“They want to cancel you”: A Description of Trumps Extraordinary Insight Into the Source of the Left’s End Purpose

August 22nd, 2020

Trump: “They want to cancel you. Totally cancel you. Take your job, turn your family against you for speaking your mind, while they indoctrinate your children with twisted, twisted, worldview’s that nobody ever thought possible.”

This is incredible awareness and expression by Trump. The dems want authority over our lives, and they are trying to get it at every level. They are doing it in our own homes. They are pitting mother and father agains son and daughter. The education system is dominated by leftists and they are indoctrinating the kids into their ideology. Most young people believe in and fight for BLM, though they know little of what it is really about, and they reject what their parents or other people of common sense have to say about it. You have BLM written across many streets in the cities, signs. Politicians and teachers unions side with keeping kids out of school, which is bad on many levels, it feeds into lack of discipline, entitlement, lethargy; though it may be good to keep them from being indoctrinated. BLM is a violent and marxist organization. The dems already have a double standard established, but they want much more than that. They want to erase our voice. Like many dems have said Rep. Frederica Wilson recently said people who are “making fun of members of Congress” online “should be prosecuted”. Maxine, Schumer, and Kamala have said things to justify and insite rioting and violence against regular Americans and conservatives. What the dems are trying to do is twisted, un-American and completely against democracy. They want to be socialist dictators. As Trump said if they take control America would quickly go the way of Venezuela.   

The dems love nothing more than a good crises for the sake of gaining authority over the people, and Covid is the mother of all crisis for this purpose. It’s the perfect foil to make people obey and to destroy the economy. This is their love. They love to stand on the pretense that they are compassionate and caring, but are really emotional bullies. 

Now lets look deeper into how false compassion is a function of evil. The syndrome is an old and continuously repeated trick of evil forces. Swedenborg calls it an ‘unseasonable compassion’ and identifies it as a recurring tactic in history, here and in the spiritual world. It comes from hell seducing the will of people. It is mostly used in free societies with Christian ethics – for compassion is a tenant of Christian values, and it is mostly used in the ideology of the left. (The right has some of its own forms). Below Swedenborg describes the interaction between those in hell who use it on people here:

“They, spirits in hell, persuasively induced the idea of the Lord’s becoming placable towards them; and because they induced a degree of this persuasion upon me, it was not given then to instruct them that if they were to come into the spiritual world they would destroy whomsoever they should find by an unseasonable compassion. They greatly moved, they knew not whence, to exercise pity, and because they penetrate  to the proximate societies both evil and good, those who were so unseasonably compassionate were prone to every species of wickedness, nay, that by a persuasion similar to that of the antediluvians they would excite nearly all that came in their way to the perpetration of enormities. They wished their agency to be concealed; though sought for, they were not to be found; thus neither could others know whence such a wicked insanity poured itself forth, acting as they did in disguise, and at the same time inspiring compassion. Thus in order to excite at once both the evil and the upright, they craftily insinuate themselves into good affections, having deceit in view, and consulting their own interests solely, nor caring if the whole universe should perish”.

     This quote describes the subtle spiritual seduction that comes from hell with the purpose of turning people into its will. It shows how deeply deceptive the use of false compassion is and where it comes from. It comes from the machinations of hell, and it is important to see how these things work in order to stop it. It is usually ver difficult because they are expert at not allowing the person to see where it comes from, which I am seeking to show here; but now in todays world it has became pretty obvious what they trying to do, which is a good sign that they are losing. As Swedenborg says the end goal of these spirits is the destruction of the world if it were to be carried out to its end. Many current leaders at the top of the chain are visible examples of this, which I am sure you can see. Hillary has had a long career with little real accomplishments, and full of corruption. When she lost the election to Trump she has come up with every excuse in the book. Like Obama, Kamala and Biden, she accuses others of what she has done. They have no self-perception of the hypocrisy of their accusations. Soros is a great example. Behind the scenes he funds and works in a dedicated way to undermine America, and democracies around the world in order to bring about a one-world global agenda. These kind of people stubbornly refuse to receive real compassion from God so cannot change. 

     By the way, it is no Accident that one side is called the left and one the right. As with many things these words and circumstance that take place on earth are a reflection and correspondence to what happens in the spiritual world. Swedenborg describes what happens in the spiritual world:

“The things that lie inwardly concealed in people and have become their own by practice are brought out at the entrance to the other life, on being let in among spirits. Spirits were portrayed to me as being at the left side in front, toward the middle of the face. Those at the right were the upright. This should be noted, for all at the left, however many, are corrupt, and corrupters, who use such dreadful methods that no person on earth could ever believe it. The things they perpetrate are only the root of evil, for which they have an instinct; but more hideous is the instinct of those spirits who seem to themselves to possess some light of reason. This hellish gang is devoid of the discernment with which nature endowed them”.


