March 14th, 2022


“I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”. – Matthew 3:11

“And the angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God”. – Luke 1:35

    The Holy spirit is the presence of Jesus; it is one with Jesus not separate. It has always been so, but the holy spirit’s  influence and presence became exponentially brighter when God was born on earth, and then especially in the resurrection. This is extremely valuable for our heart of faith to contemplate.
     Before being born on earth God is known as Jehovah. The holy spirit in its essence is the divine truth, especially the power of divine truth. There is no greater power in the universe than the power of divine truth from the Lord. It possesses all innocence and goodness and arising from this is complete, comprehensive and immutable power of truth that all things and all powers have no ability but to bow to. It occupies the core from goodness and so nothing is above it, or can overcome it. What ever come from the Lord’s will is divine truth and will come true in time. This is why all prophecy from the Old Testament came true no matter how long it took. Prophecy is divine because the will of God, and therefore it all came true in the New Testament. This scripture speaks to this power:

    “A branch will come out of the trunk of Jesse. The spirit of Jehovah will rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and intelligence, the spirit of counsel and strength. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the spirit of his lips he will kill the ungodly. Justice will be his loincloth, and the truth will wrap his thighs. (Isaiah 11:1, 2, 4, 5)


     For the good people seeking to be regenerated the Holy spirit is the comforter. It brings justice, reconciliation, knowledge and love to the poor in spirit. To the evil it also brings justice, but devastation, exposure and to be put in their place – for they hate God and His people; they think they should be in power and not God. In the scripture we see relatively small but telling examples of this power. When the people want to stone the adulterous woman, Jesus says, “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.” This stuns their conscience with the truth, and they are unable to act. When Jesus announces himself as the Messiah with the words, “Today these scriptures are fulfilled”, the people want to stone him and throw him off a cliff, but Jesus passes through them unharmed. When Jesus is arrested the soldiers want take hold of him, but Jesus flexes His power and they all fall to the ground around him.
These are a few examples, but there are many.

     In the gospels we see how He has complete power over demons who possess others. In the big picture Jesus was been born to defeat all the powers of evil that had overrun the earth, much of the world spirits, and even the lower parts of heaven. The scripture tells that ‘violence is done even to heaven’. We can take comfort and assurance in the fact that Jesus has all power. When we love and believe in Him he takes us under His wing ‘like a mother hen’. We come under his power and protection when we acknowledge and love him in heart. This causes His presence (holy spirit) to be with us. This is the efficacy of prayer.

     It is also very important to understand that even though Jesus has omnipotent power He leaves us in freedom, for Man can only be transformed in freedom. Jesus obeyed His own laws of divine order. In His life on earth He worked within the laws of freedom to transform man. In the garden when He is arrested Peter takes his sward and fights the soldiers and Jesus tells him to stop, saying, “don’t you know I could bring down legions of angels to defeat my enemies?”. But He does not. He could do this anytime He wanted but He knows the transformation in Man’s soul must take place reciprocally, that is, in freedom, from Man’s own will to meet Him.
      Now is it very important to see how the Holy spirit (the presence of Jesus) came into its full manifestation when Jesus was born on earth and resurrected. Jesus is ‘the bridge’ because He entered the natural world, and by doing this made Himself known to Man and renewed everything.
       “[The Comforter] will glorify me because he will take from what is mine and will make it known to you. Everything the Father has is mine. This is why I said that [the Comforter] will take from what is mine and will make it known to you”. (John 16:14, 15) In mentioning the Comforter and the Holy Spirit, the Lord was referring to himself. This is clear from these words of his: “The world would not recognize him but you know him; I will not leave you orphans, I am coming to you; you will see me.” And elsewhere, “Behold I am with you every day, even to the close of the age” (Matthew 28:20

      When the Lord told the disciples that it is expedient that I accomplish my mission and die on the cross for then I will send you the Holy spirit, He is describing this situation: Before He was born God was in the celestial and spiritual, but had never existed in the natural/physical level. By being born on earth He entered the physical and He made even the natural bend to His will by making His physical body divine. In doing this He brought the celestial, spiritual and physical into complete presence and wholeness. What is in its wholeness from the lowest natural to the highest is in its power. This caused exponentially greater light to the life of Man. By dying and resurrecting He entered the innermost of all things, and ‘drew all things unto himself’. This ‘exponentially greater light’ is the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the comforter. This is what is meant when Isaiah says, “The light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun;” and when John writes in Revelation, “The contenance of the son of man was as the sun shinning in his strength.” 
       Before the resurrection, there was an intermediate step to be connected to God and heaven by way of the representative church of the Jews in the Old Testament. After the resurrection, all people in all places at all times are in direct relationship with the Lord – if they so choose. This is expressed in the words of David, “In his days shall the righteous flourish, and the abundance of peace until there is no longer any moon.”

