Symbology in the Christmas Tree: A beautiful Rendering of Christian Symbols in the Christmas Trees We All love in Our Home

December 22nd, 2020
I have a beautiful Christmas tree in my house, with lights, streamers, ornaments and a star on top. As do so many, I love having a Christmas tree and decorating it.
It is wonderful to contemplate the symbology and correspondences of the Christmas tree. People like to tell how the Christmas tree has roots in a pagan ceremony, but it is very much a Christian symbol.
The Bible begins with a tree and ends with a tree, The tree of life appears in both the opening and closing chapters of the Bible (Genesis 2-3 and Revelation 22). In Genesis, God places the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the middle of the Garden of Eden, where the tree of life stands as a symbol of God’s life-giving presence. In the last chapter of Revelation near the end, the scripture reads: “Blessed are those who wash their robes. They will be permitted to enter through the gates of the city and eat the fruit from the tree of life.” (Revelation 22:14)
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus – the birth of God on earth. Jesus accomplishes the last temptation on the cross, which is the trunk of a tree, and the horizontal bar of thje cross like a branch. In dying on a tree He accomplished the glorification. Now we place a tree and decorate it in our homes every Christmas in commemoration of His brith and saving humanity. A tree in general represents renewal and regeneration. “He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit”. (Jeremiah 17:8)
The gifts that are put under the tree commemorate the story of the three kings that made in incredible trek to witness the great event of the birth of God on earth and to worship the baby Jesus. They gave him gifts of Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense. We also place our gifts under the tree and give to others.
The varied ornaments on the tree correspond to the many brilliant truths of life that come from the Lord like a fountain. In correspondences, leaves on the tree of life represent all the particular truths from the Lord that are available for reception into our hearts and minds. The lights on the Christmas tree have a deep meaning. Originally the lights were candles. A candle symbolizes Christ, specifically his self-giving love and the gifts of life we receive from Him. The candle provides light and warmth as it consumes its own substance, the wax. The wax and wick form a union that springs forth and sustains a flame when lit. So too, Jesus gives of his own substance – He merged his body and soul into perfect union and thus glorified His body so that light was exponentially more available to man. And this light is the source of never ending in-filling love. He ‘drew all things unto himself’. And, when we are regenerated, and thus have light in ourselves, we give to others. Nowadays, for candles we have lights shining on our tree.
Christmas trees are evergreens.
The Star on the top of the Christmas tree is the crowning symbol. The star that shown above Bethlehem on Baby Jesus is a manifestation of the holiness of the marriage of the natural and the spiritual that took place at His brith. The star represents the connection between – heaven and the angels – and earth and the people. With God being born on earth it could not be otherwise then that a light would shine in both. In the spiritual world the Lord always appears to the angels as the spiritual sun, so in the glory of this newly founded conjunction light from a star was visible even during the day.
So when we put up a tree and decorate it we are bringing the Lord and His heaven into our home and seeking renewal and regeneration for the coming year – and our whole life.

Understanding The Moral Priorities in the Economy of Humankind and the Environment: And How the Left has Made Global Warming the Cause de Jour of Globalism

September 21st, 2019

The powers on the left choose global warming because of the vagaries in proving that it is not man made, and, conversely, because it is difficult to disprove their claims that it caused by man. It has been easy for them to get an emotional reaction every time it gets hot; and then if it gets cold they switch up and call it climate change. Either way they are being manipulative. They have done a massive job marketing global warming.

The alarm bells have been pushed by the left for centuries now. They keep predicting that ‘several years in the near future’ the oceans will rise and destroy millions; the CO2 will kill off plants, but it never happens. Its similar to what the fundamentalists say about the second coming. They say the Lord will return to earth on a certain date only to find life goes on as usual. Environmentalism may have started out as a sincere cause, and in its own level it is, but now it is the cause de jour for the new world order to bring about globalism and socialism. The left use global warming similar to the way they have used liberation theology, which is an ideology for the marginalized and professes that ‘God favors the poor’. The later premise is a falsity that leads to a chain of falsities, and results in a dissociated state of false compassion, and false compassion puts emotion above reason. Global warming is the vehicle that justifies their emotion. They make Global Warming into a sort of religion, they give it that level of importance and feel justified in making everyone do the same. This has been pushed in all the countries in the world that have been seduced by the New World Order. They peddle doom to make people jump at their words. With absurd proposals like the New Green Deal they’re willing to completely destroy the United States economy by spending everything on environmental causes.