Conspiracy Theorists and Leftist Media Are Trying to Sell Gloom and Doom: DOOM AND GLOOM ARE NOT THE WAY OR THE TRUTH

April 21st, 2020
There are a lot of conspiracy theories that the virus was purposely caused by deep state globalists. This makes the lock down more distressing and maddening. I wouldn’t be a surprise if at least some of it were true. The style of these reports are usually alarming and alarmist. To get caught up in doom and gloom is I think a mistake. Even if they are true they are going to find out Trump and the responsible leaders in the USA are fighting back. It would be a thousand times worse if Trump were not in office – because he can be trusted. President Trump has shown over and over he is doing everything possible to keep us on the right track in order to stop the virus and to reopen America.
Even if the evil forces did get away with causing this pandemic, they are not on a free run. They got over with a good one but the back fight is going to be better for the world in the long run. God uses things like this to turn them into some good that we can’t foresee like him. Spiritually this lock down has had the effect of having people look out for others good as much as their own, and this mind set has to some degree honed people’s way of looking at each other. That is a very good thing. Usually events like this are in a particular place and we can say, “oh this is happening to others and doesn’t really effect me’, and it does not change us or hit home. But this has hit home for all of us, and caused us to see how we are all in the some boat. I think it has had a good spiritual effect in this way for the world, which is no small thing. It also has had the effect of vastating people of old habits and to reflect more deeply on our self and our lives.
It is nevertheless a very distressing situation. I have confidence that we will bounce back big and better. What have we really lost. We have lost money, our savings have gone down significantly, some people have lost jobs, some pretty severe stuff; our economy has gone down, but we can recover from this. The Government under Trump has greatly honed their ability to respond to disasters like this, and exercised the ability to rally together. Every individual has also learned. We have learned a lot about who can lead and who can’t, and every good leader has become better from this crisis. The dangers of China and letting ourselves be dependent on China, or other foreign countries, is not going to be like it was at all. We will be prepared against this kind of evil wether it is started intentionally or by accident. This I think this is the healthy outlook. Part of the work of evil forces is to convince us there is doom and gloom coming and evil is winning.
All this reminds me of what scientist say about dark energy (destructive force) eventually overwhelming dark matter (constructive force) and destroying the universe. That’s not going to happen. Because science only looks at the natural level, they think that dark energy is going to take over the universe (long in the future), but they don’t understand that there is a response and reaction from dark matter, that they can’t foresee, that fights back toward equilibrium. God is present and fights for his people. We work with him and keep the faith.

Democrat Leaders Give the People a Terrible Taste What It Would Be Like If They Get Their Socialism

March 24th, 2020

What the dems leaders like Nancy and Schumer are doing right now is a taste of what it would be like to be in socialism. The don’t care, don’t give a damn about people suffering. When you have evil at the top that pridefully refuses to see, it’s a disturbing feeling. They can see, but it doesn’t matter, they are in love with them selves, and hate, and use ideology to justify it.
With Trump and his staff in charge we understand we are fighting a common enemy and that they are doing everything possible, finding creative ways to prevent devastating pandemic and lots of death, while at the same time trying not to ruin the economy and millions of people source of income. We are on board with these efforts.
It’s hard enough to trust the government with this much power, but we understand and are on board with keeping each other healthy and lives protected.
But when the dems fill the bill with a bunch of socialistic, green deal measures that have nothing to do with the pandemic, when they put in a measure for ‘ballot harvesting’ when they put out a constant campaign of disinformation against Trump and the American people – that is a scary feeling, a feeling of loss of control; a feeling that powers above don’t care about us, and would just assume destroy us for their agenda. What the dems are doing with this bill, and with their propaganda machine called the media – all while the people are living in this temporary deprivation – is a sort of simulation, a war game trial, of what it would be like if the democrats were to win and establish socialism.
It’s sickening, but this could have the effect of purging millions of people of their illusions about socialism.
Fortunately Trump and the GOP are here to fight for us and they will win. It is the rigor, competition and genius of capitalism that will defeat the virus; and leaders like Trump, Pence, and Pompeo, McConell, and others who are fighting to do whats right for the people in heart and soul. They are fighting for creative ways to accelerate the solution, and to mitigate the the terrible effect on the economy and people’s livelihood.
No-one in their right mind would vote for these democrat politicians.

Extraordinary Times. The Contrast Between the Democrats Dangerous, Childish Socialistic Behavior and the Trump Trains Laser Focus on Results and Serving God.

March 1st, 2020

PC, socialistic thinking is a like a haze trying to seduce us into passivity – it smothers and kills the soul and debases life, but Trump’s persona and message is a blow torch busting through this kind of thinking (along with many others). All of our voices and lives matter. America only truly works by being tethered to God – strength with compassion, like the eagle holding in his talons an olive branch and arrows – the ‘magic wand’ that is the antidote to greed. Socialism harbors greed and hides evil, exactly what God doesn’t not want.

The dems think they believe in socialism. Like Bernie, they concoct policies that would literally open the borders to anyone and give them free healthcare and other things. They are completely undiscriminating as to the motives and values of illegal immigrants. When it comes down to it the dems pushing this stuff – don’t really hate trump – they hate themselves for not carrying their own weight, and for getting away with murder. Deep deep down every criminal wants to get caught, but they hide that from them self and have no peace. The dems want to normalize their behavior – giving away free stuff, decimating their own back yard, and the shoulders of those they stand on – so they can justify what they are inside and don’t have to ever see what they have become.
Every sensible person knows that in order to be psychologically healthy you have to establish borders with people, otherwise everybody and their brother who can’t face themselves will take advantage of you. There is also no way to have genuine intimacy and good friendship if one doesn’t discern the quality of who they associate with. It’s the same with a nation, you have to have good borders and only let people in who assimilate and contribute.
The dems don’t have this, they imitate Obama for political identity since they have no center; their debates become a pansy match over who shouts the loudest, their caucuses don’t work; they finances are bad. All these are signs they don’t like or know themselves, and are in no shape to lead others.
When the dems don’t carry their own weight they make others responsible for doing it. They are full of fear of success so make policies that are doomed from the outset (but embrace mediocrity and failure). Because they can’t face themselves, like all narcissists, they take advantage of others and put their pain on others. Like Newsome and the other sanctuary city governors and mayors who trash their cites, allow the harm and murder of citizens, and then blame others for it.
The dems exemplify those who have an exile in their personality that runs them and determines their actions, instead of acting from their core self as a person of integrity strives to do. They keep going deeper and deeper in denial so they can believe in their lie no matter how absurd it looks to those observing. They dems have no real conviction in socialism; they are like bratty children in a nice house that feel entitled to act out and destroy things as long as they know there are adults in charge.

