Understanding Conatus and its Operation In Man and the Universe: Conatus is the Core Process In the Implementation of God’s Providence

October 18th, 2020


    Conatus is a very important function in the universe that profoundly informs both scientific and spiritual operation and their integration. It is a Word coined by Swedenborg. Conatus is essentially a spiritual sphere from the Lord that is in all living, and non-living, things. It is God’s means of manifesting his will in all things, and how he works through every minute particular toward that end.

   Conatus originates from spheres that come from the Lord in the spiritual sun. It has within it an intelligence from God that always tends toward the manifestation of the human form, or an image of the processes in the human form. In the realms that seem remote from the human, for instance in the processes of geology, or the structures of the universe it is hard to see this, but it nevertheless always corresponds to the processes of the human form just in a remote way to us. By remote I mean that animals, plants and even geology operates in their processes like, and for the human from; each of these three being progressively more removed from the perfect human form but nonetheless part of it. As I have said many times if one were able to see the shape of the whole universe we would see it is the human form.

Conatus works very intimately in all the elements and particular parts (no matter how small) of the material world to form the structures of nature and the universe. Conatus is the catalyst for the perpetual fertile striving for union that brings about life and use; it is latent in everything and comes into power by being put into action, the action of striving for union like the sperm and an egg, or like a seed warmed by the sun that puts out roots into the soil.

    The master key example that best informs how conatus works (and makes it most understandable) – is a human being. In a human conatus is essentially the inner will of a person, the ruling love of a persons life. The will comes into its power when in union with the light of the understanding which gives it direction and sharpens its strength. The will is of love and affection, and all thought is impelled by affection. The affections come from God and He leads us by the affections. Conatus is essentially spiritual, it just works very intimately with the material. 

    Conatus is an influx that works by correspondences. To understand this we need to see that for anything to exist it has to have a form, and anything that has form is made of parts in it.Everything has three ‘discreet degrees’ , and these are cause, effect and end purpose, and each of these degrees are called discreet because they correspond to each other and are part of the same purpose. Conatus is the cause in this trio. Think of it this way, Swedenborg and science have shown (respectively) that there is a sphere, or an aura around all things living and non-living. This is an effect of the conatus. The aura becomes stronger when there is activity, the more intense the stronger it is. It can be positive or negative, good or evil conatus.

      The way conatus works in a human being can be used as a template to understand how it works in everything. The divine is the ultimate cause for all, but conatus exists as the cause function in every particular entity there is, whether it be minute or large. In everything that exists there is the pattern of cause, effect, and end purpose. There is a cause for every micro entity, say like an atom. Nothing can exist unless it has a form, and a form is always in a dynamic equilibrium. By dynamic I mean things are always changing form but change into another equilibrium; for instance if we break a glass; its form changed but now pieces are a new form. This also applies to large entities say like the planet or an eco system. An eco system exists as a form because the parts (animals, water, landscape etc.) have settled into an equilibrium together, but if another species is introduced it is now in flux but gradually changes into another equilibrium. For anything to have form it must have within it cause, effect and end, the three levels of discreet degrees. In the human form the will is the conatus, the inner parts are the effect, and the end is the whole human and its use or motion. This correlates to the way the soul, or spiritual human form, is the first cause of all the many parts in the body and the uses they perform, and that then make the whole of the human. (Each individual organ in the body is also a form that has purpose and all the parts in the organ are also forms, and so on – they are all interrelated and serve each other.) These three parts in a form is the picture that defines the pattern for all things. There is a sphere around every human, and every other entity living or non living, because energy proceeds from the particular quality of the union of the three parts in action.
     It must be this way because everything that exists has to have a sovereignty or freedom  in order to have existence and have form. There are not two things that exist that are exactly the same, though they may be very very similar. Sovereignty is an expression of the innate drive in everything to seek union and thus be in equilibrium. Conatus is the perpetual drive inside these things from the source. It is very important to see that this expression of Sovereignty in all things comes from the divine human. It is ultimately a reflection of his Sovereignty and freedom and a gift from him. Remember, the human form is the universal template for all because we are made in HIS image. It is so good to see this because when we understand the big picture it informs the rest of the picture, and we can have confidence in our reasoning by correspondence and by receiving perception from God. 

    Now here is a most fascinating way to see conatus in the universe. Science describes dark matter is the cause, that they cannot see or define, but they have observed its effect the formation of galaxies and all the other structures in the universe. Science describes dark matter as a gravitational force that operates outside the influence of matter and energy; but it works in coordination with gravity; but it acts as an intelligent force constructing the universe. Spiritually, natural gravity in the universe corresponds to the attractive force of love, conatus is this ‘sphere of love’, that binds and constructs with intelligent purpose. Everything that exists no matter how small has a gravitational field because it has matter. The gravitational field is a physical expression or correspondent to the spiritual atmosphere or conatus within and around the object.

