The Left Delights in You Taking On Their Pain: The Psychology of How it Works

February 12th, 2021

     It is important to see the absurdity of the intentions of the left and to share and form a strong agreement with people of real intelligence and integrity. As I explained in the last post the core of the lefts falsity comes from blanket compassion (if you haven’t read that one it would help to read it first). Blanket compassion is an open border! An open border where one takes on the pain and stress of other people’s problems, just as the left fights for the insane policy of open border and paying for the problems of other countries and neglecting our own people. They deny the interest of Americans and put a terrible burden on them. One can see why left unchecked false compassion always turns into hate – it is diametrically opposed to how our psyche and soul (and our country) really works. If we really see how this works it causes an abhorrence in us, the same as if we were to encounter the presence of evil – for it is the continuous trick of hell.

(False compassion only works by the way in Christian based societies where there is an ethos of ‘loving they neighbor’ – a good thing that evil twists to its own purpose. You don’t see the phenomenon of false compassion in agonistic Arab society. Agonistic refers to an honor/shame society where there is very little value put on one’s personal psychology, and compassion for others, but ones the sense of self comes from outside, from one’s standing in the hierarchy in the societies code of honor and shame).

At core leftists are in profound pain, but they refuse to deal with the pain, and dedicate their action to putting it on others. They want you to feel their pain, but of course not let you know that it is from them. So they delight in ‘winning’ by lying and cheating and obstructing. Good people don’t want others to be in pain; but many good people are ‘used to’ and conditioned to take on others pain. This is the very point where the tentacles of evil can attach into us, especially through the people in our life. To take on others pain causes weakness and dissociation – it takes us away from a true sense of self. I have to watch that like a hawk because I am vulnerable to it. It doesn’t ‘feel OK’ to let someone else be in pain, but that feeling alone is not right. We have to let them deal with their pain for their good and for our good. (Good borders). It becomes much more complicated in dealing with our family and loved ones; for instance, like most people I am willing to extend myself very far for my children but the same principle applies for them too.

At the same time we need to strive to be open and understanding to the people in our life and country. This is why the union of love and wisdom is the source of all spirituality. I am affected in some degree by what the leftists do; yes, I am angry, but I strive to not let it move me into feeling disturbed – for that is debilitating, and erodes away at my life and sense of self. ‘False compassion/other peoples pain’ in image is like a leech/parasite with tentacles enmeshed in our own precious tissue. In seeing this we are disgusted and reject it. When I see it and remove it I then ‘cauterize’ the wound with the heat of fire – the fire of my own and will to heal and be whole. This creates a protective layer that internalizes the memory that I want my own pain and the good and strength received from working it; then it becomes a shield against further intrusion.

Meditation on Shame and Restoration

September 12th, 2020


Shame is not the currency of God. It is man, taking something of God, and making it toxic and destructive. God seeks to prick and awaken the conscience of people and this involves a certain amount of pain known as shame and embarrassment, sometimes a lot of pain. But God always gives a way through and out. God looks to humble us, and in humility there is great relief; it is a profound spiritual experience of deepening and softening our soul. 

But Man in his selfish nature, and limited awareness, takes this process and condemns and holds control over others. All people have inclinations to evil, and all too often in the hands of people, shame becomes destructive and debilitating. Man doesn’t ‘humble’ but humiliates, and this becomes toxic in a persons system.

When we are children we usually do not have the awareness, experience or strength to protect ourself from difficult people; especially when it comes from our own parents. A person who is in pain and can’t face it and deal with it, cannot help but put it out on others and make them feel responsible. What one will not deal with in themself they consciously or unconsciously put on to others. Parents do this to their own children. A child is already in an intense struggle to get to know themself and who they are. They look to parents or someone to be a mentor that they can trust and that will help them to find strength. 

       Kids need to be corrected and taught, but in doing so it is good to correct the behavior but not condemn the person. Kids need to be mentored, they need to be able to trust. They need the parent or mentor to care enough to understand their nature as best they can, and to see and encourage the good in them. God can always be trusted, and knows us all through, and helps us to treat others well. 

When it comes to shame we all have a little kid in us. When triggered we regress back to feeling of the mistreated kid.

The heart and mind of a child goes from one extreme to another; feeling intense love for the good parent one moment, and then murderous hatred for the bad parent the next. If the parent is unaware, in denial and can’t handle their own pain, they cannot help but put it in the child, and the child takes it in and tries to heal it so that they can feel Ok and ‘everything will be OK’. But it’s not OK; In the un-resourced child, shame, like a foreign species, tells them they are stupid, bad or weird because they made mistakes or failed in some way. 

The Bible promises: “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1) In the flesh are all the motivations and justifications that come from hereditary evil; in the spirit there is trust and spiritual sight and intelligence from God. To the degree we have love for the Lord and centering in self awareness we don’t need to shame others, we have no desire to go there. Jesus told us not to judge others, to look at the splinter in our own eye. Bottom line – it is the evil in us that is willing to hurt others with shame or judgement. In a practical sense to not judge doesn’t mean we can’t discern and see things to a degree, but we don’t add on our desire to cause pain, and don’t claim what we don’t know. We realize God knows us far better than we know ourself or others, and when we do have to address the negative or discipline we do it with a desire to bring about a good result.