But all this has greatly changed with the advent of Trump. Trump pulling the USA out of the environmental accord was a huge blow. In truth Trump and conservatives care about the environment very much. They do so in a practical way and keep it all in perspective. The environment has to be considered soundly in balance with human economy. Real environmentalists know this, and study it accordingly. Greenpeace is normally an extreme left organization, but even its Co-Founder says that AOC’s ideas in the New Green Deal would cause ‘Mass Death’. Here is a quote from an article about his thoughts on the subject: “She fancies herself an expert on economics and the environment, but Moore called her a “pompous little twit” who would “bring about mass death. AOC’s ‘blathering insanity’ is green hypocrisy”. You can read the whole article at

Taking care of the environment is important, which I think most people believe. The environment includes everything in our life – our home, our street, the neighborhood, the air, our parks, nature and the planet. We want to live in a place that feels good and clean, and that has a solid foundation for the future. The truth is that the single most effective and impactful way to have a good environment is to have a thriving, responsible economy. The economy of man and nature cannot be separated. The left puts nature as above mankind which is the wrong priority. In a technological human society the only way to have a good relationship with the environment is to have an efficient economy and industry, and then, at the same time care and work for healthy ecosystems in nature. It is man’s job to be a good steward of the planet, but mankind comes first.

One of the best ways an activist can be effective in improving the environment is to plant more trees. This has many benefits; it improves the beauty of its place, it recycles pollution, and produces more oxygen to name a view. It is also something activists can put their time and energy into and get real results.

When the economy fails we have chaotic crime, filth and disease on the streets. It is very disturbing for and to see people to live on the streets without sanitation that causes filth and diseases. Any sound person knows that when our neighborhoods, parks, personal values, city streets, national parks and open spaces are doing well people are happier and have a better attitude toward life. But when our city streets are full of drugs, homelessness; when we have shit in streets, rampant murder in the inner cities, and no respect for police – we suffer the greatest immediate impact of a bad environment, and the life of people falls into despair; and, in this situation people don’t give a damn about the planet – if for no other reason then that they are consumed in survival. But the left never considers this most important reality; they blithely ignore this essential factor and let the cities go to crap. There are thousands of examples of this as we have seen on the streets of all the major cities. Here is one example of the impact:

I said above that the needs of humanity come before that of the environment. This is essential to understand. In the divine order of the universe everything that exists serves the human form. Human beings, with the capacity of consciousness and love, are the highest form in the universe. The end purpose of life is for man’s mind and body to be in a whole and heavenly state, and for human beings after death to populate heaven. Everything ‘below’ humans in this divine order, namely, animals, plants, nature, planets, the universe, serve in an immediate or remote way, the purpose of creation which is as I said the life of mankind. It is essential to understand that this is not to demean anything, because being highest form means that man is meant to be a good steward of nature. (I should also add that included in the fact that man is the highest form is that he can also be the lowest form. As we see in history, man has a conscience capable of receiving good from God, but he also can be evil far below that which any animal, or anything of nature can be.)

 The single greatest potential threat to the environment and the planet by far is war. War in general can destroy millions of people and acres of nature in days; specifically nuclear war could be devastating to the whole planet. The two countries in the world that operate with a good conscience in modern history and in the present are the USA and Israel. The USA constantly fights to prevent rogue nations who threaten others from causing war. The USA also prevents chemical war which is a horrid attack on humanity and the environment. Trump has done the right thing in spades on this. He has built the military as top priority so that we can defeat all threats efficiently and quickly. Ironocally, but in truth this is the single greatest factor for the earth. Leaders like Obama and Hillary would not have done this. They would have continued on the road to socialism and all the rampant corruption that has been exposed would have merely increased and gradually eroded and erased all that is best about the USA. They would not have the backbone to build the military, and in the case of war they may fight, but would be ineffective certainly compared to Trump. If environmentalists really cared about doing the right thing they would thank their lucky stars that we have a leader like Trump.

