the divine will professes always comes into being, no matter how long it may be.
Divine truth is totally complete and immutable in its awareness, and this truth has to established in both the natural and spiritual worlds to be whole. The natural is the foundation of the spiritual and neither can subsist without the other. God foresaw that the state of religion and charity would decline to such a degree that if He did not come all humanity would be lost in abysmal darkness. So God put forth divine truth in the prophecies of the Old Testament from His divine forethought many many centuries before He would incarnate.
We can gain an understand of how Jesus became divine truth by embodying them from a truth we have all heard in common language: ‘A man becomes what they does’. We become what we believe, will, and do. This is because our soul is composed of our will and understanding. When we are stripped away of all the externals, as we will be when we die, we are left with what we really love and believe, and this is what forms our internal soul. Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies by performing them and living them in the world, such as – healing the sick, performing miracles, teaching the multitudes, receiving baptism; and being crucified and resurrecting – therefore, He is the One and became the whole of divine truth!
Here is another important way to look at this: by being born in the natural world of earth Jesus had an external and internal self as do all humans who are born. By progressively fulfilling all prophecy in the Word to the end, He brought the external (His body) and His internal (His soul) into perfect union, known as the Holy marriage between His divine essence and human. In the resurrection there was no more separation, but the Holy Union! His physical body became divine, for that which merges with the divine is divine, and there is only one divine. When you break metal in two, and then weld it back together, the weld becomes the strongest part. His presence and power were upgraded by the crucible of the glorification process exponentially. He became what He did, and what He did in his life is fulfill the prophecies. Praise God!

How It Is that True Marriage Love is the Repository of the Christian Religion

May 31st, 2020

In the post I did before about conjugal love (marriage love) and soul mates Swedenborg said, “Therefore it is provided that conjugal pairs be born and that, under the Lord’s auspices, they be continually educated for their marriage, neither the boy nor the girl knowing it.” This shows that the events and trials that happen in our life (potentially) prepare us for our eventual mate. We don’t see it but God is providentially guiding us. So it is our job to work at keeping the faith to the end in spite of the ups and downs, the trials, and times of loneliness in this life. Some folks are fortunate enough to find it here; Swedenborg says it is rare on earth. Only those that love the divine human, and perceive all good comes from Him are able to have conjugal love. Conjugal love (and all genuine relationships in order to work) must come from the core self that is in relationship, and in humility, toward the Lord. This is where the ‘education’ comes in. If we identify with the external parts of our personality – parts that have developed in our personality to cope with all the traumas and pains of life – then it is very hard to be in genuine, lasting relationship with another. In processing and understanding the trials of our life we can discern the difference between our external and internal self. To be in deep intimacy our internal self must be the ruler of the external parts of our self.

It is also remarkable that he says, “THE CONJUGIAL LOVE OF ONE MAN WITH ONE WIFE IS THE REPOSITORY OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. This truth upholds the value of marriage and the family unit as having sacred purpose. Let us look at why conjugal love is the repository of the Christian religion. It is important to do so because in todays world it is extremely significant to uphold this great perception for it is being eroded. We begin with the awareness that the essence of Christianity is to believe that Jesus is God, that He was God born on earth and that He made his body divine in the resurrection. The heart of this truth is the Glorification process in which Jesus gradually forged perfect union between his human body and His divine soul, thus making His human divine and in the process redeeming all mankind. This is said in preface to the following.

There are two core reasons conjugal love is the repository of the Christian religion. The first reason is that worship of the Lord and conjugal love have the same root cause. The union forged in the glorification process and culminated in the resurrection is the Holy marriage, and the holy marriage in the divine human is the highest of all things and thus the core pattern from which all other things in creation receive life, meaning and form. It is the fountain from which all life springs. He is the source from which proceed all of the gifts in our soul, all of the internal skills we develop, and thus all of the joy in heaven and life. This pattern proceeds from first in the union of love and wisdom (which are the spiritual substance of life); and also in the marriage between the Lord and His church, which in the Bible is called the bride (the church) and the bride groom (the Lord). This fundamental union of love and wisdom is expressed in the form of a man and a woman. A man is a form of wisdom, and a woman is the form of love. Each has both love and wisdom, as in yin and yang, but a man is primarily a form of wisdom and woman a form of love. As love and wisdom serve together in an eternal bond, the spiritual and physical parts of a man and woman are made perfectly to bond in use to each other and to life.