      In our spiritual life now, in this day, the Holy Spirit is the presence of Jesus, the fire that proceeds from God, and that kindles in our breasts a spiritual passion to know the Lord and for God’s will to prevail in this painful world. The Holy spirit ever urges us to seek union between our body and soul, to seek the marriage of our understanding and love, that together, creates a burning thirst in us that only He can satisfy. God is in His people. The Holy Spirit compels us to find the way to express, and manifest what God has given us to do.

      The Holy Spirit proposes a puzzle that we must work out in our hearts, and by our actions in the world; and to the degree we do we BOND with God – the only true glory afforded to humans (received as if by brushing the hem of His robe). The Holy Spirit simultaneously inspires in us the willingness to humbly submit to God’s will – and the strength to see through deception and fight evil. The Holy spirit first kindles an anxiety of unknown cause and purpose, but if we persevere through the fog of anxiety, and there are time when it clears, and the desire to be right with God leads us to understand and to inspire others. This cannot help but lead us to confront and expose the deceptions of those of ill-intent – and to do it with love – which sometime may requite and engender composure and fierce determination. The Holy Spirit moves us to honor the good deeds and sacrifices of others, and especially to honor the one who redeemed all humanity by His deeds and sacrifice. Honor is for men and woman, Worship is honor to God, something only He is worthy of.

Meditation on Shame and Restoration

September 12th, 2020


Shame is not the currency of God. It is man, taking something of God, and making it toxic and destructive. God seeks to prick and awaken the conscience of people and this involves a certain amount of pain known as shame and embarrassment, sometimes a lot of pain. But God always gives a way through and out. God looks to humble us, and in humility there is great relief; it is a profound spiritual experience of deepening and softening our soul. 

But Man in his selfish nature, and limited awareness, takes this process and condemns and holds control over others. All people have inclinations to evil, and all too often in the hands of people, shame becomes destructive and debilitating. Man doesn’t ‘humble’ but humiliates, and this becomes toxic in a persons system.

When we are children we usually do not have the awareness, experience or strength to protect ourself from difficult people; especially when it comes from our own parents. A person who is in pain and can’t face it and deal with it, cannot help but put it out on others and make them feel responsible. What one will not deal with in themself they consciously or unconsciously put on to others. Parents do this to their own children. A child is already in an intense struggle to get to know themself and who they are. They look to parents or someone to be a mentor that they can trust and that will help them to find strength. 

       Kids need to be corrected and taught, but in doing so it is good to correct the behavior but not condemn the person. Kids need to be mentored, they need to be able to trust. They need the parent or mentor to care enough to understand their nature as best they can, and to see and encourage the good in them. God can always be trusted, and knows us all through, and helps us to treat others well. 

When it comes to shame we all have a little kid in us. When triggered we regress back to feeling of the mistreated kid.

The heart and mind of a child goes from one extreme to another; feeling intense love for the good parent one moment, and then murderous hatred for the bad parent the next. If the parent is unaware, in denial and can’t handle their own pain, they cannot help but put it in the child, and the child takes it in and tries to heal it so that they can feel Ok and ‘everything will be OK’. But it’s not OK; In the un-resourced child, shame, like a foreign species, tells them they are stupid, bad or weird because they made mistakes or failed in some way. 

The Bible promises: “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1) In the flesh are all the motivations and justifications that come from hereditary evil; in the spirit there is trust and spiritual sight and intelligence from God. To the degree we have love for the Lord and centering in self awareness we don’t need to shame others, we have no desire to go there. Jesus told us not to judge others, to look at the splinter in our own eye. Bottom line – it is the evil in us that is willing to hurt others with shame or judgement. In a practical sense to not judge doesn’t mean we can’t discern and see things to a degree, but we don’t add on our desire to cause pain, and don’t claim what we don’t know. We realize God knows us far better than we know ourself or others, and when we do have to address the negative or discipline we do it with a desire to bring about a good result.