The basis of liberal thinking comes from adopting the ethos of false compassion, which turns into rage because it lives by half the equation of life. Lord said to be wise as serpent and harmless as dove and these are meant to be in union. To separate them, as libs do with blanket compassion, makes their compassion external only; by investing in half half the equation they use lots of energy and emotion to justify their irrational position. They suppress and overlook the other half – wisdom – and this part as a result harbors rage.

DT has heart for serving, not a prudish Christian, a real Christian in heart and action; loves God and country, a man’s man, savvy businessman who sees through bullshit. He Stands up to evil for sake of people, fights for God and Christianity in USA. The greatest Sign of man God is using- exposes and defeats corruption & inspires the people. Most dem leaders never show an ounce of forgiveness; their intent is only to leverage obstruction and de-construction of USA. Trump forgives quickly, honesty – there many political opponents who he battled with and then when its over he appoints them, or supports them and they work together for good – because he cares only about the end Game – that America be restored to integrity and Godly identity as a light to the world.

People think the freedom to avoid and do evil is freedom. Externally it’s freedom, but internally it is not. If persisted in it leads to spiritual slavery, which is the opposite of freedom. And in the end what is internal is the only thing that mattes. This is not so obvious in this world, because here we can hide, but in the spiritual world it is very very clear. Denial and hate together are slavery to evil, and cause one to go deeper and deeper in order to not see what they have become.

Trump’s State of the Union Speech: A Moment of Truth Where the True Colors of Both Sides Are Revealed

February 6th, 2020

The picture is now clear to the people of America; the landscape has been exposed by Trump’s presence and strategy. We don’t know all the details yet, but we can see Mitt and Romney (as are many politicians) are entitled cronies who felt it was their due to leverage their high positions to benefit themselves and their family. The fact Biden tanked in the caucus and Romney’s own state rejects him proves the people see, even the dems see. These men have been consumed in, and are harboring devious secrets. They justify themself by thinking ‘thats the way it is in politics, everyone does it’. This is why when it comes time to work for and serve the people on real issues they are airheads. They look good on the outside, but on the inside they are corrupted. Time to face the music. Romney had the audacity to say that he voted against Trump because of his conscience before God. That is not God you are listening to Romney. At best it’s your own ego obeying the green monster, and at worst the dark ones. To justify it by calling it God makes it worse.

Not Trump. Trump occupies the external and internal center. The external center is the oval office, the internal center is the love and trust of the people. He has slowly but surely been gaining ground week by week, like Shaq boxing out another center time and time again, like white blood cells destroying diseased cells from inside the body. Trump has built a solid mountain to stand on and has brought the people with him to see the view. The dems can stop their evil ways and join in anytime they want, either way we the people are winning. Trump has said all along in his own earthy, ‘people person’ way that he has a boundless capacity for winning. The vision he expressed at the end of his speech showed it. “We are the path makers, we embrace the eternal truth that everyone is made equal by the hand of almighty God… America is the place where anything can happen and anyone can rise, on this soil the most incredible dreams come true. This nation is our canvas and this country is our masterpiece. We look at tomorrow and see unlimited frontiers, our brightest discoveries are not yet found, our greatest stories not yet told. The American age, the American epic has only just begun. Our spirit is young, and the sun still rises – God’s grace is still shinning on us, and my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come!” He is building on, and painting good into the true American identity; he provides an incredible vision for out future (with unlimited winning) and God is behind it all.
By telling the stories of men and woman who lived history and young people who yearn for a great future in a safe world Trump brought the lies of the left – (who try to snow our mind so we forget who we are) – to a screeching halt! We saw the faces of people who lived current events. Last year the officer that took seven bullets before he killed the shooter in the Jewish synagogue; and the holocaust survivor who was there when it happened. This year he told several stories like this with the people involved present so these stories are more than something we see in the news but we see the victims and the heroes involved. We see for ourself the intensity of the suffering and the sacrifice involved. (Watch these stories again, it really brings light to the mind and heart to see the people involved). He working to put truthfulness and the good of the people in its rightful position of honor. He talked about task force 18/14 which was the birthdate of the woman that was killed by terrorist, and honored her parents who were there. He read the letter of the soldier Christofer hack who died from a road side bomb. His son and wife were there.’ We will remember him forever’. He says to those who are fighting for devious things (after forcing them to expose themselves), ‘what you do is completely up to you’. This is spiritual genius because it forces them to face their conscience so that they must change, or dig deeper into the dark. It also gives them the chance of having the dignity to do it themself so the change is from within – which is the best leverage. This is exemplified perfectly by what Nancy did. At the end Nancy’s action of tearing the up the Speech showed her true colors. To her it was a righteous act of vengeance, but to millions of people watching it showed them what the don’t want to be or to be part of.

