A Walk in the Garden Paradise that is the Lord’s: I Perceive It’s Wonders

January 18th, 2021

This paradise exceeds in beauty anything I have imagined; the translucent tips of the leaves of the trees, the blades of grass, the nutrients in the soil are more real than in the natural world. It’s as if there is an unseen vine from the Lord that also extends to my mind and soul. Yes, He is the vine and the vinedresser in this paradise.

I see Infants playing on a carpet of cloves by a river, each full of such innocent beauty and joy I am filled with delight to see them and wish to know them. As the infants pass by flowers in a grove the flowers blossom a-fresh, as do all the plants. The infants are learning from everything in the garden, grove and the river.
The path continues on through vineyards, woods, and meadows adorned with flowers; my mind perceives that passages from the Word are inherent in all of these scenes. Indeed the Word of the Lord is here. The Word itself is like a garden, a celestial paradise. The garden and the Word contain delicacies and delights of every kind; the delicacies are by virtue of such particulars as the flowers and their petals, and the trees and their leaves and their fruits. Further out and round about the garden are forests, and the river runs through them. The river originates from beautiful springs and fountains. Along the bank of the river is a soft carpet of brilliant green grasses; the grass is brilliant green from the sun caressing them with its rays. I have a capacity and skill in my soul to understand them and receive life from them and they me as I experience each one.

Oh, may the glories of the Word and this paradise be to each of us, and to this world, a fountain of Wisdom from which we can draw as the angels do, (1 Peter 1:12); Oh, that the fountain of the Lord will meet us and give us the water that springs up into everlasting life (John iv. 14). Let us walk the paths through garden and fields. May we sit in its arbors and view the magnificent mountains, full of the prospects of being whole and filled with glad reception; may we be filled with the prospect of a better world which may console us for the present turmoils, may this perception give us strength to overcome the dust and the struggles of the earthly world.

Feeling Into the Song ‘Old Man River’: An Expression of Despair And Yearning For God

January 30th, 2020

I learned to play ‘Old Man River’. One of the care givers at a facility asked me to play it and I didn’t know how, so I learned. It’s been a great song to know. The song expresses deep grief and despair; and, Old man river is, I think, a symbol of God, of God’s presence working in his own time in our world. The singer says of old man river, ‘He don’t say nothin, but he must know somethin’. He’s angry God doesn’t let him self known, and that the singer doesn’t know God better, but deep down the singer feels God does know him. The way he cries-out in the song reminds me of Jesus saying, ‘Why have you foresaken me’, from a human place. The singer says ‘He don’t plant tatters, he don’t plant cotton, but them that plants em are soon forgotten’ – a statement indicating the singer fears God has forgotten them. The singer says ‘I am tired of livin, but I am scared of dying’. This expresses despair, yet he yearns to know what life is for, and what happens when we die. The phrase in the Bible I think that fits this song is ‘The poor in spirit’. The poor in spirit are those who don’t know God well, they may be consumed in difficult circumstances and have a lack of resources around them (whether rich or poor), but who in their heart yearn to know Him. The singer repeats the refrain, ‘Old Man river, He keeps on rollin, just keeps on rollin, along’, as if he wonders at how God is bigger and greater than all, and he feels humble to him even in his despair. The singer seems to feel he is not worthy to know Him. Jesus says, ““Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted”. Yearning to God and calling out to Him makes his presence close. The Lord promised he is closest to us when we are most in trial.