God gives us the ability and the liberty to restore our core self to wholeness. When the mob was ready to condemn and stone the adulterous woman Jesus said, “He who is without sin throw the first stone.” By this he shocked and awakened their conscience. And when they had all dropped their stones and gone He told the woman, “Where are your accusers?” She said, ‘they are all gone’, and he told her, ‘neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more’. This woman could of been mired in toxic shame her whole life. Jesus has no intention to condemn anyone; He sees into our whole self and nature, and seeks to make us whole. We, in being humbled, have the opportunity to receive it and accept it, and humbly return to life restored.

     Mary of Bethany seized the moment and burst into a dinner party Jesus attended with religious leaders. Mary – being on fire with love and awareness that Jesus is God – anointed Jesus’ hair with precious oil for his burial while he was alive. The important men around tried to reject and condemn her, but Jesus saw into her depths and received the whole of her. He said to the men, ‘She has never stopped kissing me since she came in, leave her be, what have you done for me?”. And He told Mary, “Because of the greatness of your love, though your sins are many, they are forgiven”. This shows that the fire of love, and awareness of truth, heals our soul and removes evil inclinations; it brings salvation. It is remarkable that Jesus sees into the whole nature of a person and shows the way to restoration. In these moments there is a bond that takes place between ourself and Him – and this is the treasure of life! He seeks for us liberty and inner peace, not the dead-end of self-condemnation and shame. We must be softened in our heart and body to be prepared to receive it. He knows when we are ready.

Hebrews 10:22: “Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.” 

Feeling the energy of anger forces one to interpret its cause and in the process exposes the source of evil. This awakens in us the fighting spirit to know one self and God. Fighting for a personal relationship with God also means fighting to reawaken our capacity for affection, love, kindness, intimacy and joy.

“But how do I hide from God?” God knows everything about us, we hide from God when we don’t tell Him what’s in our heart, when we let shame shut is down, when we think we can solve everything by ourself. So ww don’t bother God, but He desires for us to take all our fears, emotions, and loves to Him. He says, “Cast all your care upon me”.

Trump’s State of the Union Speech: A Moment of Truth Where the True Colors of Both Sides Are Revealed

February 6th, 2020

The picture is now clear to the people of America; the landscape has been exposed by Trump’s presence and strategy. We don’t know all the details yet, but we can see Mitt and Romney (as are many politicians) are entitled cronies who felt it was their due to leverage their high positions to benefit themselves and their family. The fact Biden tanked in the caucus and Romney’s own state rejects him proves the people see, even the dems see. These men have been consumed in, and are harboring devious secrets. They justify themself by thinking ‘thats the way it is in politics, everyone does it’. This is why when it comes time to work for and serve the people on real issues they are airheads. They look good on the outside, but on the inside they are corrupted. Time to face the music. Romney had the audacity to say that he voted against Trump because of his conscience before God. That is not God you are listening to Romney. At best it’s your own ego obeying the green monster, and at worst the dark ones. To justify it by calling it God makes it worse.

Not Trump. Trump occupies the external and internal center. The external center is the oval office, the internal center is the love and trust of the people. He has slowly but surely been gaining ground week by week, like Shaq boxing out another center time and time again, like white blood cells destroying diseased cells from inside the body. Trump has built a solid mountain to stand on and has brought the people with him to see the view. The dems can stop their evil ways and join in anytime they want, either way we the people are winning. Trump has said all along in his own earthy, ‘people person’ way that he has a boundless capacity for winning. The vision he expressed at the end of his speech showed it. “We are the path makers, we embrace the eternal truth that everyone is made equal by the hand of almighty God… America is the place where anything can happen and anyone can rise, on this soil the most incredible dreams come true. This nation is our canvas and this country is our masterpiece. We look at tomorrow and see unlimited frontiers, our brightest discoveries are not yet found, our greatest stories not yet told. The American age, the American epic has only just begun. Our spirit is young, and the sun still rises – God’s grace is still shinning on us, and my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come!” He is building on, and painting good into the true American identity; he provides an incredible vision for out future (with unlimited winning) and God is behind it all.
By telling the stories of men and woman who lived history and young people who yearn for a great future in a safe world Trump brought the lies of the left – (who try to snow our mind so we forget who we are) – to a screeching halt! We saw the faces of people who lived current events. Last year the officer that took seven bullets before he killed the shooter in the Jewish synagogue; and the holocaust survivor who was there when it happened. This year he told several stories like this with the people involved present so these stories are more than something we see in the news but we see the victims and the heroes involved. We see for ourself the intensity of the suffering and the sacrifice involved. (Watch these stories again, it really brings light to the mind and heart to see the people involved). He working to put truthfulness and the good of the people in its rightful position of honor. He talked about task force 18/14 which was the birthdate of the woman that was killed by terrorist, and honored her parents who were there. He read the letter of the soldier Christofer hack who died from a road side bomb. His son and wife were there.’ We will remember him forever’. He says to those who are fighting for devious things (after forcing them to expose themselves), ‘what you do is completely up to you’. This is spiritual genius because it forces them to face their conscience so that they must change, or dig deeper into the dark. It also gives them the chance of having the dignity to do it themself so the change is from within – which is the best leverage. This is exemplified perfectly by what Nancy did. At the end Nancy’s action of tearing the up the Speech showed her true colors. To her it was a righteous act of vengeance, but to millions of people watching it showed them what the don’t want to be or to be part of.