Guest Post by Raquel Martin on the Impeachment Hearing: He Who Points the Finger – How Turley Brought Sanity To the Face of Those Who Would Destroy Our Constitution

January 21st, 2020


During the first hearing phase of the impeachment, the President has not missed a beat to do the work that he promised the American people.  He and his cabinet have been conscientious in fulfilling their obligations to protect and improve America. All this was accomplished even while having to listen to affectations of prayerful sanctimonious platitudes.  Nevertheless, the President continues to forge ahead in battle allowing America to prosper.  His hard work and good deeds continue even while the House cooks up crimes and misdemeanors for which they themselves have been found guilty of for some time.  As youngsters playing in the school yard, we all learned early not to point fingers, because if you do, THREE fingers point back at you!’

The result of all this has caused a political distraction of what seems to have reached a level of an out-of-control storm with the impeachment of President Donald Trump being in the eye of the turbulence.   Initially, some viewers  tried to suffer through these proceedings as one political force  tried without proof to convince the public their alleged ground rules were superior over another.                            

For much too long we have been seeing and  hearing the media, academia and leaders in the democratic party cling together as they occupy progressive issues that have become mainstream news.  On the other hand, President Trump’s basic message presents a deeper knowledge of what the people need at this time.  by means of guidance from his intelligence team and vast experience  he has a  more thorough understanding of how to keep Americans employed, safe and the economically sound.  His focus is steadfast on the statutes and values that are written up in the Constitution and this has been resonated and witnessed by the peoples’ vote in  2016.

Since the results of this election did not help the mainstream dogma, the only path that would help their cause is Impeachment of the President.  These hearings began with four scholars of constitutional law, who were summoned as witnesses.  Among those invited was Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University Law School. His involvement left an impression on many viewers    He seemed to be the only witness whose testimony was truly grounded in law.  And the reason for this article.  

Professor Turley’s noble character elevated the entire discussion as he demonstrated a spirit of justice and objectivity to the otherwise partisan lawyers.  All four of the professors clearly knew a lot about the American Constitution, but Turley seemed to be the only one  aware of the significance of the principals upon which they are based.  He also  gifted us with his wisdom and honesty by transporting our thoughts  into a higher degree of  patriotism taught by the  Founders of our Constitution.  As he spoke, the sphere in the room was elevated and brought to mind great men, such as Abraham Lincoln, John Adams and others  known for his candor and integrity.

 If you did not hear him testify, it was one witness well-worth listening to.  Professor Turley was picked by the  republicans because he was an expert legal witness and he was the only bi partisan witness.  He also did not vote for Trump. His testimony was quite a contrast, as compared to the other side of extremely partisan innuendos throughout the house hearings.

What was even more  significant than being a fierce defender of the Constitution, Turley was also called as a legal expert to articulate what the legal standards are  and whether those standards were met at the hearing.  As a Professor of law, he explained to the American people clearly what the Constitution means and, in particular, what the legal standards are for impeachment.  And from his extensive professional experience, he found that at this time those legal standards for impeachment of President Trump have not been met.  

As a scholar of the Constitution it was refreshing to hear factual information so articulately stated. He explained why “impeachment in this case is wrong…”  and  how this would be a dangerous precedent that could put an end to any legal debates in the future.  Professor Turley continued to say, “This is not how you impeach an American President.”  There are many important considerations that have been ignored such as: “UN-subpoenaed witnesses with material evidence, and to impeach a President on this record could make it easy to impeach any future president.”

To many viewers, the very reasons our Constitution was created in the first place was to protect individuals from oppression and the use of  law as a political weapon. However, at these proceedings, such principals vanished and were not even spoken of in Congress. The entire proceedings were loaded with hippocracies, contradictories and inconsistent allegations.  

The framers of our Constitution were influenced not only by their experience with British rule and of course philosophers like John Locke, but also by their own religious heritage, specifically the Ten Commandments. Several came to mind that were broken during the hearings: “Coveting” is one and “bearing false witness” is another. No one needs to be religious to see the essential value of these rules. Without conforming to them our entire legal system becomes part of the swamp.. The commandment clearly distinguishes between dishonesty to spare other people’s feelings and lies told under oath in situations where their word has permanent impact.

Perhaps President Trump will finally protect America after he does some House cleaning where transgressions have been existing within the government for some time. In other words,  when thinking on a higher plane:        “Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the                                         wine will spill, and the wineskins will be ruined. Instead, they pour new wine into                          new wineskins, and both are preserved ”                 Matthew 9:17            

God-fearing people respect “His will be done” and who He chooses to preside over America.  He called on one who is zealous of the laws and tries to live by them; But  this time in history,  He chose  an embryonic spirit who understands how to deal with self-seeking leaders of the swamp. Trump’s zeal for America will help to avoid a muddier quagmire and bring back a government that the people can trust.

It may be noteworthy to look back in time when we witnessed a character somewhat similar to our President and someone who always won his battles. General George Patton served under several presidents, all of whom knew that his rough demeanor and habit of insulting people were offset by his remarkable ability to save America.  Historians now understand that Patton’s egotism was the result of his confidence in his own abilities and  role in history, more than it was pure narcissism.

Today, the voter’s poor gamesmanship in refusing to accept who the people voted for has caused your friends, my friends, and even Professor Turley’s friends and family to feel disappointment in certain aspects of our government.  The real prayers God needs to hear are ones where we will once again experience the reign of  justice through law and order in our administration.  Thanks to our Founding Fathers, we have the wise and judicious Senators to make this happen. They will abide by the laws and bring peace back into our lives.  They will also provide just desserts to those that are bending the rules behind closed doors  and in secret places.

When officers in our government put their desires above the American people’s needs, it makes all of us unhappy.  However, Professor Turley’stestimony explains ways for striving for peace . He tells us that the “Legal definitions and standards are the very things that divide rage from reason. … When one party demonizes the other to justify any measure in their defense, that is the saddest part of all of this.  We have forgotten the common article of faith that binds each of us to each other in our Constitution.”