God gives us the ability and the liberty to restore our core self to wholeness. When the mob was ready to condemn and stone the adulterous woman Jesus said, “He who is without sin throw the first stone.” By this he shocked and awakened their conscience. And when they had all dropped their stones and gone He told the woman, “Where are your accusers?” She said, ‘they are all gone’, and he told her, ‘neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more’. This woman could of been mired in toxic shame her whole life. Jesus has no intention to condemn anyone; He sees into our whole self and nature, and seeks to make us whole. We, in being humbled, have the opportunity to receive it and accept it, and humbly return to life restored.

     Mary of Bethany seized the moment and burst into a dinner party Jesus attended with religious leaders. Mary – being on fire with love and awareness that Jesus is God – anointed Jesus’ hair with precious oil for his burial while he was alive. The important men around tried to reject and condemn her, but Jesus saw into her depths and received the whole of her. He said to the men, ‘She has never stopped kissing me since she came in, leave her be, what have you done for me?”. And He told Mary, “Because of the greatness of your love, though your sins are many, they are forgiven”. This shows that the fire of love, and awareness of truth, heals our soul and removes evil inclinations; it brings salvation. It is remarkable that Jesus sees into the whole nature of a person and shows the way to restoration. In these moments there is a bond that takes place between ourself and Him – and this is the treasure of life! He seeks for us liberty and inner peace, not the dead-end of self-condemnation and shame. We must be softened in our heart and body to be prepared to receive it. He knows when we are ready.

Hebrews 10:22: “Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.” 

Feeling the energy of anger forces one to interpret its cause and in the process exposes the source of evil. This awakens in us the fighting spirit to know one self and God. Fighting for a personal relationship with God also means fighting to reawaken our capacity for affection, love, kindness, intimacy and joy.

“But how do I hide from God?” God knows everything about us, we hide from God when we don’t tell Him what’s in our heart, when we let shame shut is down, when we think we can solve everything by ourself. So ww don’t bother God, but He desires for us to take all our fears, emotions, and loves to Him. He says, “Cast all your care upon me”.

“I will give children to be their princes”. Analysis of Upside Down leaders, Then and Now.

March 6th, 2017

I will give children to be their princes,
And babes shall rule over them.
The people will be oppressed,
Every one by another and every one by his neighbor; The child will be insolent toward the elder,
And the base toward the honorable. (Isaiah 3: 4, 5 NKJ)

This scripture describes upside down leadership which the picture above is a parody of. Leaders are supposed to put the Lord’s love for the people first in their heart, and this gives them wisdom to serve. Leaders in the ancient world like Herod and the Jewish leaders had great external power, but were like kids throwing a fit inside fighting for their own way and power. They put their self first and delight in dominion over others, which is upside down; the self is full of proprium and evil, full of hate, and in a spiritual way eventually insane without submitting to God. Upside down leaders believe in their own prudence and don’t tether them self to the prudence of God. A child sees itself to be omnipotent which is cute because they have innocence, and it is an appropriate compensation for being helpless; so growing up spiritually is about gradually learning to transfer power back to God where it belongs, and this gives a genuine strength that loves others more than our self – because the person retains innocence and gains intelligence (and wisdom is the marriage of innocence and intelligence). But the self-centeredness of upside down leaders buries the innocence in the soul; like a plant that dies in dry, rocky soil; so they look intelligent and seasoned on the outside but have the emotional intelligence of children inside, insolent and oppressive to others.

         Isaiah’s words describe the destructive constraints that family roles had become in the ancient world and how each person was ‘doing it’ to the other. The verse quoted above gives a picture of insolent children leading the people with ill intent, which is very apt. The religious leaders obsessively kept the people obedient to the law of the Torah, which was stringent and behavioral. Their use of religion for power furthered the grip of evil on the land. But the leaders themselves were even greater victims of evil for in their spiritual pride most hated the light of Jesus, and intentionally sought to kill the real Messiah. Zealots wanted him for political power, but the leaders were profoundly threatened by Him and wanted Him dead at all costs. Some of the common people had enough innocence in them to respond to Jesus, but the leaders obsession to serve their own purposes extinguished charity in them. There were exceptions, of course. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea spoke up for Him in the trials. Nicodemus secretly came to Jesus seeking answers and guidance in the cover of night. But even he, in his interaction with Jesus, barely understood the teaching Jesus gave him. When Jesus told him that he must be born again, he took it literally, asking, “How can a man be born from the womb a second time?”

To keep the trust of the people, the leaders had to keep up appearances and fulfill their roles according to custom. The leaders and the people were unconscious of how evil was using them, and most leaders fought to their dying breath to maintain power. Evil in the honor shame society of ancient times had manipulated the society to the point the people had no internal conscience, and, therefore, no ability to stop the downward spiral into darkness, and this is why Jesus had to be born. It was the work of Jesus to awaken the fighting spirit deep in the souls of the people so they could find their internal life again.