It’s a hard pill for leftists to swallow when they hear human needs are above those of nature even though it is common sense and entirely true. It is also hard for them to hear that they are being used as pawns for political leverage. The left paints the issue of Global warming as a doomsday, an all or nothing cause, so their thinking is totally out of balance. On the issue of global warming the people’s practical compass is off and the leaders moral compass is way off. The people may promote it from love of the earth, but the power brokers really use it for political power. They want the new world order of globalism, and they will do anything to get it. What is sinister about global warming is that it is the means of un-Godly pursuit; it is the goal of evil forces to take away freedom and set up socialism to rule all. They want to move God from the equation so that the conscience of the people will go blind. This new world order was well on its way, but the election of Trump has stopped its ‘inevitable march’.

The deceptions and manipulations of the left extend deep into academia, high schools and middle schools. They are currently holding a global warming ‘road show’; they are recruiting youngsters to attend the march with them en mass. The schools themselves voluntarily are giving them the day off for those who want to go. The backers of these events do not have the environment at heart but political control is their game. The want to recruit kids by the thousands, which they already have to a large degree. We must hope the kids mature and see how they are being used as they grow and understand how there needs to be a balance between God and man. Currently if you were to ask one of these kids they will say that the planet is more important than man.

The planet itself has proven to be a recycling machine. Nevertheless the level of pollutants  put out by man needs to be cleaned up by all countries. We know carbon emissions have an effect on the air and eco systems, and this needs to be managed, but the effect is nothing as the left would have us believe. In the mind of leftist leaders like Beto, AOC, Kamala, Newsome, and Sanders the need is dire and supersedes all other needs even the economy. In their extreme position good and evil become abstractions, and so evil quickly takes over because it is the work of evil to normalize evil. Many of these liberal thinkers relativize reality in their mind to such a degree they put animals above humans, Islam before USA, illegal aliens above Americans, and the environment above people.

For instance, Democrats want you to believe in Green New Deal, they try to alarm people by claiming that in 12 years disaster will strike. By their actions THEY DON’T BELIEVE IT THEMSELVES OR STAND BY IT, but they want YOU to believe it. Maybe they are just throwing mud against the wall hoping you will believe, but either way it’s a concerted effort of manipulation, hypocrisy and dishonesty played out in front of our face. The planet will be here for millions of years.

Furthermore, fossil fuels are far more efficient, reliable, and have less of a carbon imprint than solar energy, or wind energy. To build solar and wind energy on the scale necessary would destroy the energy infrastructure; it would destroy economy and throw man into chaos, but they don’t care. They have no practical sense in the matter. solar energy works mainly as a supplemental energy source.

Trump getting out of the EU Environmental Accord was the best thing that could of happened. The accord benefited the countries that are polluting the most, which is primarily China and India. The carbon footprint of the USA is less than 1/7th of China, and several times less the India also. Per capita the USA has much less of an imprint than most other industrial countries. India leaves a massive carbon footprint and is the number one source of plastics in the ocean by far. Kuwait is #1 in the world at producing the most waste, generating 5.72 kilograms per capita per day of MSW. #2  is Antigua and Barbuda. #3 is St. Kitts and Nevis. #4 is Guyana, and #5 Sri Lanka.

In spite of this the environmental accord wanted the USA to pay the lion’s share for the accord. This is just another way the world was fleecing the USA. No sound reasoning behind it, just a culture of corruption all the former presidents bought into. Trump standing up to the UN, the environmental accord and equalizing trade and tariffs around the world is a magnificent work of restoring the integrity in the USA, and also for the world. He is ‘pricking the conscience of the world’, and of course they don’t like it. They like their corruption, but a lot of countries are beginning to act with integrity. They all know what has been happening is wrong, and to their credit are beginning to make it right. But they never would of done so if Trump didn’t initiate facing the problem, and relentlessly pursue confrontation and negotiation.