Professor Turley advised Congress:  “Before we cut down the tree so carefully planted by the Framers,[i]  I hope you consider what you will do when the wind blows again.  …  perhaps for a Democratic President.  What would you do then?”           

                         By Raquel Martin, edited by Lyn Perry and Everett Sellner

[i] Framers:  57 members of the Constitutional Convention .drafted the Constitution of the United States. More specifically it refers to Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson and Franklin, who were the primary authors, especially Madison, who actually wrote the main draft.



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Understanding The Moral Priorities in the Economy of Humankind and the Environment: And How the Left has Made Global Warming the Cause de Jour of Globalism

September 21st, 2019

The powers on the left choose global warming because of the vagaries in proving that it is not man made, and, conversely, because it is difficult to disprove their claims that it caused by man. It has been easy for them to get an emotional reaction every time it gets hot; and then if it gets cold they switch up and call it climate change. Either way they are being manipulative. They have done a massive job marketing global warming.

The alarm bells have been pushed by the left for centuries now. They keep predicting that ‘several years in the near future’ the oceans will rise and destroy millions; the CO2 will kill off plants, but it never happens. Its similar to what the fundamentalists say about the second coming. They say the Lord will return to earth on a certain date only to find life goes on as usual. Environmentalism may have started out as a sincere cause, and in its own level it is, but now it is the cause de jour for the new world order to bring about globalism and socialism. The left use global warming similar to the way they have used liberation theology, which is an ideology for the marginalized and professes that ‘God favors the poor’. The later premise is a falsity that leads to a chain of falsities, and results in a dissociated state of false compassion, and false compassion puts emotion above reason. Global warming is the vehicle that justifies their emotion. They make Global Warming into a sort of religion, they give it that level of importance and feel justified in making everyone do the same. This has been pushed in all the countries in the world that have been seduced by the New World Order. They peddle doom to make people jump at their words. With absurd proposals like the New Green Deal they’re willing to completely destroy the United States economy by spending everything on environmental causes.

But all this has greatly changed with the advent of Trump. Trump pulling the USA out of the environmental accord was a huge blow. In truth Trump and conservatives care about the environment very much. They do so in a practical way and keep it all in perspective. The environment has to be considered soundly in balance with human economy. Real environmentalists know this, and study it accordingly. Greenpeace is normally an extreme left organization, but even its Co-Founder says that AOC’s ideas in the New Green Deal would cause ‘Mass Death’. Here is a quote from an article about his thoughts on the subject: “She fancies herself an expert on economics and the environment, but Moore called her a “pompous little twit” who would “bring about mass death. AOC’s ‘blathering insanity’ is green hypocrisy”. You can read the whole article at https://t.co/J6Ju7ZDGXA.

Taking care of the environment is important, which I think most people believe. The environment includes everything in our life – our home, our street, the neighborhood, the air, our parks, nature and the planet. We want to live in a place that feels good and clean, and that has a solid foundation for the future. The truth is that the single most effective and impactful way to have a good environment is to have a thriving, responsible economy. The economy of man and nature cannot be separated. The left puts nature as above mankind which is the wrong priority. In a technological human society the only way to have a good relationship with the environment is to have an efficient economy and industry, and then, at the same time care and work for healthy ecosystems in nature. It is man’s job to be a good steward of the planet, but mankind comes first.

One of the best ways an activist can be effective in improving the environment is to plant more trees. This has many benefits; it improves the beauty of its place, it recycles pollution, and produces more oxygen to name a view. It is also something activists can put their time and energy into and get real results.

When the economy fails we have chaotic crime, filth and disease on the streets. It is very disturbing for and to see people to live on the streets without sanitation that causes filth and diseases. Any sound person knows that when our neighborhoods, parks, personal values, city streets, national parks and open spaces are doing well people are happier and have a better attitude toward life. But when our city streets are full of drugs, homelessness; when we have shit in streets, rampant murder in the inner cities, and no respect for police – we suffer the greatest immediate impact of a bad environment, and the life of people falls into despair; and, in this situation people don’t give a damn about the planet – if for no other reason then that they are consumed in survival. But the left never considers this most important reality; they blithely ignore this essential factor and let the cities go to crap. There are thousands of examples of this as we have seen on the streets of all the major cities. Here is one example of the impact: https://twitter.com/CaliConserv1/status/1165485791469899777?s=20

I said above that the needs of humanity come before that of the environment. This is essential to understand. In the divine order of the universe everything that exists serves the human form. Human beings, with the capacity of consciousness and love, are the highest form in the universe. The end purpose of life is for man’s mind and body to be in a whole and heavenly state, and for human beings after death to populate heaven. Everything ‘below’ humans in this divine order, namely, animals, plants, nature, planets, the universe, serve in an immediate or remote way, the purpose of creation which is as I said the life of mankind. It is essential to understand that this is not to demean anything, because being highest form means that man is meant to be a good steward of nature. (I should also add that included in the fact that man is the highest form is that he can also be the lowest form. As we see in history, man has a conscience capable of receiving good from God, but he also can be evil far below that which any animal, or anything of nature can be.)

