With their Jan 6th narrative the Liberals are pushing an extensive and insidious lie to dominate and control our society and country. They abuse free speech and weaponize democracy to infect and destroy free speech and democracy, and to bring in liberal controlled socialism. The real platform of Biden, AOC and Pelosi is deception and evil. There is a segment of society that had already bought that the ‘new world order was inevitable’ (like Thanos said his evil purpose was ‘inevitable’). They fully expect you to swallow this evil, and they delight in seeing good people and good values destroyed. They so despise the people they think they can relativize good and evil as being the same – only evil does that! That is the definition of spiritual insanity – using your mind to make evil ‘good’.
They reason they will loss is because they are fighting against man’s greatest and most core love – the love to be free and sovereign, without these God given gifts we don’t have an identity. Real men and women will fight to the death for this God given gift.
False compassion is a repeated trick of evil throughout history, but the root of the modern evil movement in the new world order comes from the lefts belief in liberation theology – which is based on favoring the marginalized at all cost. This has been sold for years based on ‘compassion’, but it is false compassion. It is important to see (and I will explain below) how it is that false compassion harbors a dire hatred and violence. This is why the left keeps taking more and more insane positions that seem unbelievable.
Compassion is not compassion at all unless it is in union with wisdom. The Bible says, ‘be harmless as a dove, and wise as a serpent’, and by this it means that both must be done together in union. To give compassion and charity without discerning the quality and intent of that you are giving it to – is NOT compassion. By the same principle of life to use intelligence without something good being your end purpose is NOT wisdom.
The left’s ideology of false compassion started with liberation theology. Liberation theology was the idea of Catholic nuns that used scripture to claim that ‘God favors the poor’. The idea that God favors the poor is false compassion. The nuns used it for political leverage in south America because of injustices taking place there, and liberals became giddy with the emotional and mental power it gave them over their adversaries. Then the black power movement took up the ideas of liberation theology, the gay movement, and so on. All this led to the way the left uses racism, and other ideologies for mental intimidation over people.
In truth God favors no one, and he favors all. If a segment of society can use the authority of God’s favor over others then the others have no chance. God is not ‘a respecter of persons’ as he says’. He sees the quality of love and wisdom in every person and judges by that. But the left and the deep state hate God and want to see God and His people destroyed. The reason that false compassion harbors violence is that those that invest themselves fully into it are investing themself in half the equation of life – which is the opposite of union. There is an innate drive from the good to be in wholeness, that is, for love and wisdom to be in union; but there is a negative drive from hereditary evil in us to constantly separate love from wisdom so that evil can control us. To be in false compassion means to block out the drive in us that wants and needs the wisdom that comes from God and nourishes our soul. To block this out takes a lot of energy and denial; it causes a dissociated state, but that part which is being blocked out is enraged! it is suffocated! This is why liberals like AOC, Biden, Pelosi, Salwell, Reid and so many others have a vacant look in their eyes – they are dissociated from reality and live for a false ideology. This allows them to be abstracted from reality and not care about how they hurt real people.
To the degree they bury themselves in this dissociated syndrome, it becomes rage. Inwardly, they are full of calculated cunning from a lust to rule and control, all the while trying to look ‘compassionate and smart’. Calculated cunning is not intelligence for its goal is not good. The lib may or may not have a High IQ, but their intent is irrational and therefore not intelligent. Such a person is driven by emotion, and in this state the capacity of the mind justifies the emotion no matter how smart they are. This is why their policies are foolish, irresponsible, and dangerous. Once invested in the lie they have to keep investing in it deeper and deeper lest they see what is happening.
This is exactly what happens in hell (except much worse in hell) – they have such a lust for lies and hate, and are so invested in them, they can no longer stand for any light to come in. Light scalds them; they cannot stand to see what they have become. They burn with hatred and jealousy in the presence of the slightest love and innocence. It is insanity.
In this world a person with sanity left can repent from this, but those who go too far just seek to go deeper, and will never change.
This is why the left brazenly lies, constantly tries to cause a tsunami of propaganda, and goes to further and further extremes. They have to be stopped and defeated. They will cheat and lie every chance they get in a very premeditated way.

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