      Scientists show that dark matter does not interact with light, heat, or radiation, but it does interact with gravity. They say that dark matter is the creative force that causes the universe to construct; they see that it is the force that built the magnificent universe we see now. Dark matter has positive gravity and brings things together, and Dark energy has repulsive gravity and drives things apart and is destructive, and the two are in constant battle. Scientists describe dark matter as the influence or force that caused matter to first clump together or coalesce, which regular matter could not do on its own because the early universe was a blaze of incredible heat, radiation, and ultra fast particles – so normal gravity could not take hold. But they say dark matter cause the first clumping because it is independent of heat and radiation. Science describes dark matter as the ‘scaffolding that guides normal gravity’. Thus from the discovery of science we can only conclude that this force contains an inner intelligence that guides the formation of stars, galaxies, the structure of the cosmic web, and thus the whole of the universe. Scientist further describe Dark matter as an unseen gravitational force that moves into forms and regular matter follows. They say Dark matter orchestrates the movement of regular matter similar to the way dew adheres to a spider web. Dark matter is conatus.


In Praise of Jesus: Principles of His Love and Wisdom, and How It Is that He Achieved the Inconceivable

January 10th, 2020

The reason we can intuitively see God in nature, in the innate moral yearnings of man, and in the Word, is that these are the three realms of life through which correspondences work. Nature: Everything in nature has a corresponding counterpart that is its first cause in heaven and the spiritual world. The human form: Everything in the human body and soul (the soul looks exactly like the body except it is spiritual) has correspondence with heaven and the spiritual world in every minutest detail. The Bible: Every Word in Holy scripture has correspondence with heaven for every Word is divine truth from the will of God. Each of these three also correspond to each other so the human form is a universal form in the universe. If one were able to see the entirety of the universe they would see that it is in the shape and form of a man, the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Bible says we are made in God’s image, and the whole universe is also made in God’s image. God has always been in the human form and occupied the innermost of all things, but He had never been born in the natural/material world. But then God was born on earth as Jesus. Now God was in the natural and had to go through the most rigorous process that ever has been or ever will be. (We will never comprehend how much He loves us! Yet I will always try!) In order to resurrect Jesus had to go through the process of overcoming the infinite inertia of the material world, and the hereditary evil contained in His natural body from brith.
I will give you an example from the theory of relativity that helps to show how inconceivably rigorous this is. In Einstein’s theory it is said that if an object were to reach the speed of light its mass would become infinite. But no object can reach the speed of light because the infinite inertia of matter prevents it. Similarly, we know that no matter ever enters the spiritual world. Humans, and all things of earth, die and the body becomes dust. These are laws of nature and the spirit that are never broken. But Jesus so cleansed His body of hereditary evil by overcoming all temptations, He so put all the forces of evil in their place (hell), and He fulfilled all prophecy written about Him in the divine Word – that He was filled with infinite light and love, and He made His human body divine! It merged in union with His divine soul (the Father). Jesus reached the ‘speed of light’ and became the whole of divine truth that He lived and fulfilled. (This is called the glorification process, which I describe in great detail on my blog). This is the miracle of miracles that transcended all the laws of physics.
In His life Jesus manifested the highest love that ever existed. The power with which He used to merge His human body with the divine ‘drew all things unto Him’. This means He paved the way for man to be saved, He restored man’s capacity to receive the light of heaven. He who is the ‘highest love’ is the ONE who enters the innermost of all things, and is the internal cause of all things. This is how He is the Alpha and Omega, the infinite and the innermost There is a sphere generated from the Lord, who is in the midst of the spiritual sun, that is the cause of all fruitfulness and reproduction in the universe. This sphere is seeded with the image of God and manifested in infinite variety in heaven and earth; it’s a sphere of influence, a force known as ‘conatus’. It is the unseen creative force in the universe that causes forms in the universe to construct. I believe science observes this force and calls it ‘dark matter’. It is a principle of divine order that the nature of the creator is repeated and reflected in all of his creation, thus the information contained in the conatus/dark matter always tends toward and constructs according to the infinite processes contained in the human form. It does this in degrees, some apparent like human beings, some mediate like plants, and some remote like geology. But looked at in a cosmic level all of these things serve and function by processes that correspond to the human form. In praise of Jesus.