The Eternal Nature of the Bible and the Purpose of Life

Some have suggested that the Bible will in time fade away and no longer be relevant. Even in the seminary I attended some people expressed this view. It is exceedingly valuable to see how this is not the case.

The Bible is divine truth from God, and as such the Bible will always exist in the heavens and in the world. What is divine is by nature eternal. The attributes of God are omnipotence, omnipresence and that he is eternal. He is present to all of the past, the future and the moment. This means He has infinite presence. He is the one divine and as such is indivisible, there is no higher love than that of the Lord, and because of this He occupies the internal of all things. All things bend to His love in time. While He was on earth whatever he spoke or willed is divine truth and will last forever. The Bible all comes from Him. What the prophets wrote and what is written in the New Testament all come by revelation from Him, making it divine and eternal. This is why the Bible is truthfully called the living Word.

Divine truth from heaven is accommodated down to humanity by degrees. In heaven it is in its purity and on earth it is in the natural and material state. By material state I mean the published Bible. Because of this every Word of the Holy Bible has an internal and external meaning, or an internal and literal meaning. In heaven there is the celestial, spiritual, natural heavens and on earth the published Bible. In each and every word of the Bible there is meaning at the celestial, spiritual, natural and literal level. The natural world is the foundation of the spiritual world, neither can exist without the other. The two live in symbiosis with each other. Everything that is here in the world of nature and humanity has its existence and first cause from what is in the spiritual world; (by ‘spiritual world’ I mean the whole of heaven, hell and the world of spirits). The literal sense of the Word, then, is the container of the spiritual sense of the Word, and the two are connected by correspondences (see the articles in this blog describing correspondences). In the literal sense of the word there are apparent discrepancies, which are sometimes the cause of controversy, but in the internal sense the Word is in perfect harmony. There are infinite particulars of truth contained in the Word, all ow which are meant to provide truths of life and knowledge of heaven and salvation. (In another article I will give specific examples of how the the literal and spiritual sense of the Word correspond).

The end purpose of life is to populate the heavenly kingdom, that is the ultimate reason that life and the universe exist. All people that have ever been born or that ever will be born and destined for heaven. Not everyone goes to heaven because human beings are in total freedom, and some choose to live by selfishness and hate, so there is a hell.

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