Feeling Into the Song ‘Old Man River’: An Expression of Despair And Yearning For God

January 30th, 2020

I learned to play ‘Old Man River’. One of the care givers at a facility asked me to play it and I didn’t know how, so I learned. It’s been a great song to know. The song expresses deep grief and despair; and, Old man river is, I think, a symbol of God, of God’s presence working in his own time in our world. The singer says of old man river, ‘He don’t say nothin, but he must know somethin’. He’s angry God doesn’t let him self known, and that the singer doesn’t know God better, but deep down the singer feels God does know him. The way he cries-out in the song reminds me of Jesus saying, ‘Why have you foresaken me’, from a human place. The singer says ‘He don’t plant tatters, he don’t plant cotton, but them that plants em are soon forgotten’ – a statement indicating the singer fears God has forgotten them. The singer says ‘I am tired of livin, but I am scared of dying’. This expresses despair, yet he yearns to know what life is for, and what happens when we die. The phrase in the Bible I think that fits this song is ‘The poor in spirit’. The poor in spirit are those who don’t know God well, they may be consumed in difficult circumstances and have a lack of resources around them (whether rich or poor), but who in their heart yearn to know Him. The singer repeats the refrain, ‘Old Man river, He keeps on rollin, just keeps on rollin, along’, as if he wonders at how God is bigger and greater than all, and he feels humble to him even in his despair. The singer seems to feel he is not worthy to know Him. Jesus says, ““Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted”. Yearning to God and calling out to Him makes his presence close. The Lord promised he is closest to us when we are most in trial.

The Trinity Concisely Explained and Tangibly Understood.

December 13th, 2018

I think the Trinity can be understood perfectly clearly in a tangible way. It is the traditions of religion that have made it confusing.

Most can see that God is one, which is a profoundly essential truth to hold.

The Bible tells us we are made in God’s image. That clearly means that God is in the human form. He is the original human form. All things created reflect the nature and form of that which created it, thus we are human. The human form is also a universal form throughout the universe. (To read more about this you can see the article in this blog on that subject.)

God is one as a human – He is the divine human. We see this of course in Jesus who lived as a man, and in course of His life made His human divine in the resurrection. We know that every person has a body, mind, and soul; this is  what makes them whole and human. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost correspond to the body, mind and soul of God. The Father is the essence of God or his soul. The son is the body or human form of God. The mind is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the divine truth which proceeds from the Soul of God. It is the presence of God that is omnipresent with all mankind and leads and guides him. These three act as one in union. The divine soul and divine body of God are eternally bonded in the Holy marriage. The union of these two took place during Jesus’ life in the most rigorous process ever known, and that ever will be, which is called the Glorification. (There are several articles in this blog describing the deep and amazing process of the glorification). The resurrection is the result of the bond between God’s body and soul. This union continues without end like a candle and wick; it is the fountain from which all life springs. From the marriage of the body and soul of God comes the Holy fire and the proceeding forth of this is the Holy Spirit.  From this we can see how God is one, and what the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost mean. (Previous to God being born on earth there was also the Holy marriage in God, but in order save Mankind God was born on earth, and Jesus became the new human of God.)

It is horrid to think in any way shape or form that God is three persons. Some Catholic theologians still do this and so do Evangelicals. They sometimes say that He is one, and in the same breath say he is three persons. This fallacy started for the counsel of Nice. It is spiritually harmful to think there are three persons in God, because in the light of heaven such a thought is not allowed or even possible because the light of heaven consists of love and wisdom from God, and such a thought is expelled by that light.