All spirituality is based on the striving for union. Love and spiritual desire are processes that innately seek to form a bond. In worship we form a bond with God that can’t be taken away. We submit to Him, and perceive all good comes from. The only way to approach him and receive from Him is in humility. The conjugal relationship is a striving to bond with one’s beloved, the love of becoming one in our innermost will. As the Bible writes, ‘the two shall become one’, and ‘let no one put asunder what God has put together’. So the root of both worship and conjugal love is the union of love and wisdom.

The use of the marriage of a man and woman serves the highest purpose in life, which leads to the second reason conjugial love is the repository of the Christian religion. The use of marriage love provides for the procreation and the nurturing of the human race. The brith and raising of children is not only for this world but for the providing of all angels in the Lord’s kingdom – where one is birthed into their eternal identity and service. All angels in heaven are former humans. Only the Lord is uncreated from the beginning; and all other living things are created from Him in the birth process. Because conjugal love provides the highest use, it correspondingly is the source of the highest love and joy in humans. Only those who love and acknowledge the Lord as the divine human can have a conjugal pair, because this is what opens the internal of our soul and the gifts of our soul, and allows for profound intimacy with God and ones mate. The Lord provides that there is a conjugal mate for all those who truly desire it. A man and woman who are conjugal pairs have (what Swedenborg calls) ‘similitudes’ in their disposition, talents, and qualities of love in a marvelous way. We call these pairs soul mates.

The Conjugal sphere is the highest of all spheres from the Lord and all other spheres of love and use come from it ‘as sweet waters from the vein of a fountain’. We can see this is true from the way conjugal love is the universal cause of all brith.

How It Is that Scripture and Life Show that All Angels Are Former Humans

May 16th, 2020

I don’t believe God is alone. He has all creation. He has all the time in the world to be present to the one as much as the all. He has no needs but one – to be of use, thus he made all creation.

In Hebrews 7:16: “Jesus became a priest, not by meeting the physical requirement of belonging to the tribe of Levi, but by the power of a life that cannot be destroyed.

Only Jesus has the power of ‘a life that cannot be destroyed’. This means that He is the source of life, and only He has intrinsic life. Only He is uncreated from the beginning. All others that exist, including humans and angels are receptacles of Life. As I have said before our soul, and the soul of angles, are receptacles of life and the Lord is the source.
The scripture above also means that it is an immutable fact that what comes from the divine will will come true.
We have often heard the phrase, “There is none good but God’. Most Christians say this, and it is absolutely true. None is to be worshiped but God because He is all good, the source of life. Only He is uncreated from the beginning. All others are, including angels, are tainted with hereditary evil. Only God is worthy to be worshiped
In Revelation John kneels and tries to worship the angel that shows him the Holy City, and the angel tells John, “Stand, Do not do that, you and I are brethren, only God is to be worshiped”. He says this because people and angels are in the same position and relation to God; both are equally in a position of humility to the Lord. There is no ratio between the wisdom of God and that of humans or angels. It is a structural and immutable truth that all good comes from God. Humans have hereditary evil from head to toe, and angels still have hereditary evils but they are ‘dormant’ in the perimeter of their being. The Lord can activate them at anytime for the sake of a lesson. Only the divine human is without any hereditary evil. Jesus entirely removed it from his human body in the Glorification and Resurrection, which was the ultimate birthing.

