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A Poem: The Crown Continuum Of LIfe, and the Destiny of the Beloved

Some things we hear, and we recognize immediately… truth brings light to the mind and warmth to the body

There is a continuum in the things of the highest purpose of life

I ask, beloved, Why is the orgasm the most transcendent experience of the body?

And we see… true love is the most transcendent experience of the soul, and the two correspond in purpose and use

That which is the highest, is so, because it serves the greatest use in life and heaven

Yes, there is a continuum in the purpose of life….  from Sex, birth, marriage and true love on earth… to birthing into heaven, and then, as is the souls deep desire –  to true love of a man and a woman, the heavenly marriage of two souls becoming one.

Every man and woman that submits to the regeneration of God becomes an angel in heaven by God’s love and guidance

The more a man and woman come into union, the more distinctly they become themselves – the more they enter union the more distinctly they come into the beauty and strength of potent manhood and womanhood, and this to eternity.

This is the crown Jewel of life. In the light of heaven, the longer one lives the more they return to the bloom of youth.

Only those who love the Lord from the core of their soul can receive this, for the meeting and union of the beloved mates is implanted from creation by His infinite orchestration; and innocence in our soul is the elixir that allows reception of His tender and immutable will. The Lord has spoken – the two shall become one, and increase for eternity! 

And yes. There is sex in heaven, for, little known to the earthly man, touch is of spiritual origin… Touch there, is most refined, complete and virile, eye to eye, hand to hand, soul to soul, and the intimate parts correspond magnificently – until thy cup runneth over…

For touch is the universal sense, it is the ultimate point of union between the beloveds, it is the pinnacle of delight, skill, growth and play. The touch of the two ignites the heat and light that is with them. 

This is remote from the ways of the earthly mind, but the highest angels there are naked, like children, for nakedness corresponds to innocence, and among the celestial it is this deeply seasoned innocence that is closest to touching the hem of the Lord’s glory.

Sex is the wonderful gift in that paradisal place –  given for purity, and in purity from the Lord’s grace and generosity…. Our Lord’s great love is to save His children and to give to them the ever increasing  happiness of His kingdom, the delights of innocence married to wisdom, internal joy, is the greatest joy.

This is the destiny of the beloved

Latest comments
  • I’m not beloved. My twin flame abandoned me last January, and God seems so distant. Why should I have nay reason to think or believe that my twin flame will come back to me in Heaven if he doesn’t want me now?

      • But what about my soulmate? Will I have to be celibate for all eternity? I wanted love and sex and marriage so bad!