How Trump’s Self-Possession and Unwavering Belief in Sovereignty and The People Is Transforming the World: The Spiritual Principles at Work.

February 17th, 2020

Below is a great article about how Trump’s policies are slowly transforming the world.

I have written about the principles and specific causes of this transformation in my previous articles. If you read the article I can add to it a spiritual understanding. The essential paradox it speaks of is this: getting one’s own sovereignty right internally begins to transform things around you – which is what Trump is doing in America. Establishing one’s sovereignty seems selfish to the outside at first, but it really means getting right with God’s principles, that’s the elixir that changes things from the inside and it begins to show up on the outside. It means to do one’s own internal homework – which a lot of people don’t do – but when we do It hits on the conscience of those around (who still have some awareness) and they begin to change from the inside also.
Trump is essentially a master of self-possession and the common sense that comes from it. It doesn’t take a genius to know that trade and tariffs should be fair and equal, but it does take a person of very powerful self-possession to change a system that has drifted into an unfair ‘culture of corruption’. As Trump so truthfully and simply said, ‘the USA had become the piggybank and sucker of the whole world – and that’s not going to happen anymore’. In saying that everyone knew it was right. Trump called-out the emperor for being naked, and suddenly everyone could see the naked emperor.
The real agent of change in self-possession is that one connects themself to God by submitting to God. ‘Submitting to God’ sounds ‘oh so spiritual and hard’ but it really means focusing and concentrating on our core self and the Godly desire that inspires it, and NOT on all the extraneous parts of our self that usually have compromised survival strategies that either pander or react. The core self is directly connected to God and receives from God. God is only received in humility, and in receiving him we gain strength and creative genius. This is symbolized by the knights of old who were powerful men, but they bowed in service before the king; willing, in mind body and soul, to fight in obedience for the great cause.
All of Trump’s principles of Foreign policy demonstrate these spiritual principles perfectly in the world. As we have all seen and talked about before, as a new president
Trump immediately put ‘America first’, and he built the military up to superior strength. He boldly chided every American by saying ‘we are going to win so much you won’t be able to stand it’; and every American’s conscience was piqued for how small we were dreaming for our self. His foreign policy is simple: whoever clearly shows and persists in doing evil in the world we are going to take you out. Not countries, but merely the elements in the country. We will overwhelm the evil-doers with economic sanctions and take out the leaders who are direct threats. He can do this because he has America in a completely superior position militarily and economically. We do not try to change a countries government, or impose our ways on them, we don’t go to war, we just take out the head of the snake, and put a strangle hold on their economy. This is so profoundly effective because, as the article below shows, everyone has no choice but to see who is doing the evil and change their practices, or fall by the way side. And Trump always says, ‘I don’t know if they will change, it’s up to them, but they have no choice at some point’. It’s true, he can afford to wait it out if he has to but they cannot. Iran and Palestine are holding on hard to their evil ways but they are quickly seeing they are alone, and all their former posturing and threats become more hallow and useless. If this works on Palestine, which the article shows it is beginning to, it will be an achievement of immense proportions.
The PC world and lukewarm leaders have been able to silence America by saying, ‘You are greedy capitalists and don’t deserve to be better’. This tactic sheds-off him like water off a ducks back. Trump knows the best way to deal with Greed and self agency is on the free market and in the American Republic where greed and evil cannot readily hide, but must compete with the God given love to serve on the free market. All people, no matter where they are from, want to be free. Trump, and the true America, merely clear the way and let this Godly desire from within do the rest.
You know God is using Trump because Trump doesn’t want war and has found a way to avoid it. He dearly wants to be friends with other nations, and is making friends of nations around the world, which gives him and the world more leverage against the evil doers. God bless.

Meditation on the Salt of the Earth: Bringing Sanity to a Crazy World

September 12th, 2019

Jesus said: “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot”.
I like to meditate on the salt of the earth. It brings a sense of sanity to a crazy world.
The salt of the earth have common sense. They are practical people, those who do useful things in life, who are good with their hands and their minds at building things and getting results in their work. They are the people who ‘do the living and loving, the doing, the laughing and crying in this world’ (as Jimmy Stewart (sort of) said in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’).
The greatest generation were the salt of the earth.
The salt of the earth have common sense. They look for the cause of things and events. They have intellectual integrity, they don’t invent ideologies and theologies. They acknowledge doctrine, but don’t put it before life. They play fair, and give credit where credit is due.
‘The meek shall inherit the earth’, describes the salt of the earth – because their strength springs from humbling themself to the Lord who alone is worthy to be worshiped.
The salt of the earth also don’t always have to perform to know their value; they can do nothing and feel their value. The salt of the earth are in touch with their core self; they can feel their ‘remains’ which is the innocence stored in their heart from childhood; and which allows us to receive God.
The salt of the earth have common sense. Mary and Martha were the salt of the earth, and love each other, even though Jesus commended Mary for taking the better part by sitting and reflecting with Him.

Salt gives food its savor, it brings out the unique character in the food. Saltiness means we can be our self, and we can accept others, we can let our creative juices flow.
Salt is also a preserver. It preserves the precious internal from rot. Protecting the core, which has perception, is the best way to protect our self. The salt of the earth are not unfairly reactive to others, but caring, able to stand up for what is right in a way that inspires others and doesn’t unduly threaten them.

If they have to, the salt of the earth will fight to the death for their principles; they will defeat evil that is trying to destroy them.

The salt that has lost its saltiness are the lukewarm. They presume to be neutral to God which is like vomit to him. They separate belief from love and thereby emasculate life. They seek to relativize good and evil, which only the evil do. 

Essentially, the salt of the earth desire in their heart for the good of God to be first in the church; and they desire the good of God to be first in their country. They yearn for nothing more. They want God to win, more than themself.
The salt of the earth have common sense.