 The single greatest potential threat to the environment and the planet by far is war. War in general can destroy millions of people and acres of nature in days; specifically nuclear war could be devastating to the whole planet. The two countries in the world that operate with a good conscience in modern history and in the present are the USA and Israel. The USA constantly fights to prevent rogue nations who threaten others from causing war. The USA also prevents chemical war which is a horrid attack on humanity and the environment. Trump has done the right thing in spades on this. He has built the military as top priority so that we can defeat all threats efficiently and quickly. Ironocally, but in truth this is the single greatest factor for the earth. Leaders like Obama and Hillary would not have done this. They would have continued on the road to socialism and all the rampant corruption that has been exposed would have merely increased and gradually eroded and erased all that is best about the USA. They would not have the backbone to build the military, and in the case of war they may fight, but would be ineffective certainly compared to Trump. If environmentalists really cared about doing the right thing they would thank their lucky stars that we have a leader like Trump.

It’s a hard pill for leftists to swallow when they hear human needs are above those of nature even though it is common sense and entirely true. It is also hard for them to hear that they are being used as pawns for political leverage. The left paints the issue of Global warming as a doomsday, an all or nothing cause, so their thinking is totally out of balance. On the issue of global warming the people’s practical compass is off and the leaders moral compass is way off. The people may promote it from love of the earth, but the power brokers really use it for political power. They want the new world order of globalism, and they will do anything to get it. What is sinister about global warming is that it is the means of un-Godly pursuit; it is the goal of evil forces to take away freedom and set up socialism to rule all. They want to move God from the equation so that the conscience of the people will go blind. This new world order was well on its way, but the election of Trump has stopped its ‘inevitable march’.

The deceptions and manipulations of the left extend deep into academia, high schools and middle schools. They are currently holding a global warming ‘road show’; they are recruiting youngsters to attend the march with them en mass. The schools themselves voluntarily are giving them the day off for those who want to go. The backers of these events do not have the environment at heart but political control is their game. The want to recruit kids by the thousands, which they already have to a large degree. We must hope the kids mature and see how they are being used as they grow and understand how there needs to be a balance between God and man. Currently if you were to ask one of these kids they will say that the planet is more important than man.

The planet itself has proven to be a recycling machine. Nevertheless the level of pollutants  put out by man needs to be cleaned up by all countries. We know carbon emissions have an effect on the air and eco systems, and this needs to be managed, but the effect is nothing as the left would have us believe. In the mind of leftist leaders like Beto, AOC, Kamala, Newsome, and Sanders the need is dire and supersedes all other needs even the economy. In their extreme position good and evil become abstractions, and so evil quickly takes over because it is the work of evil to normalize evil. Many of these liberal thinkers relativize reality in their mind to such a degree they put animals above humans, Islam before USA, illegal aliens above Americans, and the environment above people.

For instance, Democrats want you to believe in Green New Deal, they try to alarm people by claiming that in 12 years disaster will strike. By their actions THEY DON’T BELIEVE IT THEMSELVES OR STAND BY IT, but they want YOU to believe it. Maybe they are just throwing mud against the wall hoping you will believe, but either way it’s a concerted effort of manipulation, hypocrisy and dishonesty played out in front of our face. The planet will be here for millions of years.

Furthermore, fossil fuels are far more efficient, reliable, and have less of a carbon imprint than solar energy, or wind energy. To build solar and wind energy on the scale necessary would destroy the energy infrastructure; it would destroy economy and throw man into chaos, but they don’t care. They have no practical sense in the matter. solar energy works mainly as a supplemental energy source.

Trump getting out of the EU Environmental Accord was the best thing that could of happened. The accord benefited the countries that are polluting the most, which is primarily China and India. The carbon footprint of the USA is less than 1/7th of China, and several times less the India also. Per capita the USA has much less of an imprint than most other industrial countries. India leaves a massive carbon footprint and is the number one source of plastics in the ocean by far. Kuwait is #1 in the world at producing the most waste, generating 5.72 kilograms per capita per day of MSW. #2  is Antigua and Barbuda. #3 is St. Kitts and Nevis. #4 is Guyana, and #5 Sri Lanka.

In spite of this the environmental accord wanted the USA to pay the lion’s share for the accord. This is just another way the world was fleecing the USA. No sound reasoning behind it, just a culture of corruption all the former presidents bought into. Trump standing up to the UN, the environmental accord and equalizing trade and tariffs around the world is a magnificent work of restoring the integrity in the USA, and also for the world. He is ‘pricking the conscience of the world’, and of course they don’t like it. They like their corruption, but a lot of countries are beginning to act with integrity. They all know what has been happening is wrong, and to their credit are beginning to make it right. But they never would of done so if Trump didn’t initiate facing the problem, and relentlessly pursue confrontation and negotiation.

     I believe that the primary cause in global warming and cooling has to do with solar cycles. Recently NASA put out a statement about something they have observed for a long time. After years of ignoring the left’s claims on global warming, NASA said changes in the weather are due to our solar orbit, and the resulting heat variations – NOT because of fossil fuels. Under Obama NASA was used to perpetuate the myth of global warming. https://techultras.com/nasa-admits-that-climate-change-occurs-because-of-changes-in-earths-solar-orbit-and-not-because-of-suvs-and-fossil-fuels/?fbclid=IwAR1oESjhpSqqGNFdR7dWTCKjsqKLjBcC5sjkbK9r08bfrbJ8KyKcDYplw2A

Trump is Right. Unmasking the Poisonous Intent Behind the Agenda of the likes of AOC and Omar

July 16th, 2019

Trump is right about Omar, AOC, and Rashida and their like. The latter operate in the gaps of PC culture: this means that they hide their real intent behind the popular fear of racism; it means they abuse the value of fair play inherent in free speech and democracy to infect and destroy free speech and democracy. The real platform of Omar and AOC is deception and evil. There is a segment of society that had already bought that the ‘new world order was inevitable’ (like thanos said his evil purpose was ‘inevitable’). They fully expect you to swallow this evil like others did. Their intent is to establish socialism and sharia law in America. They want you to be spaced out, smiling, ‘full of compassion’ while you walk into the lion’s mouth. They are controlled by evil spirits from hell – for this is the same game, the same tricks hell plays every time, over and over. This needs to be exposed, and the more it is the more the salt of the earth people want to vomit. Trump is making the right stand against what they are about, and the real people of the USA see what they are really about. Their policy and intent for America is insane. They so despise the people they think they can relativise good and evil as being the same – only evil does that! That is the definition of spiritual insanity – using your mind to make evil ‘good’.

