August 18th, 2020

The Holy Spirit, the fire that proceeds from God, and that kindles in our breasts a spiritual passion for God to win; it is a marriage of awareness and love that together creates a burning thirst that only He can satisfy. And God is in His people. The Holy Spirit compels us to find the way to express what God has given us to do. The Holy Spirit proposes a puzzle that we must work out in our hearts, and by our actions in the world; and to the degree we do we BOND with God – the only true glory afforded to humans (received as if by brushing the hem of His robe). The Holy Spirit simultaneously inspires in us the willingness to humbly submit to God’s will – and the strength to see through deception and fight evil. The Holy spirit first kindles an anxiety of unknown cause and purpose, but if we persevere through, the fog of anxiety clears, and the desire to be right with God leads us to understand and to inspire others; and, it cannot help but lead us to confront and expose the deceptions of those of ill-intent – and to do it with love – which may engender composure or ferocity. The Holy Spirit moves us to honor the good deeds and sacrifices of others, and especially to honor the one who redeemed all humanity by His deeds and sacrifice. Honor is for men and woman, Worship is honor to God, something only He is worthy of.

Meditation on the Salt of the Earth: Bringing Sanity to a Crazy World

September 12th, 2019

Jesus said: “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot”.
I like to meditate on the salt of the earth. It brings a sense of sanity to a crazy world.
The salt of the earth have common sense. They are practical people, those who do useful things in life, who are good with their hands and their minds at building things and getting results in their work. They are the people who ‘do the living and loving, the doing, the laughing and crying in this world’ (as Jimmy Stewart (sort of) said in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’).
The greatest generation were the salt of the earth.
The salt of the earth have common sense. They look for the cause of things and events. They have intellectual integrity, they don’t invent ideologies and theologies. They acknowledge doctrine, but don’t put it before life. They play fair, and give credit where credit is due.
‘The meek shall inherit the earth’, describes the salt of the earth – because their strength springs from humbling themself to the Lord who alone is worthy to be worshiped.
The salt of the earth also don’t always have to perform to know their value; they can do nothing and feel their value. The salt of the earth are in touch with their core self; they can feel their ‘remains’ which is the innocence stored in their heart from childhood; and which allows us to receive God.
The salt of the earth have common sense. Mary and Martha were the salt of the earth, and love each other, even though Jesus commended Mary for taking the better part by sitting and reflecting with Him.

Salt gives food its savor, it brings out the unique character in the food. Saltiness means we can be our self, and we can accept others, we can let our creative juices flow.
Salt is also a preserver. It preserves the precious internal from rot. Protecting the core, which has perception, is the best way to protect our self. The salt of the earth are not unfairly reactive to others, but caring, able to stand up for what is right in a way that inspires others and doesn’t unduly threaten them.

If they have to, the salt of the earth will fight to the death for their principles; they will defeat evil that is trying to destroy them.

The salt that has lost its saltiness are the lukewarm. They presume to be neutral to God which is like vomit to him. They separate belief from love and thereby emasculate life. They seek to relativize good and evil, which only the evil do. 

Essentially, the salt of the earth desire in their heart for the good of God to be first in the church; and they desire the good of God to be first in their country. They yearn for nothing more. They want God to win, more than themself.
The salt of the earth have common sense.