It is a universal principle that all life is relational, here and in the spiritual world. We have our life and being through the body and soul God gifted us with, and all love is expressed through these in use to others. And the highest use in life is the marriage bond – for it is both the profoundest expression of use and intimacy possible in this world, and it is the very means by which God perpetuates the human race and heaven itself. The end purpose of creation is to populate the Lords Kingdom.

Angels are good and wise former humans and become more wise for eternity. This is what God wants for you and I. God is the inventor of all good and pleasure. True pleasure arises from love; incredible delight and peace come from expressing love to one another. And with this comes all good things, for happiness exists in the expression of useful work. In heaven everyone delights in the others good more than their own. God is the inventor and source of all good things and pleasures. Evil has no source of its own, it merely twists and inverts God’s love and pleasure into hate and something lascivious.

The spiritual body in heaven is our soul, the same soul of course that we have here on earth, only without the body. It is little known here that the spiritual soul is the source and cause of all feeling and touch – not just the physical senses. How else could one feel the delight of love in heaven? This is hard for people to understand because we are in the physical world, and used to seeing things in an external way.

The marriage bond in heaven is the highest and the core of society, (as it is meant to be here); but in heaven the bond is based purely on love and the good of knowing the innermost of each other, and, all this is receive only by those who submit to the Lord. This bond includes all the good delights of life – including touch and sex. The Lord says, ‘what God has put together let mo man put asunder’. He tells those in marriage to ‘put aside the relationship with mother and father’ and ‘cling to your wife (or husband)’. This all means that marriage love is eternal. God does not give and then take away, what is real and true in love becomes a bond that can never be taken away. This is the nature of the spiritual. What is spiritual looks to the eternal, what is merely temporal does not last. God does not give halfway. There is nothing lascivious in marriage in heaven. That this is hard for religious people here on earth to understand is from their own limitations and perception; it is from their own unwillingness to grow in intimacy.

The deepest intimacy in life one can have is the intimacy with the Lord – for He is in the very core of our soul, and seeks to give us all good things, and with this comes eternal happiness, and exquisite delights. For in heaven we are not encumbered by the slow and stickiness of the physical world. Here, the three dimentional world dominates our senses. But in the spiritual world ours skills, abilities, senses, and mind are many times more profound, capable and swift.

The very atmosphere of heaven is composed of qualities of love, affection, and wisdom; in this, we are able to move and be with an incredible flow, ease, peace and swiftness. What proceeds from the Lord is the spiritual substance of love and wisdom in all its infinite variety, and by this He provides and governs all things. Here on earth we think affection and thoughts are abstractions because we can’t see them, but they are not; this is very clear in the spiritual world.

We can see and experience this here by the simple way one can think a certain thought and immediately feel an intense sense of love or of fear IN OUR BODY. The body and soul are made by God to experience and receive thought and affection. In fact the is the only way they can exist or be experienced – from God’s divine body and soul to our finite body and soul.

There is no marriage in hell because there is no love there, only lasciviousness and adultery. Let it be known there is nothing those in hell burn with envy and rage over more – than that they cannot experience the magnificent delights of marriage love and sex.

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