Most of these kind of people cannot stop themselves, so they must be defeated on the free market and they will be. The ‘good’ thing about evil in the free market is that it cannot readily hide. Of course they try to hide their real intent, but they have to win over the people on the free market – and they can only do it by cheating, lying, corruption and deceiving. They reason they will lose is because they are fighting against man’s greatest and most core love – the love to be free and sovereign, without these God given gifts we don’t have an identity. Real men and women will fight to the death for this God given gift.

The root of the evil movement in the new world order comes from the lefts total investment in false compassion. As I have said many times – false compassion harbors a dire hatred and violence. People think I am exagerating when I say this but the principle is entirely true. It explains why the left keeps taking more and more insane positions that seem unbelievable. Compassion is not compassion at all unless it is in union with wisdom. The Bible says, be harmless as a dove, and wise as a serpent, and by this it means that both must be done together in union. To give compassion and charity without discerning the quality and intent of that you are giving it to is NOT compassion. By the same principle of life to use intelligence without something good being your end purpose is NOT wisdom. As a modern societal movement the left’s ideology of false compassion started with liberation theology. Liberation theology was the idea of Catholic nuns that used scripture to claim that ‘God favors the poor’. The idea that God favors the poor is false compassion. The nuns used it for political leverage in south America because of injustices taking place there, and liberals became giddy with the emotional and mental power it gave them over their adversaries. Then the black power movement took up the ideas of liberation theology, the gay movement and so on. All this led to the way the left uses racism for mental intimidation over people.

In truth God favors no one, and he favors all. If a segment of society can use the authority of God’s favor over others then the others have no chance. God is not ‘a respecter of persons’ as he says’. He sees the quality of love and wisdom in every person and judges by that. The reason that false compassion harbors violence is that those that invest themselves fully into it are investing themself in half the equation of life. There is an innate drive from the good to be in wholeness, that is, for love and wisdom to be in union; but there is a negative drive from hereditary evil in us to constantly separate love from wisdom so that evil can control us. To be in false compassion means to block out the drive in us that wants and needs the wisdom that comes from God and nourishes our soul. To block this out takes a lot of energy and denial, it causes a dissociated state, and that part that is being blocked out is enraged, it is suffocated. To the degree this becomes buried below consciousness, it becomes latent rage, – and outwardly it is expressed as calculated cunning while trying to look ‘compassionate and smart’. Calculated cunning is not intelligence for its goal is not good. It may have a High IQ, but it makes a irrational and external. Such a person is driven by emotional, and in this state the capacity of the mind justifies the desire of the emotion. As said before one can see that this is not intelligence but a form of insanity. This is exactly why people like AOC, Omar, and Rashida and many others present as intelligent but say very foolish, irresponsible, dangerous things. Once invested in the lie they have to keep investing in it deeper and deeper lest they see what is happening. And the more they are exposed by Trump and others who actually love the people the greater their rage becomes -and they must increase their nefarious efforts in order not see what they have become. The only way out of this is to face it and to repent.

To the degree we favor evil purposes we are in the society and influence of evil spirits and they have reign to influence us. To the degree we harbor good purposes we are in the society of good spirits and angels that look to the Lord.

Why the Democrat Leaders Proposal of Reparations is Ill-Conceived and a Soulless Gesture

June 24th, 2019

The democrat leaders idea of Reparations is typical of something they would fight for. It would produce nothing and spends other people’s money; it is a cause of no value, of no substance. It is a free hand-out to ‘victims’, a waste of billions and billions of dollars. What they are really trying to do is buy votes! Even they know that it is an impractical idea that will never fly, but they think it will temporarily impress enough voters to help them win. This is known as ‘chasing your tail’.

Reparations are similar to regulations like affirmative action, and other entitlement programs (except worse). They are also similar to Obama’s ill-conceived bail-outs. In the case of reparations there is an assumption of weakness and inherent ‘lessness’ in certain people – which is an insult to the dignity and talent of the race they seek to repair. All these regulations hinder self-agency, and take away responsibility – both of which are essential sources of self growth and satisfaction. With these kind of handicaps people have less need to grow, while at the same time others are cheated. Everyone is inclined to lose motivation and trust in a rigged system like this. Victimhood becomes a self perpetuating cycle. These are the kind of socialistic measures that democrats love, but they are a waste of money, and breed corruption because the Democrats idea of regulations are like an invasive species introduced to an eco-system. They damage the balance and cause lethargy and dependency that is destructive.

The free market is an eco-system that works on liberty and the merit of each individual working together with others. The free market builds life skills that create a more lasting happiness. In democracy and capitalism, when it is run with intelligence and integrity as Trump is doing, people’s voice and life have value and respect. There is no way to calculate the value of this – for there is no greater passion than that of a free man or woman who is growing in the talents God has given them.