     I believe that the primary cause in global warming and cooling has to do with solar cycles. Recently NASA put out a statement about something they have observed for a long time. After years of ignoring the left’s claims on global warming, NASA said changes in the weather are due to our solar orbit, and the resulting heat variations – NOT because of fossil fuels. Under Obama NASA was used to perpetuate the myth of global warming.

Correspondences in the Skin of the Grand Man and the Development of the Universe that Show How the Entire Universe is Both Infinite and Contained

July 11th, 2018

We have been studying how it is that the universe is infinite and yet at the same time contained. The universe is contained in the sense that it is in the shape and form of the Grand man, which is God himself. At the same time the universe is a real and utterly particular infinity which includes every minutest detail. The universe is truly infinite in that there is no end to it that can ever be reached and it is expanding and ever increasing continually. I think this paradox is is also resolved by the points where the natural universe crosses over into the spiritual world.

So now studying the correspondences in the skin of the Grand man reveals several interesting insights. We study the skin because it is the outer layer of the Grand man, so it is the boarder point and we need to see what happens here. As I said in my last article on this subject the reason, I believe, that the universe can be both contained and infinite at the same time is that the natural world cycles into the spiritual world where there is no time and space, and the spiritual world cycles into the natural world, and between the exchange there is an equilibrium and continual increase. The skin is a major component where this takes place, (although there other major ones as I mentioned before, particularly the breath and the anus to be studied later). Our main mode of study here is by correspondences. We are looking for the connections between the spiritual and physical uses of the skin, principles of the the big bang and astrophysics, and spiritual principles about the Grand man and heaven and hell.

Science has made great progress understanding the universe as it goes back in time to the big bang. Like a human has a brith the universe has a birth and this brith is from the spiritual sun in the spiritual world. Science calls the birth of the universe the ‘big Bang’. As science well knows everything that comes into being does so by a process; and this is equally true, if not more so, of the spiritual world.

It is a universal principle that everything has its beginning in outermost, meaning material structure is the base and container that first takes form. Swedenborg writes: “the spiritual is actually evolved out of the natural, and when evolved, the natural surrounds it as bark surrounds a tree and a scabbard a sword. It also serves the spiritual for protection against violence”. (Conjugal love 449.) Science shows that the early universe just after the big bang was a ‘boring’ place, that it was basically a big fog of hydrogen clouds. It was monochromatic, just a big gas cloud without any suns yet, but dark and bland.

In an embryo science tells us that the first parts to form in the baby are the endoderm and the ectoderm, which is largely the skin and the tissue linings that are the beginnings of the inner skin, some of the organs, the nervous system and arteries. Without being a doctor it is too complex to try and do a study of the physiology of embryonic development, though its helpful in general to see these are the beginnings. Let us get straight to the point and look at the correspondence Swedenborg makes on the matter. There are layers to the skin and the inner layer has many nerve endings. In Physiological Correspondence, Worcester (The great Swedenborg pastor and author) writes: “Microscopic investigation shows some of the nerve fibres ending in the papillae, in loops or “tactile corpuscles”, and many more divide into little brushes; and what they do there, it is difficult to determine from science, here Swedenborg’s more than microscopic insight takes up the subject: “What the fibres do in those most delicate of fleshy forms (can be known) when you know that the vessels are woven from the fibres, and that the intermediates are formed by the extremes! The nervous fibres are weaving there the beginnings of the blood-vessels, or the fleshy fibres. They coil themselves into minute invisible tubes, called corporeal fibres, and these again into larger tubes which are the finest fleshy fibres of the papillae, and are the last subdivisions of the arteries, too fine in their ordinary state to carry red blood, and these combining extend their delicately woven walls to the lining of the arteries; and thus through the arteries, the heart, and again the carotid arteries, the nervous fibres return to the brain.” He is describing here how the beginning of the vascular system begins in the skin. This is a great example of the universal pattern that life begins in outermost, that is, how external material elements develop and move toward the internal. We can visualize and understand this more easily by looking at the correspondence between the core of trees development in leaves and the vascular/nervous systems of humans in skin and linings. In Physiological Correspondences, Worcestor continues:

“The idea that the beginning of the arterial system is in the skin, not the heart, at first may seem surprising; but it is illustrated by the similar and well-known fact that the beginnings of the woody fibres of trees are in the leaves, not the stem or the roots. Through the pith and the delicate fibres of the bark, nourishment ascends to expand the first tender leaves, and from these descends the first woody fibres between the bark and the pith, as well as new fibres of bark, and extend themselves to the extremities of the roots. Through these woody and cortical fibres sap afterwards ascends to the leaves, and by their means new buds and leaves are formed, which in turn send down other fibres, and thus the trunk of the tree grows in concentric layers of wood, every fibre of which has descended from the leaves”. In a similar way, according to Swedenborg, the materials and strands of the nervous system, beginnings of blood vessels, tissues of the organs are produced in the skin, and then sustained and reproduced from these. In Swedenborg’s view the process of membranes being produced in the ‘ultimates of the body, and especially from the skin’ is manifestation of universal principle that applies to all the universe. Worcestor continues: “Before the heart exists in the embryo, ramifications of blood-vessels are seen, which indeed soon unite in the heart and afterwards act from it; and these undoubtedly assist in the formation of other vessels and tissues, which are everywhere woven from the nervous fibres, the blood-vessels cooperating and afterwards sustaining them”.

That all birthing begins from the outermosts first is consistent with the beginning of the universe as scientists describes it. Now that we have some understanding of the process that takes in the skin we are going to look at the correspondences with the skin on three levels – the universe, the body, the spiritual world. The outer skin, which is part of the the outermosts, is scaly and comparable to the quality of tendons. Spirits (former people) from societies in the spiritual world that correspond to the skin are dim and almost completely external minded; they have little consciousness. They are very fixed in their ideas and only discern whether something should or should not enter. The people of these societies think they know everything but know almost nothing. The quality of the early universe was like this in that it was just a undifferentiated cloud of hydrogen without much distinction or variation, – and it was in the dark. Gradually the gas clouds clumped together, formed into strands, and eventually caused gravity as they formed into spheres. The formation of strands of material in the universe (which are fundamental to its structure) corresponds to the formation of the nervous system and arteries. These strands are fundamental in forming the cosmic web which is the basic form of the universe that has been mapped out. It is these strands no doubt that correspond to the function of transferring material from the external to the internal, as we showed in the pith of trees and in the tissues and nervous system of the body. The spheres of gas clouds perhaps correspond to the beginnings of the hearts and perhaps other organs. The large balls of hydrogen became dense and their gravity increases, and when gravity becomes immense in their core nuclear fusion is ignited and stars were born. The ignition of stars in the early universe, I would suggest, corresponds to the beating of the heart and the beginning of consciousness. Eventually the cosmic web we see now in the universe was formed in all its incredible variety of dark and light. The Cosmic Web is the overall picture of the universe that scientist have accumulated – and it looks exactly like microscopic pictures of the nervous system, synops, and the brain!

In speaking of the period of star formation scientists say that it was a magnificent time in the universe’s history. They describe it as a fireworks show taking place, because of all the stars suddenly igniting. The clouds of hydrogen stayed for a time but were gradually organized and clear space later became dominant. This compares with the statements in the Bible, where it is says: “The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep”. (Gen. 1:1) “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years”.

With the formation of stars tremendous differentiation took place. Scientist say that the early stars were enormous, far larger than most stars today, and that they did not last nearly as long. It is in the core of stars that all the variation of elements are made; and the higher elements are made only when huge stars explode in a supernova. All the materials and elements of the periodic table are produced in the core of exploding suns. Only the biggest stars produce supernovas, and depending on how big the star is, supernovas produce all the higher elements on the periodic table, like copper, silver, gold and others. A supernova sends new elements, light and gas far and wide throughout the universe when it explodes. These clouds of gas again congeal, and form a second generation of stars and along with planets, asteroids, gases and all. This gives an idea of the incredibly complex differentiation that took place and formed the infinitely complex universe we see today; just as there is an in infinitely complex differentiation in the formation of the body mind of humans.

Now it is important to see how it is that the skin is a large part of the point where there is a cross-over between the spiritual and natural worlds. We will study the correspondences in this in the next article. This point is very important in that it is essential in showing how the universe can be both contained and infinite.