There can only be one divine by definition. The divine is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and only one can be these. If there were two neither would be so.

To think there are three persons in God causes the mind to be stuck in an external state where one cannot receive higher light. It is the opposite of union; for all genuine doctrine and spirituality is an expression of union; and all false doctrine and spirituality separates love and wisdom, body and soul, faith and charity. The nature of God is the union of His body and soul, which is the fountain from which all life proceeds.

Swedenborg Writes that Earth is Unique in the Universe in that It has Technology that No Other People on Other Planets Have. The Extraordinary Reason Why!

August 1st, 2018

Earth is a Strange anomaly it seems in the universe. It probably wouldn’t surprise a whole lot of people if it were to be found the people of earth are spiritually much less advanced than most aliens. That is exactly what Swedenborg says. The people of earth are very externally oriented and materialistic compared to others in the universe. It is for this very reason that earth is so advanced in science and technology. But in this regard Swedenborg says we are alone in having the science and technology we do. His statement and reasons are quoted below. Of course we can’t know that this is true, but the reasons he gives and the coherency they have with his writing as a whole is very compelling. First I will briefly state here why Swedenborg says we are so unique.

It is a universal principle that the spiritual must always grow out of the natural – and so it is even with the lord. It is so with the Word, and with all things that are birthed – everything that exists! This principle explains the profound reason that earth is unique. God himself needed to have an earth to be born on, an earth in which the Word could be published, an earth where the people had the technology to be able to publish the Word in writing, which is the Bible. The Bible is divine truth from the will of God manifested from the highest heaven to the material world. What is from the divine will is eternal by nature, it cannot be otherwise. In order to exist and persist the Bible had to have its natural form on earth and its divine form in heaven. By the immutable power of divine providence both will exist forever. This doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be earths that are also externally oriented and thus have developed technology, but Swedenborg indicates that this in this earth is unique.

Here are the quotes from Swedenborg.

“I spoke with spirits who were from that earth (another planet), and told them many things about our earth; as that there are sciences here which do not exist elsewhere, such as astronomy, geometry, mechanics, physics, chemistry, medicine, optics, and philosophy; besides arts which also are unknown elsewhere, as the art of ship-building, of casting metals, of writing on paper, and of printing what is written, and thus of communicating it to all in the whole earth, and of preserving it to posterity for thousands of years; and that it has been so done with the Word, which is from the Lord, and that therefore the revealed Word remains unchanged in this earth” (AC 9793).

“But although a human race might by losing contact with the Divine perish upon one planet, an event, however, guarded against by the Lord, it would still exist on other planets. For there are in the universe as many as some hundreds of thousands of planets; on this see my short book ON THE EARTHS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, CALLED PLANETS, AND THE EARTHS IN THE STARRY SKY. I have had word from heaven that the human race on this earth would have perished, so that not a single person would survive to-day, if the Lord had not come into the world and on this earth put on His Humanity and made it Divine. This would also have happened, if the Lord had not placed here a Word, which might serve as a basis and a link for the heaven of angels. On the Word as a link between heaven and men see HEAVEN AND HELL (HH 303-310). The truth of this can only be grasped by those who think in a spiritual fashion, those, that is, who by their acknowledgment of the Divine in the Lord are linked with heaven; these are the only people who can think in a spiritual fashion” (Last Judgment n. 10).

“There are very many societies (of the skin) who constitute the external integuments of the body, with differences from the face to the soles of feet; for there are differences everywhere. I have talked much with them. As regards spiritual life they are such that they allow themselves to be persuaded by others that a thing is so; and when they heard it confirmed from the literal sense of the Word, they altogether believed it, and remained in the opinion, and resolved upon a life, not bad, according to it. Intercourse with them cannot easily be had by others who are not of a similar disposition, for they adhere tenaciously to the opinions they have formed, nor do they suffer themselves to be led away by reasons. There are a great many such from this earth, because our planet is in externals, and also reacts against internals, like the skin” (AC 5554).

“The people of our earth are like the skin in this, that their whole natures are turned outwards to receive impressions from the world. Therefore the impressions of sense are here organized into sciences which do not exist upon any other earth. Therefore also the Word, by which the whole heaven is made, received its literal sense upon this earth; and this literal sense can be turned hither and thither, and is composed of facts of little or no spiritual life, which understood literally by us convey impressions of far different character to the angels, and serve to ultimate, generalize, contain, and suggest the wisdom and spiritual life of the heavens” (AC 9793).