Everything alive that exists is born by the birth process. It is a universal principle that life arises from the union of the natural and the spiritual. Everything in the natural world and spiritual world come about by process. We see from science that a tree, a chemical reaction, the growth of a child, anything you can think of involves a gradual process. It is the same thing in the spiritual world. All growth, fulfillment and the expression of love is through process. This is a manifestation of God’s (mind bending) universal principle that ‘God follows His own laws of divine order’. Nothing is made by magic out of nothing – there has to be a natural foundation for anything to exist and to have come from. The master example of this that should end all doubt is that God himself was birthed on earth. Are angels greater than God that they should not be birthed? Mary said to the angel, “How will this take place, since I have not had intercourse?” The angel replied, said to her, “The Holy Spirit will descend upon you, and the power of the Highest will cover you; therefore the Holy One that is born from you will be called the Son of God.” This scripture shows that the birth process is a universal process. We’re all made “in His image”; this statement includes all the processes that go with being human – the birthing, consciousness, freedom, becoming, death and regeneration. God is the original human, thus the human form and all its processes are universal processes; only, the Lord is infinite and uncreated; all humans and angels are finite and birthed.
To become angles, which basically means to enter heaven, there is a spiritual birthing. To be ‘born again’ is a process of regenerating our soul. From birth we have hereditary evil from head to toe and we have to overcome it and remove enough to be receptive to heaven. We have to be prepared for heaven by a cleansing. Our ultimate spiritual birthing is to become angels in heaven. That is God’s desire for this from creation.

Because Heaven arises from the human race, and heaven is a dwelling with the Lord to eternity, we can see that the very end purpose of creation is for all born to be in heaven. Everyone must go through the whole process, but not all make it. All angels and demons too are former humans.
Having said this I don’t think there is any harm in Believing God created angels. I have many clients who think this and I see no good in changing it; it is part of their faith. For those motivated to be seekers, I think the above is particular to the truth. There is a literal and an internal sense to the Word. The literal can easily be misconstrued if one doesn’t consider the internal. Above I am speaking of the internal sense. For instance the word ‘midwife’ in the Word doesn’t just refer to a woman that helps with birth but it refers to the universal process by which all things, including angels are born by the birth process between the natural and the physical.

In addition small children who die go to heaven and grow there to become angels. The reason is is that children have not yet formed a conscience that discerns between good and evil, and thereby they all can be taught to receive heaven, and eventually become angels.

Description of the Structure of the Entire Natural and Spiritual Universe And the View It Gives of How Jesus Christ Renewed Everything In the Resurrection

April 19th, 2020

There is only one God and that is Jesus the divine human. There can be only one God by the nature of what the divine is. The divine is omnipotent and omnipresent, and there can only be One who has this power and quality. If there were two then neither would be omnipotent or omnipresent, so more than one is an impossibility. These are principles of truth not abstractions. (The slightest thought of two gods, as some have falsely held on earth, is utterly abhorrent to angels and those in heavenly light). God is in the human form; He is the perfect human from creation, always has and always will be. Before the resurrection in the Old Testament in the Bible He was known as Jehovah; after the resurrection He is known as Jesus Christ who is the same one God as Jehovah, except with a new human. God had never been in the material world of earth before. By being birthed on earth and resurrected after death Jesus Christ became the new human of God. The resurrection is the ultimate birthing. The Glorification process was the refining fire by which Jesus forged the eternal bond between his human body and divine soul.

We humans are made “in His image” meaning we are human because He is human, except He is infinite and divine and we are finite and human beings with a soul. It is a universal principle that all things created by the divine repeat the form of the divine. Because His form is repeated in everything, we are in the human form, and the human form is a universal form in the universe. In its actual shape and structure the whole of the universe is a complete human in all of its parts and organs in every minutest detail. This is known as the Grand Man, which is Jesus in His macro, and so it is true that we are in the body of Jesus. Even the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom derive their nature from the human form, though they are (each in turn) more remote forms of it.

If one were able to see the whole of heaven you would see that it is composed of heavenly societies that compose and correspond to all the parts and organs of the human body. Each society is like a city or community, self contained and has all the functions, uses, occupations, wonders of nature as do cities, communities, or nations on earth. Each society of heaven corresponds to a specific part of the human form, like the lung, heart, skin, veins, muscles, brains, etc. The part of the human form that a society corresponds relates to the character and overall purpose of the society. For instance hearing relates to the ability to understand and obey. The heart relates to the ability to know the truth from love immediately from hearing it. The skin are those who are very dense in strictly obeying doctrine, but are a protector of the precious insides. This is true in every minutest detail of the body and its innumerable parts. God is sovereign, each society is sovereign, and each human is sovereign; and, each of these in its overall structure is in the human form. In addition, each of the innumerable parts in the human, that is in each of the sovereign entities, are connected and serve an essential function to each other and to the whole. Each angel loves serving the others in their society more than themselves, so love increases exponentially the more that enter.