Trump and the Trump Train are doing the real work of building good relations between people and all races. When people work side by side, make a living, provide for their family, and produce something worthwhile together real lasting bonds are formed. America now has more people working in good jobs than anytime in history. It is common sense to give credit where credit is due; and, if you are Christian, you use your heart and intelligence to observe the movement of God in the land. Inherent in this observation is the desire to look for and support the cause of God.

Nobody needs or wants the hand-outs or reparations of democrat leaders. Blacks don’t want your reparations. We provide for ourselves making a living. We are together. Healing takes place by working together, not by phony race baiting reparations. Only low-lifes would offer it and only low-lifes would take it.

The Psychology Behind the Maddening/Fascinating Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Phenomenon and How God is Using It for His Purpose

April 3rd, 2019

Ocasio Cortez has amazing confidence for someone that is ill-informed and has little of intelligence to offer. She regularly gets her facts wrong about history and how the American political system works, but doesn’t let that stop her from boldly pushing forward. She discourses in the house as if she were back in the friendly and forgiving confines of the bar she tended. You can hear in the way she speaks how she must of blurted the ideas of the Green Deal to her buddies in her old bar; but of course in that formation ground there were no consequences, it was all theoretical, nothing became real. She is an idea person with no practical experience. But she had the charisma and ability to get elected, and in her mind that makes her ideas real enough. She is an emotional/intellectual child in an adult body and with adult social skills – and now she has a stage and power and she loves both. She doesn’t understand that in life one needs to learn to transfer ‘the apparent omnipotence of the child state’ back to God where it belongs; that is the meaningful trajectory of life. But narcissists like her miss this developmental part of life (in some degree) and retain the illusion of omnipotence for them self, and thus impose their ideology on others without a healthy filter and don’t see the harm they do.

Cortez is a millennial that made it big, but she is like a raw nerve of the entitled millennial culture revealed, an ongoing commentary on the darker side of the values that formed her generation. She has little self perception so she inadvertently exposes how those raised on MeToo, young socialism, veganism, and liberal academia really think. In this capacity she functions to show the nation how foolish socialism is. In her own mind she is brilliant, no-matter how absurd the Green Deal is to anyone with common sense. She really believes that it is responsible for young people to not have kids. Here in Berkeley I have talked to vegans and this is a real thing with them. Many of these young woman crunch the numbers, explaining how having a child hurts the national footprint, and so choose to not have kids for ideological reasons. In reality it may well be that inwardly they know they are too self centered to have a kid.

God uses the evil (for His purpose) as much as he does the good, and he is using AOC to change people’s inner feeling and perception of socialism. A lot a dems talked some good rhetoric in support of the Green Deal, but no one wanted to go on record voting for it. (McConnell brilliantly forced their hand and called their bluff). The AOC phenomenon is a demonstration  of how people really change. There is a point where ill-conceived ideology converges with their own personal life, and they are forced to make a decision. (This was the theme of the movie ‘Into the Wild’.) It doesn’t mean that all change, especially the ‘elite’ democrat leaders who have all he perks of life. Some take it so far they destroy themselves. The movie ‘Into the Wild’ depicts how this happens in the personal psychology of a millennial. Venezuela, Cuba, and Costa Rica show how it leads to destruction on a national level. But there are many that do change when they encounter this point of crisis.

I think AOC is contributing greatly to the coming Trump landslide by showing how inane the thinking of democrats is. It seems to me Cortez was an unexpected occurrence for the dems. She was not part of the crony establishment, or the deep state Sorros machine but an expected rogue element. Her rise does not seem to be part of the original democrat strategy. She is more of an innocent, inexperienced, immature sort of fool, compared to their hard boiled experienced cronies. Screwtape (the devil from the C.S. Lewis book of that title) would be very upset with her because she played a hand that had no advanced evil cunning!

AOC is fighting with her own party now. The founder of the Sierra club called her Green deal out as something that would cause ‘mass death’ and characterized her as totally incompetent. Her constituents are turning against her for not doing anything or them as she said she would, but is using her position for global power issues. The experienced dems at this evil game, like Pelosi, Booker, Kamala, don’t like the effect she is having. She has thrown a premature wrench in the dems and they are beginning to destroying themselves. Let me not mince words here. Many on the left may not know it themselves but the end purpose of their game is to destroy Western civilization, not so much by class warfare anymore but multicultural, ideological and legal warfare: They seek to ally with illegals, and Muslims, and immigrants to take down USA. Then on its ashes the will try to put in place socialism and globalism. AOC is working for the same thing, but unknowingly she is having the opposite effect.

Its anxiety producing and maddening how the democrats are cheating and undermining everything, no doubt, but this is how the defeat of evil works on the free market. Trump knows all this in spades; in a lot of ways Trump has been playing them for the sake of defeating them. Trump is a very savvy man. The horrors of the deep state are being exposed to the light of day. The more they get away with murder the more the inner feeling of people is to want to defeat it. Socialism is a Godless philosophy and those who tend to support are also Godless, unless their conscience (God) within them is changed by the point of convergence we spoke of above. A big reason the left acts so insane is that fighting against the divine order of God, which is what socialism and globalism do, causes a person to lose rational thinking. Then they use their mind to justify emotion. NO ONE wins the fight against God, and to persist in trying gradually causes the mind to go insane; thats why they act so nuts and support positions that are nuts. When you willfully persist in fighting against God it causes ones internal to close, and then they lose the protection of God, and are exposed to the control of evil; which then puts them in great danger of learning to love evil and hate good. If they win they destroy the world or at least their part of it. But I think God is using AOC to change people’s minds. She is a bold, novitiate fool, blind to the forces using her.