The Grand man is the overall form of heaven; hell is not in the Grand man, but is its opposite; hell is in the shape of a Satanic human. (The Grand Man and Satan are enormous and complex far beyond our ability to understand, and no human can see them in their whole, but we can conceptualize them in principle.) Now to see the whole structure of the universe Imagine the infinitely beautiful Grand man standing and facing the infinitely brilliant spiritual sun, (of which God Himself is in the midst). Underneath The Grand Man, upside down to him, and facing away from the Sun is Hell in the shape of Satan, a monstrous human form. Hell is the negative opposite in every way to the grand man. For every particular society in heaven that serves good, there is an opposite society in hell that serves evil. Opposite each particular society of the highest heaven (and the function it serves), there is a society in deepest hell, that serves the hellish negative of that society, and this is the same for the middle heavens, and the middle hells, and the lower heavens, and the higher hells. There is a perfect equilibrium maintained between heaven and hell in structure, but spiritually they completely repel each other like the same poles of magnets. There is no union between them. The very atmosphere in the spiritual world is composed of ‘a quality of affection. The various qualities of love and wisdom are the spiritual substance that compose the ‘air’ in each particular societies of the spiritual world. In heaven the atmosphere is of love and in hell it is of hate. So those in hell cannot even breath or survive in the heavenly atmosphere.

It is also important to see that though they are opposite forces hell has no source of its own. Those in hell receive life from God, but they have completely inverted and corrupted that life into selfish love and hate, and they have done so by their own freedom of choice, not God’s will. The soul of each person that lives while in the natural world takes on a form that is based on the way the lived, believed and loved, and when they die this form is set and cannot change. If it is capable of heavenly light they are prepared for heaven and they grow from the form of their soul at the end of life. The form, or constellation of their soul, is like a seed from which they can then grow in happiness for eternity. If they are hellish then they grow negatively from that form.

Hell, in the human figure of Satan, is beneath, and upside down to the Grand Man. Their feet are adjacent but the Satan is facing in the opposite direction from the Grand Man (away from the spiritual sun). Those who are in hell appear to them self to be standing upright, but the position just described shows their true spiritual state, which is that their feet are up and their head down. Also, between heaven and hell is a chasm which separates them, and this is the world of spirits. The world of spirits is in the spiritual world between heaven and hell, and it is a transitional place (state) that gradually prepares each person that dies for heaven or hell. The world of spirits can be a beautiful place or a scary place. Everyone there is undergoing a gradual process of vastation that prepares them for their eternal time in heaven or in hell. Vastation means to ‘be cleansed’. This means those who can receive heaven gradually go through a process of removing that in them that is from hell. Everyone has within them a ruling love and if their ruling love is hate then they are prepared for Hell. The things in them that are of heaven are vastated for these are extraneous and not part of the core love. Those with a ruling love for heaven are vastated of extraneous loves from hell. It must be so so they can be in heaven or hell and its atmosphere without duplicity. Each person in the world of spirits is gradually gravitating to the east or west, the east being toward heaven and the west toward hell.

Life on earth is in perfect equilibrium between the forces of heaven and hell. Because heaven and hell are of the spirit they are outside time and space and can be present to people on earth and to people in the world of spirits. The whole structure of creation rests on this equilibrium for it is the fulcrum upon which human freedom exists! The end purpose of this structure is in the service of humans, (which includes the spirits in the world of spirits (former humans), and angels (former humans)). There is no other way for a person to have life and consciousness other than to be in freedom. The equilibrium between heaven and hell that provides freedom is another expression of how the human form is a universal form in the universe.  The world of spirits is somewhat like the natural world in that in it there is good and evil, but people’s abilities are much more refined there, and one’s purpose there is more refined, that is, to be vastated in preparation for heaven or hell. The world of spirits is a sort master growth processing place in which the falsities of thought and self perception are removed so that one can come into their true self. This is of course for those going to heaven. Hell is for those who have not prepared them self on earth to be able to receive this process. They refuse and reject every prompting and effort of the angels to the point they choose to be in hell, not necessarily consciously but by their actions and because their ruling love is hate. The world of spirits looks in every way very much like earth life, but the people don’t have physical bodies, but spiritual bodies, and as they gradually realize this they see that their faculties are many times greater and more astute than they were in the world.

In the resurrection when Jesus became one with God He became the innermost of all things, and what is the innermost is also the outermost. This means that his presence is immediate with everyone and all things and He became the Grand Man! In achieving the resurrection through the glorification process Jesus defied all the laws of physics. He merged his material body with the divine and made it spiritual. He raised it into the spiritual world. This can never happen, other than by the divine; and it will never happen again for what the divine does is eternal by nature. It is not so much that He defied the laws of physics but that He became the law of the universe from love. This is what it means to enter the innermost. The one who defies the undefiable laws of physics can only do so by becoming divine order; He becomes the innermost and outermost of the universe. God from the beginning is divine truth and love. What He did in being born on earth is prophesied in the Bible from beginning to end. Prophecy in the Bible is divine truth because it comes for the will of God. In being born on earth and growing to manhood Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies of the Bible thus became and upgraded divine truth.  By doing this Jesus Christ renewed all things, and now has immediate relationship and presence to everyone and everything. He exponentially increased the light available in the natural and spiritual worlds. 

In Praise of Jesus: Principles of His Love and Wisdom, and How It Is that He Achieved the Inconceivable

January 10th, 2020

The reason we can intuitively see God in nature, in the innate moral yearnings of man, and in the Word, is that these are the three realms of life through which correspondences work. Nature: Everything in nature has a corresponding counterpart that is its first cause in heaven and the spiritual world. The human form: Everything in the human body and soul (the soul looks exactly like the body except it is spiritual) has correspondence with heaven and the spiritual world in every minutest detail. The Bible: Every Word in Holy scripture has correspondence with heaven for every Word is divine truth from the will of God. Each of these three also correspond to each other so the human form is a universal form in the universe. If one were able to see the entirety of the universe they would see that it is in the shape and form of a man, the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Bible says we are made in God’s image, and the whole universe is also made in God’s image. God has always been in the human form and occupied the innermost of all things, but He had never been born in the natural/material world. But then God was born on earth as Jesus. Now God was in the natural and had to go through the most rigorous process that ever has been or ever will be. (We will never comprehend how much He loves us! Yet I will always try!) In order to resurrect Jesus had to go through the process of overcoming the infinite inertia of the material world, and the hereditary evil contained in His natural body from brith.
I will give you an example from the theory of relativity that helps to show how inconceivably rigorous this is. In Einstein’s theory it is said that if an object were to reach the speed of light its mass would become infinite. But no object can reach the speed of light because the infinite inertia of matter prevents it. Similarly, we know that no matter ever enters the spiritual world. Humans, and all things of earth, die and the body becomes dust. These are laws of nature and the spirit that are never broken. But Jesus so cleansed His body of hereditary evil by overcoming all temptations, He so put all the forces of evil in their place (hell), and He fulfilled all prophecy written about Him in the divine Word – that He was filled with infinite light and love, and He made His human body divine! It merged in union with His divine soul (the Father). Jesus reached the ‘speed of light’ and became the whole of divine truth that He lived and fulfilled. (This is called the glorification process, which I describe in great detail on my blog). This is the miracle of miracles that transcended all the laws of physics.
In His life Jesus manifested the highest love that ever existed. The power with which He used to merge His human body with the divine ‘drew all things unto Him’. This means He paved the way for man to be saved, He restored man’s capacity to receive the light of heaven. He who is the ‘highest love’ is the ONE who enters the innermost of all things, and is the internal cause of all things. This is how He is the Alpha and Omega, the infinite and the innermost There is a sphere generated from the Lord, who is in the midst of the spiritual sun, that is the cause of all fruitfulness and reproduction in the universe. This sphere is seeded with the image of God and manifested in infinite variety in heaven and earth; it’s a sphere of influence, a force known as ‘conatus’. It is the unseen creative force in the universe that causes forms in the universe to construct. I believe science observes this force and calls it ‘dark matter’. It is a principle of divine order that the nature of the creator is repeated and reflected in all of his creation, thus the information contained in the conatus/dark matter always tends toward and constructs according to the infinite processes contained in the human form. It does this in degrees, some apparent like human beings, some mediate like plants, and some remote like geology. But looked at in a cosmic level all of these things serve and function by processes that correspond to the human form. In praise of Jesus.